Quadcopter Motor Type? Answered

Hi, I'm working on building a quadcopter.  I have everything figured out, but I'm wonder what motors (and where) I should get.  I would also like that motor to have a propeller mounted on it.  I have seen many Instructables for quadcopters, but none of them specify the motors/propellers.  If you could answer this, please do!  Thanks.

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Motor type / Arduino control

I am looking for a motor to control via Arduino. I know such a thin exists but am not sure exactly what it's called. Basically it is a motor but instead of rotating a shaft it make the shaft go in and out. It doesn't need to apply much pressure just a little tap. I thought it might be called an actuator and is similar to a solenoid I suppose. Any idea where I would find such a thing, what it would be called and how to control via Arduino. Thanks. Phil

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Different types of motors on the same arduino?

So I am still learning Arduino but I've already built quite a few robots. I'm stepping things up a notch by building a robot with several motors. I am using 9g servos, stepper motors, standard servos, and regular dc motors with l293d ic. I am also using 2 ultrasonic distance sensors. There will be 14 motors in all but I think Arduino Uno can only handle 12? I will be using an Arduino Mega, so will that be ok? I also want to know if you can put all these different motor types on the same Arduino and if it is possible, would writing a code be really complex?

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Help with Dynamo types

I have a question for everybody out there. It has been a very long time since I did this type of electrical design work, and for the life of me I can’t remember the principals. I know there are many different ways to generate electricity by using mechanical motion, and converting a motor into a dynamo is very easy. What I am trying to do is to make a brushless dynamo. I have taken my inspiration from a cheap hand cranked torch, and intend to improve on it a lot. In this torch it has a coil which has a flat disk magnet sitting above it. The magnet is spun creating the charge in the coil and is used by the LED's in the torch. What I want to know is how specifically the voltage (potential difference) is created in the coil. My experience of stationary coils is where the magnet is rotated inside the coil. Could someone please explain it to me? Many thanks.

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Estes Model Rocket Motor Propellant Type? Answered

What is the propellant in an Estes rocket motor?  Also at what ratio are the ingredients in the propellant.  Any help is appreciated.

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Gearbox for AC motor

Hello I was wondering what type of gearbox is used in an AC motor powered treadmill?  Also do you need more to regulate the speed?

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Using 120V (brush type) motors at 12 V.

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Controlling a motor with PWM

I'm building an ROV for the MATE ROV competition with a high school team this year.  For this year's competition, we've decided to control our bot via an Arduino Mega, and we're using PWM to potentiate the thrusters.  As the person designated to electrical, I fortuitously have no idea how to set up an intermediate step from the Arduino to our thrusters.  I've looked into H-Bridges with both Relays and Transistors, and defaulted to the transistor. How would I choose what transistor to use though? I've tried several (all BJTs) and they're giving me nothing but problems.  Should I switch to a FET? Should I use a P type and an N type, or only one?  What specs should I purchase them with?  Do I ask too many questions? Help!  (I'm trying to control a 12V 6A motor with a 5V Pwm signal. Thanks!)

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how to make this type of pictures? Answered

Some pictures have box like line structure on the things in the picture which if we take the cursor on shows some sentences on the box.how tp make that type of picture.here is a link to a instructable which contain many of such type of pictures:https://www.instructables.com/id/5-Minute-DIY-Motor/.please takt a look and tell me how to make.

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Do PMDC motors and SWDC motors require different motor controllers? Answered

I'm looking to run two Etek-R PMDC motors from one 700 amp controller. Will a GE series 700 amp controller work? Upon calling the company that offered it today I received-- through proxy-- the response that the compnay carried no permanent magnet controllers. Is there a difference between pm and sw controllers? I was under the impression that both required the same type of control: varying voltages. could the company have confused permanent magnet with pulse width modulation? any explanation is greatly appreciated!

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motor control help?

Ok so first off i just cant wrap my head around this for some reason...... what im looking to do (basically) is have a "pod" turn left and right i want it to be controlled via some type of joystick. i get the mechanics but i just dont understand the electronics. i think i need some kind of pwm motor control. well i just got all the stuff to follow some of the instructables on here but i get nothing.......well i got a smoking pot? no pun intended anyway please someone help

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Help on stepper motor types and related driver chips?

