Whats up

Hey chris whats up?

Posted by XI3 10 years ago

Can you speed up the video?

Can i speed up part of the video (eg, something cooking) because the thing i want to do takes 30 seconds to microwave?? please let me know :)

Posted by DELETED_JoshM96 8 years ago

K'nex Wind-Up Clock

I will give a patch and much thanks to anyone who can make an wind-up alarm clock out of K'nex and an instructable. Here is a link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRYb9kRZ35s

Posted by DELETED_DELETED_DELETED_16nato 7 years ago

can i call to phones using dial up method via computer?

Can i make phone calls .................via my laptop which are connected to cellphone or via dial up connection(cell phone and laptop connected through data cable)

Asked by rachit59 8 years ago

how do i hook my vcr up to my computer and to my tv at the same time?

Im not going to say what im doing this for.

Asked by rich4124 8 years ago

In making a guitar pick-up, do the wire that is winded around the bobbin need to be insulated? or they don't have to be? Answered

I am trying to make a guitar pick-up. At the moment, I couldn't get my hands on a 48 gauge wire so I just used a 20 gauge wire from the dollar store and I don't think its insulated (I just want to try it out first and see if it works, its the first one I'm making anyway _ ). So my question is does the wire need to be insulated or not?

Asked by dinner 9 years ago

JAck in the box toy

Has anyone hacked a Jack in the box? I've spent 2 hrs with paper drawing up mechanisms, but it'd be nice to see what they use for the toys without buying one. Any help? Greg

Posted by Watershed 10 years ago

New Topic Not Showing UP ?

This probably won't show up someone is filtering out my forum topics! I posted many. No way to find them in : Burning Questions or Community Blog. The topic is : AMR ELECTRIC METERS - radiation poisoning people, etc... Can not find my blogs. Can you look into this administration people, bug fixers ! There are people on your staff who have an agenda that is working against peoples forum answers and questions. You know who he is. He is not from the USA. Check out his activities for yourself. Something is covert and not right with his interferance and deletion of blogs and personal agendas. Thanks.

Posted by triumphman 4 years ago

Missed Out on the Halloween Contest? There's More to Do!

The Halloween contest has closed for entries and the judges are going to be going through all of the amazing entries, but there's more! We have the Mash-Up Contest that we're running with ReadyMade and the Laser Cutter Contest with Universal Laser.Here's a quick rundown of what can be entered for each:Mash-Up ContestEligible entries: Take two or more different items and combine them in some new and creative way. You've now mashed them together for a mash-up! It's kind of like Voltron coming together, but with plastic cartons, CDs, VCRs, stuffed animals, and whatever else you have lying around instead of mechanized lions.Prizes: Coby Personal Media Player + Michaels gift card, sewing machines, and VPX Black & Decker tool sets.Deadline: Nov. 25Laser Cutter ContestEligible entries: Anything totally awesome. Really. There are no restrictions on this one.Prizes: 40-watt VersaLaser VLS3.50 laser cutter worth over $15,000, laser-etched plaques, laser-etched Leatherman Juice S2, and t-shirts.Deadline: Dec. 16

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

I give up..... Ok, you inspired me to finish it....so no complaints about it's appearance.... ;-)

I really do now. I have tried to recover a blunder done on a large wooden egg I was going to enter into the Egg contest (pyrograph + ), but I have ruined it beyond repair. The pyrography portions take so long to do on a curved surface....I don't think I have the patience to get another and retry. This is a bit depressing really. Maybe I should go back to just doing electronics and leave the pretty things to those with an eye for it. *sigh*I added the "finished" pictures to the end......

Posted by Goodhart 9 years ago

120 GB Xbox 360 Drive, but no high-speed internet. What to do with it?

I got an Xbox 360 Elite for Christmas. It comes with a big-ass 120 GB hard drive, and it already has some demos and videos that came with it, but you can't copy music, videos, etc. onto the drive from USB devices, and I don't have high-speed internet, so I can't download anything onto it. What can I put on it from local sources, then? I mean actually putting stuff onto it, not streaming stuff from my PC.

