Quadratic Equations on TI-84.

Hey, I'm in of person who has a patch for a quadratic equation for a TI-84. Thank you!

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Where is the "pick up window" on the TI calculator website?

I am looking for the pick up window on the TI website. Does anyone know where it is?

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TI Calculator Help

I have the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition and I have some questions. First I need to know how to graph the equation (x is greater than or equal to y) Also I put the quadratic program on my calculator but it gives the answer in decimal form, how do I view it in fraction form or is that even possible??

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TI-84 Plus Sliver Edition?????

I download the ion and extracted the files but when I right click them they don't say send to device. Also it doesn't say extract to computer's RAM. Am I doing something wrong? Please tell.

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Old TI-85 Uses

I just got a TI-85 at a yard sale for a dollar. I already have a TI-84, so I have no need for it for school. Any ideas on what I use it for? Can I take it apart , build anything with it? Here are the specs: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TI-85#Technical_specifications. It has a Zilog 800 cpu

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Is it possible to download 'ndless and the gameboy emulator on the ti nspire cas?

I have attempted to download the emualtor for the gameboy on my ti nspire cas. But it did not work, i'm pretty sure it won't work, because in the readme file it said they only tested it on the ti nspire.

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How can I make my computer recognize my TI 89 Titanium calculator?

I installed the TI 89 Titanium calculators installation disk before i plugged it in, like it told me to. At first things went well. I plugged in the cable after TI Connect was installed, and it installed the hardware. However, after it recognized the calc, i went on to update its OS. After I did, long and behold, the calc could no longer be recognized!!! it was OS version 3.00 for the TI 89, all i did was pressed the update link on the ti connect thing. Any help? The calculator is very new, probably 4 days old now and like i said before, the computer recognized it at first but now it cannot.

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TI TPA2000D4DAP: What's the PowerPad and other questions?

Hi, A couple months agao, I ordered something from TI but I actually ordered to wrong thing. What I got was the TPA2000D4DAP (http://focus.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/tpa2000d4.pdf). I set it aside because I couln't use it. As I look at it now, I see that on the bottom of the is a square silver piece. Looking at the datasheet, it says that there is "Space-Saving, Thermally-Enhanced PowerPAD." Is that the PowerPAD? I read the paper on the powerPAD and it says its reflow soldered but I can't do that. Could I just use thermal paste if I ever wanted to use it for something. Another question is about the DAP letters. Does it mean Debug Access Port? Just wanted to read the correct paper on TI's site. Thanks

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Is there a way to have the TI-84 Display an image while uploading a file?

For example, if you are uploading an application, can you have the TI-84 display Something like "Uploading"?

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Does anyone have simple programs they made on a ti-83/84 graphing calculator?

I have been making some and i want to see what other people have made and see how so i can farther my understanding

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TI 84 Plus silver edition archive problem... Answered

I accidentally deleted all my archives on my calculator and that deleted all my applications, like block dude and stuff like that and i want to get them back, I have a connector cable to other calculators and the computer. Thanks

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Interfacing to a TI Graph Calc

I was looking at how to interface an lcd screen to a microcontroller and learned they have a 14-16 pin interface. Guess what I found out? An old Texas Instruments calculator I tore apart has a 14 pin interface on the lcd screen, with the first two pins being power! Just like on a regular lcd screen! I am going to atempt to interface my OOPIC to it! If this works, I promise you there will be an ible!

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How can I re-align the screen on a TI-85?

I obtained a secondhand TI-85 for a dollar today. It didn't power on, so I removed all the batteries and put a jumper across the contacts for the memory backup, which cleared the memory and reset everything to default. HOWEVER, The LCD seems to be calibrated 4 pixels off. When anything is entered into the base screen, the left four pixels are off the display, leaving the fifth column of the character to be nudged up against the left side of the display. When I graph something, however, the display is centered. Any ideas what could be causing this? A second "Reset All" didn't help. I'm a TI-83 user, so I'm not familiar with the TI-85 interface.

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Is there a way to hook up a Ti-84 to my cell phone? Answered

I want to hook up a Ti-84 to my PPC-6700. i was wondering if first if this is possible and second if this is a "good" way to get programs on to it... don't ask me why i cant just hook them up to my computer... i will just say that i cant. the way it would most likely work is through both of the usb ports... (one on each device).

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Free IC Samples: Good or Bad

Every now and then I order a sample of an integrated circuit from companies such as TI, Atmel, or Microchip. But can I get too many. If I order too many do you think they will catch on to my using of their free samples for hobby use and not research? I stopped ordering because I am afraid they might start charging me for all the chips I ordered. What's your opinion?

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Programming in TI Basic

Just wondering if anyone else here programs their TI calculators using the built in language.

