Torrent on PSP?

HiI hate having my computer on for no reason, but to finish downloading *freeware* using uTorrentdoes any one know if i can download the files using uTorrent on psp?Thanks! I look forward to reading your replies!

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Is it illegal to download torrents?

What are your comments?

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how do i download torrents to my hard drive instead of burning a disk?

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what is wrong with my sound in windows media player?

I am using utorrent and have downloaded movies. now when i go to watch them on wmp the video works but the sound is like r2d2 is talking. its all chopping and sounds like a robot. i downloaded windows movie maker and it plays fine on there but i cant get it to work on wmp.

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Making a .torrent that downloads from my ftp

I am a musician and wanted to put up my albums on torrent sites.  I use Vuze and can create a .torrent but have no idea how to use the files that are on my ftp server.   Can you guys help me out?

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How do I avoid getting a virus when I download a torrent? Answered

I'm new to the torrent world but I have a torrent downloader and I downloaded something but it created all kinds of viruses on my computer. How do I prevent this from happening again?

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Is downloading the ipod touch 3.0 firmware torrent legal? Answered

Just wondering if downloading this torrent is legal. Will I get arrested for downloading?

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Torrenting a movie you own (Legality)? Answered

So, i have been wondering this for a while now, and thought to ask here before I did something stupid and got the feds at my door :) Is it legal to torrent a movie I own? For example, I have an old copy of the Incredibles, but since it was released in 2004, the movie has seen its fair share of use, and at the moment is too scratched to be played (Unfortunately I did not rip a backup...).  So under these circumstances, would it be legal to torrent the movie file, as I have the actual, physical disk of the movie? What about VHS tapes (got my fair share of those). Getting these on my computer would just be some $70 software/recording equipment... it would be faster and cheaper to download them instead of getting shoddy quality off of a 15 year old VHS.  What about for a disc that has been solen? We had our car broken into at one point, and got some 10 DVDs stolen out of it (around 8 of which didnt have a backup)... I would like to be able to get those back, legally, without having to spend $150 re-buying movies already purchased...

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Whats the best linux os for torrents?

Ive been using ubuntu for day to day activities and i jus wanted to know what would be the best Linux distro for downloading torrents!! Im looking for a quick setup that will be run through web ui. im still pretty new to the linux scene been on and off for about 2years!  So all help appreciated! PS iburst sux for south african users dont subscribe to them bad customer care and billing department.

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Online Pirates Sunk - crew still paddling

The four men behind the (in)famous file-sharing website Pirate Bay have been jailed for a year, and ordered to pay $4,500,000 damages to a selection of big media publishing companies.One of the four, Peter Sunde, refused to pay what he called a "bizarre" fine; ""We can't pay and we wouldn't pay. Even if I had the money I would rather burn everything I owned, and I wouldn't even give them the ashes."Despite the ruling, The Pirate Bay website is still up and running - it seems that, whilst the activities of the website have been declared illegal, the website itself is not, presumably because none of the shared files are hosted by TPB themselves.Speaking to the BBC, the chairman of industry body the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) John Kennedy said the verdict sent out a clear message."These guys weren't making a principled stand, they were out to line their own pockets. There was nothing meritorious about their behaviour, it was reprehensible."The Pirate Bay did immense harm and the damages awarded doesn't even get close to compensation, but we never claimed it did."There has been a perception that piracy is OK and that the music industry should just have to accept it. This verdict will change that," he said.BBC StoryBBC Business analysis of TPB's operationsIFPI press releasePirate Bay's press conference

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How likely is it that my ISP is limiting me because im a pirate?

I used to be able to download items from torrent sites like "The Pirate Bay" using "Limewire"or "Bit torrent" but now I cant? I will look at the torrent site and it will say like 15 seeders and like 1 leecher or something good like that but my Limewire and Bittorrent says that I have no seeders or peers and will stay at 0% forever? What is going on? Will the RIAA drop by my house any second to arrest me? Is my ISP screwing me over? Am I just doing something wrong?And I am using The Pirate Bay to download the torrents.

