wooden toys vs plastic toys ?

Which one is a good option for kids wooden toys or plastic toys ????

Posted by Wholesaletoys 3 years ago

how to make a toy out of items lying around your house

My friends are coming round and i dont have much toys for their children to play with so please could you give me an idea on how to make toys out of house hold items 

Posted by sophiekkk 5 years ago

Toy lamp

Ryan McElhinney makes funky lamps and frames with lots of old action figures. They're all glued together in what looks like some battle royale and coated with one color for a unifying look. The results are pretty awesome. Check out the link below for more pictures. Ryan McElhinney via Neatorama

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago


Any ideas for homemade pet toys or treats that cost under $10.00 are welcome Here are a few examples: Hamster hammock,dog bed,cat castle,dog treats,cat teaser. Or anything else you can think of !!!

Posted by shooter129 11 years ago


This is where I will post available toys to mod as they are donated. Or if you have a toy you would like to donate please post a picture of it here or mail it to me. * *please contact me for shipping information.

Posted by CarliPierce 10 years ago

Broken links in Toy Challenge results

Hi there, I noticed that the links for the runner-ups in the Toy Challenge are inaccurate, leading you to the wrong Instructable or to the homepage. Thanks for looking into this Lance

Posted by LanceMakes 6 years ago

Very small sound generated or voice recorder under one inch for dog toy

I would like to make a dog toy using one inch PVC pipe about 8" long with end caps. Inside would be some kind of wacky sound generater or voice recorder. This would be activated by movement of the toy. The outside of the toy would be wrapped with nylon rope. Any ideas how to find the electronics to go inside the toy?

Posted by wmlaveck 2 years ago

Phun -- "Coolest science toy ever?"

Phun - the 2D physics sandbox, has been called the "Coolest science toy ever" by the folks at Bad Science.Phun is a neat little physics simulation environment with gravity rules, etc., and a very simple real-time interface. Try it!The free download is here.

Posted by gmoon 10 years ago

Arvind Gupta: Turning trash into toys for learning

Great TEDtalk where Arvind Gupta discusses simple toys that are inexpensive and yet educational.  His enthusiasm as a toy inventor just beams from the presentation. video link Description from TED: At the INK Conference, Arvind Gupta shares simple yet stunning plans for turning trash into seriously entertaining, well-designed toys that kids can build themselves -- while learning basic principles of science and design. Arvind Gupta is an Indian toy inventor and popularizer of science for kids. Creating simple toys out of trash and everyday goods, he illustrates principles of science and design in a memorably hands-on fashion. He works at the Children's Science Centre in Pune, India. He's the author of numerous books available in English, Hindi and other Indian languages, including Little Toys, Science from Scrap, and Science Skills & Thrills: The Best of Arvind Gupta. His Low-Cost Equipment for Science and Technology Eduction is available as a PDF download through UNESCO.

Posted by CrLz 5 years ago

Soft toy/inflatable design software

Does anyone know of a way I can design my soft toy/sculpture/inflatable in 3d then print out the parts with software? Otherwise, how should I do this? Appreciate the help!

Posted by jarris 6 years ago

It's a race!

Who will be the first to produce a Robot Toy instructable?Jessyratfink?GorillazMiko?Bran?Or some other Instructabler who has yet to reveal their plans?

Posted by Kiteman 10 years ago

Twitter powered toy grabber

Hi I work for a social media agency in the UK and am working on a project with a client that need some help on.  The idea is to create a toy grabber that is powered by tweets. Probably using a traditional fairground grabbing claw and hacking it some way using Arduino to take commands from Tweets. Does anyone think this is feasible and if so how it could work.  Also if anyone fancies taking up the challenge for a fee or just for kudos ;-) Look forward to hearing from you D

Posted by Dunkndisorderly 6 years ago

Musical Parrot Toy

Serious request... my Parrot (African Grey) loves music. I would like to buy/build 'Parrot-proof' musical 'instrument/s' device/s that he can play, perhaps triggered by either percussive impulses from his beak and/or his vocal range. This would help him remain stimulated when I am out. All genuine replies welcome... :) The closest thing available is this, but it isn't very versatile (only pre set sounds) + not very musical  http://www.petsathome.com/shop/en/pets/bird-toys/jm-bird-babble-ball?pageSize=45&orderBy=1#

Posted by ParrotFX 2 years ago

Perfect Puppy Buddy

To me, this is not one of the better versions of an imitation pet, but it is still called My Perfect Puppy. Can be seen here....  Or the site info here

Posted by Goodhart 8 years ago

gripper toy/prosthetic prototype

Well its a simple cycle brake (side pull single pivot,brake pads removed) inserted in a glove that can be used to grab objects. The initial idea was to build on it further and have the brake lever fitted under the armpit such that when the arm is moved towards the body the lever gets pulled and the grip tightens to grab objects for persons who might be missing part of the hand from below the elbow. However didn't get any further for various reasons, would be very happy if anyone would find it useful.