I have a pair of stepper motors, one with 4 wires(brown, black, yellow, orange) and the other with 5(black, brown, yellow red, orange) they are both from a printer and I want to be able to use them with Mach3 via the parallel port, what chips might I need to use to do this?

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What type of electric motor-generator and LED for this progect?

I want to build a tiny bike mounted wind turbine to power a white super LED light. What type of electric motor-generator would you recommend and what kind of LED? Would it require any other things like a heat sink? Off topic extra info: I'm thinking of running it directly off the windmill or maybe sending the output of the windmill to a rechargeable battery and running it off that. I only understand basic electronics, so please dumb down the responses :P Thanks in advance.

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Help with what type of motor I should get

Ok well I've made a cord/wire reel for a 30m long internet cord, that I use for my xbox 360. I made it using 2 of those cd stacks holders. like this:[=====] II II II II[=====]Then put a cut half newspaper over so that the cord doesn't have to make tiny circles.It's really annoying when I reel the cord back in cause I have to turn the reel or else the cord gets twisted. I cant just grab the cord and wrap it around the reel. If you dont get what I mean then think of it as if you had pack up some string so you grab the string in one hand and use the the other to wrap it around. Thats what I cant do instead I have to rotated the hand thats holding the string other wise the cord gets twisted.So what I thought was that I could either get a motor that reels it in for me and I can also pull it out without damaging the motor or I could use something that you use to reel in a garden hose.The cord and the reel way a tiny bit over 1kg.Any ideas on what motor I shouldget or how to build the reel in thingy.

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what is the control circuit of a 12v dc gear type motor?

I need a control circuit or a schematic diagram for a gear motor to make it run and stop. It is being used in a magnetic pick and place using four bar linkage. The gear motor will run if the inductive switch detects metal found in the detection area and stop if  the metal is carried by a magnet and transferred to the designated area, and the four bar linkage or the gear motor will stop respectively. If you have questions regarding this details please ask me to make it more specific.

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Treadmill Motor Control

I have a Horizon T101-04 treadmill that has a control problem. The motor is definitely good. I suspect that the motor control board is good, and the control panel board is bad. The control will not reset or go into diagnostic mode. I want to replace either the control panel board or the entire control system. The motor is 90V DC. For amperage, the motor label says "19A S6 25%" which has no meaning that I understand, other than perhaps that the maximum amperage is 19. The label says "APMS" rather than "AMPS", and I wonder if the "S6" is supposed to be "SC" for "stall current." All of the characters on the label are very legible. To replace the entire set of controls, I can use an industrial DC motor control, but how much horsepower does the control actually need to be able to provide? I don't think that the one on the treadmill actually provides 19A, and is probably close to 1 HP or so in its capability.  To replace the control panel with something else and keep the existing motor control, what do I need? Do I need some type of complex driver circuit? Does it need feed back from tach sensor to do a good job of keeping the speed steady?  If it will work well, I want a simple control set up like a KB Electronics KBMD-240D to which I will add a safety cut-off switch with a lanyard.

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what's a more efficient design electric motors or gas motors

Electric motors are more of the free floating bearing type than the gas motors friction bearing type not only that the electric motor can also replenish its power source but a gas motor cannot produce more gas only more heat requiring more complex sub- systems to allow it to operate. to modify the electric motor is inexpensive by its windings and magnet placing as opposed to a gas motors materials weight and shapes change performance thats why so many differnent engines are available    i think what matters most is the coolness factor we crave for ourselves to possess. [NEGATIVE]             [POSITIVE]          [-]                              [+] 1*  earth                          fire        wind                         water     [BLACK]                    [RED]

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WTD: Maker w/ Engineering deg to help vet & test build concept.

Hi folks. I've had this concept swirling in my head for a while. Though I'm a tinkerer I'm not an engineering major. I'd like to find someone (within the US) who might be willing to help me vet the feasibility of building this little device.  If deemed possible via laws of physics  also build a prototype.  I'd put a total rough estimate of something that cost $10-$30 in overall parts. So anyone with some engineering background and access to a 3D printer feel free to PM me and let me know about the types of projects you've worked on in the past. Thanks.

