Vibrating Platform

Hey everyone I am new to this site and I am just wondering if someone could build a "TheraPlate." It is a vibrating platform for horses that helps with bone density, blood circulation, inflammation, etc. However, they are around 5000$. This may not be possible to make but I wanted to check on here and see if anyone knew how to make one! is the website. You can check it out and see what it would take to build it. My email is if someone thinks they may can/know how to do it. Thanks!

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Phone vibrations?

I was looking to start a new project, and I need some help. Does anyone know anything about tiny electronic vibrators, such as the ones found in phones? What are they called? Where can I get some? I try searching for info on google and stuff, but, searching up vibrators just doesn't really give me what I'm trying to find... if ya know what I mean, its just all the wrong kind of information. Thanks in advance for any help

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The bolts that hold the motor will not tighten.  Can I use nuts to hold the motor in place. I saw a video on drilling out the hole and redoing the threads…..  Can  i use the nuts without causing future problems?

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Vibration comparison

I'm trying to compare two wildly different measurements, but I don't know enough about the physics of sound to even know what information I'm missing. I don't need exact numbers: some upper and lower limits would be fine, and perhaps even "back of the envelope" calculations in case the required information can't be found. I'd appreciate some advice on the formulas I need and what measurements am I still missing.  Object A is producing a sound whose intensity measures 25 dB at a distance of 1 meter.  This sound is, roughly speaking, a band-limited sawtooth wave with a fundamental frequency of about 35 Hz.  Object B is being driven up and down a distance of about 0.5 mm with an acceleration of 0.3 times that of gravity. The sound doing this is a sine wave with a frequency of 35 Hz. I'd like to compare the peak accelerations experienced by the two objects.

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Advice needed on vibrating motors.? Answered

For a quirky present for a friend I am making a sink plunger seat like this one . Instead of just a saddle I plan to make the seat bigger and in the design of something vaguely saddle/potty-shaped (a veebeam if you are interested, as he worked on them). Anyway for amusement rather than kinky reasons(!) I thought it would be cool to make it vibrate with a remote control. And as I know nothing about vibrating things, my question is does anyone know what I should be searching for? Brand names would be great. It doesn't have to be strong but it needs to be felt through a thick pad of stiff padding/foam and preferably with a separate remote control. Also, is there anything I need to be worried about or such like? Sorry for such a rooky question but I've spent two hours on the internet and all I kind find is how to convert vibrating chairs into XBox chairs and things that are not safe for work(!) Thank you for any help Poppy

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Vibrating alarm clock help

 Hey guys,  I'm a soon-to-be college freshman and a very heavy sleeper. I contacted my soon-to-be roommate, and it turns out he's a very light sleeper and is frightened by waking up to loud noises. Of course, coming from a house where I used a phone hooked to a guitar amplifier as an alarm clock, I figured I'd have to change my waking habits. I heard from my father about an alarm clock system that utilizes pillow-mounted vibrators, but that costs waaaay too much, and I'm already going to have to balance a job or two just to get by paying tuition. Besides, I don't like buying things I can build at home. So here's my situation: I have a five-volt vibrating massager that plugs into USB ports that I wanna use as a pillow-mounted vibrator in college, so I don't wake my roomie up with a fright. My phone has a 3.5mm plug that I use to connect it to the guitar amplifier. My question is: How can I build an amplifying circuit that'll power the vibrating motor enough to work with the signal from the phone (or any alarm clock signal, for that matter)? I need 5 volts to power the motor. That much I know. I haven't measured the signal from the phone, since I haven't access to a volt-meter, at the time. HELP ME PLEASE!! Thanks.

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what is creating the vibration of vibrobot? Answered

           It the load of coin cell or uses the energy of lithium battery.

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Using a piezo as a vibration sensor

Hi, I'm thinking of getting a piezo sensor like this one to measure the frequency of the vibrations of any surface I attach it to, using a micro like an arduino or pic. However I haven't come up the circuitry to make this happen, any ideas? Thanks

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how to build a vibrating platform?

