What is this tool

Does anyone know what this tool is?

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identify this tool

can you tell  me what this tool is and how is it used.

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What is this tool for?

Can anyone tell me what this tool is for?   I came across it all rusted and thought it was some type of pliers or cutter. After I cleaned it up I could tell it was probably neither. What I thought was a plier jaw is actually one piece and does not close and what i thought maybe the cutting blade, actually had lines and numbers, like a ruler. The one small screw that the spring is attached to, will allow you to adjust how far the jaw/cutter will close and the other screw, when loosened a bit allows you to slide the little metal 'arm' in or out, like a measuring template. It has some fancy designs on the handles as you can see and the only marking says "Made in Western Germany".

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What's this woodcarving tool?

Https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=E-IcyDp3S1U The tool used to make the wooden "last", about 20 second s into the video- what is that wood working tools called?

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Help identifying this tool? Answered

I have no idea what this tool is. I found it in my fathers shed. It's about 11 inch long and the smaller piece moves up and down the main shaft of the tool No one seems to know what it is.

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Vintage Dental Tools

I stopped by the White Elephant Sale in Oakland a few days ago and picked up a a really old set of dental equipment. At home dentistry has long been a dream of mine, and now I have the tools to make it a reality. Its got two different dental style flood lights on nice swing arms, the spittoon sink thing, a Mr. Thirsty, a belt driven articulated dental drill, the tray on the arm, the thing that fills up the little cup of water and the air/water gun that dentists like to use so much. The water and air connections are included, but not much of it currently works. The equipment is set up outside of my room in my shop, and to be honest, it kind of freaks me out every time I walk by it. If anyone has any ideas on how to repurpose any of this stuff besides making a renegade dentists office/torture device I would love to hear them. Also, if anyone knows anything about how to restore these kinds of things, it would be great to get some pointers. Its made by a company called Weber and its got to be from at least the 40's or 50's if not older.I'm most excited about the articulated belt driven drill - I have never seen anything quite like it!

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tools needed to get started ?

Hi there, i haven't made anything on this site yet. i'm wondering what are some good tools and supplies to get started with? anything that you come across in most projects (like a drill) ?

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What is this strange old tool? Answered

My dad found this thing where he works and he brought it home to see if I knew what it was. The part that looks like a flat head screwdriver with a t handle can rotate and slide back and forth. The writing on the handle says "monarch - - - - - - phila 34 pa - - - - - - 203 Thanks in advance.

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Loose multi tool fuctions? Answered

I got a multi tool for my b-day but the blades are very loose. How do I make them Tighter? there is no bolt just a rivet of sorts or pin.

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what is this? identify my tool!? Answered

I had this for years, anybody got a clue what it is? most amusing answer gets a patch:-)

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Reversing Direction of Power Tool

It would be nice to be able to reverse direction of angle grinder, mototool, and similar tools. Sparks may be flying toward ones face in certain positions. The tool also may also tend to kick due to wheel direction. These tools arent made to reverse. How can one change this?  How can one keep the wheel from unscrewing and flying loose once the motor is reversed? 

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February will be Tool Tips month

We wanted to give you, the forum readers, an advance notice of what will be happening for the month of February. February will be Tool Tips month here at Instructables and we want to see people documenting how to use their favorite tools. The tools that can be written about are pretty broad. This can be a cordless drill or a sewing machine. If you use it and have some advice, we want to hear about it. We'll be giving away patches and t-shirts at the end of the month. If you want to enter an Instructable, just remember to publish it from Feb 1 - 29.

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rybobi or ozito rotary tool

Hi everyone, i saw the ozito rotary tool for $39 and the ryobi for $97 at bunnings, will the dremel bits fit these two items and will the router attachment (the round one that comes with the dremel )fit them does anyone have any advice on which one and why and pics or info would be great

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Measure Punch Force tool

Hi All, I do understand we all keep creating new electrnoic tools/gadgets everday. But anyone had tried to create a tool which can measure force / intensity of human punch. It is fun to measure your punch force among friends. also if help us to improve your boxing strength. Please share your thoughts on it. Thanks

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Tool for vibrating concrete? (DIY?)

So I've been thinking of making some homemade concrete stuff with different molds I plan on making. Since I'm not a big expert on concrete and such I've been reading all over the Internet for how-to guides and what not. And something that seems to be a really good idea is to use a tool to vibrate out the bubbles and air pockets from the molds before they set... and so far I've not found any instructable here on how to make such a tool ( because it's a bit expensive to buy one, and hey.. why not make it myself) So my question is simply if any one know of a good idea of such a tool, how to make one or whatever.. (maybe modifying something, making one from an electric motor?) I need ideas!  

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Power Tool Corded to Cordless

Hi 'nstructables I'm building a hovercraft (see several tutorials on Instructables - the one with a leaf blower) and my leaf blower is corded. I don't want to buy 25 miles of Black and Decker High Power Extension Cabling so I'm planning to convert to cordless. Here's my idea: (in visual) Is there anything I need to add? And if so, how do I make the "12VDC-240VAC" inverter described? My blower is 1600 watt. Thanks for any help! (Black and Decker)

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power tool brushless motor

I want to replace the motor in my dremel for a brushless one and i just need some help in deciding which one to get. I also want to possibly upgrade the motor in my drill. The drill is only used for wood and i don't mind if either the drill or the dremel needs some kind of gearbox to get the most power from it. It would also be nice to know something about larger brushless motors as there doesn't seem to be much about them on the internet. Thanks in advance.

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Is there a kind of cut off wheel that attaches to regular power drills (not dremel tools)? Answered

That's pretty much it

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I want to know what you electronic tools you like to use?

This can include things like soldering irons, pliers, saw, etc. Please include what it is and who makes it. I would like to more into making electronic related thing and would like to know what other people like to use.

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To cut a 4X4 post? Answered

Is it better to use a Miter saw or can I just use a Circular saw?

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I need a high quality decently priced soldering iron, where can I get one?


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how do I repair my soldering iron? Answered

The two wires from solder tip to the a/c cord broke,are they suppose to touch or are they seperate from each other?

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A mere question here my dear friends, just exactally where I might be to find a high quality soldering iron?

High quality ,and decently priced

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can any one tell me how to make a pneumatic screwdriver???

I just want to make a pneumatic screwdriver can any one tell me how to make it??/

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What's on your tool wish-list?

I love making things. Don't we all?!I've always got a few tools in mind that I'd love to get next, to help me make better things. It's part of the fun for me! On my wish-list are various woodcarving tools and a belt sander. So, what's on your tool wish-list? What do you need to expand your creativity and making skills? It could be tools for electronics, workshop, cooking, crafting, etc. Share your wish-list below!

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Craft and tools

What tool do you consider as essential in the craft industry? what tool do you use the most? What is the best Power tool?

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Is there going to be another Craftsman tool challenge?

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repairing tools that need some TLC?

Just wondering if any one knows how to make tools look clean and newish that can be done to refurbish the tools we have and not have to replace.

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What is the best brand for long lasting tools for woodworking?

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what are you getting for christmas? tools?

Just wondering what you guys are getting for christmas. is there any new cool tools out? cheap? i am getting the dremel stylus, by the way is it good? i am also getting a tool box kit. (soldering iron, pliers, etc)

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way to identify projects with expensive tools

I wish instructables that required tools and machinery that aren't in the average workshop - like 3D printers and Laser Cutters - had a badge or something on the thumbnail. so i wouldn't get all excited to view the steps and get to ";psf design in your 3D printer...".  since i don't have a 3D printer nor do i know anyone who does. doesn't have to be fancy, something that would indicate "simple tools" "power tools" special tools" and "heavy tools".  it could be an option that the poster could use, or not.

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Tool libraries?

Hello, Has anyone had experience of using or setting up a tool library? Do you pay a membership fee? What stops people just not bringing the tool back? I'm considering setting one up in my local area, Cornwall uk. Any info would be great Thanks Alex

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Need Free Used Woodworking Tools

I need free used woodworking tools that anybody has laying around and they want to get rid of.  Mail to 308 South Bryant Street , Booneville Mississippi 38829

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Useful tools

Cheap, cordless drills are amazing tools. Take one apart and attach a speed controller, you got a motor for a robot. Also, they have good high torque motors that can be used for all sorts of things. A $50 RC transmitter and a receiver make good remote uses, such as remote detonation. More useful tools are pneumatic cannons. I've used them from pressure testing to damage testing. WHat are your useful, unconventional tools?

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What is this tool called? Answered

I am working on a project and saw this tool used in the instructable. It was used to cut wood (I'm using acrylic) but the author did not say what this hand tool is. I want to find one either in-store or online but I don't know what it would be called. It looks like some kind of coping saw but the blade looks different. 

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What tools I need to begin wood crafting? Answered

I want to make some wooden boxes and cases, and I haven't done any wood work till now so I don't have any tools and I can't buy the workshop electronic machines which I see in almost every woodworking instructables here (such as drill, lathe, sanding, saw, mitre, buiskit jointer, and all other electronic tools). So I want to begin with simple hand tools.

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What is this tool?

The item came from a tinkerers garage. He worked on cars, rv’s, campers and electronics.  the only identifying information is red tape on the box that says made in Austria. Thanks nks

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If you have one tool to use to make a wooden sword what would it be?????????????????????/

Like a axe, knife,sandpaper, others. can be machine use.