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My laptop has troubles with the internet.

My laptop  has had the same internet for a few years and just recently most things cannot connect to the internet, u torrent doesn't work, i tunes store doesn't work, opera doesn't work, safari doesn't work, any games that connect to the internet don't work. e.g. halo, the list goes on. the only things that work with the internet are Mozilla Firefox and bittorrent. please help, my laptop has Windows Vista, if that helps?

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"Cracking" a game

Can someone please tell me how to "crack" a game torrent. Is there a certain type of software that I can download for free? If so please list it and can you give me step-by-step instructions on how to do this(cracking). What exactly does it mean to crack a game? Remember I am dealing with streaming torrents that have been downloaded from the internet! Thanks

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Ipod Tetris

Anyone know of a free download of tetris for the ipod? Most preferably WITHOUT installing anything to it or altering how it operates. I've googled it i can find nothing but torrents, i don't mind torrents, but there like 8 or 9 games, at about 400MB. Way too much for dialup to handle. Now all i want is tetris, so if anyone can provide me with the tetris.ipg (with the DRM cracked), i'd be most pleased.

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where can i download xbox iso files?

Where can i download xbox iso files, preferably torrents.(xbox original)

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My free wordpress blog will delete?

I'm afraid to do this... sry about my damn eng :-D i have movie that downloaded from torrent now i'm going to do upload it again to cloud storage and shrink that download link using then paste it to my wordpress blog then publish to world .. i want to know the first torrent movie owner can  report my link under copyright Policy ? pls don't tell go and see wordpress Terms of Service. just tell me they can report my link or not 

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How to convert FLAC to mp3 easily?

 Yo, I'm downloading Led Zeppelin on a torrent, and I realized it's FLAC. I've gotta Mac, and of course itunes and naturally i want it on my ipod. What's the easiest way to convert it to mp3?

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Could someone PM me a demonoid invitation code? Answered

It would really help if someone could pm me an activation code, I found some on google but they were all being used. Thanks in advance.

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Visual Studio Plug-in for Sony Clie

It's been many years, but when the Sony Clie was available I managed to get a Visual Studio plug-in for Clie development. Anyone have the plug-in? Link? Torrent? Anything? I'm trying to repurpose one.

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Antics help!! Please Read

Umm, i just found this website called, and the software that used to be able to be downloaded for free, you now have to have a registered email from befor the site closed back in 08. i just found the website today, so i dont have a registered email. i am hoping that if somebody has a registered email, they would let me use it to download the new antics v5.1 and content pack. i have already checked the torrent sites i know about, but if you have a registered email or torrent site that you know offers antics, or even are willing to send me the setup exe, please private message me telling me where to get it. thanks!

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How can I search for part of a filename in batch?

I am making a history manager for utorrent, and currently all I can do is copy, show names and create a .txt file with all the .torrent names in it. Is there a way I can search for a specific word in the filename, such as inception if the filename is movie_inception_2012_dvdrip, something like that? Thanks.

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Water shed-I have a 30 degree driveway about 1\3 mile long.When it rains I get a torrent of water to the hiway below.

I have installed 4" cross drain pipe with stocking and ducting, but the clay slit covers the large gravel and the water goes over them. I'm considering a swale with large rocks down the water paths. any helpful suggestions of construction before i spend more money.

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/b/ Raids - Chanology

Just curious of your thoughts on the /b/ raids on Scientology...If you're not "in the know" as they say....1. TPB torrent for the new docs2. Project Chanology (name of the raid) boiler plate3. [ 5,000 reward from the church of scientology to catch anonymous]4. Wired Magazine to explain what I'm talking about5. YTMND on scientology

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I lost my WildGames unlock code! Any way to recover it?

