how can I calculate the value of a potenciometer?

There are some projects where I needed to use potenciometers, but I don't know how to calcute their values. Can someone teach me that?

Asked by tgferreira184 5 years ago

How to get the value of these capacitors?

Hello, I got these three capacitors  there are several codes written on them but i can't find a way to find the capacitance they carry in micro farrad can anyone tell me how to read there value?

Asked by ubdussamad 5 years ago

value of my coin? Answered

Hi i have a 1941 walking liberty half dollar. I have been trying to figure out how much its worth for years. I found it with my metal detector so it has some wear on it.

Asked by joelr97 7 years ago

what is the number printed in this capacitor ? Answered

Hi i got a circuit with a 100n capacitor can any one tell me what should be the number written on the ceramic capacitor ? i think it showld be 104 but i am not confirm. please tell me!

Asked by ubdussamad 5 years ago

Economics question: What exactly causes the value of money to go down if more money is in production?

Ok, so I do know that if the amount of money in circulation increases, the value of it goes down, but what exactly makes the value go down?  Why would it go down instead of just stay the same?  In addition to this question, I would like to know how the general public and the government would know about money losing it's value, thus increasing their prices of the goods and services they sell.

Asked by DJ Radio 8 years ago

What is the significance of 4.7 in electronics? Answered

Why are most electronics components available in multiples of of 4.7?  I've been noticing this a lot recently when looking for components, and it seems like an odd choice to be a common division, seeing as it doesn't divide nicely, and isn't a particularly easy value to work with. If anyone knows why 4.7 is one of the most common values, I'd be interested to know. Thanks.

Asked by The Skinnerz 7 years ago

Arduino IR remote to set a value

Hello, I'm new here I'm using an Arduino UNO with a VS1838B IR receiver and a remote control, I can receive signals perfectly and decode them, but I want like if I press a button, it's value goes to a variable, example: if I press "button 5" then an "OK button" a variable A=0 become A=5.  Thanks

Posted by AYassineLebouiha 2 years ago

Value my 12 string guitar please?

I recently got a second hand Takamine En 10-12, I struggle to play it so would like to sell it, It has a a damaged neck where it was stood on by previous owner but it doesn't effect the playing I think its more crushed and cracked than snapper, and it is electro-acoustic but the pre amp does not work. I am looking for a rough valuation and where the best place to sell it is Thanks

Asked by The Science Guy 5 years ago

Pixel by Pixel Image?

There are many uses for a pixel by pixel image generated using simple values, however there doesn't seem to be an easy way to do it.  I have used excel and its shading by value feature, but this isn't always the most effective method.  So assuming you have two coordinates and a value between 1 and 1000 (like a temp or rf intensity) how would one easily create an image from this data (array or matrix). Matlab or Mathematica? The goal is to make a kind of radio telescope that measures rf intensity with an arduino and then creates an image based on the values spread across a matrix.

Asked by seedorfj 2 years ago

What value resistor do i need to make 24v 2.48 amps 22.5v?

I have 24v and 2.48 amps i need 22.5v what value resistor should i use? also could you show me how to get the answer i love learning about electronics I am using this to power 5, 5mm leds that operate off 3lr1130 button cells each

Asked by DELETED_cdousley 8 years ago

What is the value of a coin that has been struck offcenter?

I have a number of pennys that have all been mis-struck. One is a coin blank, two have been hit almost half off the coin, and one has the reverse of another coin pressed into it's obverse side. I know that the exact value can't be determined without seeing the actual coin but I was wondering if they could be worth anything more than a dollar or two.

Asked by robocrazy155 9 years ago

what is the capacitor code?

I have a green capacitor that has the code, .22k 100sc What is the value in uf?

Asked by madman11 9 years ago

how do i find out values on old barn wood and beams?

Barn wood values and hand hewn beams values

Asked by elizabeth+fisher1231 7 years ago

Incomplete Values? Answered

What is the value of C1 and what happened to R6? It's not present on the board

Asked by APratham 8 months ago

how to pass slider values to void loop()? Answered

When using MyFeed->onMessage(messageHandle) to receive data, is it possible to make messageHandle to return a value so that it can be used in void loop()? I'm trying to use values from a slider in Adafruit IO dashboard to calibrate humidity sensor values, and to do that the value/integer needs to be passed to void loop() to be added or subtracted from sensor readings.Thanks for your help!