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Electric motor running backwards

I have an electric motor on a large Hobart vertical mixer 80 quart.I had the brushes replaced and put it back together It now runs in reverseIt is a single phase motor with four brushes that have no power to them there is no capacitor eitherIt is an old style motorAny help would be greatly appreciated even what type of motor this isThanks David

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If I connect an AC fan motor to an engine of some type, will it create AC current? Answered

Or am I completely wrong in thinking that a motor can be a generator if you apply force to it instead of applying electricity?

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Mount a bike motor to a surfboard

I was wondering if anyone would have any advice on mounting a 50cc bike motor onto a surfboard? I don't really have any power tool, but I might be able to grab a few simple ones; Was thinking this might be a cool way to get around town instead of investing in a car or just hooking it up to a bike. oh and is there any factors to consider in a surfboard when making this? Or should I make more of a really large skateboard type of thing and just mount everything to that? Thanks!

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Are there any other types of fuel I can use?

Other than the one show in this Instructablehttps://www.instructables.com/id/Two-Dollar-Rocket-Motor/

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What choice of motor for a robot

Hello, I'm making researches about electric motors, I know very little about them and it seems to be a vast world. I don't have any detailled project yet, but I'd like to make a small robot that would be capable to move, that implies using electric motors. Forums have many useful data about them, but what it lacks is precise user reviews: what type of motor would you use the most, and why? Is it simpler to use servomotors over DC, or brushless? Prics must be a criteria of choice, but can I found cheap motors with good performance? Thank you very much for your help

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Selection of dc motor type and rating for a 300 kg weight electric car with 4400wh limit? Answered

I am doing a project on electric car which weighs about 300 kg and my battery supply limit should be 4400 wh. i wanna know which type of motor and ratings has to be selected. Car has to reach a distance of 75mts in less than 10 seconds Max voltage rating of battery and motor : 300v Max speed of motor with given load:50-60 kmph Please suggest some cheap and best motor controllers used for these ratings.  

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is a bodine motor good for a wind generator

I am thinking about buying a bodine motor for a wind generator it has 1725 rpm and it is 90 volts. here is a link for a picture of the motor https://www.google.com/search?q=1750+rpm+bodine+motor&espv=210&es_sm=93&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=PvljUuybOJSh4AP_gYGACw&ved=0CAkQ_AUoAQ&biw=1920&bih=912&dpr=1#facrc=_&imgrc=HTm_Ef2s58K5RM%3A%3BiDAIo0vFAwTJUM%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Fi.ebayimg.com%252Ft%252FChristie-AW3-Bodine-Electric-Co-Platter-Motor-Type-42Y5BEPM-90volt-DC-1750-RPM-%252F00%252Fs%252FODU0WDEwMjQ%253D%252F%2524(KGrHqNHJFQE-lKM2UOmBP)WKvKmo!~~60_35.JPG%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Fwww.ebay.com%252Fitm%252FChristie-AW3-Bodine-Electric-Co-Platter-Motor-Type-42Y5BEPM-90volt-DC-1750-RPM-%252F320916000400%3B300%3B250

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what motor should i get PLEASE HELP?

For science fair, i need to make a car for a 'king of the hill' type thing I need 2 motors (one for each back wheel) that can get me up the hill relatively quickly. The maximum power source i'm allowed is two nine volt batteries at one time (i can switch out dead ones in between runs) The hill is 40 inches in height and the ramp leading to the top of the hill is eight feet long The motors need to have a driveshaft sticking out about 1-2 inches for the wheels to fit on I'm not allowed to use remote control but i've devised a way so that the car will stop, regardless of what the motor is. I have plenty links to websites, i just dont know which one to get, if someone could point one or a few out for me that'd be great (please below $15 per motor) Help would be GREATLY appreciated I'm told by multiple friends that solarbotics.com is a GREAT resource edit: my car will weigh about 1 -1.5 pounds

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Choosing drive motors for kids riding toy

