how to make turbines?

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torque between car alternator and permanent magnet alernator?

Does car alternator and permanent magnet alternator exhibits the same amount of torque during its respective charging state?

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How fast is a small tesla turbine? Answered

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Has anyone actually tried to power tesla turbine with for example water? differences ?

Has anyone actually tried to power tesla turbine with for example water? what are the differences ?

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Have you investigated power generation with this turbine?

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I wish to make vertical wind turbine for 6kW generator, any suggestions about wings for it ?

We are trying to make wind turbine, to pace it on the roof, could be few of them, but reasonably big, if you know what i mean. Thanks

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Make my own turbine or....?

I'm going to be building a charging station for my laptop, cellphone, ipods. I got the idea from the S.P.R.E.E. article but I want to incorporate a wind turbine into the system. I'm struggling to find a turbine that's small enough, or even a permanent magnet DC motor. Am I missing something or would I have to make my own DC generator? Thanks in advance!

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Wind turbine to charge batteries

I have a solar electric system with a battery back up for power outages.(it is also grid tie) I would like to add a wind turbine to charge the batteries in extended outages with no sun and hopefully wind ( we normally have low wind but storm outages have lots of wind). The batteries are 12 volt connected in series to produce 48 volt. Can I, should I, get a 48 volt turbine and connect direct to the batteries or some other voltage and go through the inverter like the solar panels do and if so how and what voltage turbine?.. Chris

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Tesla Turbine Bike

I was curious if anyone has created an air compressed tesla turbine bike. Using a 4500 , maybe even 2 4500 carbon fiber tanks. Something along the lines of this instructable Just curious if anyone has tried this, sort of thing and if it was plausible, and how long the tanks would last or if there was some other design such as directly hooking up to the gears.

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Can you use an intermittent bursts of air to control the output RPM of a Tesla Turbine?

I've seen plenty of these projects using a constant stream of air to turn the turbine. Surely with the combination of rotational inertia and an intermittent jet of air a constant rotational force could be sustained whilst conserving the compressed air available?

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Building a Wind Turbine for the first time

     I'm building a wind turbine for the first time and I want to share my progress and chat with people that have done the same type  of thing.       I'm a member of many different forums online and I value the information I pick up from them a great deal.  (OK here comes the question) I've been looking for an online community of people that share this interest (residential wind power) but I'm not finding any large groups,  or a central hub of knowledge. My question is ,  Does any one know of a large high traffic wind turbine forum ? My Googlefu seems to be weak in this area :(

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3 phase bldc motors as a turbine. i am quite confused on how to determine which leads to us or how to configure them.

Ive got some electrical backround but dc seems to be where i get lost.  these motors i have were used in some sort of factory.  the motor has three leads and a ground. any help would be greatly appreciated

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what is tesla turbine???

Is it related with magnetic field?

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tesla tubine to power variable firing rate minigun

The tesla CD turbine instructable if that could be made inside a steel cylinder and with sheet steel discs in place of the CDs could it not be used (with high pressure air) to coax a hyper rate of fire from a minigun maybe using a gas cylinder from a paintball gun (thickened to with stand about 300 psi) 

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Wind turbine questions.

I am asking these questions on behalf of another member who has English as a second language. He is building a vertical axis wind turbine (savonius style, I think).  The mechanicals don't worry him, it's the generator and the windings. He wants to arrange six coils and six magnets.  The magnets are going to rotate with the turbine.  He has made the coils himself - each is wound clockwise, with 100 turns of wire. He assumes (and I agree) that the magnets should be separated by 60° of the circle, alternating which pole faces the coils (S-N-S-N-S-N) and the coils should also be separated by 60°. He would like to produce 12V DC, to be fed into a battery. What is the best, or most appropriate way to connect everything to achieve his goal? Links to sites that he can examine (and/or translate) at leisure would be nice.  Or sites in Turkish. (I suspect that Picoturbine documentation would help, but it's in long English.  Still, I've added it to the topic in case it is of help.)