Asked by JavadS3 11 months ago

does anyone know the value of the r21 resistor in an xbox360 controller?

Does anyone know the value of the r21 resistor in an xbox360 controller?

Asked by tefftb 9 years ago

Reading valus: High and Low? ? Answered

Dear Becky, thanks for great introduction course for MCUs. My question is why Arduino can only read values High and Low`?, why not medium or something in the middle?`how actually reading values works?

Asked by David Zebrovski 1 year ago

calculating MAX7219 resistor value?

I want to use the 7219 to drive two 3digit 7segment displays with these specs. I want to use 1.85v and 18mA. Here's what the MAX7219 datasheet states as resistor values to be used. I'm too dumb to figure out how the resistor value is calculated. Can someone help? What would the resistor value be for 1.85v 18mA?

Asked by DELETED_MakiY2 1 year ago

Resistor value?

I'm making the circuit attached, can anyone help me with what resistor value (marked by "?"). What value will need when I connect 2 UV LEDs into the circuit. The pack says LEDs are 3.1V. Any help would be greatly appreciated...

Posted by Lee Fraser 5 years ago

Resistor value? Answered

How did you calculate 100Ohm as the minimal resistance for the circuit?

Asked by AlexS16 1 year ago

How did you calculate the resistance value for the circuit? ?

How do i calculate the resistance for such a circuit?what if I'm using different parts with different values?

Asked by NiranjanR7 1 year ago

Forgetting cost and difficulty values when republishing an instructable

When you edit a previously published instructable and then click on publish link, the values of cost and difficulty are set to the middle, instead of previous saved values. If you don't change them again, then you are changing without notice that.

Posted by ansanma 9 years ago

What part of a cathodic screen is of most value?

If you have a cathodic screen what part of the product is of most value (What part can be exchange for the biggest amount of money)?

Asked by 9 years ago

led values Answered

All i want is a list of led voltage and current values, you would think this a simple task,not so.They are few and far between and when you do find some they all contradict.

Asked by johnm56 3 years ago

is there potentiemeter i can control its value by arduino?

Hello i need to have potentiometer to control its value between 1k - 4k  using arduino ,is there decive that make this

Asked by britich 4 years ago

Reading rostopic value to arduino serial monitor?

Hello everyone, I am new to ros, I am able to print sensor values using rostopic. I'd like to read rostopic value to arduino and print on serial monitor for further processing. How can I do it? Thanks in advance.

Asked by rosdino 2 years ago

Why can't I compile the following Arduino code? Answered

This always stops at: nunchuck_get_data(); and the error on the bottom says: 'nunchuck_get_data' was not declared in this scope.  I do not understand that message.  I got the code from Arduino Cook Book Edition 2 and I have the Arduino Uno.  It's so discouraging some times.  I am trying to get going on this stuff and I can't seem to get a lot of code to work; Here is the code fornd on page 131-132 of the book: /* * WiichuckSerial * Uses Nunchuck Library discussed in recipe 16.5 * sends comma-seperated values for data * Label string separated by commas can be used by receiving program * to identify fields */ #include #include "Nunchuck.h" // values to add to the sensor to get zero reading when centered int offsetX, offsetY, offsetZ; #include #include "Nunchuck.h" void setup() {   Serial.begin(57600);   nunchuckSetPowerpins();   nunchuckInit(); // send the intitialization handshake   nunchuckRead; // ignore the first time   delay(50); } void loop() {   nunchuckRead();   delay(6);   nunchuck_get_data();   boolean btnC = nunchuckGetValue(wii_btnC);   boolean btnZ = nunchuckGetValue(wii_btnZ);     if(btnC) {     offsetX = 127 nunchuckGetValue(wii_accelX);     offsetY = 127 nunchuckGetValue(wii_accelY);   }   Serial.print("Data,");   printAccel(nunchuckGetValue(wii_accelX),offsetX;   printAccel(nunchuckGetValue(wii_accelY),offsetY;   printButton(nunchuckGetValue(wii_btnZ));     Serial.println(); } void printAccel(int value,int offset) {   Serial.print(adjReading(value, 127-50, 127+50, offset));   Serial.print(","); } void printJoy(int value) {   Serial.print(adjReading(value,0, 255, 0));   Serial.print(","); } void printButton(int value) {   if( value != 0)      value = 127;   Serial.print(value,DEC);   Serial.print(","); } int adjReading( int value, int min, int max, int offset) {   value = constrain(value + offset, min, max);   value = map(value, min, max, -127, 127);   return value; }

Asked by RockyRun 5 years ago

What is the input value on an atTiny85

I am programming an atTiny with Arduino as the ISP and am wondering if an analogRead will come out between 0 and 1023 like arduino or a different value such as exact voltage or a different reference.  