I need to eliminate the air bubbles which form when pouring plaster of Paris into rubber moulds. so i thought i could eliminate this through low vibration as the plaster is being poured and eventually starts to harden.

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Motor triggered by a vibration sensor

Hi, my project consists of a vibration sensor that, when enabled, will trigger a motor which will function for a certain amount of time, then stop, and stay in this position as long as the sensor is detecting vibrations. When the vibrations stop, I need the motor to reverse polarity and function in the opposite direction,for the same amount of time as before then stop, and repeat... I'm a first year electrical engineer so please consider me a rookie in this field. If someone could provide me with a suitable electrical circuit, with names and values for the part, i think i might be able to draw the corresponding board. Thanks

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Photocell Controlled Vibrating Motor

I'd really appreciate some help with a simple experiment I'm doing. I'm trying to wire up a CdS photoresistor to control the speed of a vibrating motor based on black/white marks on paper. I wired it up with a transistor, but it didn't seem to have much (if any) effect when I covered the photocell or shined light on it. Any help?

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Wearable that vibrates on text/sms

I am looking for a way to make a wearable (bracelet or hanger) that will vibrate when I send a signal (i.e. text message?). It's intended use is to alert players to certain pre arranged situations in a game. As coach I can not always reach my players across the field by voice so I want to send an alert signal. Also this is more discreet. A smart watch is to big and volnurable. Bluetooth does not have the range so I am thinking gsm. Any suggestions on how to build such a device?

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Tool for vibrating concrete? (DIY?)

So I've been thinking of making some homemade concrete stuff with different molds I plan on making. Since I'm not a big expert on concrete and such I've been reading all over the Internet for how-to guides and what not. And something that seems to be a really good idea is to use a tool to vibrate out the bubbles and air pockets from the molds before they set... and so far I've not found any instructable here on how to make such a tool ( because it's a bit expensive to buy one, and hey.. why not make it myself) So my question is simply if any one know of a good idea of such a tool, how to make one or whatever.. (maybe modifying something, making one from an electric motor?) I need ideas!  

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Running a ceiling fan from a battery?

I'm trying to build a large World War II bomb prop that needs to vibrate, for a short film I'm working on.  The building the bomb part I have figured out, but as far as the vibrating I'm trying to power a ceiling fan from some form of standard 'off-the-shelf' battery and have no idea how to start and if this is possible.  Anyone have any ideas about how to do this?

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Need help removing weight off a motor

Hey guys i'm currently trying to make a very simple robot (2 motors, a battery and a switch) and everything is fine exept for the fact that the motors i'm using are from a PS2 controller, so they are vibrating motors. I can't seem to figure out how to remove the weights (half metal circles) that make tthem vibrate when rotating and that's going to be a problem, since i want my motor to have wheels, not vibrators hah... So if any of you have advice on how to do it i'd be glad to hear it. PS: i joined an image of the motors so you can see the half circles i'm talking about.

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How could I make a variable interval buzzer/vibrating device? Answered

I would like to make a small device, perhaps the size of 3-4 stacked half-dollars, that could be programmed to vibrate lightly at various intervals (like every minute or two minutes or 3.5 min, etc).  Could anyone help me with how I could make something like this? The size could vary, but I want it to be a discrete device that would only draw the attention of its user for a brief moment every interval (depending on how long the interval is programmed to be).  I am very new to doing anything with electronics, so I'd greatly appreciate any advice or guidance.

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Vibrating Finger Ring Creation

I'm looking for someone to build me a finger ring that has some kind of vibration/impulse capability that is pre-set to vibrate at certain times and/or intervals throughout the day. I will create a website where the user enters in when, or at what durations, they want it to vibrate. This is then somehow sent to the ring and it vibrates accordingly.  Looks are not really important but not being bulky is desirable. Is this possible? Let me know your thoughts and cost estimates and I'll respond asap.  Thanks for reading. 

