..guys, how could i add usb port to my old ibm thinkpad and anyone here can teach me how to convert a serial port to a usb port in a laptop. can i make that adapter at home? ..pls. help guys ..any instructables?, thanks

Posted by mij 10 years ago

USB doomsday device usb hub

I'm sure most of you have seen the USB doomsday device usb hub on thinkgeek, I'm looking to make my own, anyone have any suggestions on where to begin? I have a usb hub so i assume ill just need to rig up some lights and switches to a box, can't imagine it'll be that tough.

Posted by Itnick 10 years ago

usb copier

 hi every body i think today to make a usb copier that mean a standalone hardware to get 2 usb and transfer data from one usb to other  or copy the usb data to external memory am good at pic  but really i dont know from where to start and what i need could any one help me

Posted by eng_mai 8 years ago

usb password hacker

What if you took a usb mp3 player with a screen and some how make it where when you put it into a somputer it tells you the password

Posted by 1997589 8 years ago

messed up usb drivers need help

I dont know what to do its really pissing me off theres something wrong with my computers usb drivers i think when ever i want to use a usb device i have to plug it in and then restart my computer for my computer to recognize the device and even then many devices don't work whats wrong how can i fix it let me know if there is more information that is needed. im using windows xp without any service packs

Posted by Tanners 9 years ago

USB build!

What USB are you  building latey???? This is my newest usb thing that I have made!!

Posted by TSC 8 years ago


I was wondering......i know computers can give electricty through USB, but can they recive it through a USB port?

Posted by mythbusterma 9 years ago

where to find usb cord

Where can i find a usb cord for these projects?

Posted by killer7 10 years ago

USB to Phone

Is there a way to take an old USB cable and old cell phone charger and turn them into a Phone USB plug so you can plug it into your computer and upload ringtones and such?

Posted by kris142 10 years ago

Coming soon: USB Contest

Within the next couple weeks we will be starting a USB Contest! The rules are that the entry needs to involve USB in some way. It can be powered via USB, transfer data via USB, or even provide power by USB. As long as there is some USB connection being used, it can be entered. So keep that in mind and start noodling some ideas. Just be sure not to post until the contest starts, OK? More details to come.

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago


Is there anyway to convert rs232 to usb, even to db25 without the need for fancy chips?I can spare a 2313 if i have to, or even an atmega8 for the cause, but I NEED a way to convert the USB signal to RS232 levels. (To program other avrs via usb =D)

Posted by tyeo098 10 years ago

USB to switch?

I am building a backlit keyboard, and I wanted to hook it up to a switch. How would I make it from the USB, or the default connector, to a switch?

Posted by Exploitation 5 years ago

How does a USB drive work

I have wondered for as long as They existed. How do They work? USBs are the most oddly useful doodads on a computer and I would like to make something to be powered from one. In short, How?

Posted by Bigev 9 years ago

USB mini female to USB mini Male?

Hey, does anyone know where I can find a USB mini Female to USB mini Male cable? I looked all over the internet and I can't seem to find it. I tried making my own, but my soldering skills aren't great, and I ruined a USB mini female port. (pins were too small) Does anyone here know where I find one? or Can make one for me? Thanks!

Posted by rayjai 10 years ago

Improve reception of UTStarcom usb modem (stick)

Is it possible to improve reception of UTStarcom usb modem (stick) for desktop PC ISP- Cricket Thanks in advance for your help

Posted by Brulee46 9 years ago

USB Power(ed)

I'm obsessed with USB powered gadgets, but i'm not sure what the USB current limitations are, I know that the power output is about 5v,  but i dont know if i can attach gadgets that uses less or more voltaje, so I was wondering if anyone here can give a piece of advice about what can or cant I do with usb power.

Posted by patotec 6 years ago

Volts from an USB cable

I need to know how many volts a usb cable provides from a laptop. I couldnt find any information on google and I know that someone here has to know.

Posted by allstarn07 10 years ago

USB type C

Greetings, USB type c please? So I have spent alot of time researching different ways to light small ornament designs. I have considered EL lighting and LED, yet, in order for these lighting techniques to work sufficiently, you need 12v of power. There are Instructables to power these lightning methods per USB, however this ofcourse only provides the lightning with 5v. What I find quite surprising however is that there are no tutorials whatsoever with the new usb type: USB-C. Since USB-C can apparently provide 20v I wonder why there is little to no information available concerning these subjects. Are there technical limitations I dont know about? If not: would anyone please help me make usb-c powered led strips ^^

Posted by zeepjes 1 year ago

LED light up USB

Working on a project of mine and I'm stuck.  I'm trying to get an LED to light up when the USB port is in use for a charger, not when it's plugged into an outlet, but when someone plugs their chord in the USB port I want it to light up then.  How would I go about doing this?

Posted by MastaAzumarek 4 years ago

Making/Modifying a USB Hub

I'm currently designing an accessory for my computer which will house 4 USB ports as a USB Hub.  The issue i've got is I need to be able to contain the whole USB Hub in an area that is only 22mm deep and 170mm wide.   I've taken a cheap USB Hub apart to see what it was like and I have run into a few issues. The main one is that the total depth of the PCB to the end of the USB Ports is 35mm, 13mm over the size I need.  The next issue is that I need room to place a screw between the USB Ports, 2 either side.  These screws have a width of 3mm and a head size of 5mm.    Putting a hole like that in the PCB would break and short the connections. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Posted by K20Evo 5 years ago

12v computer PC fans powered by 5V USB

Hi folks, I have a mains powered USB hub and have successfully powered some 12V, 0.08A PC fans with a USB cable. I was wondering if powering 12V fans with 5V power supply would somehow damage the USB hub over time? I was also going to power some other things from the hub and thought of getting a luster/screw terminal to group power the fans from one USB cable (saving me some USB port space to power the other things). Could you foresee any problems with this? Thanks in advance :)

Posted by horsebones 4 years ago

USB to AA converter?

Basically, I want to power a small AA device from a usb port, preferably terminating in something that will fit snugly into the two-AA receptacle. I searched the archives, but couldn't find an equivalent project. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.

Posted by J0ub3rt 1 year ago

i am selling a USB-ICP

I am selling a USB-ICP - brand: futur design - model: USB-ICP - $50 - pay by paypal. - this device allow you to program onboard 8031/8051 microcontroller. - i can also give you a few micro-controller samples. - no need for eprom and expansive device to program your micro.

Posted by marquisparent73 7 years ago

Y2000 or Y3000 USB Commands

I am working on a data acquisition for a bird. I found a camera called Y2000, It is pin hole camera and very small. I looking for the USB commands to control it (basically to start and stop video recording).  Does any one know where I can find the USB commands? I will be using the Arduino Pro Mini as the computer, an I might need help in programming it. when the time comes. Right now I in the design phase. Rocket Nut

Posted by Rocket Nut 3 years ago

Sky+ box USB connection.

I've just noticed that our Sky+ box has a standard USB socket under a small flap at the front.Does this mean that I can download programmes off the hard-drive onto other devices?How would I do that?

Posted by Kiteman 9 years ago

I need a AC/USB adapter controlled by IR Switch

I need a AC/USB adapter controlled by IR switch

Posted by mrkleing 8 years ago

Usb Charger

I have 2 questions; 1.) Does anyone know if I can use a resistor in a usb charger? If so, what bands.(ex red,blue green, ect). 2.) Can I use an 3v LED to reduce the power to 6v. Would 6v harm my electronics?

Posted by ry25920 10 years ago

usb via cat5, whats inside these commercial versions?

Hi there,I am aware of the instructables of using cat5 cables for usb extension.It says the max. length is sth like 30 ft / 10 meters.And I found out these are also commercially available.usb cat5 up to 40 m / 125 ftWhats in the housing? Does anyone know?Is it possible to build on your own sth like that?Greetsmoere

Posted by moere 9 years ago

Need help with long distanct USB run [~ 100 meters]

I have extend/retractable boom that extends almost 100M when full extended. I know I can not get a USB signal that far out. I am thinking of possible converting the USB signal to Fiber-Optic signal if possible. I need help on both ends of the cable. Rocket Nut

Posted by Rocket Nut 3 years ago

USB connector 2-in- 1

Hi, Is there anyway to charge battery through USB connector as well get output volts from the same port ? any 2-in-1 type adapter or hack available.  They should be able to work through external charger . Any time of solution would be help full. Thanks,

Posted by RichiV 4 years ago

What to do with a not working USB Joystick?

Hi I have a Thrustmaster USB Joystick and it stopped working, probably because of the USB cable.  I'm going to buy a new one so I don't need to fix it (the usb cable has already been changed but it only worked some days), what I really want is to pick the pieces and build something. The problem is that I don't know much of electronics so it has to be something easy to construct. I'm open to any kind of project so please, tell me your ideas! Thanks!

Posted by Laurapintas 8 years ago

USB in NES controller

So I read the NES controller flash card reader instructable, and I was wondering, would it be possible to make it in a way so you could make an external usb 'connecter'? I've never done any techie thing, so if someone would attempt it or just have some ideas, I'd be glad :) - Semantic

Posted by Semantic 10 years ago

Back USB Ports Not Recognizing USB Drive

I recently (2 hours ago) made a case for USB drive because the case "broke" off. Anyway, my main USB ports on the front are on the bottom, with a stiff port cover over them. This makes it virtually impossible to use my USB drive now, as I cannot fit it in the tight space. So I want to use one of my 4 ports on the back. My problem is that when I plug the USB drive in, it just will not recognize it. I tried it it in my mouse port, keyboard port, everything. I tried it with another USB drive to make sure I just didn't ruin my first one; it wouldn't recognize it either. Maybe I'm missing something, or being ignorant, but I can't seem to figure out why it won't recognize it, and what can be done about it. Is there some menu like in the Control Panel (though I checked) that enables the ports, or what? I really to have to go case-less. Thanks! Edit - I'm running Windows XP Home.

Posted by Bran 11 years ago

Help a newbie- wiring of iphone 3 plug to USB

I have a Sol solar charger for an iPhone 3 that has become unusable do to battery damage.  I want to replace the batteries with one of the many Instructables here.    The Sol uses an output jack that has 6 wires and plugs directy into the iPhone 3.  My question is-can I convert this 6 wire plug to a 4 wire usb plug to then charge the iPhone from this USB port?

Posted by launchteam1 4 years ago

Increasing USB voltage? (newb here)

Hey all, I've recently got into learning to solder and learn about electronics. Well, I've been trying to make a few USB toys, but have come to find out that the USB ports don't put out enough power to get most of my stuff going. (an led light strip requiring 12 volts for instance). I was wondering if there was something simple I could put together to get some more power.

Posted by Soniku 9 years ago

Need help to create a DIY USB monitor

Hi all, I am working on a project to create my own portable usb monitor (eg. ltn101nt02) and a LCD controller board.  However, the controller board requires a 12v power input with more than 2A. I am thinking of using a boost converter but I'm not sure if it will work. Also, with the USB as power input, can it still work as a screen input for my monitor? Can anyone advise if i can modify the board such that I can use a USB for both power input and screen input? Thanks!

Posted by wzlee1 11 months ago

power single LEDs with USB?

I'm wanting to use some single 0603 LEDs here and there for a display.  I want each light to have its own power plug.  I'm figuring usb cables are a good way to do this (since I can power them by plugging into a hub, and retractable usb cables are cheap and handy).  If anybody has a better solution, I'm open to ideas. My question is whether there's some way to use a single resistor with the hub, instead of needing to add a resistor to each usb cable?  I'm assuming no, but figured it doesn't hurt to ask. Also, do I need different resistors depending on if it's usb, usb 2, or usb 3 hub/cables? And finally, since I'm getting my 0603 LEDs from some pre-wired Christmas light strands (mostly white, but a few colored), I don't have exact specs.  Is there a general standard that I should use for calculating which resistor to use?  3volts and 20mA sound good?

Posted by aliasjanedoe 5 years ago

Just in time for the USB contest - cufflinks!

From Cool Material: Ravi Ratan USB Cufflinks. "Every man in the history of time has, at one point, wanted to be James Bond. Long story short, none of us will ever be as cool as JB, but we can act the part. Ravi Ratan’s USB cufflinks, each storing 2 GB, are something even Q would’ve been proud of. Now you can secretly keep the missle launch co… er, Sales Revenue PowerPoint at your fingertips."

Posted by AdHd 8 years ago

USB headset Speakers?

I hate playing socom with a headset when friends are around because they cant hear what the other people are saying. Is there anyway to make it so my Logitech headset can be wired to speakers but maintain the microphone function?

Posted by d_child 11 years ago

USB Flash Drive Tester

I am looking for a tester to use to test USB Flash Drives.  I found a cool USB port tester on instructables, but I need something that would test the hardware functionality of a USB Flash Drive not the USB port.  I am not sure if I am saying this correctly, but reading about the functionality of USB Flash Drives, it appears to be a fuse on the circuit board.  I don't know if all drives have one.  Many of the videos I watched on YouTube require taking apart the drive and jumping the fuse to see if this is the problem.  I thought if there was a way to test to see if the circuit (I am not sure if I am describing this correctly.)  was completing then it would not initially require someone to take it apart.   Looking into this a little further, I see there are four leads on a USB.  It looks like from what I read that lead 1 [+5 VDC] and lead 4 [ground]. Are these the two leads which should show a completed circuit via a tester?  You probably have already figured out by now that I have no knowledge of electronics. Thanks for your help.

Posted by epodowski 5 years ago

usb to fm transmitter

 Hi, I am a very big noob to wiring. For a present, I wanted to make my cheap old AAA powered fm transmitter into a usb powered one.  Thinking I was so smart, I cut up an old usb cord and soldered the red to positive and black to negative. It worked great until it started melting the transmitter.  So I now I realize that usb is much more powerful than 2 AAAs.  heh heh. I found this: but it's a bit over my head.  I'm assuming I need to get a capacitor or voltage divider but I could use a little help breaking it down into noob speak.  Plus the transmitter is a little thing, 2 inches, is there a smaller way of checking the voltage? K, thanks bye!

Posted by audrywolters 8 years ago

Need a USB-Controlled lock box

Google led me here, and I have to say that I'm very impressed with the ingenuity of the people here! Hopefully someone here can help me. I'm trying to find a USB-controlled box. The box can be quite small, as it needs to contain just a single key. As for the USB part, I can go two ways: first, I would need the state of the box lid (i.e. open or closed) to be sent via USB to the computer. Or, the second alternative would be that the box lid would only open if a certain signal was received via the USB cable. I can do the software programming to either send or interpret the signal, it's the mechanical part I can't figure out. I would happily pay someone to build this for me. Any suggestions? Thanks! Lee

Posted by Indecisiveo 10 years ago

can i Splice A usb socket extension cable into power cable???

Hello, I have a little sub woofer box and 4  speakers connected to it, it has a line out 3.5 mm headphone jack which i connect my iphone to, the Subwoofer box has a power cable which plugs into the mains power. This is for work and it does the job just fine. my question is though i want to put a USB socket in the subwoofer box so i can charge my iphone at the same time via USB. Can i splice my usb socket extension  cable  into the power cable??  The power cable does not have an AC adaptor on the end if it just the plug. If this cant be done How can i get power to usb. Thanks in Advance.

Posted by Benji29 5 years ago

USB controlled relay withou µC?

Hello everybody, I've seen many posts about people who made a remote control switch with a microcontroller. My question is simple but the answer is possible not easy: can you remote control a switch by PC without using a microcontroller?

Posted by maximeke2 7 years ago

usb question

Hey i saw some videos on diy usb fan, thought it was a great idea, so i tried to make one too for funso i took my old broken logitech usb mouse and cut it open, however when i opened it i saw black, white, red, green, a string, and a copper wire - like the picture on the imageshack link (sorry for the blurr) i still only use the red and black wire right? and in what conditions should i not use the usb for powering (such as the product uses more than 500 milliamp?)and just out of curiosity does any1 know whats that copper wire with no shielding is for?thanks

Posted by aman0 10 years ago

Can you wire USB Ports in series?

Hi, All. New to the forums, but have used several instructables and love this site. I'm currently trying to make a notebook cooling fan using a 12 Volt fan pulled from an older computer. Obviously I can wire it to the USB ports, but the 5V I'm getting there aren't enough. Would it be possible to wire 2 usb connections in a series, giving me 10V at 500mA, or am I just asking to fry my ports? I've seen some external hard drives that use 2 USB ports for power, so I'm assuming it can be done, but I didn't know if you needed anything other than a series connection. Thanks!

Posted by doublec5 7 years ago

usb xbox controller constantly disconnects

Wasn't to sure where to ask this, maybe someone here can help me out. I cut off the end of a usb cord and the end of my Xbox controller cable and I've soldered the wires together. Under windows it will beep 2 times saying it's found it and has installed properly via XBCD. It will work for maybe 30 seconds then get disconnected, after this none of my usb plugs work, for example: my mouse will continue to work but if I unplug it then plug it back in it won't work till I reboot the computer. I've also tried this under Ubuntu. The only difference is it doesn't kill all my usb ports, I can unplug the controller then plug it back in for another 30 seconds or so. It sounds like it's using to much power for my laptop, so I bought a usb hub and had the same problem.

Posted by Zygaun 9 years ago

test RJ45Cat5 to USB Female

I'm new to this forum. I need some instructions. I have an RJ45-cat5 male to USB female connector that I bought for 3 bucks. I've tried using it to connect my HP 1050 j410 USB printer to my Linksys WRT54GS (wireless) router so I can have a network printer. (The Desktop is directly wired to the cable modem and the to the router.) It doesn't work, but I don't know if it's the connector itself, or that the printer will not communicate with the router, directly. Is there a way to test the connector with another piece of hardware to determine whether the connector is actually any good? BTW.. I can't determine from HP, whether the 1050 j410 USB printer can become a network printer. Should I just go buy a USB print server for 20 bucks, or whatever? I'm using an Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Desktop with AMD-64 processor. Thanks to you for the best advice. Shobuz99

Posted by shobuz99 6 years ago

WANTED: Arduino modules with RS-232

Somewhere previously, (which I thought I had favorited, but obviously didn't), someone pointed out USB Arduino modules are simply converting back to RS-232 when programming the chip. As I want to do my development without Windows or USB, I would like to know if there is anyone out there who has excess modules with RS-232 connectors directly attached, even if I have to pay for the USB versions as a swap. Otherwise, if someone knows these modules better, a USB by-pass straight to the RS-232 part of the module would also be appreciated. Mic

Posted by Treknology 4 years ago

PC Card to USB mod?

Okay, just signed up and I need a little help with something! I want to know if it's possible to wire a wireless PC card up to a usb cable. I know it sounds random but Linux doesn't like my wireless card (Realtek 8187b) and I've got a couple of wireless pc cards spare that Linux would like. Only thing is my laptop has an Express card slot. I'm looking for a no/low cost solution. Cheers!

Posted by ZdEEvO 9 years ago