what is the function of transistor? Answered

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what is alternative for BF194 transistor?

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transistor substitute?

Can i use bd 139 instead of bc 547

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what is the difference between a pn2222 transistor and a 2n2222?

They are both npn

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DIY Transistor?

Do you think it'd be possible to make a completely homemade transistor? Not a homemade transistor amp or anything, just the transistor. I know, you could just buy one for cents, but you can also just buy a lot of stuff that you can have fun making. What about turning a normal transistor into a phototransistor? Just sand the coating off the silicon?

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How do i know if a transistor is of PNP or NPN type?

I want to know how to recognize the type of transistor.

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how to use multiple transistor to switch single device so that each transistor has less load and desnt get hot?

I want drive a motor 12v havn't measured current but their product is enough to burn transistor can't i add more than one switch(transistor) so that current through each transistor is less or voltage or something like that that doesnt burn any thing. 

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what is equivalent of this transistor(BF494)? Answered

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information required about "NEC D882 PNP-transistor"?

I need help and instructinos about "NEC D882 PNP-transistor" i want to use it in lamp ballast.. tell me the other equivelent transistor.... the maximum volt and current we can give to these transistors.... thanks

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How do I know if a transistor is a 2N4401 or a 2N3904, etc? Answered

Good day. I'm a newbie scavenger, and I scavenge parts since I don't have enough money to buy new parts. I want to know if the transistor i found is a 2N4401 or a 2N3904 or another? I can't find it in the Internet. One thing I know is that it's an NPN transistor. I also noticed some numbers on the flat side of the transistor. Does it help in determining the transistor? Thanks in advance to those who will answer. :D

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what are the requirements for using a bd 140 transistor?do i need to use another transistor to drive it?

My friend said i need to use another transistor like bc 547 at bd 140 base why?

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How a Transistor connected to 12v and out 4.7v !!!!!!? Answered

Hello All, I have a problem with a circuit i am building, I use a 2N2222 transistor to drive a Common Cathode big 7 Segment  with a 595 shift register.. I connected a 12v to Emitter, the collector out a 4.7 volts !! How is this possible ? could some one explain please ? Thanks all

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Quick Transistor question?

I am using pnp transistors as switches. I finally got a working prototype!!!Anyway my prototype motor runs at .18A and the real motors I want to run are 3.3ACan these PNP's handle that?http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2062585And can you tell me how to figure that out so I'm not always asking simple questions?Thanks!

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Transistor as switch with low leakage current

I don't really know much about transistors, alas, but I am looking to use a transistor as a switch in a device where it's important to me to that the batteries (3xAAA) last about a year. This means that I want to minimize leakage current. I would like to use about 20 mA at 2.7V to control 0.5-1 A at 3.3V (I have 4.5V at my disposal, so I can handle a 1.2V drop through the transistor). The device is a water leak alarm which I assume uses almost no current except when it's alarming. Any suggestions on what to use?  A lot of people use TIP120s as switches, but I've also seen comments that indicate that they have an unpleasantly large leakage current. And I don't need the high voltage/current/amplification capabilities of the TIP120. Or should I just use a solid state or electromechanical relay?

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latch with timed variable reset using transistors

I made a 555 t flip flop and it works nice (i use it as a light switch in my room), but i would like to add another button, whet i pres it would turn the light on  for a time and then automatically off after some seconds to minute. can anyone help me?

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Substitute of Power Transistor

What is the substitute of 2N6292 power transistor? Please suggest a good substitute of 2N6292.It must be an NPN power transistor. Thank you.

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identifying transistors

Hello all, i have a lot of transistors that are mixed up. how can i ID them? example: on the front markings are .BC 7-25 014. and on the back is the letter Q what transistor is this?

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Choosing a Transistor ? Answered

Hello All.. I wan't to power up a 10A (12v)  loads with a Arduino .. What is best transistor for this job ? Also what is the resistor value to use between Arduino ? Thanks all..

