Trombone Mouthpiece Dimensions

So for a local science competition a couple of my friends and I are making a trombone out of copper pipe for a music event. In the rules it says the mouthpiece for the brass instrument cannot be store-bought or commercially made, so we are going to print our own with a 3D printer. The problem is, I can't find my 12C trombone mouthpiece to make the model from. So what I want to know is can someone measure every dimension of their 12C trombone mouthpiece with some calipers? I would greatly appreciate your help!

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LED Lights on a trombone bell.

Well anyways, I'm planning on sticking a circle of little LED lights on the bell of my trombone. It would have two modes, one that lights up with noise, and the other just staying lit. I plan on using the circuit from but I need a microphone circuit and a switch added in to do the two modes i described. So could anyone sketch something up quickly? Thanks.

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Trombone Tree/Shrub Sprayer

We have low water pressure and a hose end sprayer doesn't reach very far.  I have been looking at Trombone Tree Sprayers in gardening magazines and though there must be a cheaper alternative.  Surely something could be made out of PVC and o-rings and some tubing. The sprayer seems to really be some sort of piston pump, kinda like a bicycle pump with a valve that draws water through a hose where the end is placed in a bucket of the liquid you want to spray.  You push the one tube into the other and is sprays about 20-25", kinda the same montion a trombone player uses. Anyone got plans or an idea on how to make this? Thanks in advance Danneauxs

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Brass/Sax Cheap Mic Setup

I have made a cheap setup that attaches to your instruments bell and provides a clearer sound then a mic mounted on a desk. Oh did I mention it cost me about $2.00- $2.50? Please let me know if anyone is interested in an Instructable on this?

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