Posted by Freddy Francis 4 years ago

Cute musical time-waster.

I just "stumbled" on this sweet little tool for composing and playing musical loops. Pitch is on the vertical axis, time across the horizontal. I don't have any way to record it - if you copy this pattern, it sounds like a thumb piano.

Posted by Kiteman 7 years ago

PVC Pipe Toys

Hello, I am developing a line of toys made with PVC pipes. Take a look at these two instructables. https://www.instructables.com/id/PVC-Pipe-Figures/ and https://www.instructables.com/id/PVC-Pipe-Dragon/

Posted by nicolaudosbrinquedos 3 years ago

JAck in the box toy

Has anyone hacked a Jack in the box? I've spent 2 hrs with paper drawing up mechanisms, but it'd be nice to see what they use for the toys without buying one. Any help? Greg

Posted by Watershed 11 years ago

Toy K'nex gun shoots 500ft?

COMING SOON! Toy gun that shoots 500ft. Ible and video coming soon! Be on the lookout!

Posted by Knex Lego Maniac 5 years ago

How is a toy like this called in English?

How is the toy in the pictures called in English? The figures collapse or bow when a button in the base is pushed in. There's no real name for them in Dutch... Any advice on how I should call these in my upcoming Instructable?

Posted by ynze 5 years ago

Mini Camera Toy

Hi everyone! I need help! I want to make this mini camera toy.. When you look inside the hole you can see images like animals and when you click it, the image changes.. HOw can i Make this ?

Posted by iAMjerk 5 years ago

Possibliy a good contest for Christmas

I would not know from my Instructables hiatus that this has been suggested before, but I have a good thought for this years Christmas. Instead of going down to your toy shop burning money on the latest toys for someone, that simply you make toys. Of course toys you make yourself have a lot more meaning than those from a store, but I think we have a really creative community here that can engineer some good toy instructables. So why not hold a contest for the best toy instructable?

Posted by CyrusII 10 years ago

The coolest geek toy i've ever seen.

The title says it all. Simply put, the coolest geek toy I've ever seen. Granted, it's not really a toy but, some geek girl is going to be soooo happy. Wish I knew how to make this

Posted by sway 5 years ago

A gun with bizzarre ammo

Hello people of Instructables.com. http://gizmodo.com/171236/teddy-bear-gun This particular toy stuck me as an awesome toy to have around. However, there doesn't seem to be any place on the world wide web that sells this magnificent toy. Perhaps someone with some skill in projectile launching toys can show me how to make one of my own using a Life Water bottle?

Posted by Clover_Goldngreen 9 years ago

There are double entries when viewing the first and second page of the Toy Contest

When viewing the entries in the Toy Contest there are a lot of entries that show up twice in a row. The second page also has one or two like this. 

Posted by sherrycayheyhey 6 years ago

Help to repair battery leak damage in toy

Hello, I know nothing about electronics and would like to learn a little. Starting with the numerous items which have had the battery leak out. I think it has leaked only to the battery compartment (white stuff on the spring). I have cleaned it up and don't know where to go now. Please help! Is this easily repairable? Where would you locate the items used to repair it? Thanking you Amanda

Posted by 7527amanda 10 years ago

child's DIY mechanical toy panel

Once upon a time I saw a panel that had a light switch, receptacle and plug, screen door hinge and latch and other things a child could do to keep busy and learn while they are playing. Do you have any ideas of things we could add to the panel. It will not be electrified but could have some battery operated things. Something that makes sounds would be nice too.  This child is two and seems very interested in stuff like this. 

Posted by estherwaayenberg 1 year ago

Cardboard Playhouses

Greetings all, I'm wondering if any of the members ever work in cardboard for children's toys or playhouses ? I'm finishing a belated Xmas gift for my niece, a six sided cardboard tee pee that breaks down into 12 easily stowed sections and fastens with releasable zip-ties. All the material aside from adhesives and said fasteners were recycled from local appliance and furniture retailers so it's a very green eco-friendly item. Should there be any interest I will post the plans and material list at a later time.

Posted by patron_zero 10 years ago

How to Kill a Pleo (video)

Some amusing video of folks from the Sci-Fi network mildly abusing a Pleo. (This is the next toy from the people who brought you the Furby.)It's amazingly easy to kill off the little dinosaur, really. Thankfully you can always reboot.My favorite part was probably Stuart P. Bentley's comment:I can't believe you guys work for the Sci-Fi Channel and passed up the opportunity to choke a robot dinosaur while saying "IF THIS IS A CONSULAR SHIP, WHERE IS THE AMBASSADOR?"

Posted by canida 11 years ago

New knex product Nerf+Knex news

Hello everyone  I was browsing the web and I found this   http://www.toynews-online.biz/news/read/k-nex-to-enter-blaster-sector-in-2015-with-new-k-force-brand/043591 It sounds like k'nex is going to make toy blasters that can be taken apart and customized so that you can make you own knex nerf combo. What do you all think of knex making knex guns that shoot foam darts? is this something that you think is a good move for Knex? Just wanted to spread the news that i found on the web to see what you all think. Update here is a link to a website with close up pix and more info http://www.blasterlabs.com/2015/01/new-k-force-build-and-blast-product-images/     

Posted by sonic broom 3 years ago

Choosing drive motors for kids riding toy

I'm building  "robot horse" for my daughter, and have the metal frame mostly complete.  The plan for locomotion is to mount reversible powered 6" wheels to the outside of each hoof, and steer tank-style. My biggest challenge is finding reasonably priced, reasonably powerful drive motors for each wheel.  My issues are  1)  I'm inexperienced at specing dc motors.       A) I'm not real sure how to translate published specs into real world motion.  I don't know exactly how much power it takes to get this reliably moving over rough ground to a top speed of around 1 mph.  I also don't have a good sense of much voltage you can pump into a DC motors.  (IOW, should I be able to push 2 x the rated voltage for a quarter second to get it moving? Will the motors naturally increase their amperage at a constant voltage (and thus power) as they are resisted by torque?)  How much power will starting from a stop take?  What about a slight uphill slope?     B)  I'm not sure what form-factor is best:  Gear motor?  Gear motor with final drive belt?  I would like to use worm-gear motors, as I think it would be safest if the wheels didn't move when unpowered. 2)  Hunting around supplier web-sites, I see lots of $20ish gear motors that use 5-20W of power.  Great price, but would 4 of them make enough power?  (See #1A above)  Also, I see lots of fractional HP motors for >$100 that would unquestionably be strong enough, but would cost more than the project justifies.  I found very little in between.  Are there motors and gear boxes that could power this at a reasonable price?   Relevant clarifications and details: 1)  The horse is about 40" high at it's withers (shoulder) 2)  Frame is made of 1/2" square tube steel. 3)  Normal rider + vehicle will be about 150 lbs.  However, unquestionably, larger kids (or multiple small kids) will at some point hop on it and try to ride it.  At 250 lbs. rider+vehicle weight it doesn't have to go fast, but shouldn't burn up the motors. 4)  It'll be powered by a lipo battery pack that shouldn't have any issues with 20A+ max currents and can be sized as needed for voltage. 5)  I'd like to keep the motors and gears <$200 total, if possible. 6)  "Rough ground" = flat grassy turf or reasonably smooth gravel. 7)  Motors need to be reversible. Can anyone lend some perspective on what type of motors to buy for this?  How much power/torque should I look for?  Any advantages/disadvantages of any particular gearing style for this application? I am assuming that motors on each wheel are the way to go, but if there are any other power transmission schemes that would work better, I'm all ears.

Posted by SvdSinner 2 years ago

Request for Toy Lead Test Instructable

There are constant reports of high lead levels in many toys, as well as new findings that lead is an even more dangerous neurotoxin than previously believed. Does anyone have the chemical background to devise a simple home test for lead levels in toys? My thoughts are that a number of toys would be place in a bathtub, and a leeching agent would be added which would dissolve some of any lead present. The dilute solution in the tub would then be tested by a standard home water supply lead test. This could possibly be a great service... Thanks!

Posted by bugmenotorelse 11 years ago

Hack-A-Toy at Nottinghack in Nottingham UK

Nottinghack the Nottingham Hackspace are running a Hack-A-Toy workshop at the Navigation on Wilford Street Nottingham. Join Nottinghack at www.meetup.com/nottinghack Bring a poundshop toy some tools and bit n bobs and make a drag racers and dual (no rules) £2 in to share stuff and tools with other members! Hope to see you there.

Posted by ChickenGrylls 8 years ago

Just a heads up: Toy Rods and Connectors Contest is coming up.

Yo. I'm not active in the Knex community anymore but wanted to give my old pals a heads up: From June 30th to August 11th the official Toy Rods and Connectors contest will go live on Instructables. (In case you don't know, it's basically a Knex contest but its open to other rod/connectors type toys). So if you have that big project coming up or a new idea to work on, make sure you save it to post until then so you can be in with the chance of winning. https://www.instructables.com/community/List-of-Upcoming-Contests/ Have a nice day.

Posted by Hiyadudez 4 years ago

Toys/ Materials

Originally Mod Squad was born out of the idea to use donated toys to create prosthetic arms because there is an over abundance of them in the US, they are fairly low cost, they provide a variety of materials, and children would enjoy the way they look as opposed to more industrial materials. However a big concern is their durability. Share your thoughts/findings/suggestions about using toys. Are there other existing materials that are easy to access and would be good to re-use but would also make something that a child would like?

Posted by CarliPierce 10 years ago

Adding speakers to a toy

(Hullo. Please excuse me if this is not the right forum.) I want to add speakers to a toy but I have no idea where to start. I assume I need speakers of course but how do I figure out which is which? And if it's possible at all. I want to add 2 speakers that will make the toy sounds more audible. I am not sure of the following though: (a) What kind of speaker to use (b) I assume I need to add a separate power supply for the new speakers, but how do I connect it to the toy Thanks!

Posted by ygor77 4 years ago

are real guns looking to much like toys?

Guns are starting to look like toys. yes, a pink pistol is cool, until some kid thinks its not real and starts pointing it at there friends and laughing. i mean, what is the point of making a real pistol look like a toy? that does not teach kids anything. i mean, what kid is going to think that some pink thing can kill him? that green glock is real! it shoots real bullets and everything. police are not even able to tell the difference from a fake gun and a real gun! how are police supposed to know if "that kid" running down the street has a real gun or not? yes, i know that the hello kitty gun is cool, but what is some kid that gets a hold of that going to think? there going to thing that its just some toy and accidentally shoot some one. i might make guns out of knex, but i know that i will not kill anyone with them. painting a gun like a toy just goes against common sense, we used to be concerned about toys looking like real guns, now guns look like toys.

Posted by dsman195276 10 years ago

Bug when trying to enter the 'toys' popular channel.

When attempting to enter the toys channel from the play section of the explore drop down menu, I encounter a white page with black text on it stating "403 Forbidden Request forbidden by administrative rules." The link to the page is https://www.instructables.com/tag/category-play/channel-toys/ I am using Windows 7 x64 bit on Firefox 24.0.

Posted by dogemaster 5 years ago

easy recharging method for child's toy

I want to use a rechargeable battery inside a toy, and I don't want to remove the battery for charging.  I'm looking for a simple and safe method for charging that a young child can do by themself.  Here are some thoughts I've had: wireless (such as with a qi pad) = Is there any way to actually keep this from getting hot?  I'm assuming the base would be always on, and the toy would be left on it all night or longer. solar = This requires a light or the sun to charge.  I'm considering putting the solar cell in the bottom of the toy and making a light base that it could be placed on, but I'd need some type of sensor or switch so it only lights when the toy is on it. metal contact pads = This would be easier than a plug since you'd only need to set the toy down, but can it be done safely?   Anybody have suggestions?  Thanks.

Posted by aliasjanedoe 3 years ago

can you hack a toy to change it's sound & light funtions?

Is there a setup were you can hook up a toy to a computer & change the light & sound effects? I know the chip is small & covered over but a black epoxy, but is there a way  to get to it, touch an exposed wire running out of the chip to download new effect? Is there a substance to melt the curios black cover over the tinny chip?  

Posted by elkaddalek 3 years ago

How to change a memory content

Hello! Ihave a singing toy for my little child and I want to change the content. I want to insert another melody, some different songs that my child loves a lot. How can I do?  There are little pcbs inside and I haven`t see any pin or microcontroller. Yhank you!