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Stepper motor vibration/lockup with driver? Answered

I am trying to get a stepper motor to turn using a StepStick driver from Botronicz. I have gotten the driver to work once before, but now it has decided not to work. I have wired my stepper motor (Model STP-42D3018) according to any specs I can find online in a bipolar connection, but when I fire it up the stepper only sits there and vibrates. Or misses steps (depending on voltage). A few other times I had it also where it would step one direction for I think a single step and then step back the other direction. It is really bothering me because I have tried multiple other wiring combinations and have not gotten any of those to work. My current setup is exactly like this (I have checked numerous times). I have also tried changing the vmot supply voltage and current limit, as well as the current limiter pot on the board itself. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated! Sincerely,  A907

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How can I build an amplifying circuit to wire a vibrating motor to an alarm clock or cell phone?

I will be going to college soon and have found out that my roommate gets shaken by loud noises, so I had to abandon my guitar-amp amplified phone alarm for a quieter alternative. I was referred to a vibrating alarm system that fits into pillows and runs on signal from music players and/or plain ol' alarm clock inputs, but those are waaay too expensive, and I prefer building my own over buying. Here's the situation: I have a USB-powered vibrating massager that I got for free at some tech convention. Since it's USB-powered, I know it runs on 5 volts, which is more than my phone's 3.5 mm plug can deliver. How can I build an amplifier circuit that will boost the signal from my phone enough to run the motor? Thanks

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I need to know how to make a vibration activated LED apparatus for a drum.

I am on the drumline, and would like to somehow have lights light up every time i hit the drum. So they can't be redicuously sensitive.i will probably need step by step directions on how to create it, if someone knows how to.bonus points to anyone who can think of any other crazy ideas for a drumline to do

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Strange sound on my Nerf Hailfire-what is it? Answered

Hello! Nerfrock' here! Just recently I decided to fire up my good old Nerf Hailfire again-but this time, something was different. When I pulled the acceleration trigger, the motor started up fine, but when it got up to full speed, it started making this wierd vibrating  sound as if it were a motorcycle being pedaled up and down. Even with all my Nerf modding experience, I am baffled... Does any other nerfer (or anyone in general) know what it is? Do I just need to change the batteries, or is it something else (I hope not) . Thanks! -Nerfrock'

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Simple way to make a vibrating resonance speaker? How does a vibrating resonance speaker work?

Hi, I'm wondering if there is a simple way to make a vibrating resonance speaker?  Possibly out of house hold materials?  How does a vibrating resonance speaker work?  Thanks in advance. :D

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how to make a small vibrator turn with music

Hellow everyone im very much interested in making a small phone vibrator motror turn with most of you will be aware of the adult vibrators that can be connected to ipods and it will vibrate with music beat.i have tried connecting the audio jack lines to a motor but the power isnt that good to turn the motor any ideas or intructables is highly appreciated regards kalaminja

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How to make a block Xkg heavy vibrate?

Any else see that new "magic" excercise machine? was thinking about a diy version and it would be pretty easy, I'm just not sure about how to get the fast vibrations needed.Any ideas?

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6th Sense Device (To Sense Magnetic Fields)

I saw a program not too long ago (I believe it was from the UK) about an experiment that was done in which they outfitted a participant with a device that contained a magnetometer, as well as some number of vibrating motors mounted on a belt along his waist. It was designed so that overtime, his brain interpreted this incoming data as a "new sense" which allowed him to literally FEEL the magnetic directionality of the Earth. I'd really like to try this for myself, but am no good doing electronics projects from scratch. (I need guidance)  So is there anyone here who is up to the challenge of attempting this, or can anyone at least show me how it might be possible to create this myself.  I'd love to augment my senses full time and become a super human. haha Thanks in advance for any and all help. -Nick

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Need help to make my shirt vibrate!!!

I have a dream of having a shirt that vibrates when i hug people, i think it will be like a nice surprise when it happens. I have looked around and no body makes anything like this, none i can get at least. i have seen on here how to make little vibrating motors and thread pressure sensors but i have no clue how i would go about combining it all into a shirt. Really need someone to help me make this reality so if you think you can or know someone who can please contact me!