I'm building  "robot horse" for my daughter, and have the metal frame mostly complete.  The plan for locomotion is to mount reversible powered 6" wheels to the outside of each hoof, and steer tank-style. My biggest challenge is finding reasonably priced, reasonably powerful drive motors for each wheel.  My issues are  1)  I'm inexperienced at specing dc motors.       A) I'm not real sure how to translate published specs into real world motion.  I don't know exactly how much power it takes to get this reliably moving over rough ground to a top speed of around 1 mph.  I also don't have a good sense of much voltage you can pump into a DC motors.  (IOW, should I be able to push 2 x the rated voltage for a quarter second to get it moving? Will the motors naturally increase their amperage at a constant voltage (and thus power) as they are resisted by torque?)  How much power will starting from a stop take?  What about a slight uphill slope?     B)  I'm not sure what form-factor is best:  Gear motor?  Gear motor with final drive belt?  I would like to use worm-gear motors, as I think it would be safest if the wheels didn't move when unpowered. 2)  Hunting around supplier web-sites, I see lots of $20ish gear motors that use 5-20W of power.  Great price, but would 4 of them make enough power?  (See #1A above)  Also, I see lots of fractional HP motors for >$100 that would unquestionably be strong enough, but would cost more than the project justifies.  I found very little in between.  Are there motors and gear boxes that could power this at a reasonable price?   Relevant clarifications and details: 1)  The horse is about 40" high at it's withers (shoulder) 2)  Frame is made of 1/2" square tube steel. 3)  Normal rider + vehicle will be about 150 lbs.  However, unquestionably, larger kids (or multiple small kids) will at some point hop on it and try to ride it.  At 250 lbs. rider+vehicle weight it doesn't have to go fast, but shouldn't burn up the motors. 4)  It'll be powered by a lipo battery pack that shouldn't have any issues with 20A+ max currents and can be sized as needed for voltage. 5)  I'd like to keep the motors and gears <$200 total, if possible. 6)  "Rough ground" = flat grassy turf or reasonably smooth gravel. 7)  Motors need to be reversible. Can anyone lend some perspective on what type of motors to buy for this?  How much power/torque should I look for?  Any advantages/disadvantages of any particular gearing style for this application? I am assuming that motors on each wheel are the way to go, but if there are any other power transmission schemes that would work better, I'm all ears.

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Help with a one phase induction motor?

I am trying to repair a bandsaw that my dad had he recntly had a stroke and he can not remember how to wire the switch back on to the motor. It is a old Kff  Single phase 110 v motor type km if u need any information to help me ask plz I can get all of the information off the motor I just need help wiring it.

Question by benton23 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

Low Cost DC motor Controler?

I want to power a 90 Volt, 5amp Perment Brush type DC Gear Motor. The, "Variable speed controller", needs to be able to use 115v AC or 115v DC input power, which is selectable by the operator. I have used a Staco variable tranformer which uses 115v AC input and rectified the output to drive the motor. But also need the 115v DC input option.

Question by Realdann 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

how to transfer static energy to electrostatic motor

How to transfer static energy to electrostatic motor from ballon to make it rotate, and which type of wire. use to transfer charge

Question by vivekmcps 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Speed control for AC electrical motors

I want to use a GE A-C motor (5KC33GG101): Connection Type and Voltage Rating in Volts: 115.0 line to neutral single input Rotor Speed Rating in Rpm: 1725.0 single full load Frequency in Hertz: 60.0 input to run a 50' line on pulleys for a Halloween project but it's too fast. Can anybody help me figure out if I can buy/build a controller to run it slower?

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Need help choosing a dc motor!!

 Hi, My students are building model cars our of balsa wood that move b/c of a dc motor.  All of the motors I have are burning out - they can't run long, I used to have a dc motor that started out slow, built up speed and then ran fast and for a looooooong time.  Does anyone know what type of motor i'm talking about?  please help.....i gotta get them asap.  thanks! patti:)

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speed control for A-C electric motor

I want to use a GE A-C motor (5KC33GG101): Connection Type and Voltage Rating in Volts: 115.0 line to neutral single input Rotor Speed Rating in Rpm: 1725.0 single full load Frequency in Hertz: 60.0 input to run a 50' line on pulleys for a Halloween project but it's too fast. Can anybody help me figure out if I can buy/build a controller to run it slower? Thanks in advance!