Posted by baicia 2 years ago

How do I make a Flash Cotton Flare Toy Cap Gun?

I wanted to make a cap gun that would fire flash cotton. I found a toy cap gun with individual chambers to each cap. I added copper tubes to load the flash cotton & fire out the muzzle of the gun. It didn't work. The first click & all the cotton I loaded went off at once. Anyone know how to modified a toy cap gun to accept individual cap shells, or how to make shells you can put caps in?  

Posted by elkaddalek 2 years ago

HELP for using SPDT relay to turn on toy

Hello All, I'm new to physical computing and have a question that's probably very easy and yet I can't figure it out. I have a doll that cries or laughs depending on which connection you make (if you press the left side it cries, right side it laughs). I want to hook it into a bread board and then control when it cries or laughs with arduino. My teacher said I need to do this using a relay (its the big black one, I believe it is a SPDT). He gave me the schematic that I've attached here. From what I know the relay has 8 pins. according to this sketch I need to connect the 2 pins furthest away (nothing near them) to a diode and 5Volts. But- what about those other 6 pins? What do they attach to? Any help would be great! Thanks

Posted by glittersauce 8 years ago


Hi Everyone,  Not too sure if this is the right forum for this, so apologies if not! We're a small startup based in the UK that's looking to make Edtech products to push engineering and making skills to 12+ (and big kids too!). We've got a prototype device called the Carduino (http://www.cardino.co.uk) but need a little feedback on it from the making community - if any of you could fill in our 2 minute survey, it would make us very happy! Plus, you could win an early version of your very very own. Here's the link! : https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/X3YF6PF XXXX   

Posted by makerclubuk 4 years ago

Tweezers? What the world is THIS thing?

Ok, I acquired a small interesting device that kind of bothers me as to what the world it is. I have been to the Kandykastle site to see what they carry (the only words on the device save for the batter number and voltage,  and "Made in Japan"). It acts like a pair of tweezers, but the end the touches is rounded (see pictures) and when closed the "button" midway down the handles turn on a RED LED which illuminates the one side of the hollowed out "pincer" portion. I am ASSUMING it has something to do with candy (the name makes that seem pretty obvious......does anyone know off hand?

Posted by Goodhart 7 years ago

Best Material to Use in Toy Manufacturing with 3D Printer

I don't really have any background in manufacturing toys but a guy in my warehouse is trying to create some prototypes on the side for a line of figures. He compares them to these Monsters in My Pocket toys: http://i1.wp.com/pixelvulture.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/90s-Kid-Monster-in-my-Pocket.jpg And these Muscle Men: http://i.ytimg.com/vi/6SfDGf7b4_o/maxresdefault.jpg They look like they're made of rubber. I was wondering what material you'd suggest for creating durable prototypes of similarly sized and shaped figurines? 

Posted by PlasticPanama 3 years ago

How WOOD You make a SMILE?

If you had a stock pile of WOODEN TOY PARTS to make just about any imaginable Wooden Toy..... What WOOD You do?  If you could see a smile, on every face, of every kid, who designed there own Wooden Toy, from a stock pile of Wooden Toy Parts, WOOD You build?  I know I WOOD and I will...! I have a HUGE Stock Pile of Wooden Toy Parts to make hundreds, if not thousands of SMILES.....:)   Over 200 Blue Print Drawings. * Inventory pics posted asap.  I have all kinds of ideas and I'm open to any in order to MAKE more SMILES for Everyone. I need help with How? 

Posted by NorCalDom 5 years ago

Help needed to install small remote listening device in to a child's battery operated toy

Hi I'm new to this site, I need help in installing a small remote listening device (simcard type) into my child's toy, I already have the device and the toy which I'm going to use, the toy is battery operated, I just want to know how I would connect both items so listening device receives power from toy batteries. Listening device dose have its own power supply but it runs out of power after a few hours. can any one help

Posted by Alik112 6 years ago

DC toy motor as cooling fan

I used a dc toy motor to make a cooling fan. i made the connections to draw power using usb.but 3rd time when i plugged , the laptop didnt start. i called service centre and they said to replace motherboard. fortunately i had warranty. why this happens ?????

Posted by adonis ajith 3 years ago


Hi there! I'd like to sew a toy rabbit for my niece, does anybody have a pattern (model) of soft toy rabbit? I'm going to use my sewing machine. thx a lot!

Posted by ankapolanka 4 years ago