12v UPS

With most UPS's there is electronic circuitry to reduce the home voltage to 12 or 24v to store in the battery, and then another circuit to raise the voltage back to the home voltage.  I know there is always a loss when attributes of electricity are changed. This seems very wasteful to me. I want to build a UPS for my notebook computer, that I use as a home server.  The power adapter for the notebook creates 19 volts but the notebook itself uses 12 - the other 7 is perhaps used to charge the battery while the computer is on.  I would like to put together a UPS made of 12 volt Ni or LiFe packs - would most likely be 13 volts but I don't think that would be a problem to avoid the double switching of the power.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Posted by haopengyou 4 years ago

Build a UPS

I am wanting to build an Uninterrupted power supply. I was planning to use relays to connect and disconnect and the mains and battery power. N/O for the mains and N/C for the DC voltage. I wasn't sure if the relays would switch fast enough for the CPU to remain on. I loaded 2 pictures. Has anybody ever built something like this? 

Posted by WWC 6 years ago

i need inverter circuit for 45W ?

It small inverter

Asked by gopinathravi 5 years ago


My UPS is designed to run on 36v Dc input. Can i be able to use a single 12v battery for it to run? if not is there a way i can adjust the input power to 12V?

Posted by Patricemutua 6 months ago

Can you make a variable DC Power supply out of UPS (uninterruptible power supply) ?

I have at least 6 UPS. Can it be done? How difficult would it be?

Asked by melissa_b04 5 years ago

Using two UPS to charge battery together?

Hello Everyone, I need your help with this. I have two UPS (exact same model) Sendon 1000 VA. Each of them use two 12V 10 Amp battery in series. Now I want to use both UPS together to charge a pair of car batteries (12V 35 Amp each). Is it possible to do so? Using two same model UPS on same battery? I know there is a possibility of power back flow / de-phrasing that may damage the UPS. Please suggest me if I need to use some kind of circuits to keep the two UPS separate. Thank You.

Asked by AmareX 7 years ago


Does anyone else seem to think that a lot of the entries here are not technically mash-ups. I entered one that, the more I think about, isn't really a mash-up. Sure I combined a couple of things to make something new, but unless you consider turning two decorative things into a third decorative thing a "mash-up", I'm not entirely sure it fits this contest. I'm working on something that I think will be more appropriate, but I'm curious what everyone else thinks.

Posted by aintMichael 10 years ago

UPS battery backup as car inverter?

I hope this isn't a dumb question, but if I were to take an old UPS unit, remove the battery, wire a 12V lighter socket plug to the battery cables in the UPS, and plug it in to the car, would it convert the 12V DC to 120V AC while the car is running? And if it worked would it draw too much power or damage anything? I wouldn't use this to run anything with a motor, just a laptop charger and maybe a light. Thanks! :)

Posted by 500FPS 9 months ago

HI..question about UPS baterry replacement?

Baterry on my UPS Mustek Power office 650 is old and not working propperly.It is 12V and 7 amps,so I though to put instead a car baterry,also 12V,but 55 amps....can it be done?will .the device operate safely, or will it get damaged?Or my computer?P.S. I don`t care about esthetic,car baterry wil stay next to the UPS,I want to know can UPS hold that much amps?can it give me more authonomy when there is no electric power,and can I damage my computer with that kind of replacement?..Greeetings from Serbia..:)..

Asked by foreplay011 8 years ago

UPS Battery

Hi Guys, My first time to post a question here. I had purchase a UPS from a store. The UPS have 2 6 volts battery inside of it, the seller said that 1 of those battery isn't working anymore. My question is this, how do I replace or is it possible to replace it with 1 12 volts battery instead of having 2 6 volts battery to fit there. What will be the layout of the wirings if I have to do it on 1 12 volts battery. I tried making search of the actual item on the net but couldn't find it. Here's the pictures and the information of the UPS Information -------------------------------------------- 2009000002391 MODEL: ELITE 500 VOLTAGE: 220V / 60Hz MADE IN TAIWAN --------------------------------------------

Posted by acl_20032003 7 years ago

DC to DC UPS (Help!)

Hi i am trying to build a sort of DC TO DC ups for my modem/router, please look at the image attached for my project plan. I was able to find many charging circuits online but i cant understand what value relay and capacitor should be used. can any one help me with this project. Thanks in advance. http://i52.tinypic.com/v2v38n.jpg

Posted by spooge 7 years ago

how do i get my laptop to let me watch a movie with it hooked up to a dvd player through an HDMI cable????

