Is This True?? Answered

I read somewhere?? that to put fridge magnet on the side of a fridge causes it to use more power. (Magnets are OK on the front). Is this true? If it is.....; why?

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True Shotgun

If anyone has been around knex guns for any period of time, you'll notice there are an amazing amount of misnaming going on. For instance, just because something has a pump does not make it a shotgun! A shotgun is a gun that fires little pellets of ammunition called shot. After looking at all the supposed knex "shotguns", I only found very few that actually fired shot. So I set out to make my own, and this is the result:A true, pump action shotgun that fires three green rods at a time from a shell.EDIT: Now an instructable

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True trigger

I need help putting a true trigger on my gun

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True collaboration

I had a crazy idea - a few people will each build a component of an electric bass guitar from scratch, and post an instructable of it. Then, once they have built it, they will send it to instructables hq, where an instructables team member will assemble it. These components are: 1. body - I am volunteering to construct a body out of plastic 2. bass pickups + electronics 3. Neck 4. steinberger style tuning system

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Kiteman Recommends: This is True!

If you like Little Brother, you like this;I have been receiving This is True! every Friday for quite some time now. The author, Randy Cassingham, collates current stories from across the world that make you sit back and go WHAT? , laugh out loud and get outraged, sometimes all in the same article.This week's issue includes a child interviewed by the police after being snitched on by a librarian (a lot of comment on this one); an age restriction on teaspoons; a teenage thief caught after a trouser accident and a drug-smuggler refusing life-saving surgery.Have a look, enjoy, subscribe.Note: I am in no way affiliated to This is True! - I'm just trying to help one of the Good Guys get through the credit crunch.

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A true K'nex challenge.

Well, I have it. Something...epic. I need you guys to design a shell ejecting, handle mag, semi-auto K'NEX gun. Try it!

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True Stainless handle

The stainless cabinet handles are manufactured from stainless steel material as they carries better finish as well as durable. Stainless steel is also the favourite material house ware and kitchen ware too. It is also the main choice for cabinet handle specifically for bathrooms and kitchens mainly due to their easily maintenance. Besides the benefits above, the color and finish of the stainless steel handles looks rather good against cabinet background. Wooden, fiber or plastic material. Modern contemporary kitchen design fit very well with stainless steel handles, and there are good selections of styles to select from. Normally it is not economic and easy to change out the entire kitchen cabinet and it is rather costly, so changing the knobs and pulls may be a good way to refresh the cabinet. Besides the decorative function, the cabinet knobs and handles are also useful in a number of ways. As cabinet door go through lots of wear and tear, so they are easily damaged. Their paint and polish can easily drop off over time. Hence the stainless steel knobs and handles are the better choice for kitchen cabinet due to their durability. but in the market nowadays, many distributors will sell SS201 Material handles rather than SS304 handles due to price problems, and SS201 will rust very easy, so if considered the price, there is another alternative choice, that´s Zinc alloy handles or Alu handles or knobs, especially Zinc alloy handles can be processed in many different finishing. Whatever types of knobs or handles you choose, they ought to fit in the theme of the kitchen. Hence do check out the different styles of the stainless steel handles. Do check out for more related information

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Is this video telling the truth?

Hi, I recently came across this video and realized that if all the info in this video is true than many more people need to watch it...

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True bolt action sniper

Ok so i got fed up of people saying that they're guns are bolt action when they arent. so i got this idea that an actual bolt action mechanism would have some sort of carrier that would pull the ram back and then return to the forward position. so what do people think?

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knex RBG true trigger

Hey guys last night i had an idea and straight away got buildin it (not very well cos it was 12 at night). so im gonna post sum pics a bit l8er and then if any1 on this board then maybe u might be able to make it a bit better it is a true trigger but not to good true trigger and it is a RBG so any mods will be appreciated.

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Arduino true and false statements

So I'm having the worst trouble tying to figure out how to use true and false statements. Can anyone explain how to define something as true and how to use it! An example sketch maybe? Thanks!

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Semi auto

OK my Dad took a hand-gun safety coarse and he got to use a Semi Auto, He learned how it was semi auto. when you cock it once it loads a bullet and the firing pin is pulled back. Bang you fire! the the recoil from the gun re-cockes the gun!and you fire and so on!

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ANOTHER Rotary barrel gun project!