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what electric motor has the least amount of drag and can be used to generate 15 watts at 200 rpm @ 12volt? Answered

I am building a mini wind turbine and im sourcing a generator (not a diy one) that produces 15 watts at 12 volts @ 200 rpm? any ideas?

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Wind Turbine from a cordless drill?

Hi guys i have come across an old 18volt drill. i connected it to some small pvc blades about 12 inches long in the hope of generating some small amount of power. Pointed it into a reasonably stiff breeze but the blades wont turn due to the gears of the drill. Anyone out there got any ideas on how to make this work.  is there any way to free the gears so it turns easier or any advice on what size blades would be required to turn the motor. Any suggestions would be appreciated. sam301

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What is the best soft iron disc thickness for 22mm x 3mm disc magnets

Hi, I am building a wind turbine with 12 , 22mm diameter x 3mm thick magnets on 6inch diameter soft iron disc and 9 coils on a wooden stator? Is the thickness of the soft iron magnet discs critical? Is 3.5 mm too thin or 10mm too thick?

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variable output dc water pump for a wind generator

I'm interested in figuring out how to direct the energy produced by a wind turbine into a water pump. My goal is to pump water from a river to the top of a hill into a pond. then slowly release it through a variable water turbine so that the pond serves as a battery. i've seen pumps that work with the power take off(PTO) of a tractor that could be retrofitted if i had the right dc motor. i need to figure out what motor might work and what type of contolling i would need. also would it be better to use several smaller units that engage one at a time as the power input increases to keep the pumps closer to thier ideal operating range? The (PTO)water pump i saw operates between 17-23 hp or 20kw or less, which is perfect because the turbine is 20kw. the other thing is what if the pump operation starts at 17hp(?) then most of the power would need to be directed somewhere when producing less. maybe a series of different sized pumps and a controller to determine which pump(s) to engage to get the most water pumped.

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Using a fan to drive another fan

Hi all, This may very well be a stupid question but after a quick bit of searching I cannot find an answer (which probably means it is stupid). I have been thinking about setting up a wind turbine to generate some electricity for my home. It occurred to my that it would be good if the wind turbine did not rely solely on the wind from outside so I started thinking about using another fan to blow air into the fan or fan used to create the electricity. Does anyone know if this is possible? I guess what would be ideal is if fan A was powered by the electricity produced by fan B but fan B also produced a little extra electricity that I could syphon off. This could then easily scale up to produce more power. [ fan A ] ~~~~~> [ fan B ] ~~~~~> electricity I suppose if fan A takes more energy to run than fan B can create then it won't work. Has anyone looked into this?

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Since the whole unit turns 360 degrees, how do you keep the wires from getting tangled up ??

I did not see any set up where brushes are used to carry the current from the generator to the stationary unit (Batteries, inverter, etc)

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Im making the alternator with the 12 magnets, i know that it normally uses 9 coils,I would like to know if I can use 12 coils with the 12 magnet set up and it will be 3 phase but with each phase having 4 coils. I know the wire set up for the star with the 9 coils ,what would it be with the 12 coils. Thanks John

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Wind Turbines

Im designing a wind turbine and all i've come up with is a PVC tee with some pipe on each end. HELP PLZ!!!

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Turbine Jet engine...? Answered

If the intake turbines' speed is regulated by the compressed exhaust over the rear turbines, would it be more effecent to have 2 props in a row, or a single large one at the rear of the engine to control the rotation speed?

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A cheap gas turbine jet engine.

Where can I find a cheap priced rc or small gas turbine jet engine?

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Wind turbine, batteries, motor, etc?

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What size should the exhaust ports on a tesla turbine be? Answered

I am in making a tesla turbine and I need to know the size I should make the exhaust ports and the hole for the plates inside the turbine for the most efficient turbine and if anyone can help me thatnk you.

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Would a Tesla Turbine work in a solar updraft tower?