Okay so i have a windows netbook laptop that i would like to hook up to my samsung blue-ray DVD player to watch a movie because well you know netbooks r to small to have built in DVD player and both the DVD player and my laptop have an HDMI outlet but i dont know how to access the movie

Asked by GraceJ1 3 years ago

when a guy dumps you for no reason what-so-ever and then hates you for absolutely no reason, what the HECK do you do??? Answered

My boyfriend dumped me for no reason at all, i mean he was having a perfectly fine day then i receive a text from him saying "ITS OVER", i was crushed, but now hes in over his head, of course i still have feelings for him but he is making it his point to hurt me in every way possible, and every time i am about to get over him, he comes up to me out of nowhere and gives me a sweet compliment, like, you look beautiful today hannah. GRR. what is goin on??? this is sooo confusing. im only 16, i shouldnt have to put up with this. WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!?!?!?!

Asked by hannah16 8 years ago

want to power my ADSL during power cuts Answered

I have LINKSYS wi-fi ADSL. which takes input power as 12V, 1000mA. We have daily 2 earth hour power cutsI also have 12v, 4.5Ah battery with me. So i want make use of it to power my ADSL during power cuts. Please help what all i need to do.?

Asked by chinnuabhi 5 years ago

How to coneect LED Strip to PC Ups direct.

How to connect a LED strip directly inside to PC UPS Battery (12v)  presently the LED strip needs a 12v adapter for connection directly to main power supply 220v AC. but i want to connect it directly to my spare PC UPS, so that a get lights uninterrupted by power cuts. #draw 12v from UPS battery while charging. please guide. Rupesh 

Asked by Rupesh KR 2 years ago

will this circuit work as ups for my 5v device? Answered

The circuit is shown in the photo If i need to make changes in schematic write in comment

Asked by Suraj Grewal 6 years ago

Can I use ups by charging it via a 45w solar panel I made Answered

Ups is a 300w with 7amph battery and it is 110v charging can I use regular 12v 4.5amp dc? and disconnect the charger because it is 110 but I will be using in 220v country?

Asked by celalboz 8 years ago

Computer UPS backup transformer into an welder OR spot welder ??????

I have some transformer from my UPS. i want to make it welder.. watch this videos.. Do not talk about microwave ovens transformers . i don't have microwave transformer. can we make it ??? 

Posted by ishan udyoga 4 years ago

Request: An Internal UPS or battery for a PC

My town has been experiencing power dips and short outages. i bought a cheap ups but it doesn't really do the job (the PC still cuts out) but i noticed that my laptop carries on just fine (obviously because it has an internal battery) so that got me wondering. Inside the pc it's just 12v and 5v isn't it? surely you could set up a battery inside the case that works just like the one in a laptop. anyone fancy giving it a go?

Posted by the.dwarfer 10 years ago

How to wire this transformer? Answered

ok, anyone know how to connect this transformer to mains power .. i get this from my UPS backup ..

Asked by ishan udyoga 4 years ago

Solar Charger?

Hi everyone! i want to build solar powered charger... i already build ups system using old computer system ups... configuration : 650va ups with 12v 35ah  battery. The battery is deep cycle one and should be charged in 8 hrs of good sun light.... so how many solar cells i need to buy and describe the calculation? Best online shop to buy a cheap and best cells ? Thanks in advance...

Asked by arshanmugam 5 years ago

Desktop PC DC - DC UPS ?

This might sound stupid, but I was watching some guys build batteries to Electrical Cars using Laptop batteries like Tesla does (18650 battery Cells)  and I got thinking about creating an UPS for my PC. If Im not mistaken, most UPS convert AC to DC current and in a mains power loss they convert back DC to AC which is not very efficient I assume. So why not instead of going thru that process, why not power the PC components directly from the UPS in the event of a power loss or power supply failure?? My idea was to build a UPS that works completely on DC power, from its input to its output. So the PC power supply would charge it and the UPS would power the PC components in case of a power failure. I would be using this on a server so I dont need monitors or other stuff. All that would be require would be power regulators for 12V, 5V and 3.3V right? Wouldn't that be more efficient? (the battery would last longer due to less power loss on conversions I think)  And wouldn't it be cheaper?  Thanks, Ralms

Asked by RicardoM146 2 years ago

Is there any danger in using two different sine-wave inverters (UPS) to provide backup power for my computers?

I'm concerned that having two UPS units in close proximity could be the same as having two out of phase mains supplies and the potential for a rather nasty shock.  Or, are my fears misguided? Thanks.

Asked by marto26 6 years ago

My HP laptop connected to my HDTV via VGA fine- but now it says NO SUPPORT. What do I do for this?!?