Asked by stino66 6 years ago

Must have capacitors, resistors, transistors

I am wanting to know the best values/ most used values in electronics projects for resistors, capacitors, and transistors. Suggestions? Also when purchasing capacitors, ceramic vs. electrolyte? Are ceramic mostly for lower capacitance values? And lastly what is the difference between a 10k resistor and a 10 Ohm resistor. What I have figured out is that the 10k is a higher resistance value.  Thanks, diamondmine

Posted by diamondmine 3 years ago

Determining values for zener diode

Hi guys, I am quite noob in electronics. I would like to know how to determine resistors and zener diodes values for a battery life indicator similar to this : And if I want to use a battery source of 1.5V, how will the values change? Thanks!

Posted by kurtselva 5 years ago

Read last feed value? Answered

Great Class, Becky! I loved it!I would like to know how can I read the last value from a feed. I wanted to store a counter on a feed. Whenever I click a button, I want my ESP8266 module to read the last value from that feed, add 1 and save the value on the same feed. That way I won't lose the count if the ESP8266 is turned off for some reason.Do you know how can I do that?

Asked by IgorF2 9 months ago

Instructables Design Competition Official Rules typo?

Under the rewards it says: "Autodesk Sustainability Prize, Total retail value: $ USD. (CURRENCY CONVERTER) ASFS Prize, Total retail value: $ USD. (CURRENCY CONVERTER) The total estimated retail value of all prizes to be awarded in the Contest is: $ USD. (CURRENCY CONVERTER)" With nothing marked before/ Unlike "Grand Prize, Total retail value: 7123 USD. (CURRENCY CONVERTER) First Prize, Total retail value: 1499 USD. (CURRENCY CONVERTER) Second Prize, Total retail value: 648 USD. (CURRENCY CONVERTER)" which is marked before.

Posted by schumi23 5 years ago

what is the value that obtained from serial monitor in arduino?? ? Answered

I working with my DIY sensor ( colour sensor) and i have no idea what the reading i obtained from the serial monitor in arduino software ? Anyone know? and how to change the value to voltage value? as i need to write down the voltage reading for my result part.

Asked by OngE2 1 year ago

Xbee interfacing -Need to send PIR sensor value and Gas sensor value from Tx end to Rx end.Read details for further info

Hi all, I am building a robot for my project and currently i am facing some issues with it.. Hope someone could help me resolve it. ! Thanks in advance for your help and support !! :-) Detailed specs : First of all i use 3 arduino - 1 at TX (user end) and 2 at RX (Bot side). Now , I am using a PIR (Human motion detection ) Sensor and Gas sensor at  Rx(Bot side).  The issue i am facing is , I am not able to send the Values read by both the sensors to the User end though xbee.. However the sensor is reading the values properly in Bot side , but iwhen sent to the User end i am getting the values as '-1' or the ASCII value of the Corresponding sent sensor value. Now the help i need is.. I need someone (If possible) to send the code where  1.A transmitter Code where you read the PIR,Gas sensor value and transmit the value through xbee. 2. A receiver code  where in you read the values that are sent through a xbee. Kindly Help.. Thanks in advance ! :-) Regards, Gireesh.S

Asked by gsuresh1 2 years ago

Axis value to angle conversion

Hello all,So I have been trying to convert the values obtained from pygame joystick value (ranges from -1 to 1) and convert it to angles between 0 to 180 to drive servo motors. Can someone help me with this cuz I have no idea how to do it. Thanks in advanceCheers.

Asked by Bhabeshr 4 months ago

What do 1/4, 1/2, 1 or 5 watts values mean on a resistor? Answered

I know that this is such a basic question but what do those values mean when selecting a resistor? 

Asked by blkhawk 6 years ago