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TI-connect for calculator

I'm having trouble loading "TI-connect" on my mac so that I can write programs for the ti-84 on the computer. After downloading ti-connect, I click on it, and it seems to want to install it again. I've done the complete loop, repeating the download process about 4 times.  Do any of you know what to do?

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How do you 'prompt' or 'input' characters when writing Ti-Nspire Programs?

Im used to writing programs for the Ti-84, but my school made us switch to nspires and writing programs are completely different. how do i use input commands?

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Using precalculus to write a TI-84 program

Hello everyone, I am in a precalculus class, and I am attempting to do a project on practical application. The majority of students use the TI-84 for various math courses.  They are also available in the library to rent.  Unfortunately, few students take the time to actually use this wonderful tool.  I would like to create a web-type video that can be posted on the course's forums, giving a demonstration on creating simple TI-84 programs that could be used to make life a little easier.  Take a concept out of the book, and demonstrate the practical use. Most of my hobby activity involves electronics of some sort.  I have a bad habit of explaining things far too technically.  I have difficulty explaining things in simple terms.  My goal with this project is to learn how to explain concepts in terms others can understand, and possibly to help someone else learn. After many scrapped ideas and half written programs, I was thinking of writing a simple program that calculated the maximum number of lightbulbs that could be safely connected to a 15 Amp breaker.  I suppose it would be easy enough to allow the rating of the breaker to be a variable, but first things first.  Don't want to get too advanced before I have a clear working model.  Can anyone suggest another role that functions play in our every day electrical/electronic life? Many thanks.

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USB hub only 1.1 compatible? Answered

Hi, After looking at this USB hub microcontroller page I saw a part where it said this "The TUSB2077A hub is a 3.3-V CMOS device that provides up to seven downstream ports in compliance with the USB version 1.1 specification"Does that mean it's only USB 1.1 compatible?

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Cable Ties

At present, I live in a flat I need to connect the indoor tv aerial in the kitchen to a set in the bedroom. This involves leading the cable around doors and possibly across the ceiling, to get to the opposing wall. Under normal circumstance, I could use cable ties with pins, but making holes is not allowed in the flat. I have been told that adhesive cable ties must help, but they appear very difficult to remove, and might leave stains. Any suggestions

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grid tied bicycle generator

2 questions about grid tied bicycle generators: 1/ will they feed into the grid if voltage is lower than the grid voltage? 2/ could you connect several bikes to one inverter to feed into the grid? thanks?

Asked by gouldy 9 years ago | last reply 6 years ago

TI-83 Buttons not working

On my TI-83, the bottom two rows of keys do not work. I took it apart an did the 'Contact Cleaner' but still no luck. Actually, the bottom rows and the 'trace' 'graph' and 'arrow' buttons do not work. Do I have to replace the entire board?

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Building probe/sensor for TI Nspire CX CAS?

My TI Nspire CX CAS just arrived in the mail today!  It's an upgrade from a TI84, and my reliable old TI82.  Just a quick search yields a lot of information on how this calculator can be used as much more than a graphing calc. There is software available for scientific use, which incorporates specially designed probes to measure everything from sound to pH levels.  One that caught my eye as a possible diy project was a microphone.  It appears that there is an application that is capable of measuring and mapping sound waves.  An interfacing microphone.  Can't be too difficult, can it? As soon as it arrived, I popped on to Instructables and did searches for anything Nspire CX related, but received the dreaded "no results found".  I'll have to get to work.  Does anyone have any experience with this calculator or it's data functionality? Thanks!

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I have two shoelaces, tied together. What should I do with them?

(I just replaced them w/ paracord. woot!)

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TI-84 program for simpifying radicals into a form like number plus rad(9) ?

I already have a program that simplifies radicals but dont feel like adding on a feature to take in consideration of things being added to it or subtracted from it. Anyone know of a site that has the source for a program like that, if not i guess i will just have to do it myself.

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Grid Tied Generator? Answered

So I am planning on hooking up a grid tied inverter and generator, I still need to measure the voltage on the incoming lines, but I assume it is 120 ish so I think that is were I will hook the inverter and then it will go back out through the transformers into the lines, is this right?  Now lets say it is hooked to a wind turbine, will the amperage on the generator vary with the speed while still supplying the right voltage, if not how do I compensate for varying wind speed. We are talking 29 kw generator (it is huge, 16 more than the max on my meter, I will obviously consult the electrical company.

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Tis the season (for cheap LEDs)

It's a good time (in the USA) to buy holiday lights with LEDs. To disassemble, and retarget, of course. Discount stores are a great place to start.Here's a string of 70 brand-new white LEDs I bought last week. Cost: $4 USD.

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Does anyone do soccer hair ties?

I found some that were not soccer and the girls wear them when they can find where they put them after games. We need to replace them. I would like to find them with soccer ribbons.