Laptop to TV was fine through the VGA hook-up, until recently. When I try to hook-up now, my TV says NO SUPPORT. What is causing this, and how do I remedy the situation?

Asked by 8 years ago

Do UPS inverters use Modified or Full sine wave?

I've been running my laptop, Desktop computer monitor, and a whole bunch of other things off a cheap 100w modified sine wave inverter for few years now, but have just recently started wondering if I got an old UPS that ran off of 12V for the inverter if it would be cheaper than buying a real full sine wave inverter. But I'm not sure if the inverter is Full sine wave for use with computers.  I have a small off grid system I'm using. Anyone know for sure?      

Asked by Bluevitz-RS 6 years ago

Can my UPS protect my TV and other Electronics other than my PC?

Hello, I've a recently bought an UPS "Solltek 1400VA/840W UPS" to help me supply my PC when the power cuts off... It works perfectly so far for my PC specially because it only supports the "IEC 320 C-13 C-14 Cables" Outlet which is Perfect for the Power supply Inlet of my PC... But furthermore, Can I use a converter to Convert that IEC C-13 to a Normal wall socket so that i can Plug any other Electronic device too (TV, Speakers, Printers, etc...) to work when the power cuts off.. ( a Converter like this one in the link http://goo.gl/D4mxkZ )  also i Wonder whether that procedure would be Harmful for those Electronic Devices or not (because of the Modified Sinewave type thing ..) Thanks in Advance, and plz Excuse me for my English.. :) Greetings from Egypt

Asked by mnabil4 4 years ago

Homemade UPS automatic switching from source - battery vice versa?

I need a low cost and low BOM count circuit design to accept 9-16V input and utilize a battery like this one: http://www.all-battery.com/li-ion1865074v2200mahrechargeablebatterymodulewithpcb.aspx to provide uninterruptible power. If power is flowing it should use the input voltage to supply the output and charge the battery. If input power is interrupted it should draw from the battery. Output current needs to be around 5 amps. I'm not really an expert in electronics. If someone could help would really appreciate it.

Asked by MJames007 2 years ago

New generator

I am thinking about buying a small generator for in around the house uses ( like charging things as power tools, phones, laptops)  Because I live in a house with no power and running water.  I have done some searching and found this one( Eurom GE720 benzine generator 63cc aggregaat 720 W) to be the easiest to obtain, fast shipping, cheap and it would do the trick. Now I wonder if I would need some sort of power stabilizer or UPS to prevent power peeks from destroying my precious devices. I am new to this stuff... always had the luxury of plugs in the wall so not sure what I need and where to buy it and more importantly, how do I use a stabilizer or UPS correctly Eurom GE720 benzine generator 63cc 720 W

Posted by MrLeggs 4 years ago

Is it possible mail a parcel with a running camera inside?

I thought  it might be cool to ship my old smart phone wile its recording low res motion detect images. The phone will be in a tough very small 19 x 19 x 9 cm cardboard box with a modified minty boost powering it. All data connections on the phone will be turned off. I just have one question, is it legal?

Asked by physics_dude 8 years ago

Home Electronic Project, Can Use Some Help :)

Hey all I'm trying to hack together a few things to make a uninterrupted power supply unit. So far, I've got a 500W power inverter from 12V to 240V, and a car battery. Unfortunately, I also need a power supply capable of pumping enough amps into the inverter and battery to get the whole thing started. I've tried an old ATX power supply I had lying around (actually several :s and I figured if I can get at least a few amps out of it it'll power ONE computer at least) but as soon as the inverter is connected to the 12V line the power supply shuts down (even when it's not powering anything at all, just the inverter ATM). It's like some sort of safety mechanism, same thing happens if you short two wires across. I know there's nothing wrong with the inverter because I can plug it into a normal wall transformer (which fried as soon as I plugged something into it because the transformer only output 1A ), and it works fine powering a computer on the battery. Anyone know of a way of overriding this mechanism, or even better, a way of hacking together a cheap and nasty 240V -> 12V 50A power transformer? Maybe splicing two power supplies together, if it's possible? 'Shady

Posted by PacShady 10 years ago

how to send ups signal to long distance through a mobile or pc (with internet)?

I want to use my UPS to know my home power failure, when i'm at office(its like 50 km distance). please submit detailed diagram. 

Asked by sripeople 8 years ago

ups problem Answered

I found an mge ups system in a trash bin tried to make it work but failed epicaly. so i tried to find the manual online but ended up with nothing. so if anyone has info(or tips) about the Pulsar Extreme 2200c, please please please tell me what you know .thank you :) added some pics.

