Updated published instructable not appearing (still shows old version)

I published my first instructable and then made a few improvements to it but those improvements are not showing up. I searched the forum for answers, having found none I decided to ask. How long does it take for an updated published instrtuctable to go live? The old version has no image in the "Intro" or "Step 6" and the first line of the intro reads: --:{ use simpleTweet_00 to post a tweet when your sensor changes states. }:-- The new version has images in each step, a video added to the "Intro" and many other smaller changes, including the first line:  Post a tweet when your sensor changes states, using Arduino, Processing, and twitter4j. I entered it into the "Adafruit Make It Tweet Challenge." Could that have locked in the old version preventing it from updating somehow? I can't believe that'd be the case, and I see no way to remove my entry from the contest, which I do not want to do anyway.  If it magically fixes itself, I'll repost here, otherwise, please help.

Posted by pdxnat 7 years ago

Total Views Count - 20/01/2011 - UPDATED!

Here's this week's total views count. As requested by a few members, all of the names of members are now links to their profiles so you can compare and subscribe to your favourite members more easily. Yay! This forum topic is a printout of the results of a Perl script I run weekly. To be included in it, join this group. The Perl script visits the profile page of each member of the group and extracts their Total Views then saves them to a file that can be opened by me in Excel. I then post the last 3 columns so everyone can compare their weekly gain with their friends. While you can easily see this data for you on the You page, this script allows people to compare their success/gain with their friends. I hand out patches as achievements when members of the group reach 50k, 100k, 250k, 500k and 1m views. Member Last Week This Week Gain canida 4,161,996 4,188,378 26,382 fungus amungus 3,834,653 3,857,320 22,667 scoochmaroo 3,615,447 3,679,131 63,684 randofo 2,773,785 2,814,522 40,737 Honus 2,513,524 2,526,145 12,621 Kiteman 1,770,772 1,779,675 8,903 Plasmana 1,641,765 1,650,423 8,658 Tool Using Animal 1,594,537 1,601,446 6,909 T3h_Muffinator 1,086,285 1,091,134 4,849 zieak 1,042,266 1,047,210 4,944 killerjackalope 998,201 1,005,393 7,192 gmjhowe 982,225 988,621 6,396 drinkmorecoffee 919,482 929,476 9,994 Weissensteinburg 860,080 868,522 8,442 Creativeman 851,365 857,364 5,999 SaskView 845,603 849,275 3,672 lemonie 799,282 806,958 7,676 seamster 701,378 706,014 4,636 Brennn10 682,737 685,394 2,657 chr 622,118 651,945 29,827 mikey77 588,893 596,831 7,938 CameronSS   588,290 - jeff-o 546,106 550,142 4,036 PKM 530,654 533,132 2,478 laxap 483,278 486,422 3,144 mikeasaurus 442,923 445,215 2,292 belsey 411,442 418,129 6,687 aeray 408,894 414,403 5,509 depotdevoid 380,966 383,931 2,965 ModMischief 343,813 361,678 17,865 Jayefuu 354,518 356,596 2,078 scraptopower 324,968 332,816 7,848 Spl1nt3rC3ll 281,312 282,254 942 scooter76   256,935 - KentsOkay 246,842 247,620 778 AngryRedhead 239,391 245,302 5,911 nmcclana 239,135 241,366 2,231 Doctor What 220,867 222,001 1,134 starshipminivan 216,040 218,530 2,490 rimar2000 196,206 199,966 3,760 BrittLiv 176,371 197,698 21,327 dark sponge 180,981 182,108 1,127 Ninzerbean 169,824 171,415 1,591 comodore 157,584 158,331 747 bongodrummer   158,171 - Lithium Rain 153,355 154,810 1,455 yokozuna 147,602 149,158 1,556 Kaelessin 146,698 148,402 1,704 Hiyadudez 136,759 138,826 2,067 Lynne Bruning 134,699 135,457 758 Dr.Paj 134,359 135,348 989 Technochicken   135,143 - bertus52x11 128,890 130,186 1,296 The Jamalam 122,145 122,551 406 RavingMadStudios 107,171 108,599 1,428 I_am_Canadian   108,567 - thermoelectric 105,660 107,111 1,451 uniqueutopia 101,649 102,759 1,110 JamesRPatrick 95,640 96,547 907 Goodhart 92,918 93,533 615 DJ Radio 91,220 92,192 972 janw 88,480 89,229 749 jen7714 71,279 73,137 1,858 jen7714 71,279 73,137 1,858 MichelMoermans 64,427 65,151 724 Killer%7ESafeCracker 61,535 62,169 634 nelson8815 58,953 61,796 2,843 Re-design 54,553 54,908 355 iminthebathroom   53,997 - wizgirl 49,204 51,450 2,246 Shadowman39 49,472 50,427 955 TNEN 47,144 47,446 302 kelseymh 46,458 46,729 271 ynze 44,679 46,175 1,496 Sunkicked 45,079 45,359 280 beckervdejazz.com 42,586 42,849 263 The Ideanator 40,032 40,654 622 Berkin 39,195 39,581 386 mman1506 37,320 37,523 203 EmmettO 35,967 36,576 609 Biggsy 35,704 36,466 762 knuckel 34,444 34,939 495 artificialintelligence 31,235 31,988 753 nickodemus 29,150 29,513 363 TSC 27,545 28,112 567 Jimmy Proton 25,682 27,433 1,751 jwystup 26,326 27,041 715 KoffeeKommando 25,900 26,722 822 MotaBoi 25,940 26,224 284 cbm104 25,275 25,593 318 peguiono 24,510 24,697 187 kcls 23,523 24,179 656 m6233555m 24,082 24,168 86 lilyfrancis 23,386 24,086 700 Mr.Sanchez   22,375 - Knex_Gun_Builder 22,175 22,274 99 plane phanatic 21,201 21,428 227 Derin 20,918 21,134 216 CrayfishYAY 20,881 20,983 102 steveastrouk 20,270 20,502 232 possum888 19,449 19,690 241 Tom Buckey   17,999 - Tornado96 17,025 17,359 334 zascecs 16,964 17,027 63 floris2burn 13,990 14,214 224 knexsuperbuilderfreak   14,212 - Legofanatic 13,424 13,642 218 uberdum05 12,747 12,858 111 TabbyDeAnne   12,511 - qazwsx755 12,193 12,396 203 nutsandbolts_64 11,497 11,754 257 cdawisconsin 10,285 11,324 1,039 masterochicken 10,845 10,897 52 FrozenStar 10,703 10,891 188 NachoMahma 10,827 10,873 46 zurichko 8,976 9,928 952 acidbass 9,613 9,754 141 lizzyastro 8,528 8,743 215 Blue Mullet   8,166 - Sorunome 6,929 7,210 281 Kryptonite 6,849 6,918 69 cherishcherub 6,021 6,124 103 Dr Pepper 4,842 5,508 666 moocowdog 5,226 5,329 103 zero.gx 5,040 5,090 50 jamesdude 4,091 4,120 29 slithien 3,838 3,925 87 RNB 3,527 3,679 152 MegaMetal8 3,382 3,439 57 wareneutron 2,903 2,998 95 tbcross 2,824 2,924 100 mg0930mg 2,800 2,828 28 cj81499 2,515 2,529 14 solarblade90 2,396 2,474 78 Jag56 2,029 2,075 46 Nutrition Man   2,030 - shadon 1,246 1,291 45 Randomguy65 1,153 1,203 50 AwesomeSwordGuy 783 842 59 dombeef 803 823 20 LivStoleYourPie 365 427 62 Fr-Pa-Co 196 203 7 i like cheese 74 79 5

Posted by Jayefuu 7 years ago

Instructables embedded on your website - UPDATED!

Last December I wrote some PHP to enable Instructables users to embed a live list of their Instructables on their website or wordpress blog with a navigation bar to organise by views, comments, rating and name as well as pagination. It proved quite popular but broke when HQ updated some code on member's profile pages. Well... i FINALLY got round to updating it this weekend. I've uploaded the fixed code to the Instructable. You can learn how to install it and download the source in the Instructable, or see it working live at this page on my website. I thought I'd post the update as a forum topic too so that anybody that subscribed to me for the original Instructable would get notified of the update. Enjoy!

Posted by Jayefuu 7 years ago

The Racker Rifle 2013

So I decided I didn't like my Racker Rifle that much anymore.  Mostly because it had one or two broken parts.  So I took TheDunkis's idea that he pitched to me on the original ible of using hinges for an even stronger trigger.  Turns out I could fit the new trigger mechanism in perfectly into the old gun body, so the gun from the outside looks almost unchanged.  The good thing though is that the trigger no longer uses a broken part and it is even stronger. The other change is that it has a modified SwagBoss handle on it for the ramrod, but I've had that on their for a while.  Thanks to The Foofinator. The internal picture is like 95% right, I tweaked one or two things after I took that picture before I put the whole thing together.

Posted by TheRacker 5 years ago

Subscription Updates . . . and updates . . . and UPDATES!

Starting this morning, I have received Subscription Update email notifications from Scoochmaroo.  I have received approximately 50 of these - all of them old guides. I enjoy updates from Scoochmaroo, but it's just disappointing to open an old update.

Posted by Hello Kitty 7 years ago

Account email not updating....

I've changed my account email address and updates are still being sent to the old address even though it shows that it's been updated in the account info.

Posted by drseuss 7 years ago

Whistle update

I've updated my recent whistle instructable with a video and an extra note!

Posted by Kiteman 7 years ago

ROV Update.

Just a small heads-up, I've updated a couple of the images on my ROV concept 'ible with something more useful.

Posted by Kiteman 10 years ago


Hello I am new to instructables and I wanted to know if it is possible to update an instructable after you post. Someone please answer. Thank you. 

Posted by mshbi 5 years ago

Entering a Contest with an Updated Instructable

I have an instructable that I published about a year ago. Since then I have made some updates to the project, (a version 2 if you will). I was wondering if I could enter the updated instructable in a contest since I'm not publishing a new instructable, just updating an old one. Thanks for the help.

Posted by cmonaco3 5 years ago

im trying to update my profile and when i click update profile it doesent save ???

Im trying to update my profile and when i click update profile it doesent save ???

Posted by goeon 9 years ago

Can't update profile

I want to update my profile, filled all the fields asked but when I press submit button it is not working...  Thanks so much for the help.

Posted by distractor294 5 years ago

Updated Weapon Board

I have a quick-made picture of my updated weapon collection.

Posted by Mepain 10 years ago

Popsci winner *Updated*

When will/was he in the magazine?

Posted by Weissensteinburg 11 years ago

Instructables can not be updated

Hi, I'm new here. I had added some text to one of my instructables, along with another rendering image. I published the updates yesterday but could not see the updates today after logout. I use Chrome, and cache is cleared. Guess this is a bug ?

Posted by 7PLAIN 6 years ago

Updating Contest Entry date ?

How many date  Contest Entry ?2 days or one days ?

Posted by Niraj.Deshmukh 5 years ago

Thoughts on the new update?

There is a new update as all of you will have probably noticed by now. I've got my own views on the update.  [I miss the orange colour...] But, I wanted to now what the large community at Instuctables thinks about the updated home page. So... Please comment about what you think!

Posted by freakyqwerty 7 years ago

Hey, where did the latest Site Update posting disappear to?

Last night, Rachel rolled out some updates and bug fixes, and very nicely posted a summary to Site Updates (thank you, again!). That posting seems to have disappeared from the forum, but not from the top-level count for the forum. Update:  It seems to have been moved from the Site Updates forum to FAQs.  It is still read-only, so I don't quite understand why that was done.

Posted by kelseymh 8 years ago

How to turn the attention to the updated instructable?

How can I turn the attention to my old instructable after I made an important update to it? Is "promotion" feature on the profile page works this way?

Posted by Waldemar Sha 1 year ago

About Page Updated

The about page has been updated.  Check it out :) https://www.instructables.com/about/

Posted by Penolopy Bulnick 4 years ago

Asteroid Belt update 1

So far i have a new lift done, and the main base done. Sorry for no pictures of the base, but next update will pictures of the whole thing! :) next update is on Thanksgiving!

Posted by Purple Waffles 7 years ago


I noticed Instructables had an update. kinda glitchy for me. apparently my username is "you" and I have not made any Instructables... plz help me. p.s. kiteman i know your going to comment on this

Posted by benfoxg 10 years ago

project update

Project updates blimp: standstill top secret:draft finished collecting materials S.S.A. crossbow: canceled D.P.C. canon: plans complete collecting materials remote control knex car with independent suspension:now building

Posted by Sun Gear 10 years ago

Shotfun Updated: Ammunition Modification

I've just posted an update to my Double Barrel Shotfun Instructable - an ammunition modification! Go see the all-new Step 9. It's potentially very messy...

Posted by Kiteman 5 years ago

Only see my instructable updates when logged in...

I published my instructable, then went back to update a few things, and when I went to post it to facebook, I noticed it was using the wrong picture...so I tried logging out of instructables, and looking at my instructable, but it was an earlier version, not the updated one. When I look at it while I'm logged in, the updates are all there. What's going on here? Is this intended?

Posted by darktoad 7 years ago

Website update

We made a few changes and updates to the website yesterday, the most notable being adding a Solr search server. More information is over here in the forums.

Posted by ewilhelm 11 years ago

Thumbnail/preview not updating

In my last couple of instructables, I have decided after publishing that a different photo would work better as the primary photo. However, once published, the new thumbnail either a) doesn't update at all on the Instructables pages, or b) updates on the Instructables pages, but not when the link is posted elsewhere, like Facebook.  Is there a way this can be fixed?

Posted by susanrm 6 years ago

How do you update followers?

I have an instructable with a quite a few views and followers. How can I send a message / update to followers? What will they receive? https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-a-Raspberry-Pi-Media-Panel-fka-Digita/ Also, how do I send a message / update to people following me directly? Thanks

Posted by andyjagoe 4 years ago

Future minecraft update led as

What would be some good ideas for future minecraft updates? I have already thought of recipes book, planet minecraft (cube to be exact), and more water animals.

Posted by Rebreg 6 years ago

School Project Update.

We got a B+ on the assignment for not having much to do with mice and men, because the project was racism in the 1930's relating to mice and men.

Posted by Yerboogieman 9 years ago

PDF download document is not updated with changes when Instructable is republished

I made a few edits to an Instructable and when I republished it the changes where not updated in the PDF download document.  If I create a customer PDF I see the edits I made but not in the default PDF.

Posted by johnhaddad 4 years ago

Enter: Inferno

The Inferno: Next-Gen Shifle I added a few more pictures to it - I'm not done with the top part or the slide, so those aren't on there yet. 5/6 Update: pics 4 and 5 are updated pictures of the Inferno. 5/15 Update: Then again, Its not really an update, but a picture, check out the sixth pic! 6/9 Update: The barrel in the pictures will NOT be the barrel on the gun. I'm planning on using a different barrel that focuses on power and accuracy. It IS possible with a mag to have as much power as any other single shot gun. 12/7 UPDATE: The gun is nearly completed, and has been dubbed "KI28s2." New pictures coming along the way! Another thing, the gun will not use the system explained in update: 6/9 because of lack of space in the design, but that will be a future project. 12/8 UPDATE!: NEW PICTURE OF INFERNO! 12/9 Update: New pictures of the Inferno and it's trigger system. The Instructables robot is on there too! 12/25 Update: BUILD YOUR OWN! On K'nex Innovation!

Posted by Mepain 11 years ago

Update Pro Membership Rewards

I just wanted to know if there is any new Pro membership rewards for 2015. Last I checked they all expired New Years Eve.

Posted by normal52 3 years ago

Knex Update: 12/12/09

Another update.  Please answer the questions asked in the video.  

Posted by jollex 8 years ago

Update to Bookbinding project

I've added all the rest of the photos, and clarified some things.

Posted by eleraama 11 years ago

What is Google "broad core" algorithm update?

Can anyone have technically knowledge about Google "broad core" algorithm?

Posted by kbihmdigital 7 weeks ago

project update

Project updates blimp: standstill top secret:draft finished collecting materials S.S.A. crossbow: prototype complete making finished product D.P.C. canon: plans complete collecting materials

Posted by Sun Gear 10 years ago

E-mails not going to updated e-mail address

I've updated my e-mail address for notifications and my profile indicates the new e-mail address but they still go to the old e-mail address. What can I do? Thanks, Chad

Posted by bruzer101 6 years ago

Have the power users seen the new "Site Updates" forum?

Rachel's posting just a few minutes ago popped up in the "recent topics" list, and revealed  the hitherto unknown (at least to me) Site Updates forum.  This is where Staff (okay, Rachel :-) will be posting announcements of up-coming or/and soon-to-be updates, features, bug fixes, and whatnot. Pretty cool, and thanks to Staff for creating this!

Posted by kelseymh 8 years ago

Update letter fault

I got an update that an instructables member( that I was following) had posted this topic.  When I clicked on the link I got : ERROR 400: no topic, How-to-create-breadboard-images - ERROR 400: no topic, How-to-create-breadboard-images This is the link: https://www.instructables.com/community/How-to-create-breadboard-images/

Posted by sidgupta 5 years ago


Is the "daily views updater" broken, or does some one need to be reminded?  I like to check daily views from time to time, and an occasional miss is understandable, but I think it's been quite some time since an update.  Todays date: 8/2/2015. Thanks.

Posted by Creativeman 3 years ago


Hi, I was very busy trying to post a new instructable, it is not published yet.  a few minutes ago i went back to edit it and error message came up. So i refreshed the page, same thing...just won't let me update... does this normally happen?

Posted by NXTHacker 6 years ago

project update

NEW:project top secret II: building blimp: cancel top secret declassified true jet engine:on hold D.P.C. canon:on hold remote control knex car with independent suspension:cancel

Posted by Sun Gear 10 years ago

My Graffiti Blackbook Art (updated daily)

These are my graffiti blackbook drawings. Im taking requests. But i wont do all of the requests.

Posted by Hiyadudez 7 years ago

Posting bug appeared with the update, and disappeared again

Did anyone else notice the loss of "posting" for the last 8 hours ? It seems to have come back again at last, but what happened to testing ?

Posted by steveastrouk 6 years ago

Updated email address - still getting emails to old address

I updated my email address in my profile over a week ago, and I still get emails to my old address.  I tried updating both the Settings>Email Alerts page and the Settings>Change Email page, but I continue to get emails at the old address. Any ideas how to fix this?  Thanks! Not sure if it matters, but I'm on Win7 and Chrome.

Posted by guaps 4 years ago

Subscription Updates Not Working

I don't know what the the problem is, but I'm not geting updates from people I'm following any more, and I haven't in several weeks. I've checked my spam folder and still can't find them, so I'm assuming that there not coming anymore. Does anybody know why? or is it a problem with my mail client?

Posted by mr.mountaineer 4 years ago

Baseball Card Update Bugs

A place to post bugs you've noticed regarding the new update. Drop them in the comments below! Sorry if this comes across as negative, it was meant as a place for observations not to moan :D.

Posted by Jayefuu 8 years ago

Major update

Hello all I just released a Major update to my sexy six axis robot arm go take a look.. https://www.instructables.com/id/6-AXIS-ROBOTIC-ARM/

Posted by sparten11 3 years ago

project conditons update

Projects: blimp:standstill-need mylar top secret:designs finished gathering materials

Posted by Sun Gear 10 years ago