photos not uploading

I am trying to enter into the newest contest and not all of my photos are uploading. They are all the same size and I am mot getting any error messages it just takes me back to the upload page after I selected the photo I need uploaded. I am on a samsung galaxy tablet so it wont allow me to use the new uploader I have to use the old version for some reason. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!

Posted by JenniferB59 3 years ago

Trouble uploading files

Having difficulty uploading files.  I've selected the files and pressed the upload button.  The percentage uploaded increases to 100% but the files stay on the upload list with a status of 100%.  Files are not attached to the step nor do they appear under "your library".  I'm using Firefox 14.0.1.  I've also tried it on Chrome 20.0.1132.57.  Had this problem this morning (Pacific time) and this evening.  This morning I was on a different local network than this evening - so not a network problem.

Posted by talk2bruce 6 years ago

New and having trouble uploading pics for my first instructable...

Everytime I click upload, it uploads the pic and then crashes.  When I re-log back in, there's no pics whatsoever!  :(  This is my first instructable so I could use a hand with this problem please. Shy Silver Leaf

Posted by shysilverleaf 6 years ago

100% uploaded picture is no seen

I found this problem during a step by step Instructables: I uploaded all pictures in one batch. When I got to step 1 of the Instructables, I found one of pictures was not in the library. I clicked on "upload" tab, it showed 100% uploaded but it didn't show up in the library or the instructables, nor the specific step. I refreshed browser. It didn't help.  I tried "select files", "upload" a few times, it didn't help. I logged out my account, logged in and tried the above tricks, still didn't work. What's problem? How to fix it? How to add that picture to the step?  

Posted by babybayrs 5 years ago

I need help with uploading a Video!

I'm trying to publish a video about something I made, but when I put the embed code, and after i save it, it disappears, and I put it again and I press publish instead, and it still doesn't work, can someone explain to me why it wont work?

Posted by Senior Waffleman 5 years ago

Can't add images to forum comments

I know there is a post about someone being unable to post pics in ible comments, but I am also having the same problem on the forum. I thought I'd start a new thread with specific problems I am having and what I have tried. If I click the add images button I get a box that says Add Images and Files from your Library, but does not show the images already in my library. Under that, I have three options 1)upload, 2) your library and 3)flickr import. 1)If I choose the upload button, I get a button that says Choose Files. When I choose a file it does upload and appears in the box and when I preview my comment, I can see the text and the picture yet when I hit post comment, the forum topic reloads without my comment. (I had thought it might be a delay thing, but my original attempt was made almost a week ago and still hasn’t appeared) If I choose the old uploader from the upload option, I get the file loading image spinning for a few seconds, then it just disappears but without the image being uploaded. – Actually it does upload the image but just does not display it on this page. When I go to my library from the me page, I find countless copies of the same image that I was trying to add. 2)your library – if I choose this option nothing changes. There are no images displayed even though I do have images in my library. 3) flickr import. Again nothing changes when I select this option. I thought that maybe the problem was with Firefox –(I have the latest Firefox running on Windows Vista) so I tried using Internet Explorer. Using IE, when I click add images, I get the image loading graphic and it says loading your library, but nothing else happens, the graphic just spins and spins and spins!

Posted by Twinmum 7 years ago

We couldn't reach the mother ship. Please try again.

When I try to publish my instructable, I get this on my screen. what to do?

Posted by Sjoerd1975 3 years ago

Adding photos to an instructable

I am trying to create my first instructable but I can't get my photos to load. The image numbers,such as P1010199.JPG show up at the bottom of the edit screen, but no pictures appear. What am I doing wrong?

Posted by alpratt 7 years ago

Pictures not uploading!

I cannot seem to get my pictures to upload succesfully! i need help. anyone kno whats going on? They dont even show up in my library!

