What to do when your bored and you have internet bandwidth issues ? Answered

Hello ! Everything is in the title , Im bored and it's very warm over here (I wouldnt complain about that if I wasnt bored) , I'd like to find something that could keep me busy during a long time , something great to do and most of all : useful and cheap , nothing more than 50 bucks . Dont tell me to read a book , I dont have nothing interesting and I can't read more than 30 minutes ... Thank you ;)

Asked by Anykey 7 years ago

Useful tools

Cheap, cordless drills are amazing tools. Take one apart and attach a speed controller, you got a motor for a robot. Also, they have good high torque motors that can be used for all sorts of things. A $50 RC transmitter and a receiver make good remote uses, such as remote detonation. More useful tools are pneumatic cannons. I've used them from pressure testing to damage testing. WHat are your useful, unconventional tools?

Posted by starwing123 9 years ago

Electronics! What type of circuits, are needed to design a remote control flashlight.

I would like to turn on a small battery powered light by remote control. Is there a web site that sells the parts needed? Someone suggested a remote control relay would be needed. By circuits I mean a general group like PLC's.

Asked by coulee 8 years ago

Most Useful

I was just curious what tools or techniques folks found most useful in their projects. For me it is the Dremel and epoxy.

Posted by RadBear 9 years ago

Contest suggestion

How about we have a contest to make the worlds most useful thing? The rules could be: 1. Solid shapes only, no hinges or moving part e.g. pen knives can't be submitted. 2. Using only commercialy available materials and tools. Nothing to specialised. 3. As many possible uses should be listed preferably. 4. No existing products can be modified or coped off. Originality please! just a suggestion XD

Posted by lewis68 8 years ago

Where to get basic materials

Anyone know a site that lists what household item contain useful materials to use in various instructables? I'm not explaining it too well but I live in a small town and can't get many of the materials needed to make things like the LED cubes, so I was hoping there was a site that tells where I can find things like LEDs, 100 ohm resistors or momentary button switches in everyday objects. like NiChrome wire in toasters or 330volt capacitors in disposable cameras.

Posted by grantdevine 10 years ago

Email newsletter relevancy

Recently the email newsletters are becoming less and less relevant. When I first agreed to start receiving them, they seemed great. I saw great instructables and a lot of good stuff. Now the featured 'ibles are all above my crafting skills and are expensive to boot, requiring 3D printers, expensive materials, and machinery that I don't have. While they're great instructables, they make me sigh and check the delete button on the email instead of clicking through to the site to view something I could actually do. I like the featured 'ibles usually, and this might just be me whining because I don't have the resources many on this site do have, but lately I've wanted to unsubscribe from newsletters - which would mean I would only venture to this site when I actually needed to do a diy project. No more neat ideas to be in awe of for their awesomeness - just complicated ones that are beyond me.  Maybe the newsletters could have more varied 'ibles? More simple ones and less "3D/wood/metal/arduino" ones? A balance would be nice.

Posted by Kaelpe 6 years ago

Must have capacitors, resistors, transistors

I am wanting to know the best values/ most used values in electronics projects for resistors, capacitors, and transistors. Suggestions? Also when purchasing capacitors, ceramic vs. electrolyte? Are ceramic mostly for lower capacitance values? And lastly what is the difference between a 10k resistor and a 10 Ohm resistor. What I have figured out is that the 10k is a higher resistance value.  Thanks, diamondmine

Posted by diamondmine 3 years ago

What is the best and most useful app for the iPod Touch/iPhone?

I am thinking of buying some new applications for my iPod Touch. I was just wondering what everyone thought was the best, and most useful application for the iPod Touch/iPhone?

Posted by Perkinator 8 years ago

I have a few gallons of leftover ammonium hydroxide at work. What should I do with it? Would anyone want it? Answered

I work at an engineering company and we use ammonium hydroxide for making blueprints. After a while we have to change out the bottles. I'm assuming the leftover bottles are not pure ammonium hydroxide anymore, but it is still very strong. We have about 8-10 jugs of it sitting around that we would like to get rid of. I'm not sure if it could be useful to anyone. I'm also not sure how to properly dispose of it if nobody wants it.

Asked by skittlespider 9 years ago

What is the most practical use for an Altoids tin? Answered

The more practical, the better.