Asked by didgitalpunk 6 years ago

UPS Uninterrupted Power Supply

Just an open forum about UPS, the pro's/con's.... What do you use yours for? Lately Ive been thinking about getting one, then ask myself "Why?" I don't know, but still think it could be useful. Sooo, do you use it for a certain purpose? Do you buy it, just to strip it for parts? Or maybe IBLE idea's on uses for an UPS!

Posted by killarowa 10 years ago

How to get a UPS to turn on without being connected to AC? Answered

I want to use a UPS and a car/deep cycle battery to get AC power when away from outlets or when the power is off. ie what I want is to be able to have my UPs attached to a car battery and turned off and then when I want to use it turn on the UPS and have AC power. That would seem easy enough. But it doesn't work. My UPS works fine on the battery if it is connected to AC and then unplugged while turned on. However I can not get it to trun on without being connected to AC.  What do I do? I have tried two different UPSs. I am including ictures of my UPSs.  The white one is APC 280VA model. The black one is 650VA APC model. I would prefer to use the black one but I could use the white one. Thanks for any help. If you need more info just let me know.

Asked by nurdee1 6 years ago

Dose anyone know haw to make a good 12v U,P,S (Uninterruptible power supply)?

Hi i am trying to make a UPS for a 12v project I'm using a relay diode & capacitors and my idea work but at the switchover it drops from 12v to 7v then back to 12v so has anyone got a good design Thanks

Asked by drako-fire 8 years ago

Old UPS transformers: Any uses?

Does anyone know of a use for those massive transformers found in dead UPS's? Please don't post replies that include "door stop" or "recycle them" because those are obvious replies when you have no answer to my question. *SMILE* I have not tried but if the "secondary" for those that is the 110v output to the plugs were hooked to 110, do the original primaries become low voltage ac secondaries? (~12v) I have accumulated about 6 of these and would like to find an electronic use for them before resorting to recycle.  I have no doors that need propped open. Thanks.

Posted by stuffdone 1 year ago

Convert 320VDC to 230VAC or 48VDC voltage using 230VAC (UK) UPS?

I've got access to 12 flexible Solar Panels - 320VDC each I live in the UK where mains voltage is 230VAC and also might buy an electric engine which would run at 48VDC. Would a UK voltage (230VAC) UPS be able to step down the 320VDC to either 230VAC or 48VDC for use on a boat? I'm thinking I could connect 12 panels in parallel and use either; Double-conversion UPS to deliver 48V by bypassing the conversion from the battery back to 230V or  Line-interactive UPS to deliver 230V directly from the 320VDC. The question is would the UPS's surge protection be able to deal with the high voltages? (Keeping in mind the sun isn't real bright in the UK). Also with regard efficiency will there be a lot of power loss in the system? I don't really know how surge protection from overvoltage works in UPS's and assume it uses some kind of buck conversion...? I'm guessing that the surge protection circuits might struggle with continued voltage overload. Does anyone know if this would be the case? The question is, will the UPS's be able to reliably deliver either 230VAC or 48VDC? Here are the specs for each individual panel; http://www.innoasia.net/2010/pdf/presentation/SmartCity_Takano.pdf Open circuit voltage(Voc): 429V Optimum power voltage(VMP):319 V Short circuit current(Isc): 0.39A Max operating current(IMP): 0.288A torrence:+_5% Maximum system voltage: 1000V THERMAL CHARACTERISTICS: (-25 ° C to +90 ° C) Temperature coefficient É‘Isc +0.08%/ ° C Temperature coefficient É‘Voc -0.35%/ ° C. Temperature coefficient É‘Pmax -0.15% / ° C. Over-current Protection 30mA

Asked by mchin2 4 years ago

Contest Prizes being Pro Accounts for runner-ups?

It would be great if you added runner-up prizes in some or all the contests of Pro Instructable Accounts. I am new and have not seen that, maybe you already have them sometimes, if so then please ignore this. But if not, it would be really great for those of us (me) that want one yet can't afford to spend the money on one. I know it isn't much to some of you folks, but it is a lot to others. The cost of the supplies of things we are going to make, which we will spend first anyway, it is already hard to afford. Adding the Pro account as a prize wouldn't cost Instructables much if anything and there is no shipping cost plus I think it would be appreciated by many.   :}. Thanks, Conny

Posted by love4pds 7 years ago

Instructables unusable on an iPad unless logged in.

Instructables is unusable on the iPad due to advertisement redirects constantly taking you to a new page. Horrible “Congratulations!!!! You won an Amazon or Walmart Gift Card! Pop ups and redirects. Please fix! This happens in Chrome or Safari in multiple IOS versions. This has been happening for several weeks now.