Posted by zjschafer 7 years ago

Uploading Videos

Hey guys...i dont know if anyone else has a similar problem with upoading videos...i find it so time consuming...i heard of a new software called !SMACK! it is meant to be really says it uploads to youtube and myspace 100x faster...does anyone use this it any good?? thanks

Posted by dangald 11 years ago

bug report == or at least it is to me

I use Corel  Photo Paint 16 to edit all my pictures. It is running on a fast Windows 7 system. I often shoot pictures sideways with my camera for a better use of the rectangle format. It is a DSLR by Olympus.  So when I edit the pictures I rotate them and fix contrast and everything. I also reduce the size since the camera takes things at the max resolution.  But a strange thing happens when I upload the pictures to instructables. It changes the orientation back to the original. All the cropping and contrast adjustments are there, but the pictures are sideways. Not just the thumbnails the entire picture. So I have to go through them and use your online edit program to rotate them back to where they should be. This is sometimes a problem when I am trying to put up a new instructable and I have a lot of pictures and I have to spend a lot of time re editing the pictures again. What is an even bigger problem is when the online program messes up and I have to just post things sideways until the program starts working correctly again. I almost missed the deadline on a recent contest because of the pictures needing to be fixed. Any clue as to what might be causing this?

Posted by Vyger 2 years ago

Upload Help

Hi Everyone, I'm kinda new here at Instructables, and am trying to put up my first Instructable, but I have been encountering a problem with uploading pictures. I add all the pictures I need from my computer, so that they're in a list above the upload button, so then I click the upload button and nothing happens. I thought that maybe the website had somehow uploaded them without me knowing, but whenever I come back to my Library they aren't there. Yes, I've tried tagging them, and even uploading them to photobucket so I could use the internet upload function to see if that worked and it still didn't. I have a feeling there might be something simple that I'm not seeing or getting. Can anyone help? Thanks!

Posted by nick7er 10 years ago

IO Error

     I recently went to upload some images and every time I tried to upload it said "IO Error". What does that mean? How come I can't upload? And how do I fix it? I am currently using a Windows 7 PC and I do have a HP printer hooked up if that helps any? I appreciate the help. Thank you.     KneXtreme

Posted by KneXtreme 6 years ago

Amount of video sections and duration you can use in a single INstructable?

I intend to upload my step-by-step video guide to making a Nintendo N64 console system into a handheld portable device; am currently about 60% completed in the project and uploaded about 10 videos to YouTube to cover the project up to this point.  By the time the project finishes, I could be needing about 20-25 videos, up to 10 mins long each. My intention is to upload the videos to this site for others to see; so my question is this - would I be able to post this volume of videos to this site on one topic; or would I need to put all the videos together? I have only just joined Instructables so a noob here, so would appreciate your comments and advice.  To give an idea of the videos I have for the N64 project so far, Better I ask at this stage! Obviously I intend to upload many other videos in the future, however this biggie might be the first one I upload here.

Posted by MODDEDbyBACTERIA 8 years ago

Image Does Not Show in Guide

I created and published this quick guide: When I view it, I do not see the image I uploaded (an illustration of the word "bed" with a mattress drawn on it). When I try to edit the guide, I see that the image is attached. Please see the screenshot of the edit screen with this message. I did upload the image and it shows as attached to this instructable. The image is a jpg and I did not receive any errors when uploading the image. Am I missing something?  How do I get the image to show up on my guide? (I previously posted this in an established thread with a similar question in the faq section, but I have not received an answer there).

Posted by Anianna 6 years ago

New picture uploader

New uploader does not do anything. (using safari)

Posted by Mooch07 8 years ago

Flash picture uploader fails

When I try to upload pictures using the new style flash based uploader I get the message "http error" for each file and they won't upload. This uploader has never worked for me. Old uploader works fine. Using Firefox on Linux - no luck with other browsers either.

Posted by throbscottle 7 years ago

Flickr uploader

We have one now. It's in your upload page: Read more about it here on the blog.

Posted by ewilhelm 11 years ago

Uploading pictures

Hi, I seem unable to upload pictures for a step by step instructive. IPad 2

Posted by ppinny 5 years ago

Uploading files other than images

Hi, is it possible to upload files other than images? I'm trying to upload a Fritzing project and an Arduino sketch but i get a 400 error for the new uploaded and an "Scripts not allowed error" with the  old uploader.