Here's the deal: 1865 Gatling gun Crank powered (working on it... dont worry...) 8 barrels (rotating) WONT have a 100 round mag with working feeder (By someone who's name  I cant remember...) EDIT: Box mag didn't work out... Sorry guys! Stick mags it is! Stand (NOT the whole rolling on wheels thing!!) I want to know: Anything I've missed? Good/bad idea? General opinion on a knex version? EDIT: PICTURE IS THE SO FAR! Barrels and the crank auto mech! *Great, my lens needs a clean...*

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Knex gun with a true trigger? Answered

Hi, I keep on finding instructables on knex guns that say stuff about true triggers. What is a true trigger? How does it work???? Thanks from a guy who cant make knex guns

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Is there a name for ''true block triggers''? Answered

Also do you think its okay to use it for a knex gun?

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New True Semi Auto

This is my new true semi auto. it shoots little green knex rod. yes it is the second on the site but this one is for beginners. it doesn't use many pieces and is easy to use... it has a few mis firing problems which i hope to clear up before i post instructions.

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*NEW* true trigger system

This is my pistol that features and new trigger system. It works well, uses only 2 pieces, and is easy to install on many knex guns. This is my first knex gun, so any positive comments would be appreciated Enjoy! ps: sorry some of the photos are dark.

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Is this motor too good to be true?

 I am doing research on motors for electric bikes, and I was wondering, is this motor too good to be true? As far as i know, no one has incorporated it into a bike or scooter. Ive mostly seen it in hobby applications. Anyway, I was wondering, am I missing some crucial part or fact that would make this unsuitable for a bicycle power source? thanks.

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RBGs- True Semi-Auto or Not?

Alright so I'm having a "civilized discussion" with Mykhailo/whoever you call him now and he's arguing, just like plenty of others, that RBGs are not true semi auto because of the reasons soon to be listed. Comparing RBGs to real firearms (which I understand are not exactly alike in plenty of ways) I find that they're more like a true semi automatic than what you guys would call true semi autos. Just listen to my argument and see if you can at least understand what I'm saying. The majority of your arguments for why an RBG is not a true semi auto is that you have to prepare a band for every shot. Some of you compare this to cocking a weapon more than once for every shot. I find this a bad comparison. In real fire arms, the firing mechanism isn't what launches the bullet. It triggers the powder which then in turn shoots the bullet. An RBG is similar to this. Each rubber band acts as the "powder" for the bullets. The RBG firing mechanism simply sets them off. You also have to prepare real cartridges too. Does it matter if it's you or not who makes them? You still have to mix up and add the powder all the same as you must add RBs to your weapon. This brought up the argument that it's still not a true semi auto because the bullet isn't self-contained in an RBG. OK I have two things to say to this. First, now bullets decide the firing mode of a weapon? Secondly, what about ooda's RBG ammo. That's self contained, isn't it? The bullet is attached directly to the RBG. What do you guys think?

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Knex Concept : True rifle

This is something I made when I was trying to make a K'nex rod spin in flight. I know there are true rifles like the Tempest, which uses a oodammo, and I know someone else twisted a rod to make it spin. This thing should be able to shoot normal K'nex rods with no modifications. I just built this, but I didn't make it into an entire gun. The red rod in the pictures is the ammo. This uses a K'nex wind up motor to spin the ammo. When you stick the ammo into the motor, it is like a bullet lock. The thing in the third picture is like a ratchet. It keeps the rod from spinning. It would have to be connected to the trigger, so it lets the bullet spin just when the ram hits it. Someone else could make a gun with this idea, but please give me credit for the idea.

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My TRUE Semi auto

The Semi Auto I have came back to my semi auto, I made one when I first started knex, barely shot, not reliable at all, I've remade it over the past 4 days, it has a new mag, new system, new internal mag pusher and new way of loading. Pros Semi auto Removeable mag Internal pusher Takes less than 30 seconds to detach the mag, load 14 bullets and re-attatch the mag Not many pieces Shoots in an almost straight line Cons Bad range (around 7-10) Not that reliable Jams if not fired right Uses 11 Y clips

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Doctorow Novel Comes True?

In "For the Win", Cory Doctorow wrote about an exploitative on-line world where third-world sweatshops ran through online games to earn treasures to sell to Western gamers.  These people were known as "gold farmers". Guess what? Up to 100,000 people in China and Vietnam are playing online games to gather gold and other items for sale to Western players, a report suggests. The global market for such virtual game goods is worth at least $3bn (£1.8bn) the World Bank study estimates. About 75% of that comes from so-called "gold farmers" who stockpile game currencies to sell on later. However, Encouraging these in-game services could aid development in many poorer countries, said the report. The high proportion of money from such sales that reaches those in the country where the work was done [23% to the individual] might mean that it could aid development in many nations, said the report which was co-commissioned by the World Bank and development organisation InfoDev. Source: BBC

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PSA: Too Good To Be True? It Is!