I purchased a video game from WildTangent (Crystal Maze, to be exact) a couple years ago. But, I lost the unlock code and have forgotten my username and password, and therefore can't recover it. Any suggestions? Help would greatly be appreciated (No, I'm not willing to download torrents or cracked versions).

Question by TheOneAndOnlyMissingNo. 8 years ago

How can I make a skype/email/ect notification board?

How would I be able to make a board that will light up and notifies whenever I get a skype message, email, email, perhaps when a torrent finishes, Facebook notifications, and perhaps anything else (ideas are welcome)? I'd like to use l.e.d's, but I am not sure how to wire it up (or any circuitry for that matter) would anyone have any ideas for this? Thanks in advance!

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Instructables HQ flooded!

The San Francisco Bay area is being hammered by a series of winter storms right now. There are gusts to 75 MPH and a torrent of rain. All that wind-swept rain has flooded our server room and created a foot-deep lake on the runways outside the control tower! If things aren't working right on the site, it's the rain's fault, really...This storm is actually pretty tame by East Cost standards, and I'm proud to report I got a little bit of kitesurfing in yesterday morning on the front of it before the wind and rain truly picked up. It's just that we have perfect weather 90% of the year here, so it's really the relative difference, not the absolute magnitude, that makes people talk about how bad it is.

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How much music do YOU have?? (Poll Question)

Music, it's an important part of life, and I'm pretty sure pretty much everyone listens to it. But the question is how much do you listen to? What kind of genre is your forte? Do you have 3 cd's or 500 cd's? Post your answers, screenshots, thoughts. Here's what I've got: 1381 Songs, 3.9 days of continuous music, 8.93 GB worth (You'd think I have like 5,000 songs, but quality is more important than quantity). I listen to genres such as Peter Gabriel to Tupac Shakur (2pac to you rap junkies), RATM, ZZ - Top and more. I have like 20 torrents of music/discographies (YAY peter gab discography on the way) downloading right now and that should add a few more GB of weight to my HD.

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How do I play improvised dungeons and dragons? Answered

I have currently made an improvised "homemade" complete dungeons and dragons set it is fully homemade and kinda choppy but its all there "i think" but my question is;how do I play dungeons and dragons? "i know this set follows the real/original one, and is made the correct way but i dont know how to play dungeons and dragons see here it is "i am the dungeon master and three of my friends are playing" so if you could please send me some information on how to play that would be great and ps:anyu links to websites are great any torrents with map making software is great any links with anything that can help me are GREAT and i also would like to read some anwsers here too THANKS 1.000.000,XXX !!!!!

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frets on fire help

So I found this really cool guitar hero like game for the computer called Frets On Fire. Just google search it and it should be the first one. Its a great game and all where you use your keyboard up side down, using f1-f5 as fret buttons and your enter key as the pick. The coolest part about it is the uploading songs. You can take original guitar hero I and II and up load those songs. Also, you can upload custom made songs by other users. Heres my problem. I can't upload those songs. I've tried songs off and keyboards on fire, but for some reason I just can't get them to run on the frets on fire program. I keep adding the, to the fretsongfire/data/songs folder, in torrent and other formats, but I just can't get them to work for some reason. If any one could help, that would be great!

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Orange pi's 3.3V on board regulator

Hi everyone, I've set up a mediacenter with openelec on my orange pi PC. I've put a large heatsink on cup and rams and a small 5V 0.15Ah cooling fan. With two switches I am able to switch it on and off and choose between 5V or 3.3V alimentations from the GPIO. The 3.3v is intended to spin that fan not at full speed to reduce noise while watching film or listening to music with the mediacenter. I left the PC all the night open downloading torrent, and the morning later the fan wasn't spinning anymore. I powered off the system and used a day later. The fan were at that moment working. So my question are: Is it better to put an external voltage regulator (lm317)? Anyone can explain what happened? As I recently discovered that with zener diodes we are able to clamp the voltage to a specific value (if putted in the "opposite" direction, I guess), I was thinking if it were possible to use one of them in this case.