Posted by roberto.riggio 6 years ago

Not able to upload pictures with both uplaoders

I'm using chrome on a windows 7 64bit. When I try to upload images and click the "choose files" button nothing happens or opens. Then if i try to use "the old uploader": I can select images I can click upload after upload I get an empty upload view and no uploaded pictures because I couldn't upload pictures I've uploaded them to imgur. I have this problem also when I want to upload a new profile picture.

Posted by geo bruce 2 years ago

Editor doesn't let me upload pictures

The Instructables Editor doesn't let me upload pictures, Or browse for uploading...

Posted by Yonatan24 2 years ago

Can't upload video

I am currently trying to upload a video to my library but it won't upload. I do not want to make a youtube account, therefor I just want to upload the video for download. I was able to upload one video, but it just sits there saying it is when it isn't. please help.

Posted by gimmelotsarobots 10 years ago

how do you upload a file

How do i upload pictures to put them on my step by step instructable?

Posted by popizack 5 years ago

Cant mannage to upload my photos

Hi, I'm trying to submit my photos to your site, using the upload option, but the photos dont get uploaded. it says: image not found! Why is that??

Posted by taltula 9 years ago

image upload unavailable

I have been trying to upload photos since yesterday. It just says unable, due to server maintenance.

Posted by SlickSqueegie 4 years ago

Internal Server Error Uploading Images

Upon completion of upload of image in new instructable I receive an Internal Server Error message.  Image does not upload.  I would show a screenshot of the error, but uploads will not work on this form either. HELP!

Posted by DiyWaterDog 1 year ago

Problem with uploading Revit File

Hi, I am trying to upload my Revit file but I am getting an error that my  90 Mb file could not be uploaded. Please help

Posted by darkconn 6 years ago

Uploaded animated GIF to Instructables

I made an animated GIF size 500x528 and tried to upload it to Instructables, but it gets all screwed up upon upload. Is there a specific size I have to have it to upload? Tricks? Help!

Posted by flyingpuppy 7 years ago

Problem with pdf file UPLOAD

Hi there, I have a strange problem: Each time I try to upload a pdf-file into on of my new made instructables, it just happens nothing. I can upload pictures with the new and the old uploader, but when I try to upload a pdf-file, the file upload-dialog closes and nothing appears in the library or on the recent upload list. Sometimes instead of the pdf, the last uploaded picture appears on the list. I already tried deleting all the cookies and restarting the system, no success. Currently I'm working with WinXP and firefox, but I also tried from another computer with Opera and IE. I guess it's some kind of bug in the uploader, or not? Thanks Andreas

Posted by andyk75 8 years ago

problems uploading images?

It looks like image uploads are broken for me, is anyone else having problems? when i attempt to upload a new image it doesn't show up in my library, an old image (previously uploaded) is put in the preview area instead of the new one although it reports that the upload was successful.

Posted by jarv34 11 years ago

Image Upload Problem

Is any one else having the problem with uploading Images. I can't upload anything, my internet is fine and I have broadband 5mb/sec

Posted by acer73 11 years ago

Why Cant i upload pictures?

Whenever i try to upload pics (JPG) none of them will upload. All it says is http error.

Posted by TheAwesomestDude 6 years ago

Uploading vertical image help

I'm trying to upload images to my first instructables.  The first picture I uploaded in the intro was a vertical picture and uploaded fine, but the rest of my vertical pictures in the steps are all turned to the side so they're landscape instead of portrait.  I've tried uploading them a few times but it still doesn't work.  Can someone tell me how to fix this?

Posted by phoenixqueen 9 years ago

Can't upload image in comment

I am trying to upload an image in a comment, but the editor does nothing. This bug is not new, it exists since many months.

Posted by rimar2000 5 years ago

Neither uploader working for me :(

Hi, Tried to upload an image to a 'Ride' forum topic. Tried using the old uploader. Nothing doing. Buttons highlight when rolled over but that's it. Running OSX 10.8.2 on Safari. Cheers

Posted by bosherston 5 years ago

Uploading videos

I tried uploading an .avi file for my instructable and it didn't seem to work. Anyone have any suggestions?

Posted by Toxictom 11 years ago

i can't upload pictures.

The system won't let me upload pictures to anything. i tried everything but i always get the "file is corrupt" thing every time. even when i try to upload from flickr.

Posted by dsman195276 10 years ago

Can't upload Images for Instructable - "Select Files" button Missing!

The "Select Files" button for uploading images for an Instructable is missing, and therefore, images can not be uploaded. Never had this problem before. Using Mac OS X and Safari 5.1.4 (Images can be uploaded here using the link "Try the old uploader"). Anyone else having this problem? or, any ideas on how to solve this? Thanks, canucksgirl

Posted by canucksgirl 6 years ago

JPG Upload gets stuck

As I am working on a somewhat picture heavy instructable I running almost all the times I try to upload pictures into the following problem: I select the files/images I want to upload and add to the step I'm working on, hit the upload files button and wait for the magic to happen. Then it starts uploading. Then on a seemingly random file the upload stops and I have to cancel that file. The upload then continues until it stops again, sometimes on the next file, sometimes it uploads some other files in between. When I had to cancel the upload of the last picture once, all the images did cancel (at least they didn't show up in the library). Normally on a second or third try the images upload fine. There was also one that was corrupted but then I got a error message back and the upload of the other files worked fine. I am using Firefox 20.0 on Mac OS X 10.6.8 on a MacBook Pro

Posted by uersel 5 years ago

Are you having problems uploading images?

You may have run into trouble uploading images to forum topics, or directly to your image library. The old image uploader is being phased out, and will soon be replaced by the uploader that is part of the new editor. The recommended temporary work-around is to start an instructable that you do not publish, but any images you upload to it will become available in your image library. You may find it easier to keep that draft instructable "on file" until the uploading issue is sorted, just be careful not to accidentally publish it! 

Posted by Kiteman 4 years ago

Uploading Files

Just a quick question, I'm using Firefox. can i set a few files uploading for my 'able, then go to a new tab and do stuff there? what if i set files uploading in I.E and use Firefox to browse? anyone know? Thanks. Fudge.

Posted by Da_Fudge 10 years ago

Cannot upload project from APP

Cannot "save to" or publish my instructable from the iOS app. Anyone else have this issue? Would love to be able to upload this especially after spending so long getting it together. 

Posted by rciggan 3 years ago

cant upload thumbnail for my video .

When i upload an embed video i can publish becoz i can upload thumnail.Can someone help me

Posted by Serge Savoie 10 years ago

Help with uploading images?

I need help with uploading images to Instructables -- the wheel just keeps on spinning forever. I've had this problem on SuSE and Ubuntu... Can anyone help? Please?

Posted by threecheersfornick 10 years ago

The uploader is killing me!

Both the old and new uploader was working great for me a while ago. Until recently, the old uploader dose now work for me anymore and the new uploader starts posting tiny pictures. Now every time I try use the new uploader, firefox crashes, and the old uploader looks different, but still does not work!I am trying to use flicker to bypass instructables's uploaders, but I am finding impossible to use! :-( I cannot post any instructables without picture and I have two project ideas for the LED contest, what can I do? Please help me...

Posted by Plasmana 9 years ago

Can't upload .crv file

Hello, I just posted my first Instructable.  I uploaded photos and a .dxf file.  However, I tried to upload a .crv file and it looks like it uploads (bar goes to 100%) but it does not show up in the file list.  A .crv is a file for the program Vcarve, which is a CAM program used to create CNC files for machines like a ShopBot.  Are there limitations on the file types that can be uploaded or some other limitation? thanks -John

Posted by jmogyoro 5 years ago

instructables help uploading

I am not sure what is happening but when I tried to upload a photo for my first instructables it woud not upload I wait about half a hour but it still wont, help!!!!!!!!!

Posted by DELETED_Gavabc123 10 years ago

Fuzzy Picture Uploads?

When I try to upload a nice crisp image to ibles, I find that it invariably becomes irritatingly fuzzy. What can I do about this?

Posted by threecheersfornick 9 years ago