Asked by Maxaxle 8 years ago

Useful knex office supplies

Recently I made some knex office supplies. They include: A knex inbox A knex pencil holder A letter holder A business card holder And a note book cover What do you think?? Killer~SafeCracker

Posted by Killer~SafeCracker 8 years ago

Interesting and alternative uses for electronics components? Answered

At my school, old wise men teach us all kinds of circuits and concepts, many using components in ways they were never intended for. Thermal cutoff for a power supply uses normal 4007 diodes as temperature sensors. Hollow pieces of stripped wiring plastic, heated slightly and used as heat shrink. Reverse voltage of an LED used to detect daylight and guide a solar tracking motor. 21W light bulbs used as constant current sources because of their PTC characteristics. Fuses made from single strands of copper, doubled up to handle greater current. There must be more. Using components and junk in ways they weren't intended opens up all kinds of possibilities for electronics people and students on tight budgets who don't have access to components and technology. Are there other smart ways to put the characteristics of certain parts to smart use?

Asked by Udon 8 years ago

Delete a picture?

How do delete photos off instructables? I have some unneeded pictures that are cluttering my workspace. How do I get rid of them?

Posted by Mintyhippo 10 years ago

I'm looking for a good, trusty pocketknife. What do you recommend? Answered

 I want a pocketknife put don't know which one. I can't decide between one with a good blade, or a lot on functions/tools. Please help!

Asked by Salsa766 8 years ago

is it possible to generate electricity by using a bicycle and an automobiles alternator?

I have been pondering this, and have searched the site but found nothing like this, but maybe using a larger inner tube and putting that around a bare rim and a spindle on an alternator to generate electricity? and would the rpms be enough to generate some charge? and also, it would be a\c charge? maybe it would be possible to charge up an automobile battery, if so it would be pretty neat, and useful.

Asked by uLTIMA 9 years ago

Using Gas? Answered

Is it necessary to use gas?

Asked by DaveP54 1 year ago

Uses for waterbottles?

What are other things you use water bottles for that doesn't include, bottle rockets, or simply re-using the bottle?

Posted by Rock Soldier 8 years ago

Is it useful to use as templates for cultivation? Answered

Does it dissolve if you put an implant, water or solid?

Asked by n.m.KA 11 months ago

How to use a transformer?

How to use a transformer?

Asked by BickromM 8 months ago

What are some easy crafts that are used in the US Army?

What are some easy to medium difficulty crafts that are used in the US Army or even the whole Military that can be made from household items

Asked by Hunter O. 8 years ago

should only propane be used or can i use LPG?

Propane or LPG

Asked by rstar 9 years ago

what kind of lube would use use on ss and vv coaster cars?

What kind of lube would use use on ss and vv coaster cars?

Asked by knexsuperbuilderfreak 8 years ago

Can a phone be used for this class? Answered

I use a tecno L8- Plus Can I use it for the purpose of this class And what app do you advise me to use for this learning

Asked by Midescion 1 year ago

how to use mobile as a modem so, to use internet in computer ?

I need to browse web pages in computer using mobile phone as modem?

Asked by 8 years ago

hi i want to use my zapper gun with my pc using usb port, is that possible??

What i want is use the zapper with my pc using usb port and play duck hunter or make a program that take the info of the shoots and use it like shoot practique simulator

Asked by eduespi 9 years ago

Using Gamepad Joystick

Hi  I have a gamepad. And I want to drive a car with it. I uploaded photos. I want to use but they arent button what I will use it

Posted by SelimErkan 5 years ago

what knife is better to use? ?

What knife is better to use?

Asked by myrtletran 7 months ago

Amounts used in receipe? Answered

This is a great tutorial. What are the amounts used in the receipe? What is the glycerin and or linseed oil used for?Thanks for doing this tutorial.

Asked by jctxff 1 year ago

Glue - why don't you use it? Answered

I use it to secure my knots. Is it because the type of thread you use holds knots more easily than the Fireline I use?

Asked by BethM78 1 year ago

i am using vectric vcp8.5 and wondered if i can use it with Fusion 360? Answered

Question Body: give us more detail on your question...

Asked by jamore1 1 year ago

How can you use a wii nunchuck to use as a mouse?

Like use the joystick to move the mouse around and the c and z button to click

Asked by masterjohn74 7 years ago

Creative Uses For Random Components?

Self explanatory, I need some creative uses for random electronic components. Stuff like, using light bulbs as igniters and such.

Asked by LiquidLightning 7 years ago

What this tool is used for?

Does anyone know what this tool is used for?

Asked by emiliofhg 4 years ago

SOme Uses for Sodium Carbonate? Answered

What are some uses for Sodium Carbonate?

Asked by dla888 8 years ago