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VLC Vulnerable to Hijacking

For those who use VLC media player, I recommend reading this article. For those who don't know what VLC Media Player is, it is a widely used media player which supports many of the codecs that other common media players do not support. Source:,143542/article.htmlA flaw in the widely-used open-source VLC media player could allow an attacker to execute harmful code on a PC.The problem stems from a buffer overflow that can occur when the player processes subtitle files used for movies, according to a security advisory.The vulnerability existed before VLC was upgraded to version 0.8.6e in late February, but the bug appears to have escaped the last round of patches, wrote Luigi Auriemma in a note."The funny thing is that my old proof-of-concept was built just to test this specific buffer overflow, and in fact it works on the new VLC version too without modifications," Auriemma wrote.Video files can contain a link to a separate subtitle file, which VLC automatically loads when it plays the video. An attacker could use the buffer overflow flaw in VLC to execute malicious code contained in a subtitle file, and thus tamper with a PC. The flaw affects VLC players running on Windows, Mac, BSD and possibly more operating systems, Auriemma wrote.The VLC media player is part of the VideoLAN project. The player is free, and it is released under the GNU General Public License. VLC can also be used as a streaming media server for a variety of platforms. Courtesy of: flaws affect VideoLAN VLC versions 0.7.0 through 0.8.6. Users can fix the issue by upgrading to VLC version 0.8.6a or by applying the patch.Another solution from Torrent Freak: For now, the only solutions are not to run any subtitle files, or to grab one of the nightly builds. The downside is, however, that these might not be as stable as the regular releases.

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Are you guys up for a challenge, I need a hand with something

Well, peeps, I got a challenge you guys are going to help me with. Let me explain what it's about. We pay $35 something a month for 3mbit internet. I've only ever seen 1.3-1.5mb of it. The CO (Centeral office, it's a brick building they place in each "area" and it handles all the telephone and internet connections for you area, most isp's have one or more in each town they cover and those buildings are linked with fibre optic cables) is just down my street, I can practically walk out my front door, down the street and see it. So I'm rather close, and to top that, tiverton (where I live) is where my isp decided to set home, the "HQ" is just a km down the road from my CO building. Logic tells me that I should and have the right to get all of that 3mb I pay for, I can see if I live a certain distance away, but I don't. Here's where it get's a bit interesting, I was suggested to by dijital101 to run some cat-5 cable between the junction box and my dsl modem. Well that's just what I did today, I bundled the 8 seperate wires into two big wires (4 each) and even soldered them to ensure a good connection. Ran the wire, connected it all, attached a phone plug onto the other end of the ethernet cable and got it all hooked up. Well wouldn't you know, I see not one bit of differnce. Speed tests still show like 1.2-1.5mb (When It starts, it takes forever to even build up speed). But Interestingly enough...I get full upload speed (512k is what I get for up). When I'm uploading something too, such as files or torrents, if I let it go the full 70kb/s it limits my download speed to 30kb/s around there. This is something I've had to put up with for a long time, if anyone is familiar with "BMTS" that's my isp. My question is, what is there I can do to fix it? I even unhooked the wire coming off the telephone pole, cut the ends off and re-stripped the wires and that did nothing either. The wires are pretty old and tarnished, even under the rubber coating, and they're kinda peeling too. Should I call my isp up and complain again, think they'd come and replace the line? I just don't know what to do, if I can fix it, I'm going to cable internet.

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I need some expert mac help!!