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Any ideas for making a vibrating dog collar?

My dog is deaf and I need to make a collar for her that vibrates and also makes a tone for me to hear. I don't want anything like the bark collars that spray or shock, I don't want me calling her to be a negative action. Any ideas?

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Anyone know of a resistor that is sensitve to sound vibrations?

Does anybody know of something like a photo cell, except instead of the light being the variable to determine the resistance of a circut, it would be sound and vibrations? If ya do, could ya give me a comment on what it would be called, what they're used in, and where ya could maybe buy one? Thanks! -xD

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Piezo Sensor to Detect Vibration Through Glass

Hello,  I am working on a project where I need to detect vibration through glass panes or on the surface of a window. I am currently planning to use a Piezo sensor with Arduino to detect and record different tests. I want to make sure that the senor is able to pick up the vibrations and not be too sensitive and pick up other things around it. I may need to tune the sensitivity. Besides the Piezo sensor I was also looking at the Parallax 605-00004 Piezo Film sensor (any advice on which one to use is appreciated.) If there are any other sensors that anyone may know that could work in this case, please let me know. I don't have a clear vision but any help to find out how I would go about this is greatly appreciated.  Thanks for the help

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TDA2822M project

I have a genius vibration headphone .but the vibration is mono . so i wanted to mod it and make it stereo . when i opened it up i saw TDA2822M ic driving those vibrators and they are connected in series on ic's output .i knew 2822M is a stereo type amp ic .so i connected those vibrators in parallel (ground to left  vibrator & ground to right vibrator ) but the result is same .i checked the inputs but they are not connected as one (stereo) . help me pls..

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How do you program yourself to receive transmissions from an external source? Is there a method of self hypnosis?

How do you enter a state of mind consistently where you are receiving transmissions so that you feel your inner ear vibrating with each download? I have experienced this randomly and want to pursue a deeper dialogue with the source. Is there a method of self hypnosis? What is this dimension i've experienced and why is it completely dark, yet can psychically communicate with a loved one or listen to a spirit guide singing? Is there an extra dimension where others with similar experiences go to meet? I've always felt that there is something out there i'm searching for...

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Hey guys I am using DAYTON Vibrator Motor, 1/200 HP, 1550 RPM, 115 V ,to make chair vibrate

Hey guys I am using DAYTON Vibrator Motor, 1/200 HP, 1550 RPM, 115 V ,to make chair vibrate but i am not sure which motor driver should i use to control the speed and motor . If anyone know about this it will be very helpful?

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I would like to know how can I build a WHOLE BODY VIBRATION Board or platform. The unit is basically a small board where you stand and do exercise on it. The vibrator element looks like a compressor and has a variable vibration patterns for different therapies. normally are used by athletes to improve the effectiveness of their workout. They are also prescribed for elderly people that suffers osteoporosis (it has proven to improve the bone density just by standing on it).

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I wanna make it it so my bluetooth vibrates when i get calls

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Replacing alarm speaker with vibrating motor (for sleeping with earplugs)

I just started college and have found sleeping with earplugs to be indespensible in a dorm room. I have a radio alarm that is pretty loud. I was thinking of ripping out the speaker and attaching a vibrating motor to it. Then I would mount the vibrating motor to my bed post or something, and hopefully it would be annoying enough to wake me up. Does the alarm send enough power to the speaker to power an electric motor? Thanks! -Cedric

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Turn a Massage (vibrating) chair to work with Xbox 360

I had an idea although IDK how to implement it. I have a Vibrating massage chair (its just like a average recliner with some vibrators in it) I had lost the wall wort power adapter for this in a move a couple years ago and recently i had an idea while looking for gaming chairs and i thought to myself this would be more comfortable than something i could afford being a $500+ chair already i think I might try to fix it and in the process make it a gaming chair. I just dont know how........ So basically this chair uses a 12v 600MaH/.6v Power adapter (which i lost and when i was going to replace it thought i might me able to do more with this than just make it work again. So once it is plugged in it has a corded remote that has a back and seat vibration control's of off high and low. now i am not thinking of making the vibrations respond with intensity but just vibrate in general in conjunction with the system. I would say I have a Intermediate knowledge about soldering modding etc. Although I have no IDEA how to do this. I think it would somehow require a special Controller connected to the chairs power. As all i would want is the chair to vibrate when the controller does. The back oof the chair has a velcro flap that i an access the innerds of the chairs mecanism (i suppose for fixing it if it broke) So the only thing is how to hook up the controller in a way its not obtrusive to controlling it and simply how to do it. I know this may be a hard question to ask about without someone seeing the chair but is it possible??? How do gaming chairs achieve this effect ????? I would like it to be connected to the controller somehow and not the xbox as the cord is undesirable. So basically all I need to do is make some sort of circuit that is connected to the xbox controller that turns the chair on when it turns on. thats basically it. so first of all is it possible and if so any pointers??? I think it would also make a nice instruct-able after I find out how to do it. I assume it would require some soldering and at MOST and Arduino but I hope not as i do not have much experience with them. although if it does maybe someone can help me and all the Arduino Programing would all be credited to whoever helps me with the code. So yeah I would like to make this work I really think it would be cool as i already have a sound system that is good enough for sound (i can easily wire some extra speakers to be mounted behind the chair and once i get the vibration i would basically have a nice lay-z-boy gaming chair IDK. I have no xbox controller modding exp ( i never really wanted to or had the need) so it would be a learning experience for me although if it could be done with a USB connection to the Xbox that would be ok for now ( i would run it under the rug but its not the optimal result i want) In all since this chair already has the vibration mecanism i would think it would be possible and hopefully not that difficult to do. (at least i hope so) If this interests anyone I would GREATLY appreciate your help. and i will certanly tag anyone who helps me with this when i finish and make an instruct-able. So in all thank all of you who reply to this post and I hope i posted this in the correct forum as i never have asked for help on this site. THANK YOU ALL IN ADVANCE

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Fake Pokemon GO Pro

Hello! Right now the best practice to hunt pokemon is to just walk and if the phone vibrates, you look. Thant means you have to hold the phone in hand.  I had an idea for a DIY, but no way to execute it. Idea is simple: -motor vibrator from old phone -Arduino -BT module -battery Turn all above into a braclet for your hand  I owuld need an app or something that, whenever phone vibrates, it would send a command over bluetooth to arduino to vibrate. It would need to check for phone vibrate command as the app doesnt give a notification or annything.  Is the ambition too high ? Is this harder to execute than i tought ? 

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converting bluetooth headset to bluetooth vibrator. tbut when the headset is connected we cant talk with phone itself?

I want to convert BT headset to BT bracelet vibrator. the problem is when the headset is connected to phone we cant talk with phone itself? is there a way to talk with phone mic and speaker when BT headset is connected?

Asked by pooyan 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Vibrotactile Device

Hi, I am trying to build a portable device that takes vocal vibrations (from a piezo mic attached to the throat) and outputs them as tactile vibrations elsewhere (say at the sternum). I've found and built simple circuits for preamps that run off 9V like this one ( but I'm struggling to work out how I can connect and power a vibrating device (e.g. another piezo mic) for the output.  I guess I will need to include a low pass filter too to prevent the device creating audible output (I just want low frequency tactile vibration). I've seen a similar project here but it's using an arduino and I feel like that's unnecessary for my purposes.  Any ideas really appreciated, Oli

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Regarding bristle-bots.?

All the bristle-bots I have seen thus far have used offset, rotating masses to generate the vibration. I have just acquired a motor with a vibrating linear output. What direction should I point the motion for the most efficient bristle-bot? Front-to-back, or up-and-down?

Asked by Kiteman 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

What tech I need to make a tactile/haptic musical instrument...i.e. a sample that responds to touch and vibration...?