I was playing around with making a small scale solar updraft tower and I was curious if I could use a tesla turbine instead of a turbine with blades. Would the Chimney effect be enough to drive a tesla turbine?

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You gotta see this ingenius redneck wind turbine.

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wind turbine speed?

i have herd that the minimum amount of wind required to power a (homemade) wind turbine is 10 m.p.h. is that true? and whats the maximum wind speed?

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what can I use for a steampunk tesla turbine? Answered

I would like to know so I can make one smaller than the one on the previous instructable

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can someone help me in building a wind turbine that can light up my room?

For example like powering up a light bulb or sound systems

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Quistion about Turbine Jet Engine intake and pressure fans , Answered

I have seen and checked several Instructables on Turbine Jet engine and I am trying to make my own,On a Turbine Jet Engine intake and compression fans ,are they connected directly to the axis ( Shaft )or they just revolve about it separately ? also please any info's about the fan's angle for each one, are they the same or opposite one another.?? Many Thanks in Advance

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do turbine generators have a maximum rpm or does it just produce more energy the faster it spins?

I am trying to find out if wind turbine generators have a maximum rpm or if they just keep producing energy. if so, my next question would be, does generators maximum output have a maximum rpm. if it spins too fast because the wind is very strong that day, will it affect the turbine and cause it to overheat?

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diagram/information for wind turbine

Can any one point me in the right direction please. i'm building a mini wind turbine but i'm not sure what do do with the electronics side of things. for example: 1, how to charge a battery - (when i connect the battery it powers the motor! i dont want this,) 2, how to prevent over charging thanks zac

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how do i use a savonius wind turbine made from 200w electric scooter motor to charge 12v sla battery?

 the turbine is to charge a battery the battery will the run 2 12v caravan lights in a hut in the woods I am not electronically minded so you need to put the answer into laymans terms please many thanks 

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how to improve a RC JETCAT speed or power?

Help me any body plezz

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Magnet strength for DIY VAWT

Hi, does anyone know if it is better to get stronger magnets for a DIY turbine? Is it always better, or only to a certain degree?

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Pls help me!!!!

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why does my wind turbine keep turning out of the wind, despite having 3 tail fins, and light blades? HELP!?

My turbine has a 30watt motor, and 3, 18inch blades. tail fins are pretty big, flat plastic panels. held into the wind wind on its mounting, it will spin, freely, and fast, generating about 15 volts easily. but when its is released to operate independantly, it rotates in the wind, and settles with the axis of rotation perpendicular to the wind, and the blades stationary. any tips?

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wind turbine- I need wiring help

Hey guys,  I decided to make a vertical wind turbine out of materials I had laying around in the garage/shed.  I found everything I need; old bike, pvc/dryer exhaust pipe, old dryer motor.   I wanna make something along this concept.... the wind turbine would be chain driven from the sockets on the bike wheel.  I have the whole concept of the turbine drawn out and ready to go.  But when it comes to the wiring on the motor im stumped.  If someone could help me, that would be awesome! I found two motors, here are the links to them.

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how can the shape and amount of spark gaps of a Tesla Coil effect the spark?

Want to have more plasma, tu use for vapourizing water to be used as motoric force (push pistons or turbine).  haven't made the coil yet, so it's a theoretical question for me

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Can I convert a table saw motor to be used in a wind turbine?

I actually have 2 motors. One runs @ 4000rpm, 120 volt, 15 amp, 60 hz approximately 1800 watts and 2.2hp. The other is smaller @ 3600rpm, 7.5 amps, 120 volts, 60hz, 900 watts and approximately 1.2 hp. Can I use either of them to make a wind turbine and how much power will each generate? What would I need to convert them to generate power? I'm a novice so please keep the technical language to a minimum. Thanks.

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how to make a small turbine?

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jet spec answer?

When jet spec says the hole area should be a certain size on the flame tube does it mean all of the holes added up or each hole?

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