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How to make arduino control transistor? Answered

My Arduino Leonardo needs to control some existing hardware. I have a digital output going to a 470 ohm resistor, connected to the base of an S9014 transistor. The transistor is connected in parallel with the hardware's normal switch. When the arduino should be triggering the switch, it's not. Where did I go wrong?

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Circuits Answered

Can some one give me a clear definition of a transistor.

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Transistor switching problem

I am having trouble using transistors to switch a some LEDs, I have 5 LEDs in parallel being switched by one transistor but each LED is indervidually switched by another transistor. I have given each LED its own resistor and the problem I am having is that when all LEDs are on each LED gets dimmer then if only one was on. I don't really understand why this is happening but I'm not 100% comfortable with transistors and I have probably done something stupid. I have attached a image of how I have wired it up with only two LEDs

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Choosing a transistor (NPN)? Answered

Hey Guys, Recently I was ordering electrical components online and when I reached transistors I couldn't choose any. I was wondering that can I order any transistor or will it ave to be specific one? I need one for projects like wireless induction, laser tripwires etc. I would really appreciate it if you could help. Thanks in advance -Prickly Potato

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What does mpsa transistor mean?

I have a project that requires mpsa13 transistor but the local electronics shop only carries mpsa12 i don't know what is the difference between the two, what are some alternatives or do they have different names in different country. thanks in advance

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how exactly do transistors work? in detail.? Answered

 i need to know about how applying a positive charge to the base allows electrons to flow through it to the emmiter. npn

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What is a transistor? Answered

Hey guys, I am having problems understanding what is a transistor. When I do a search it shows me that its made of semi-conductor material and stuff, I don't want to know that. I want to know what is does as in a battery supplies power, resistor limits current etc. I would really like it if someone could give me a basic explanation of what is a transistor. Thanks in advance :). -Prickly Potato

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Transistor touch switch with relay. Will this work?

Hi So, I'm new to electronics, but I'm really interested to learn. As you will see from the diagram below, i still have a lot to learn. Basically what i need to know is, will the diagram below work in practice. I tried it out without the relay and with a led and it works i.e. pos to one side of the transistor, relay to the middle of the transistor and led to the other side of the transistor with the other end of the led to neg. I'n the diagram, i tried to add a relay and replace the led with a solenoid. Will this circuit work?

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Simple transistor oscillator required - suggestions? Answered

I'm after a simple transistor-based oscillator for the basis of a 1-octave organ. I want to use recycled bits, which I have a lot of, and I reckon someone knows what's good as opposed to going looking for something. Crude, basic, simple, nothing sophisticated. L

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I have 14 NPN type switching transistor, what can i do with them?

I need some simple project(s) to use them up.

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Transistor Trouble

Hi there, I have been working on controlling a large toy car with a wireless receiver from a smaller toy car, the motors I need to control are rated for 9V but the receiver only outputs 3V, reversing polarity to reverse the motor. I made this schematic using transistors to handle the voltage, but when I built the circuit the transistors began to heat up and there was no output. I am not sure why this is happening, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Daniel

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Tip31 Transistor alternatives

I teach middle school science, and I'm helping a small group of keen students work on DIY projects.  One of the students wants to try this: https://www.instructables.com/id/Music-LED-Light-Box/ It calls for a Tip31 Transistor, which is proving difficult to find, at least in Canada.  The comments section suggests at one point that any NPN transistor will do. Can anyone confirm this?  Or can you suggest more readily available alternatives? Thanks!

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Electronic Circuit

I have a spst relay(operating voltage-12v) using for switching the solenoid valve(24VDC and 0.5Amp) which connected through 24 V battery. relay is again connected to the transistor BJT NPN . So please suggest me that which transistor is most suitable.

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How is a standard transistor different from a mosfet? Answered

So I have been teaching my self the basics of electronics and I find my self confused on the differences between a standard transistor and a mosfet.  I understand the physical differences but what I do not understand is the differences in their applications? A transistor is either ON or OFF which is controlled from the BASE and is normally OFF. A mosfet is either ON or OFF which is controlled from the GATE and depending on the type is normally ON or OFF. I think I might be over complicating things but based on my description of the two above. Am I missing anything important?