I received an email today offering a great job for what appeared to be an Australian Auto Dealer as a Regional Assistant. Basically the job consists of accepting customer's payments to your bank account and you forward, less 10% of what you received via Western Union. The web address they gave for the job position is (notice how it's in Hong Kong). This is a fraud! Yes, you would receive the money, and make the 10%, but you would be participating in a Libyan Identity Theft Ring. In a short time, you will be caught and you will be fined or incarcerated for fraud. They don't care because they'll find another sucker tomorrow.What the job actually consists of is laundering illegally acquired money. Since the money actually stops at your bank account, you're liable! Don't let these thieves use you! This is literally an attack on the people of the U.S. stealing Billions of dollars every month from fellow citizens. Please, don't help them.

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What do popular songs sound like they're ''really'' describing to you? What hidden meanings can you find?

What is an example of a song that is about one thing that you think sounds like something else? For example, I think the song "Disturbia" by Rihanna, describes grief. The chorus lines go: It's a thief in the night to come and grab you/It can creep up inside you and consume you/A disease of the mind it can control you It's really about disturbing things that happen in suburbia, but to me anyway, my interpretation is correct. So what songs do you have like that?

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what is the smallest true trigger knex gun? Answered

Yaaaa... what is it?

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is it ever better 2 use a block trigger on knex guns?

Im making a knex gun what do i do? A:go the easy way and use block trigger which i already have done or B: make it true trigger

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A simple decision maker

Hi    i am a very confusing guy and cant take decision easily so want to create a simple decision maker which helps to make decision whether to do or not

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Ranges on a knex gun gone wild!

There is no way that a knex gun can reach 60 feet using the simple ram mechanism. Ive made the NAR and fired it using 3 brand new #64 sized rubber bands and ammo with fins! It did NOT reach 100 feet or even 60. The NAR only reached 50 feet.Ive also built the TR Sayer and TR 8. They also did not reach the length that the owners claimed. Its really sad that people are putting high ranges even though they're all a lie! What do you think?

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true semi auto gun crossover

I have seen and built both ednator55's true semi auto gun and bballkidx's hammer operated pistol. The pistol swings a hammer to hit a rod and the semi a auto rotates a connecter to move a ramrod. This is more of an idea than a question but could somebody try to make a double action type gun. It is semi auto because it rotates a connecter but at the same time hits the bullet with a hammer. This would be most similar to some revolvers. This is just throwing an idea out there but I would be very grateful if somebody built this. Automatic 5 stars in my book. The semi auto gun is weak but semi auto. The hammer gun is strong and single shot. The crossover gun doesn't have to include a mag but it would be nice. Pmgroundhog

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true mag shot assault rifle

Hello everyone I would like to tell you about my new weapon system. That uses a easy load mag like Ironman69's. It will come in 4 slightly different versions that will include. The standard version that will have a full stock, hand grip, and iron sights. Then there is the para-trooper version that will have a twiggy stock and will be a little smaller and it will have vertical fore grip and iron sights just like the standard version. Then there will be compact version that will just have a shorter barrel than the para-trooper. Then there is a special forces edition that will have a mock silencer, a longer fore grip with side rails for flash lights and laser pens,and will come with a mock scope. At the moment I do not have a date of release.

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knex ak-47 true triger

Well i made sgt's ak-47. i moded it with a true triger. i got his permision to make a instructable on it. spread the good news.i am done

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Awesome Shotguns (true shotguns only)

This is a topic where you can post your true shotgun and videos about it. No crappy single shot shotguns allowed in this topic. Have fun and spread the word. =~)

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small knex gun with true trigger

A knex gun that i made. the only ones that i can see that are smaller are block trigger guns.

Topic by fishbob1234 6 years ago

My K'nex True Trigger Gun

Now...HBF's first gun...The barrel credits go to faustThe handle is a mod of tomboyrme's 9mm gun. The ram is a simple red rod with a yellow connector and a blue rod stuck on.Sorry about the bad picture, I only got one.

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True, or just a crazy vampire hoax?

Alright, I have recently seen some stuff going around about vampires, and people claiming to be real vampires, and about how the white house is acknowledging the existence of vampires. I would start Here. I would like any information or insights you guys can come up with. I am very interested in the outcome of all this.

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HP 3400a True RMS Voltmeter?