Okay, I got a bit of a story, and a bit of a question (Las Vegas, I know you can help me). I've been transfered to a new highschool (not that new to me, I've been to it before) and I've been there for about 3 weeks now. I was given a thinkpad R51 by the school board while I was out of school to use for school work and to take to school. That's all fine and dandy, but the restrictions on their disc image are unbelievable and it makes it next to useless to me other than a gigantic calculator with a shitty battery life. So I wiped it of course, repartitioned it with a 30 and 10 gig partition (respectivly both NTFS, the backup partition, the 10 gig one, is currently in fat32 as I forgot macs can't write to NTFS). So everything works fine, when I got transfered to the school, I asked the so-called "head" techy teacher person of my school for the wep key for the wireless network in my school so I can print my work out in class instead of waiting till I got home (teachers don't like that sometimes). Since I've been to school he's made up excuses like "I know I have the wep key wrote down somewhere, but I know it'll take me like an hour to find it so I can't right now - I've been told that on 4 different occasions on 4 different days. Funny thing is that both he and I know that their wireless isn't actually pure wep mode. It's a wpa enterprise mode of some sort with a required username/password combination to log into it (that's fine though, it'll still work if I have the password). Oh yeah I forgot how I took my ibook to school one day, then the next day (no not the day I was showing him my ibook) he tells me that the wireless will work on my ibook, but not the thinkpad, which, like every other fucking laptop in the school, is a model R51 type 1829 with the odd old R40 laying around. It's excuses after excuses, my mother wanted to call in and give them hell for leading me around but I told her no, I'm curious to see how dumb this teacher thinks I am (and so far I've been playing dumb). NOW he tells me that I need to now, re-image my thinkpad with their school disc image they use on their machines, which I don't have to agree to doing because the laptop didn't come from this school and so it's not theirs. There was absolutely no reason it would not work as I even used the exact same wifi drivers/software and even the same profile management software they use on theirs. Now, I'm almost done but let me explain the last bit of why I'm even posting this lenghty (and possibly waste of time) post. I recently re-reformated as somehow I contracted a nasty trojan downloader onto it, and it was due for a clean up anyways. Well wasn't that a rough ride, since the reinstall I've had to wrestle a video driver onto it, fiddle around with all the other drivers to get them installed, and I still can't get a wifi driver to install. Even if I force install one from the "manual" option when XP asks for drivers (yes XP does have generic Intel Wifi lan drivers for my card) and it wouldn't go, just gave me an error 10 code (device cannot startup). Okay, so the driver isn't compatible? Well Lenovo only has 3 different wifi driver packages for different wifi internal cards for my "one" model/type of laptop (the type "1829" is lenovo's numbering system basically for revisions, and when I went on their site for drivers, it askes me for this, model, and a specific 3 digit number on the bottom (order code I think). So why it can't just tell me the specific card in my revision (as I'm sure there's probably only one card for my revision) is beyond me. I downloaded all three, the first two were just small driver/utility packages (I think they were only 802b drivers too, at least one of them was). When I tried to install them, no luck, first appeared to install it, although the drivers never installed apparently. So I uninstalled what (still) there, and tried the second, same thing, except nothing installed, but it appeared to install. So I went on to the last one, it appeared to be succesful. Not, for some reason, windows could list me all the ap's around here, but couldn't connect to them, or mine, and I know I put the right key in. And when I tried to use Ibm's utilites to connect, it kept crashing, and it was even crashing the wireless zero config windows service thing every time I tried to power on the wifi or such. However I don't even care about windows right now at this particular time or fixing the drivers, for all I know there was a scratch on the install cd and it's botched (very unlikely as I know the install would halt and say it can't read) Now because my teacher has been literally screwing around with me (I'm not assuming here that he's lying to me and making excuses, I know he is because it's just too obvious, you guys tell me). Plan? Install mac os x on the thinkpad and ask him again if it'll work and if he says no, I will probably rip him a new asshole right there on the spot, seeing as he's told me multiple times it will work on my mac, but not the thinkpad, so if I have mac software on there, shouldn't be a problem (hehe). I really want to do this to get back at my teacher because he doesn't believe anything I tell him and he thinks he's pretty smart, just generally another guy with a too-big ego for one person to handle. I downloaded the iAtkos disc image as directed by instructions I found through google (yes, torrent, illegal, don't harp on me for it, jobs makes enough as it is with ipod sales). It's supposed to be pre-patched, and also supposed to include additional driver packages of some kind (that's a plus). And to boot, it's supposed to boot off the dvd (lawl) without any tricks (like usb drives and that smutz). It all seems pretty sweet, and it did boot when I popped it in, but It went to the mac loading screen (the white one with the grey spiny thing) and just sits there with absolutely no activity. I booted it with the -v/-s command(s) and this is what comes up when it stops loading and sits: "Extension "" has immediate dependencies on both and components; use only one style." My understanding is that the plist file might be missing some components the driver is calling for, but the "use only one style" part doesn't make sense so I know it's something else. Although it didn't say, I presume the kernal was already patched as it was supposed to be a pure pop-in-and-go image. I was hoping to try installing the EFI patch after too if I can get it going in the first place. And yes, I did quite a bit of googleing before I came to here. I could find information on R40's with mac os x installed on them (or was it x40?, I know those are newer, the r40's are old) and other models inbetween but nothing on thinkpad. I don't even care if it's fast or works 100%, I just want to do it, I do also know that the atheros chipset in my wifi card is native compatible with tiger apparently and should show up as a standard airport card. I don't know if I'll be amazed or not when I post this finally and see how many pages long it is, but I do really need a hand, because this will be the final step before I go to the VP and tell him that this guy has been screwing around with me and blowing me off. I deserve and education dammit!