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Transistor help

I got a 5M LED Light Strip. Its controller say it needs 12V 2A but each LED uses 20mA each and there are 300 in this strip which = 6A. I want to cut this strip into 4 segments and power each one using an arduino. 1 strip = 2.1A 2 strip = 1.26A 3 strip = 1.5A 4 strip = 1.14A =6A My question is do I need different transistors for each strip because of the difference in amperage or can I use the same one? If so, which one!? Thanks for your attentions. Bobbay

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Wondering What Kind of aTransistor I Need

I'm looking for a transistor that can control 12V from arduino which I believe is a 5V signal? If I'm wrong, I need what it gives off but I'm looking for one to control motors that are 12V. Thanks!

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Need help with modify headphone amp schematic? Answered

I need help with remove the op-amp part of the headphone amp .I have  another gainstage ,so i only need the transistor part.Can i modify the schematic like the image bellow ??? Thanks in advance! Sorry for my bad English!

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stop 7-segment from ghosting?

I'm working on a simple arduino 7 segment driving circuit. (It also has a led bar-graph that displays binary numbers but that part is working fine.) When I get the display working I might make an instructible out of it. Here's the basic layout: -using this 8 segmet 4 digit common cathode display. -arduino controls what segments are on via 74HC164 8-bit Serial Shift Register -shift register controls an array of 8 PNP transistors with base and pull-up resistors -transistors connect to display anodes through resistor array -display cathodes (common for each digit) connected to array of 4 PNP transistors with base and pull-down resistors  -PNP transistors controlled by arduino. (I will post the schematic shortly.) In software, to display a four digit number, I shift the pattern for a given digit to the shift-register, which in turn turns on the PNPs for the corresponding segment anodes. I then turn on the NPN for that digit's cathode. I delay for a few milliseconds, then turn the NPN off, shift the next digit in, and turn the NPN for that digit on. Rinse and repeat. It works fine but the segments that should be off are at about 1/2 brightness, making all the digits look like eights. Even the DP looks like it's on and I'm not turning it on anywhere. Do I need pull-down resistors for the anodes or something? What's going on here?

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NTE2013 as a single darlington pair pinout?

I'm trying to make a simple Darlington Pair amplifier, but I wasn't able to get my hands on a regular BJT or Darlington Transistor, so I'm using a Darlington Array. The problem is, I don't know how I should hook it up, so if anybody can figure it out, I'd appreciate it a lot. Schematic I'm Building: http://sci-toys.com/scitoys/scitoys/computers/solderless/1_watt_audio_amplifier.jpg

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Replacement for this FET?

Okay... so long story short, i have this little transistor that i need the non-surface mounted version of. The part # is PHD3055E. I can only find the datasheet, And can't find it anywhere for sale. So i thought i'd come here and ask, Any ideas on what could replace this? Here's the datasheet in the google docs viewer. http://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&q;=cache:huahl6K3DFkJ:www.datasheetcatalog.org/datasheet/philips/PHP_PHD3055E-06.pdf+PHD3055E&hl;=en≷=us&pid;=bl&srcid;=ADGEESg3724yaKjv666t2rqjyyXVjvQp5HpfKIXr3723cJt4Y_bqPXypg_oySVo3Q9eOgiMBHIG4zDYsHVk73N0whYfHI3PTtv8kTeA_FzIxSWhNnkzgniEWSIQLls8aeQVgmyBDhZyI&sig;=AHIEtbRm4XdPQEc-wzTiPkqsGwSO1qblnA

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What Do These Mean? Answered

I'm trying to construct an entry for the Wicked Lasers contest, however I keep on finding the same letters on several diagrams...  Can anyone tell me what the G, S and D stand for?