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MSP430 LaunchPad (almost for free)

Guys, For all you guys who are into microcontrollers......TI is trying to take over some lost market shares of Arduino and so on. You can now order the MSP430 LaunchPad development tool in the TI webshop for only $ 4,30 incl shipment worldwide!!! Check it out at www.ti-estore.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD∏_Code=MSP-EXP430G2 More specs at the TI Wiki http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/MSP430_LaunchPad_%28MSP-EXP430G2%29 Happy programming..... ;)

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Soldering a TRS to TRS cable?

I am trying to make a transfer cable for my TI-84 Plus Silver Edition Calculator. It came with a USB-mini to USB-mini cable, but it has two ports on top. One for a USB-mini cable, and one for an I/O cable, with 3/32 TRS jacks (2.5mm) from Radio Shack. I am wondering how to connect two TRS jacks together to make a transfer cable. I don't know what kind of wire to use, or how the wires should be connected.

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How to maintain aquarium water fresh for a long time?


Asked by chandu_v 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

Yet again PICAXE? Answered

I wanted ti make a matrix using picaxe plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz HELP

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Glowing LED tie?

How to make glowing tie with LED diods?

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How to get fringe on crochet bedspread to hold a twist w/o putting ties on the ends.

This bedspread originally did not have ties on the fringe.  I am re twisting it now , but don't know how to get it to hold the twist.  The original twist held for 50 years, I just don't know how to duplicate that.

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Does the new K'nex Roller Coaster Cars work with the old track (tubing)? Answered

I can buy the cross ties and tubing but i dont have any of the old cars but i do have the new ones and was just wondering if they work with the tubing?

Asked by The_Lost_Carrot 7 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

how do i delete an unpublished instructable? Answered

I think that says it all and answer the question below tis

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Calculator IM

At my school we are required to have these TI-83 plus calculators for math. Of course we have classic games and stuff that we put on there, but we want to try to put an infrared emitter and detector on it so we could send IM's within the room to each other. Kinda like texting. Could anyone help us by suggesting ways to do this?

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gtx 750 ti 4gb or gtx 950 2gb for gta 5

So i need some help because my friend wants to build a pc with me but we cant decide between the graphics card 750 is cheaper and has more mEmory and gta needs a lot of graphics memory so i think 750 is better just nedd your advice please help

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How do you hang Christmas lights?

How do you hang up your christmas lights? On our fence I used zip ties, but when I went to put lights around some windows, I saw the Window christmas light frame but I didn't have the right lights for it and used Duct Tape. Any ideas?

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Need help in serial communication using SBUF register using 89C51 !!!

Actually I want to transmit 3 bits serially using AT89C51 micro-controller.I have written the code in ".c" file, using c programming trying to transmit the bits serially using SBUF register.As the SBUF register is the single register available in serial programming of 89C51, it is not updating its value. The bit which is first transmitted is only repeated in the next 2 bits, it is not being updated and then transmitted.So I want guidance regarding sending 3 bits(number / integer) using serial communication( with SBUF register).Following is the code I have written,#includevoid decimal(); void MSB(); void MIDDLE(); void LSB();void main() { while(1) { decimal(); MSB(); MIDDLE(); LSB(); } }void decimal() { unsigned char x,bin,d1,d2,d3; bin = Data_Bus; x = bin /10; d1 = bin %10; d2 = x %10; d3 = x/10; }void MSB() { unsigned char d1,a; TMOD = 0X20; TH1 = 0XFD; SCON = 0X50; TR1 = 1; a = d1 +0x30; SBUF = a; while(TI==0); TI = 0; }void MIDDLE() { unsigned char d2,b; TMOD = 0X20; TH1 = 0XFD; SCON = 0X50; TR1 = 1; b= d2 + 0x30; SBUF = b; while(TI==0); TI = 0; } void LSB() { unsigned char d3,c; TMOD = 0X20; TH1 = 0XFD; SCON = 0X50; TR1 = 1; c= d3 + 0x30; SBUF = c; while(TI==0); TI = 0; }

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How to stop auto payment from Instructables?

I no longer use this service and want ti to stop auto charging me.

Asked by Nastassia 7 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

windows xp screen problem?

Iv got a windows xp and da screen is sideways. help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tis is really important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Asked by sci4me 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

could someone make an adaptor for my hot glue gun to melt zipstrips

I want to make an adapter for my hot glue gun to melt zip-ties that way i can turn them into filament for my 3d printer. just saying... If it could melt zip-ties and make filament why not use it to melt pop bottles? I could cut the top and bottom off a pop bottle and slice the sides up in a paper shredder then take the shreds and put them in  a hot glue gun to make the pop bottle into filament for my 3d printer. a little help please ? / what would I need to do to make this? I have the ability to print anything if someone could help design it. I wll share it with EVERYONE !

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What should i do with lamps?

I have ties to a small buisness, Grace Decor, and we have a ton of lamps. What should i do with them?

Asked by theboygenius 6 years ago | last reply 6 years ago