Posted by Aeshir 10 years ago

singning up ? Answered

Is payment for signing up for pro is in Indian rupees or dollars..? :) thank you

Asked by avenparker 5 years ago

Heads up Speedometer

I want a heads up speedometer for my 2000 Toyota Echo. I'm not sufficiently skilled to design one yet. Anybody wanna jumpstart this?

Posted by augur45 9 years ago

Computer Won't Start Up! Help! Answered

 Hey guys, my laptop won't start up. It is a Dell Inspiron 7000 running Windows. Some lights come on on the keyboard, but doens't do anything else. Need help!

Asked by godoggie 8 years ago

Can anyone help me with getting set up? Answered

Show me what I am suppose to do

Asked by stewart757 5 years ago

How to boot up a computer

I just changed the motherboard in my computer and i dont now how to boot it up whit out a floppy drive(cause i dont have one). Can anyone please help me!!!

Posted by industructable 10 years ago

Krylon project not showing up either

I posted it, i entered it, it cleared mod approval, but it won't show up on the list of projects. i really don't wanna get no votes due to an issue tbh. Thanks for any help!

Posted by nightarya 7 years ago

Comments not showing up

Recently whenever I comment on a question the page "scrolls" down like I have commented, but no text shows up. Sometimes this happens with my version of Chrome (15.0.874.121 on Mac osX lion), but a page refresh usually shows the comment. I checked again once and about 4 hours later, but nothing shows up... Any help? :)

Posted by astroboy907 6 years ago

Best Pick Up Lines

Hi, Please share your funny/corny pick up lines on this forum. Thanks Joe 1.If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put U and I together. That one was lame but i want to here yours.

Posted by joejoerowley 10 years ago

Get rid of the SIGN UP pop-up

Nowadays many sites do this very horrible thing that is really annoying to the point I just want to throw my monitor out the window or beat the crap out of my monitor with my keyboard over and over. When you go to a site, like this one, you are reading the article, instructable, watching a video (or whatever), and few seconds to 2 mins later, the screen dims and a pop-up comes out saying "do you want to sign up?" Other sites might say "do you want to subscribe?" "Click "like" if you like this article" This is one of those things that's really fking annoying. If people want to sign up, they can click on it in the top right corner. The sheer amount of sites that do this, that forces you to read their pop-up, making you close it everytime. The only thing I am interested in is the instructable/artcle I was currently reading... This site would be decent if you removed it.

Posted by ChuckmaNorrisY 3 years ago

Can not up load my finished project

My project is finished and when I click: upload it says    Please add keywords.  even though I put in three words. It stays in draft.    Thanks

Posted by myrmac 2 years ago

How is the site set up? Is it based on how old or new an instructable is? Is it based on likes or views?

I just recently discovered this site, and so far I love it. I'm trying to go through the different tutorials. However, I've noticed that some are repeated, don't show up where they were previously, etc.

Asked by ortegap 10 months ago

wind up timer device

Hi all can someone help me find out a way to make a wind up timer? - all it needs to do is manually wind up by hand, unwind through a series of gears slowly.....but needs to have a strength of about 2kg/cm torque. something to unwind for about 30 minutes would be perfect is there anything out there which can be used..or a simple way to make using spur gears and a coil spring? many thanks

Posted by oem_odm 8 years ago

Post not showing up

Hi, I published an article on Saturday and it's still not live two days later. I've sent the team an email and tweeted at them but no answer. https://www.instructables.com/id/Emergency-Candles/ Any help appreciated.

Posted by Go Repairs 4 years ago

Whats up with haterz?