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Jewelry tools for sale

My boss recently purchased all the tools from a jewelry shop that was going out of business and subsequently has a lot of tools that he is parting with. While these are primarily jewelry tools many of them are perfect for prop building. He has some nice workbenches, casting equipment, benchtop laser welder, a large polishing station, plating rectifier, rolling mills, benchtop lathe, flexshaft motors/handpieces, microscopes, engraving tools and all kinds of small hand tools. There's too much to list here- I have a complete listing of everything with photos and pricing. Some of this equipment is pretty big/heavy so local pickup would be preferred (Boulder, Colorado) but he said he'll ship equipment if need be. After downloading and viewing the list if there are any questions just message me and I'll try to answer them as best as possible or have my boss email you. Thanks!

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work space Answered

I want to build a work space and i need to know what are the tings and the tools to have?

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Power a cordless tool with a wall socket?

I have been experimenting with multiple scrounged mostly computer transformers and wiring them into the battery packs. Most of them work for a while then they quit. They can add a quick charge to bad batteries and I can use the tool directly while plugged in but once the transformer goes the battery soon runs down. I am using 18 and 19.2 volt tools and am wondering what voltage and amperage transformer would work or is this just a fatally flawed set up? I have no electrical background and my main motivation for this project is to give new life and function to otherwise wasted equipment. I would also like to see these unused tools possibly made available to those in less fortunate areas who could use the tools either from an AC conversion or to run from a 12 volt car battery which is common world wide. Thanks for any input

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Rotary Tool neck thread size

I have several ideas for rotary tool accessories that would make my life easier, but they would have to be attached at the neck. So I need to cut out a hole, and tap it out to the right thread size. Anyone know what that is?

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Wen 2307 Rotary Tool - Help needed

Hi there everyone, I need a bit of help if available. I purchased a WEN 2307 101-piece rotary tool set from Amazon.ca a few weeks ago and followed that purchase with a Flexible Drive shaft.  Although I was able to attach the drive shaft to the tool, the bits that came with the WEN don't seem to fit the collet of the drive shaft properly.  Therefore, I am planning on returning the drive shaft and purchasing a different unit from a different supplier on Amazon. The unit that I am considering is an SPTA Electric Grinder Flexible Flex Shaft Rotary Tool Attachment 42" Length and Rotary Accessory which states that it fits All 1/8" rotary tools. Of course, the drive shaft didn't come with a manual, so I figured out myself how it is supposed to attach. I'm not very familiar with rotary tools and purchased this unit as a beginner, instead of spending a lot of money on a really good Dremel. That being said, I would like to know if the size of the collet is equal to the same size bit.  (i.e., if the rotary tool is fitted with a 1/8" collet, do you use 1/8" bits, or do you use a different size? I know that this seems like such a stupid and/or easy question to most people, but, being a beginner, this can be quite confusing. Any assistance that you can offer will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Is it possible to get instructables for wind/water/people powered tools?

I would really like to see some instructables for building alternative powered tools, ie; drills, lathes, table saws, etc..  While I understand the basic concepts, kinda, there are others out there who are so much smarter than I am and I would love to see some plans to build them.   

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Husqvarna chainsaw carburetor adjustment tool

I just worked on a Husqvarna 142 chainsaw for a friend. Yes, there are openings in the side of the machine so the Low and High carburetor screws can be adjusted, but a special tool is required, or parts need to be removed from the saw so the screw shanks can be grasped with a pair of needle nose pliers. A special tool is svailable for about $6 US. It fits over the longitudinal ridges on the upper part of the screw shank. I discovered the right size of semi-rigid plastic tubing makes an effective adjustment tool. Just cut a length three or four inches long. Push one end onto the desired screw shank and turn to adjust. The tubing is rigid enough that it does not twist, but turns the screw needing adjustment.

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Band, Miter, jig or scroll saw: the "goto" tool

Hi, I was wondering what people use for prepping materials to fit on small workspace spaces. I am interested in using machinable materials like acrylic, lexan, delrin, hdpe, machinable foam, polystyrene, brass and aluminum. These materials are usually easy to get in the right thickness and width, but the length could be 4'. I need to slice them down to sizes no more than 5.25" long to be used on a small cnc machine (5.5"x4.5"x1.25" build area) What do you think, or have experience with, that solves most of your needs? Thanks, Andy

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where can one buy oogoo from and how much does it cost?

One of the articles - "how to make handles for old screwdrivers" called for the use of oogoo

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What would happen if you used a 24v battery pack in an 18v cordless drill? Will this damage the motor? Answered

Thinking about overclocking some of my 18v power tools.  I can adapt 24v battery packs to fit into them.  Obvious advantage is they will run faster and should run longer with the extra power.  My only concern is can this damage the motors?  I think the only real risk is overheating but it I take steps to avoid that would everything else be okay?  I've also considered hooking two battery packs together to run an 18v saw at 36 volts.

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