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Making an Arduino-based robot with motor controller shield - what's the best battery(s) to use? Answered

I have this robot I'm trying to make, but can't seem to solve one problem.  I have an Arduino Uno clone with a Rugged Circuits Motor Driver shield, hooked up to a Tamiya Dual Motor Gearbox with the two motors it came with.   The Motor Driver requires at least 8V to operate, but the motors are designed for 4-5V.  (I'm not sure if having two such motors together means you need 8-10V, but I assume not) .  I figure I can use the PWM of the outputs to only run the motors at 25%, to keep them from harm(?) I tried at first using a 9V battery to supply it, but the current was way too low.  I figure I can either use 6 AA batteries in series, or get a ~9.6V rechargeable RC car type battery.  The Arduino is powered by a separate 9V battery. It's a simple setup so I'll just describe it here; -[battery] goes into the 8-30V input on the motor controller.    -two sets of +/- wires go from the motor controller's 'Motor A' slot to the left motor and 'Motor B' to the right motor, separately -the motors are hooked up to 58:1 gearboxes and turn 5cm rubber wheels, for differential drive. Seems like I might have chosen the wrong motor controller shield for the motors, but if I can make it work somehow, then I will. Any suggestions?

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where would you find some cheap weedeater motors? Answered

I would like to find some weedeater motors it can be just the motor or some type of motor like it like a blower or something where they have them online for really cheap, like under $40 

Question by BIGHAIRYDUDE 8 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

What type Of Electric Vehicle Would i be allowed to?

I am thinking of putting a Electric Motor ( any size) onto a mini moto frame i have .. i live in the uk and am 14 .. Would i be able to drive it on the road or pavement Etc .. Or what would i have to do to be able to drive it legally

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A simple controller for a dc treadmill motor?

I have a United Technologies dc motor, 2.5 hp @ 120VDC, but no controller.  It has a red & black wire, plus 2 blue wires.  The black goes through a choke coil.  Anybody have a breadboard type of design for a speed controller with hookup instructions?  I can solder, follow a schematic, and  wire a house, but  am not up on electronics.  Last radio I built was in the mid 50's, so I probably need more than usual specifics.  Thanks for any help you can offer.  Ed B

Question by Ed B 9 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Advice about high torque motors ? Answered

So recently I've been wanting to to build some kind of electric mini car/gocart but I have no idea about battery and motor requirements. Basically what I want to know is what would be some battery and motor requirements for such a vehicle, I need to know how many volts, amps, rpm, amp hours, kg per sq cm, motor type etc. I know I'm asking a lot , probably way too much but I'd be really greatful if I could obtain even some of this information.:-)

Question by DIYWEAPONS 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

Quick (And stupid) gear motor question Answered

So here is my situation, i plan on building (https://www.instructables.com/id/Beginners-guide-to-building-Arduino-robots-with-Bl/) and i was about to order all the parts and i wondered, why there are so many types of gear motors! my current understanding is the higher "1st" digit (ex 1000:1)means the motor is more accurate and precise and slow. So does that mean one with a low number first (ex 10:1) would be faster? please tell me if i am wrong. So i would like a FAST gear motor for my robot, could anyone post me a link to a good fast gear motor. Much appreciated!!!

Question by broskiz 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

12v Electric Motor Speed Control?

I have a 12v electric motor I was given from a camper water pump (at work currently so I don't have any of the specs). I also have a power supply from an LED lighting kit to take the power from a wall plug down to the 12v for the motor. Connecting them directly works fine, but I am trying to make an electric leather burnisher and would like to have a bit of control over the speed of the motor. I have a small 25 ohm rheostat I wired in, and it worked perfectly, but the rheostat began to overheat with in a few minutes. What type of controller would I need to look for? Just not sure where to look when it comes to items like that.

Question by dbgrigg189 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago


Hello, I have a Generator of 1000KVA, PF 0.8, 1800rpm, 2300V, 251A, I need to select a motor in order to start the generator. Background: The motor will be start with a VFD The main use of the generator is to test motors without load, to verifiy vibrations. So, we will a various types of motor most MV. Does the application of the generator can help me reduced the power needed for the motor? Thanks for your support!