Haterz. Stupid, stupid, haterz. What is up with them? I mean, lets take a random example, a few days ago I posted the TR18 (with KILLERK's permission) and it rose up to 4.02* within a few days. Now I checked that a few hours ago, and it was still as 4.02*, and then about 10 mins later, it had gone straight down to 3.85* because some stupid hater gave it 0.5* for no reason whatsoever! Anyway, I just decided that I would share that with you, thanks!

Posted by Hiyadudez 8 years ago

Thunderbird locks up with no-reply@mail.newsletter.instructables.com

Re: Email from no-reply@mail.newsletter.instructables.com causes my email client (Thunderbird engine) to completely lock up meaning I have to use Windows Task manager to get out of program. Please see attach screen capture of error message. If I click "O.K.' it just comes back!!! Windows 7 Pro 64 bit updated Firefox v55.0.1 64bit Thunderbird  v52.2.1

Posted by aactech 11 months ago

use a landline telephone, speakers, a mic, and a computer to go online with dial-up

Would it be possible to use a landline telephone, a computer with speakers and a microphone, and a software program to connect to the internet with dial-up? there are multiple free dial-up numbers available, so if I called with the phone, and used the computer to emulate an analog modem and listen to the response with the microphone, would I be able to get online? if so, does anything like this already exist?

Posted by tyeverett4949 2 years ago

How to speed up my PC and Internet connection?

Speeding up PC and Internet Connection, My PC has slowed down a bit, my internet connection is not as fast as it use to be. Viewing videos are choppy and slow, pages do not come up as fast and when downloading movies it takes for ever. I have High speed DSL through SBC my wireless connection speed is at 150Mbps but my download speeds are anywhere from 25kb/s to 60kb/s. How can I speed this upI am running an older PC it has the 520 Intel pentium4 processor with hyper-threading tech. Processor speed is 2.8GHz L2 Cache 800MHz Front side bus and NVIDIA GeForce 9400GT video card. How can I speed up my PC and my internet connection?

Asked by Black63diamond 9 years ago

Advertisment is ...

What is that look at that image. Is seems that the advertisement is wrong.

Posted by ReCreate 9 years ago

App messing up and Adverts

It's been a while since I used this app. The number 1 reason is because the app messes up a lot and there have been no attempts to fix it. For some reason they decideded to make it so you have to sign in every time you use the app even if it was just 10 min ago. The problem is that you can't sign in from your app. It switches to the web browser to sign in and when you click facebook or sign in half the time it doesn't switch back to the app and the other half it just doesn't sign in. I started using the app again and here it is 2 years later and they still have not fixed the problem. Now I notice that it has advertisements in the middle of people's posts thanks for eating up my data. If these problems are not fixed I won't be using this again 

Posted by ChrisE22 2 years ago

what should I make from 2 twin inflatable mattresses?

 I found WAYYYY back in the storage closet - 2 never opened flocked on top twin blow up mattresses.  Got any ideas?

Asked by hvetter 8 years ago

I can't get Xbox Live with my dial-up. I tried the steps that instructables gave and I still can't get it.

I have the ethernet cable hooked to my pc, and went to my networks and did the wizard just like instructables said to do but it keeps telling me something is wrong with my IP address. It says my IP address must belong to two or more other devices. I don't know what to do. Thanks for any help.

Asked by septsher 9 years ago

graffiti tagging

What should i have my graffiti name as please help thankyou

Posted by kemskidd 8 years ago

how do u loose weight? without ur mum knowin? thanks for ur help xx

Heey everyone i was jst askin this question becuz i don't feel happy wif mi body but mi mum doesn't want me to loose weight. i am not talkin loads n loads of weight jst a couple of pounds to i feel happy. is throwin up the best idea so then mi mum will fink i am sick so she won't give me as much?  if this is then plz leae suggestions to throwin up thanks alot :) xx

Asked by emma 2k10 8 years ago

Taskings S PAB Support for OrigamiAirEnforcer's Paper Airport

Well, OrigamiAirEnforcer's Paper Airport group is just new...

Posted by wat. 6 years ago

5v dc to 18v dc? (it can't be as hard as I am making it?)?