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ISP's an their sneaky ways of limiting your internet to a crawl

With more and more restiction hitting internet users I though I write a bit about the methods used to make our life harder than necessary. First example: Heavy gamer... Some people love their Xbox or PC for only one reason, online gaming. Too bad when all of a sudden your ping rates go sky high or the chat has a lag making good conversations during the game impossible. Second example: Streaming media... People like to watch what they want and when they want. Online streaming is a good way to get the latest trailers, catch up with your favourite shows or just to kill some time. Too bad when you notice the connection takes forever and that you can only watch in low quality without running into buffer problems. Last but not least P2P.... Although used for mainly illegal stuff, P2P is still not dead. A lot of software and even collections of documents are shared by the use of various P2P networks. Torrents are the most common ones but it really does not matter once your ISP has hit you hard. So what have all these in common when we speak about ISP troubles you might wonder? Well, firstly they cause a lot of traffic and secondly a large number of connections at the same time. Why would my ISP limit me? 1. You are using your internet for illegal downloads. Although in many cases the ISP won't be able to tell what you are downloading, but they can clearly see the volume of the downloads and that a P2P system is used. Does not take a genius to realise several GB a week on a constant base can't be all legal. 2. Cheap ISP A lot of our providers rent their bandwidth from another provider. This way they can provide cheaper prices but have to make sure not go over the allowance as it would could dearly. A good way of preventing this is to limit speed during so called peak hours - basically whenever a lot of people are online. 3. Your area.... Let's say you are living in a densly populated area. There you often have a single exchange for all internet and phone users. Although the numbers of possible users can be increased by adding more hardware, the bottleneck is the feed to this exchange. As they are owned by a single provider and every other ISP has to pay for the use it becomes clear that this provider will have the best speeds and traffic allowances for the people connected. In return the other ISP(s) will be reduced in speed and sometimes even the type of connection possible, for example blocking all P2P traffic completely. How do I find out what is happening to me? This is indeed a hard one! No ISP will tell you "Yes, we limited you to xxxx and these services are not working on your connection: ...." Their fineprint states you have internet and Email, depending where you are maybe online TV services. But this is only true for standard ports and protocols used! So for your favorite online game it might be possible to download the latest update in the GB range within minutes but still encounter a massive lag during the play sessions. Similar story for low speeds. It is common practise to prioritise traffic to local speed testing servers. This means no matter what "problem" you might have all test will give positive results. So you might be able to get high speeds in your tests but watching a Youtube video can mean to first buffer the entire video before you can watch it. You ISP won't support any requests as long as common speed tests work fine for you. A sure way of testing is to download a Linux distribution from a remote server. How long does it take to download? Now do the same using a P2P download of the same distribution. Did it take much longer or did you have problems connecting to peers? If so you are limited by your ISP. Be aware that this might be true for only one type of P2P network, while others are uneffected. For games check your Ping times against ping times done manual against a known server, for example Google. If they are close all is good, if the game ping is much higher (often in the thausands compared to around 300ms max) you are sucked into limitations. Ok, I am fairly sure I am limited by my ISP, is there anything I can do? If you mainly use the internet for illegal downloads you might want to consider going the legal way. For all others, check below. Main reasons for limits put on your account or connection are congestion (nothing you can do about except trying the ISP that owns your phone network and to pay more - and of course the amount of connections you make. Let me give you an example: Downloading a huge file from a server usually needs a single connection on port80. Doing the same using P2P services requires a lot of simultanious connections to many servers/PC's around the world. Only with enough, fast connections your download will progress at good speeds. You ISP can see the number of connections and cut them at a limit or completely disable the protocol used for the download. The result is crawling speeds for the download and you only see a few peers available. Multiplayer games often use several ports for the traffic, game status, chat, graphic updates like location of other players and so on. So if you play in a world with 8 of your friends and fight against 200 online players all these infos has to get to your system. Having a few kids all enjoying different online sessions at the same time certainly does not help either. ;) Unless you are permanently limited there are a few options to make things better: 1. Limit yourself to the off-peak times for big downloads. 2. Try to avoid multiple game sessions and downloads from a single internet connection, e.g: let the kids play with one console at a time. 3. Change the ports used by your program, sometimes the standard ports are used by everyone else around, changing them gives the ISP the option to spread the load. 4. Last and best option: Limit the amount of allowed connections. For games this is not always possible but for other services it is. Imagine your P2P program using 300 download sources at the same time. Every one has the actual data and a lot of other informations to transmit while your system has to send the receiving info to every single one. On top of all that you have the informations needed to find new peers, coordinate the parts and so on. You can limit those in the settings of the program. So instead of allowing 500 or more connections at the same time go down to 100 or less. Instead of allowing 100 half open connections (used to negotiate the download for a new peer) go down to 20. And of course limiting your own upload and the connections used for it does help a lot. Myths and alternatives.... You might have heard the things like "protocol obfuscation", "port hoppers" and similar exist, same for the "Tor" network and maybe even the "usenet". The myth behind all of them is the claim that oyur ISP won't actually see what you do and what your download. On top of that you have so called "VPN' services. Although some of the services will help you to overcome certain limits it does not change the fact that you ISP still can see your up- download volume and the number of connections in use. And trust me, they are not dumb either, so they will know anyway that you mostly use the internet for illegal downloads. After all, what reasons could you have to use encrypted services or to direct your traffic over VPN networks? Of course being in China or similar countries is a different story due to gouvernment restictions on the internet. As long as you do direct download with only a hand full of connections you should be fine, for everything else it comes down to luck. Protocol obfuscation worked for a few months until ISP's fixed it. The usenet might be an alternative but not for everyone. Even the famous Tor network or dedicated VPN services won't help you once your ISP got you flagged. The will simply limit everything besides standard protocols and ports, so you can use you Email and surf the net, even download directly for a server but everything else might be crippled. As I said earlier there is no way for the user to truely check what limits he has or what ports and protocols might be affected - you ISP won't tell you either. Before you get trapped into a new contract because your ISP is no good turn off all P2P and gaming for a day or two. Try again at night times after a reset of your modem/router. Quite often you will see it works just fine for a while. If so you can limit yourself, use off-peak times and so on. Sometimes it also helps to simply limit the download speed itself. Of course the best alternative is not to use illegal downloads and to seek local content for game servers or online video.

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