Question by ciezadiego 1 year ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

Looking for Info On These CNC Motors For Replacement

I purchased a surplus 2-axis CNC machine with built by Yamaha. I hoped to rebuild it into a new machine for myself, but it ended up requiring 200 volts AC for the controller and motors, which I don't have access to. I sold off the controller already. I don't know too much about professional CNC macahines, hoping someone has some input. I am hoping to replace the motors with ones in the same form-factor that run on DC or 120v AC(if such thing exists), preferably stepper type. I do not know what form-factor/package/mounting style to look for, or even if any are available with the power requirements I want.  Motors are the same for both axis and are part#: TS2620N664E122, attached are some pictures. Thanks,

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how is ac current generated? Answered

Ok, so I was under the impression that brushless motors were AC motors (and therefore conducted AC current), until recent internet searches proved me wrong. I am curious how AC current is conducted, is it conducted using brushless motors? Or is it a different type of motor that will generate such electricity?

Question by A-Nony-Mus 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Best Type and Source for Omni Directional Wheels?

I am currently in the process of compiling a shopping list for an omni directional robot a team and myself are planning to put together. For this, wheels that go both forward/backward and left/right are needed. From what I have found, there are two variations: Omni and Mecanum wheels. Due to our design, we will be needing Omni style wheels.  However, doing some research, I haven't been able to find much of a selection! So far, robotshop is the only website that actively stocks them, and they sell two brands/types, one being VEX.  Is there a generic name for these types of wheels? Where would I be able to find more/a different source for them? Why are they so expensive? If you've used an omni wheel, what type/brand was it, and what was your opinion on it? The big problem is, is that we need to mount the wheels onto 5mm stepper motor axles. Half of the wheels I found on robotshop had square bores, and the other half used an interchangeable hub, none supporting a 5mm axle. Any ideas as of what to do here? We would like to get four wheels, preferably for less than 50$.

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Elevator type platform for heavy, CRT monitor

I have to sit sometimes and stand sometimes to use my desktop computer. I use an old, heavy, jumbo-sized CRT type monitor which has a space-saving stand on its top for my printer. Currently, when I stand, I raise the mouse on a box and elevate the keyboard on a piece of foam and I peer downward to look at the monitor. This is not always a good way to see everything on the monitor.  What kind of simple elevating/lowering platform could be constructed so that the monitor can be raised to be level with my head when I stand and lowered when I sit in front of it? I suppose some electrically powered or non-electrical hand-cranked platform would be fine. Remember: both the motor, hardware and platform have to be able to lift, lower, and support a heavy CRT monitor which has a plastic platform holding a printer above the monitor. [Due to severe space limitatons where I live in my ultra-tiny apartment, I can't really use a shelf to hold up the monitor when I stand, and besides, it would be a pain in the neck to frequently lift/lower and set in place the monitor on either the shelf or on the desktop.] Thanks

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What type of motor or parts would I need to create an automatic lowering antenna (90 degree turn) for my CB radio?

I"m trying to replicate something similar to these: http://www.youtube.com/embed/OZuTA1TnhXo http://www.theantennafarm.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath;=264_467_1202&products;_id=1619&zenid;=830b00255bfc07a392e02535506a3296  http://www.rfparts.com/diamond/k9000photos.html Basically, I'd like to have a 3-4' fiberglass whip that I"d like to raise/lower at my desire.  I'm unsure of which type of motor or parts to use- would anyone be able to assist with a parts list of some sort for this type of project?  

Question by gpwned 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Auto egg turner motor. What motor do I need for my incubator?

I built an incubator from a redundant wine cooler but the motor wasn't up to the job. I had underestimated the total load and stripped the gears in the gearbox. Can someone tell me in very basic terms what I need to change and where to look for them? Also, the top connection needs to be a ball and socket type affair (not very smooth at the moment). Where do you buy components like that? Thanks. Paul http://www.backyardchickens.com/web/viewblog.php?id=33362

Question by toxo 9 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago