In usb, can i join both side micro port??????????????

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..guys, how could i add usb port to my old ibm thinkpad and anyone here can teach me how to convert a serial port to a usb port in a laptop. can i make that adapter at home? ..pls. help guys ..any instructables?, thanks

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Looking for a simple cheap way to turn on and off multiple usb devices power via a computer program. How can i do this?

I am looking to use my computer to turn on and off   usb devices (like a LED light) via a computer program.  I know that USB devices have a constant five volts of power to their ports, and that the normal way to turn on or off a device is using a microcontroller board.  I've looked into buying such a board, but they are prohibitively expensive for my project (over $30) and require high level programming skills. I know a little Visual Basic programming and that is about it.  With usb devices so numerous and cheap, i am sure there must be a very cheap usb device that can be hacked.  Ideally, I'd like to be able to have the computer run timed on-off events and remotely control these over the web.  Any help would be great.

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How to extend the USB cable

How to extend the USB cable from 1m to 10m

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printer jack to USB ?

How to convert/replace conventional printer cable jack to USB one ?

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USB ports? Answered

What are all those wires in USB ports used for? P.S : If I wire 2 USB ports in series, the voltage will not go up, right?

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How to fix my USB?

for reasons the usb is messed up. i would like to know if there is a way i can retrieve the data or fix the usb

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help 2 male usb to 1 female usb (the extra 1 male usb is for additional power)?

Can someone help me how to make usb with 2 male and 1 female usb. i can't run my alpha network adapter coz it is for a desktop computer not for a laptop so it needs more power to work. 

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How to check the USB headset other than PC?

Is there any equipment available to test the USB headset?

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USB doomsday device usb hub

I'm sure most of you have seen the USB doomsday device usb hub on thinkgeek, I'm looking to make my own, anyone have any suggestions on where to begin? I have a usb hub so i assume ill just need to rig up some lights and switches to a box, can't imagine it'll be that tough.

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usb copier

 hi every body i think today to make a usb copier that mean a standalone hardware to get 2 usb and transfer data from one usb to other  or copy the usb data to external memory am good at pic  but really i dont know from where to start and what i need could any one help me

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usb password hacker

What if you took a usb mp3 player with a screen and some how make it where when you put it into a somputer it tells you the password

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Is it possible to add an ON/OFF switch to a USB cable?

In order to switch USB connection ON or OFF as required without unplugging the cable from the PC or device.

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does anyone how to make an usb controller

A device with 4 ports wich you can connect to your pc and control stuff like usb fans or lights with using a program?

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how can i power my 3 AAA led flashlight with USB?

I want to power my 3 AAA led flashlight from a usb? thanks.

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how do i fix my loose usb port?

When i put my usb into the port of my lap top it seem very loose and can fall out

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how do i build a wireless usb hub?

i would like to build a wireless usb hub for giggles it's cheaper to buy but i want to do it anyways can anybody help

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can i make a usb socket?and connect it to current?

 i have  a simple mp4 which needs 2 be charged frequently and  my comp"s usb is spoilt so please help me

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Are the usb ports on tablets usually wired to supply power?

I have been told that mini and micro ports on tablets are not powered is this true?

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Super usb Charger?

Im planning on building myself a portable rechargeable large capacity (Ah not mAh) usb charger. Im a bit of a electrical newb but I am a mechanical engineer in training, If someone could point me in the right direction or at a good instructable that would be awesome

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how can i connect a dvd rom via usb?

my compiuter syestem broke and i have a new laptop but the dvd rom is nor rw   so i want to connect my dvd rom from the syestem to the laptop by via usb. plx help

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Connecting a USB?

How would you connect the wires from a USB (female) with wires that are red, black, green, and white, to a 5V boost regulator that only had three legs - Vin, Ground, Vout?  It's not for a computer so I don't think we need the green and white wires, but I could be wrong.  Which wire goes where?  Thanks!

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How can I password protect my USB stick?

I have a Kingston 2 GB USB memory stick.  I have tried to see if I can password protect the stick in case I lose it.  So far I haven't been able to figure out how to do this.  Is it possible?

Asked by jardineken 8 years ago

A good explanation and example of a USB interface circuit?

 Every USB circuit I come across seems to be about the same with D- and D+ clamped to 3.6 volt with a zener diode. These wires are then passed to uC's io pins. Am I correct in thinking this setup doesn't take advantage of USB's differential signaling scheme? Because I thought an op-amp was needed for differential signaling. Does anyone know of a good resource, with circuit examples, that explains how USB transceivers work? I'm not interested in the actual protocol (NRZI, and all) I already understand most of that, what I'm really looking for is circuit level stuff.

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messed up usb drivers need help

I dont know what to do its really pissing me off theres something wrong with my computers usb drivers i think when ever i want to use a usb device i have to plug it in and then restart my computer for my computer to recognize the device and even then many devices don't work whats wrong how can i fix it let me know if there is more information that is needed. im using windows xp without any service packs

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Why do i have the hardest time getting XP to recognize USB 2.0 DEVICES?

I have plugged in an USB 2.0 external 2.5" drive (in enclosure) that my computer has recognized once and never again. What am i not doing?

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it is possible to communicate between two arduino UNO via USB and PC?

Thinking of using a joystick on one Arduino UNO and a servo on the other, and must communicate via USB through my computer. have recently started using Arduino. I have tried to look for answers on google with no luck.

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How do I control a 12v warning light using a signal from my USB port?

I am thinking of putting one of those revolving emergency lights on the side of my server cabinet, to be triggered by voltage from a USB port on one of my HP blades. The revolving light is 12v and has a seperate power supply, so I just need some sort of USB controled switching relay.

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Anybody know how to fix a USB?

I have some Information on this USB all documents that I would like to retrieve. it broke after one week of use & contacting the company was useless (they said just take it back to Wal-Mart and get a new one I couldn't make them understand I had information on it that I wanted!!!!) anyway when I put the USB in the computer its not being detected or it'll say reformat but when I try to reformat it says cannot be formatted. does anybody know of a way I can get the info off of it? I know I can send it to a data recovery shop but the cheapest prices I've been quoted is like 200 figured I should try here first THANKS!

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problem with PS/2 to USB converter?

I bought an PS/2 to USB converter for my keyboard. I figured out a new problem when i was playing NFS MW i can't drive a car by using the converter. Every button has to be pressed separately, when i press a combination of steer left and accelerate button, the car moves left with a gain in speed when i release the steer left button the acceleration too stops, which is quite annoying while playing a racing game. Can anything be done to make work as it is used in normal keyboard?

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How do I control an LED message board via USB?

Hey, this is my first post so bere with me as I may be a bit all over the place. I am trying to control an LED message board via usb. It has a manual keyboard on the bottom that upon closer inspection has 8 wires on one side and 7 on the other. By placing a wire between a wire on one side and a wire on the other a character is inputed. So by using some sort of USB interface with at least 15 pins I think it must be possible to input to it via USB. e.g. When A is pressed wires 8 and 15 should be connected in order to input A, for B wires 8 and 14 should be connected, ect..... I am also getting my Rasberry Pi sonn and was thinking that the GPIO pins could do this but i'm not sure. This website documents a similar project using the same display but via a different method: Thanks for reading, please help!!!!

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1 key keyboard?

Heres the circuit for 1 key keyboard which has to be done with a attiny85 but can i modify the circuit to be made with a  12F683

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what free games can i download onto a memory stick that works on any computer

What free games can i download onto a memory stick that works on any computer has to be less than 4GB

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USB build!

What USB are you  building latey???? This is my newest usb thing that I have made!!

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usb port diagram? Answered

Could someone pease give me the usb connections? i only want to know where the +5 and -5 are but you can give it all. thanks everyone!

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I was wondering......i know computers can give electricty through USB, but can they recive it through a USB port?

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usb monitor?

How can i build my own usb powered monitor?

Asked by mmathavan 2 years ago

usb network?

Usb male - male cable to connect 2 computer without a 'bride'

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USB thing?

Is there a way to make a USB thing that lights up a led (<-- That's the easy part) and tells the computer that the USB port works?

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Guitar usb cable ?

How make Usb-guitar cable?   

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Where can I buy a programmable USB button/keypad other than

$40 or less would be great! If not could you tell me how to make one using this

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where to find usb cord

Where can i find a usb cord for these projects?

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USB B versus USB miniB

I was wondering about some boards that use the USB B type of connectors.  Is it possible for me to use them with a USB miniB type of connector if I rework the board to the miniB pinout, or is there something about the USB B connector that makes it better for these boards?  One of the boards in question happens to be the Arduino Duemilanove.  Does anyone know if the miniB would retain the same functionality as the USB B type connector?

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