I'm looking to make an instrument that responds to touch or vibration, I have seen similar things elsewhere but have no links. The basic idea is that there would operate as a stand alone object that when touched, stroked tapped etc. it generates a sound and the volume, timbre or whatever is relative to the force applied. So using vibration to trigger a sample and quality of vibration to determine the quality of sound. Any ideas about how this could be achieved? Could an arduino provide the answer or is it purely sensor based? I would really love all your instructable knowledge on this one. Ta

Asked by citybloc 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

How to make an Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor w/ Vibrating motor?

Ok so I want to use something like,ProductName and to create a small system that vibrates when an object is in the way of the detector. To elaborate, Something like but using an ultrasonic sensor(for farther range) and a vibrating motor instead of an LED because I am looking to make something for the blind. So how would I build it? I can purchase any parts and just need some instructions like the project above provided. Thanks a lot for any help you can provide. Also , If I need to use a Raspberry Pi, I have one. My Skills? My skills are limited. I know how to solder and work with PCBs, But I do not know how to code a microprocessor. I know that I'd hook it up to an arduino to code it but I can't code. If someone can tell me where to solder the parts and give me a code, I'll be able to do it. Thanks alot for your reply. If someone does this for me, I would be very grateful and might even make some donations to you. :) So to summarize, I need code to program a microprocessor to make a vibrating motor vibrate when the PING senses an object. I also need some sort of a schematic. I will be very grateful and will be sure to give you acknowledgements when I do my project.

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What would be the best way to attach a Piezo Tranducer to a basic Maplin Preamp for vibrational Pick-up?

Basically I want to fit a piezo disk into (inside) one of my turntable so I can pick-up the vibrations made by its movement for a kinetic-sculpture I am currently working on for Uni. I just curious as the best method for amplifying this sound and was hinted to run the disk through a preamp for the best effect.

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Vibra-bots New Group!! "Vibra-bles"

Vibra-blesA group dedicated to all things which vibrate to assit locomotion.This group shall hopefully provide a location for you to proudly display all your hard work.Predominatley we will be concentrating on Vibrating "robots".However if Vibration is key in your design it will also be suitable.Hun fun and feel free to post your images/video of your experiments.Good Luck!Vibra-bles

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Vibrobots - a technical question

All vibrobots I have seen use an offset, rotating mass to induce vibration. I have access to a motor with a reciprocating output. Would it be best to set the mass vibrating front-to-back of the vibrobot, or up-and-down? Or at some angle between the two?

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Klutz rubber band power contest I wonder if a rubber band vibrating is considered 'powered'. Answered

I have some musical ideas with elastics as vibrating strings . can i use plastic stretching strings as 'rubber' substitute? Then the contest would interest me .

Asked by mistic 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Anyone know what voltage the motors that vibrate PS2 controllers operate on? Answered

I want to use the small motors I salvaged from a playstation 2 controller in a project. I need to know what voltage they operate on so I don't fry them.

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microwave is noisy

How can you quiet vibration on side panel where magnatron is located, if I put my hand on this location you can feel it vibrate and by applying a little pressure the noise is cut in half , tried  square piece of rubber used as seam tape for rubber roofing helped a little but looks ugly (wife) 

Asked by kgroz 6 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

how to convert ac to pure dc? Answered

I want to convert 5volt ac to 5 or less voltage! i got  a transformer it gives out 5volts dc! i used four diodes bridge ! but the current is still vibrating i came to know this by using a simple white led it vibrates! although the diode bridge converts it to dc but not in pure dc format help me!! can anyone give me a simple circuit to convert it to dc ( i have used diode bridge but it it is still vibrating i need some more out here to make it!!  )

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how do you make a pressure sensor that the harder you press the faster a motor turns?

I am looking for some help with creating something that the harder you press on an object the faster a motor turns. i am very new to electric stuff but i am a mechanical engineer. my application is kinda like a pressure sensor basically im trying to design a device that the harder some one presses on the "pressure sensor" the faster an array of dc vibrators rotate. so its transfering pressure into vibrations by increasing energy to the motors. any ideas?

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