Posted by Frankincell 6 months ago

I would like to build a portable mini pc for games...any advices?

Being fed up with the various android portable units with ARM and whatnot,i decided that maybe i could build my own portable mini pc for gaming.not super-late recent intensive gaming,but like 5\6 years ago games,and of course emulators. so my idea is to strap one of those mini pc like beelink,minix neo etc to the back of my ipega 9023 joypad this thing here : http://img.dxcdn.com/productimages/sku_337604_1.jpg so what i need is an external display,roughly the size of a medium prize tablet,and of course, i need to know how to power the thing with a battery or similar. any idea\ advices? would a ups be a good substitute for a battery/powerpack?

Asked by AlessandroP47 1 year ago

Making a Inverter with 12V Solar panel.

Hello There, Some One Tell me how can i Power Up my Desktop PC with 12Volt Solar Panel that is rated Max Current Of 10Amps, so i want to make a DIY Inverter with i can Ran my Desktop PC , The load of PC is  Approx. 500 Watts. I know how to Convert DC to AC but the Problem is Power(LOAD). How can i Make it to work With Max power of 500 watts? Help me  Plz Regards, AB

Asked by asattark.solangi 1 year ago

What capacitor size or what electrical setup can store 115 to supply a motor for 1 minute or 40secs

Hello guys, it's my first time here and I really need help. I am working on a system that produces 115VDC. Can someone help me with the size of capacitor or electrical setup I need to store the said 115VDC to supply a 110 AC/DC electric motor for 1 minute or minimum of 40secs? Also, I'll appreciate if someone can direct me to a store that might have it for sale.

Asked by Kourage 5 years ago

Has anyone got thoughts using a UPS on a refrigerator? Answered

A friend has a six year old Viking Professional refrigerator that must be manually key-board restarted after a momentary power interruption.   My solution for this bad design is to put a UPS on the refrigerator. After all the refrigerator load is very small and much like a computer load. I plan to size the UPS to the instructions of the fridge circuit beaker .   Anyone with experience ?   A

Asked by iceng 4 years ago

UPS external battery setup?

 I have a APC BACKUPS 500 with a dead battery, it can supply up to 300 watts continuously. However, at full tilt my computer can use up to 1000watts and the monitor uses about 150. With standard use my computer uses around 400watts or so. Would it be possible to use 2 UPS both wired in parralel to a single deep cycle lead acid battery. Would this work? The thing I'm worried about is wouldn't both UPSes try to charge the battery at the same t ime, and would that be ok? Red is positive and blue is negative in the picture. I would hopefully get around 1 hour of backup. Also, is there any way to make my computer go into energy conservation mode when the power goes out? I have a 2008 8 core mac pro.

Asked by snowluck2345 8 years ago

Top 10 Lightsaber Mash Ups

"The Star Wars kid has gotten a lot of shite over the years, mainly because he's not a professional. He simply didn't have the training necessary to pull off that fight sequence. On the other hand, there are lots of professionals who do have the training and simply lack the means to wield it. I'm talking about people like Aragorn, Captain Jack Sparrow, and Westley. If somehow you could only put a lightsaber in these fearsome warriors hands...Ugh, blogging. What am I even talking about? Let's just be ourselves, you guys. I found a bunch of clips on YouTube where people took fight sequences from other movies and overlaid lightsabers on top of them using magic, and they are hilarious, and you're gonna love it."Link

Posted by Tetranitrate 10 years ago

You may take our tools, but you'll never take our Freedom!

On January 20th there will the first meeting of T-Exchange, a Moray-based (Scotland) hack-group.  Anyone interested in making stuff or being creative is welcome.  You can find us on Facebook (search for T-Exchange) or at http://www.t-exchange.net for more information! Its a long shot but somebody might see this :)

Posted by termcc 6 years ago

5v battery backup?

Hi, I have a 555 timer circuit running in monostable mode which I need a battery backup for.Anyone have a simple, reliable circuit that can achieve the following results :1. Switch power between the 5v cell phone charger and the battery in the event of a power outage. The "switch" needs to be seemless otherwise it will trigger the monostable as it is set to trigger or re-trigger whenever the power goes off and on again.2. Charge the battery when the power is on.3. Stop charging the battery when it is fully charged.Any other suggestions will be much appreciated. I am not rigid on the design and use of parts, although....the cheaper the better without compromising on reliability (of course).This is for a security system that drives two lasers, a camera and a cell phone. Not sure if the cell phone battery can be used to power the "backup system" as well as run the cell phone.Thanks in advance.GK ;)

Asked by GhengisKhan1981 3 months ago