I need a step up transformer to go from my average bench power supply (5v dc) to 18v dc (the same I would get from 2 9v batteries). I have an associates in electronics but it's from 10 years ago and I can't make the information come back into my brain. Any help would be appreciated.

Asked by Random Point 6 years ago

did something to my windows xp sp2 computer and it will not start keeps restarting even before the xp logo?

It goes through the hard ware screen then i here a click as i hear the click it's restarting it will not even start in safe mode nor safe mode w\ command prompt. what did i do. i remove a few unused programs like games and telephone modems we don't use dial up any longer but cant figure it out.

Asked by tamara92345 5 years ago

How to run stereo receiver through a mixing board.?

I have a stereo receiver that I need to run through my mixers (my only speakers plug into the mixer.) How would I do that?

Asked by randmar 6 years ago

Prize Preference

If I do happen to get within the top 13 Instructables, I'd really prefer the second place prize (the tool set). Just saying... Anyways, good luck to everyone! I think we'll know who the winners are tomorrow!

Posted by icinnamon 10 years ago

Sugar Bush Squirrel

Sugar Bush Squirrel is a real, live Eastern Gray Squirrel who is owned and photographed by Ms. Kelly Foxton. Rescued, as a baby in her nest, from a tree which was being cut down, she is now living the 'good life' with Kelly in Boca Raton, Florida. A small, lime-green parrot, named Rio, is her big sister and constant companion.Being an International Superstar and The World's Most Photographed Squirrel, Sugar Bush loves to dress up, and has over 2,000 outfits with matching hats and accessories. Sugar Bush Squirrel has her own, posh studio with an elaborate stage and thousands of stage props, and has posed for over 5,000 photos since her modeling career began. AWESOME!SQUIRRELS!!!:OLINK

Posted by bumpus 9 years ago

I'm Interviewing tea partiers on Tax day. i need help finding sources?

My friend and i are going to a tea party convention to ask these people why they are protesting tax. i need unbiased information on all of this, where can i find it? if it helps I'm independent though i lean more towards the left

Asked by redsuit09 8 years ago

I want to make this lamp, please help!

WARNING: Mechanically inexperienced Newbie post below. Your patience is appreciated. :)Some of you may have seen this lamp online somewhere:http://www.hulgerisation.com/?page_id=60I'd like to try and make a lamp that works like this. As mentioned above, my experience is virtually non-existent when it comes to taking machines apart and hacking into them, but I possess a decent amount of common sense, and I'm pretty handy when it comes to tools. I'd like this to be my first project of this type. It seems simple enough: take a lamp base, a clock spring and a dynamo flashlight aaaand.... then what? Okay, so maybe it's not so simple. But to some of you, I'm sure it's probably a piece of cake, right? So if you've got the time and would like to explain how to do this, I'd truly appreciate your help.I found this instructable to be informative, https://www.instructables.com/id/The-Wind-up-Headboard-Reading-Light/but ultimately, it's not what I'm looking for. The key is the key for me with this lamp. It is visually appealing to me. Secondly, I would like lighting component to be that of a standard lamp- incandescent or CFL. If anyone has some kindly advice to offer, I would truly appreciate it. Thank you for reading!

Posted by elissam 10 years ago

Cheap eye glitter sealant?

I love wearing glitter on my eyes but hate it when it starts flaking off. Eyeshadows with shimmers and glitter particles are too subtle for the look I'm trying to achieve. Vaseline is too gloopy and so the glitter never stays in place and MAC's EZR is far too expensive for me. Topshop did a glitter sealant a few years ago but I've never seen it since. Anybody seen it in the shops lately? Does anybody have any other suggestions of how to keep eye glitter in place?

Asked by Cupcake_Weezie 9 years ago

New users can not sign up

The following message appears when my wife tries to sign up: ERROR 404: unknown action: /gopronow Whoops!

Posted by drj113 8 years ago