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12v to 6v voltage regulator at about 15 amps

Hi, i have a 1963 VW bug that is very stock, but the 6v lights just dont work very well (dim at idle, then not too bright at speed) it is very simple to use a later 12v generator and then swap out all the lights, battery, coil and relays and it works great. BUT i have a 6v wiper motor and also a 6v gasoline heater that i will need to keep at 6v (the 12v parts are just not available or too expensive) I have found an article that recommends building a cheap voltage regulator using a 7806, ( 6 volt, 1 amp regulator) and 2 1uF 35v tantalum capacitors, then a NPN transistor which the original poster says is a 2N5881 npn transistor. here is the scematic. the pdf article is attached and the link to the original article is here http://www.studebaker-info.org/tech/6-12V/6-12-6.html  The questions i have 1. what is a 2n5881 been replaced as? i cannot find it at jameco and the original posted doesn't give any specs for it. 2. how would i "pump up" the amps available from 10 to anything else (looking for about 15 amps) thinking that the npn transistor is the key but i am new to this and wouldn't even begin to know where to look. 3. what happens if any item fails? can i put some sort of safety into this so it quits rather than passing any addition voltage through additional info the heater runs at about 85 watts so 85 watts / 6volts = 14.616 amps  the wipers run at much less than that so building 2 of this would work great.  Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any insight to this 

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Stupidly simple circuit question - answered.

OK, so I accidentally volunteered to make an X-factor type buzzer board for a school event. Three switches.  Throw each switch, in any order, a light comes on. Throw the third switch, in any order, and a buzzer and/or fourth light comes on. It's a simple circuit.  Must be.  Just a few transistors, LEDs and batteries. But, I just cannot work it out! I should be able to sketch it out in my sleep, but my brain will simply not cooperate. I'd prefer to use a single DC power supply, up to 12V (multiple LEDs to make the lights brighter), but I have several I can use if required. Dimensions are not important, I'll just change the lengths of wires. But, can you help with the circuit? >K< Thank you, Lemonie!

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What's the difference between a TIP 31 and a TIP 122?

I am planning to build my first DIY LED Strip panel and the requirement states TIP 31. I can find only TIP 122 close to where I live. Can I use TIP 122 in Place of TIP 31 . I want to use it with an Arduino . Thanks, Aakash

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High Voltage Amplifier

I am trying to build a high voltage amplifier that will amplify an AC signal of approx. +-5V to a signal of approx +-100V.  I was looking into building a common-source amp using JFETs or a common-emitter amp using BJTs, but both seem to have an output waveform of 0V to +100V.  Is there a way to modify these amps to have an output waveform of -100V to +100V?   Also, if anyone has any better Ideas, please let me know. Mark

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What kind of switching circuit do I use with Arduino

I have a 3V battery pack connecting to a single circuit.  I want to replicate this circuit 10+ times using the same battery pack as a source.  I need to apply some sort of 'switch' to control the follow of current amongst the circuits, hence turn on/off various circuits as needed.  For instance, I have 10+ servo motor circuits.  I want to connect the single battery to each circuit and control which circuit gets the current from the battery.  I have an arduino but I don't know how to interface it with what I am trying to achieve.  Any suggestions?

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AC187 Transistor Alternative???

Hi I was wondering if anyone knew of any Silicon or Germanium alternatives to the AC187 Transistor. Also is the BC548 or BC547 Silicon Transistor an alternative to the AC187 Germanium transistor?  Thanks in advance

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Transistor H-bridges

Is it possible to make a transistor H-bridge with PNP transistors or can it only be done with NPN transistors.  As far as my knowledge( or lack thereof) of transistors goes, I think it would be possible, but it would require more than 4 transistors and it would be much more complex, however I could be entirely wrong.  Any input would be helpful, thanks.

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Transistors in LED matrices?

I'm confused about the purpose served by using transistors in an LED matrix.  Why not simply use current limiting resistors and a shift register?  What purpose do the transistors serve?

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Transistor battery question

Hi, I want to know if I can hook up an 18v 3ah battery to a npn transistor with a max of 1a. Will the transistor only let through 1a or will it get burnt out? Thanks.

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Transistors, connecting them in paralell. Will they act as one transistor to use them for higher amp? Answered

I want to build a PWM but am having trouble finding transistors powerful enough. Will they act as one if I connect them in paralell?

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