I have had one of these for the longest time and I really know very little of what it is used for.  It seems to work, but it does not appear to measure like a normal voltmeter, you can't just set it to the 30v range and hold the leads against a 9v battery, you seem to have to pulse it.  Does anyone know about them?  How much are they work because I was thinking of selling it and I have everything for it, the unit, the power cord, test leads, a manual etc. Any info on it or how it works would be appreciated! Thanks

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Blood Copy

So, the last forum topic i put in was about a site called blood copy, it was about vampires and a weird fake blood Supposedly for "vampires" being sent to people in the mail, called True Blood. Turns out this was a huge marketing scam advertising a new TV series Called True Blood

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sniper rifle

I'm looking for a knex sniper rifle that has minamal pieces, decent range, a mag (preferably 5 shot) and has a true trigger

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My T.N.K.I.T Entry

Here is my entry for the T.N.K.I.T. Its a Full auto/ Repeater Duo. What i basicly mean is that its a 2 in 1 gun. I am using 64#'s on the gun so i only shot 4. Here is a video: It doesn't normally jam, but a piece had fallen out of the mag.

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kNexFreek's desperodo review

 hi knexfreak 95 here doing a review on Desperado by knexfreek strength 10/10 barrel 9/10 handle 8/10 ram and pull thingy  10/10 power 10/10 mag 8/10 part usage friendly 8/10 (can chew up alot of y connectors   overall 63/70 a very very good gun its a must have for any knex war

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How do true sear triggers work? And are they better then regular true block triggers? And why? Answered

Yeah... So how do sear triggers work? And are they better? And why?

Question by TigerNod 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Adding led to wah without true bypass?? Answered

I have a crybaby gcb-95 wah, which does not have true bypass, but i want to add an led WITHOUT converting to true bypass. it has an spdt switch. does anyone have a diagram on how to do this?

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BAP-31v1.4 (True Bolt Action Pistol)

Here is my true bolt action pistol. It is pretty small for a true bolt action but pretty big for a pistol. It is also pretty ugly but it has to be like that with the mag because it uses gravity to operate. The trigger is TheDunkis' trigger from the TDS2. Pics: 1:The gun 2:TheDunkis' trigger 3:Firing pin and bolt forward 4:Firing pin and bolt back 5:Firing pin back and bolt forward 6-8:Internals

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my new true trigger uzi knex

My true trigger uzi

Topic by darth acexxacer 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

knex pump action true trigger shotgun

The is a forum to see if I should post my Shotgun it uses hack124x768's (modded) trigger its auto load and pump action heres a pic oh and i also made a coke dispenser i want your opinion on heres a vid

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Need a good universal true trigger system.

I need a good true trigger system that can work with nearly any gun/crossbow. This is my weak point, so if any of you more experienced instructablers have a good system, please answer.

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Will persimmon trees breed true from seed?

There is a persimmon tree nearby with fruit a little bigger than most. Can I just use the seeds, or do I have to cut a branch and make it root? I know apples don't breed true from seeds, but I don't know about persimmons.

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is it true u can really transport electricity

Https:// instuctable says its real but i dont belive it

Question by willymakesstuff 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

a TRUE "handmade" rocket to reach the Earth orbit

.while I'm trying to start up a TRUE company (as explained in this Instructables thread) to develop TRUE "space hardware", I ask to myself (and to you) if it's possible to build and launch an hobby/handmade rocket to Earth orbitfor what I know, this goal was NEVER reached, so far, and, only the (well funded) company SpaceX has launched a privately-developed rocket to LEO (at its 4th attempt) last septemberwell, I've a suggestion to have more chances to succeed in this effort: just develop and build a (true working) SCALE-MODEL of an EXISTING rocket, insted of trying to develop a new rocket from zerothe "existing rocket" to scale-down could be (e.g.) the SpaceX Falcon-1 whose specs you can find here:, a resized "hobby rocket" (but able to reach the Earth orbit) could be 1/20th to 1/50th the full-sized Falcon-1 to send its second stage and a small (Sputnik-like) 20-50 kg. payload to LEO.

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REAL Semi-Automatic True-Trigger Guns.

If we Really Want to Create a Semi-Automatic True Trigger Knex Gun, We Need To Share Our Ideas. I Propose That We Create A Collaboration Or Forum In Which We Can Discuss The Creation Of Semi-Automatic Guns. Let Me Give You An Example: If Someone Creates A good Firing Mech, But is Having Trouble With the Handle, He Could Ask, and Recieve Help From A fellow Member. P.S (Srry For The Bad Grammar and Punctuation.) P.P.S (I Would Post Pics But The Instructables Uploading System is Unfriendly to me.)

Topic by killa696 11 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago