Flaw in video postings

It seems somewhat flawed that you can't publish a video in an instructable without revealing another net-identity. Not a BIG flaw, but see for instance This forum thread.

Posted by westfw 10 years ago

having trouble inserting a youtube video to a instructable.

 Has anything changed when adding a video to a instructable ? i click on the little link icon and it asks for the url . I do it and it doesnt show up..

Posted by coolbeansbaby68 3 years ago

More thoughts on Video-Only Instructables

Hello, not that I am unable to view videos on instructables, but more and more instructables are simply a video, sometimes with two sentences, sometimes not even that. Not that I dislike video tutorials and such, but many people still have low bandwith, or (like me) can not turn on the sound all the time since it would bug other people. Also sometimes it is more usefull to read instructions, steps and technical data. Plus there might be deaf people interested in some project but unable to understand all steps due to the fact some videos will depend on audio explanation only. My two cents: Include a minimum text length check for instructables. Video only should be youtube or such, not Instructables.

Posted by schorhr 10 years ago

Instructables bumpers available for your project videos!

The team here at HQ has just completed a new set of Instructables bumpers for the videos you include in your tutorials! There's at least one for every category on the site (with the exception of Home; that's coming soon) and you can download them and add them to the videos you embed in your instructables. They were super fun to make and we're looking forward to seeing them in your projects. Leave us a link in this forum if you use any of them!

Posted by Neepha 3 years ago

issue accessing video file associated with my instructables

Hi guys, Hi Instructable team(?) anyway, I went to look at one of my old(er) instructables about making a electronically programmable fireworks display and one of the files I have attached won't download, just give me an error. I have a video file attached and when I try to access or download it it just gives me an error "forbidden" and when I try to access it in the editor it redirects me to the CDN server and gives me the error This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below. AccessDenied Access Denied 3128C04DD883CD9B g1ZgkzFOIWMZecnNBhONUJJyPAPUAdCHAVPB3dF4BaFpehWjSy/jSyh1uKuHdaCD2uLn28MEfSE= Any ideas? Thanks for any help Justin_

Posted by JustinLovesTheTech 1 year ago

Latest Cyriak's animation : Moo

Have you seen the latest Cyriak's animation ?The quality is more and more impressive ...http://www.weebls-stuff.com/toons/Moo/

Posted by chooseausername 11 years ago

Embedding a Second Video in a Video Instructable?

I'm trying to embed a second video into my video instructable. I'm guessing that because it's a video instructable it is limited to the one main video and no other videos can be embedded? https://www.instructables.com/id/Optimus-Prime-Transformers-Costume/ You can see I've been trying, but I guess that's my question: is there any way to embed another video?

Posted by alexthemoviegeek 8 years ago

Webcam to Video Capture Card (s-video)

I have a webcam (usb) which I want to connect to video capture card (Osprey 100) having s-video input port. How could I do this? Is it possible? 

Posted by Zoliana 6 years ago

Hands On Science ~ Oobleck Video ~ Not Working

Hands On Science ~ Oobleck Video ~ Not Working

Posted by smudjj 9 years ago

Funny Video


Posted by Nemraiku 9 years ago

How do I view a video?

How do I view a video? I have read through some of the forums but the only reference I can find is to "click on the video button" I do not see a video button to click on. Thanks

Posted by utrocketman 10 years ago

video post help

Im trying to post a video(ible) on here and it is from myspace but i cant select/find it from where you select the "embed video from". what should i do?

Posted by Sun Gear 9 years ago

Embed Flickr videos

I've been shifting my video files to flickr lately instead of youtube. The flickr audience is much more mature, there isn't a big ad in the corner of my video and the quality is better. Would it be possible for you fine folks to program embedding of flickr videos?

Posted by zieak 9 years ago

Video signal from pc

I need to know which is the video line on the monitor cable coming from a computer.If there is an audio line coming from pc to monitor that aswell but mostly interested in video line

Posted by Leon Jacobs 10 years ago

Is this video telling the truth?

Hi, I recently came across this video and realized that if all the info in this video is true than many more people need to watch it... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLBE5QAYXp8#t=90

Posted by Eunix 4 years ago

Instrucables Video

So i copyed my youtube videos embed code and pasted it into the embed video code box and pressed publish and it said uploading but then it just stayed on edit and didint work someone please help me with this issue. 

Posted by BlueCreation 5 years ago

Embedded Video

I created an instructable about 6 hours ago and can see it just fine but the embedded youtube video still doesn't appear.  Is something wrong?

Posted by SharkScientist 8 years ago

how to make a adapterter from vga to s-video

How to make a adapterter from vga to s-video

Posted by tazmanaz 6 years ago

Setting video size no longer working (youtube)

The ability to define size for youtube videos has disappeared. Older instructables which included sized videos have reverted to a larger default size. Probably a change on their end. Many of my videos are recorded to showcase audio, not video--so I've always sized them down. This isn't really a huge problem.

Posted by gmoon 10 years ago

Unable to embed videos in comments

 In Chrome under Vista, only tried youtube.

Posted by Lithium Rain 9 years ago

Video Host Not Supported

Hi Everybody, I tried to embed one video several times. Each time I got the message "Unsupported Video Host". I used YouTube, Metacafe, Dailymotion, and Vimeo. For all I got the same message "Unsupported Video Host". Thank you for your help, Bob

Posted by bobwalshplumerias 7 years ago

How to embed a video?

Could someone please explain how to embed a video in my instructable? I'm preparing my first instructable and can't quite figure out how to put a short bit of video into it. I've tried enough to justmake myself frustrated.

Posted by Mockfish 10 years ago

Embedding Instagram Video Into Instructable

I was creating an instructable yesterday for the newest "Burning Questions" contest, which encourages submission via instagram video and vine. The issue is, these video hosts are not supported by instructables' video embed function.  When attempting to enter the instagram embed code (OSX, both Chrome and Safari), the iframe placeholder will appear temporarily, but will disappear when the instructable is saved or when the user attempts to publish. Only when uploading the video to an approved host was I able to post a video sourced from instagram.

Posted by thatkidwithayoyo 5 years ago

Check Out My Video

I made a short how-to video as an entry in the Honda DIY contest. I've been wanting to experiment with some more short-form videos and will be making a couple of tweaks to this one. Feel free to give me any feedback.Also, if you could rate my video up that would be great! :)

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

Why won't my video post?

I published a video but it is not showing up on the recent list and other posts are showing up that have been posted after mine. What's up?

Posted by 5xno7 10 years ago

cant upload thumbnail for my video .

When i upload an embed video i can publish becoz i can upload thumnail.Can someone help me

Posted by Serge Savoie 10 years ago

Amazing Diving Video (Really)

A cool new video from Denki Groove that showcases a legion of anonymous divers. Insanely dangerous coordination? Well... the title of the song is "Fake It," so...

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

Submit video not working

The submit new video function is not working. When I paste in the embed code from youtube it doesn't save. If I publish it the video doesn't load. I've tried on four different browsers. Firebug says there's an error in this javascript:if(spot.currentImage == null){spot is undefined.

Posted by jordan314 10 years ago

Video Problem - Embed Video Button is MIA

So, I know instructables has gone through some changes lately, and it has been a couple months since I have embedded video from youtube into an instructable - have we lost the embed video button?  Are we back to using the "source" button?  and if we are, either its not working, or more likely I am forgetting to figure out how to do it properly.  HELP!!!

Posted by iminthebathroom 7 years ago

A VIDEO question (AVI format) - this is for my instructable which is nearly finished....

The video I worked so hard on, and still have a copy of on my computer at home, does not sound as loud nor is the audio synched with the video once it got loaded into youtube. Anyone know what could have happened ?Here is the mess it became:

Posted by Goodhart 10 years ago

embedding video

I am trying to get some video embedded in my instructable, yet nothing shows up. I have followed the same process of uploading and using the embed code per several of my other instructables, yet now it seems like it's just stopped working. my process: Upload video to youtube, wait for youtube to do its thing, copy embed code and paste into 'embed video' in the rich editor. While editing it shows the placeholder for the video, and the source code shows the right html for the video. When I preview the placeholder is gone and the text flash animation is displayed where video should be. Youtube setting is 'unlisted', which enables embedding. My other videos have the same settings and have worked in previous instructables. Windows 7 FF 3.6.10 help!

Posted by mikeasaurus 8 years ago

Option to Add Images to Video Instructables

I would like to see images enabled on video instructables, as well as having the option to place the video anywhere in the text rather than being locked at the top of the page. An image or screenshot from the video can really highlight an article or video description and make it look much nicer. The only option currently to have both video and images in the same article is to make it a step by step Instructable. Doing so is awkward when all the instructions are provided in a video, but then you're required to somehow add multiple steps to the article which is really just a video description. As an example of how an image can really add to the attractiveness of an article based around a video, first look at this instructable: https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-an-Airsoft-Machine-Gun-from-a-Soda-Bottle/ Then at this article built around the same video on a different website that allows both image and video embedding: http://nighthawkinlight.wonderhowto.com/blog/make-bb-machine-gun-from-soda-bottle-0133352/ In the second article I am able to instantly draw interest to the video with a series of some of the better screen grabs. Even more importantly, while a video is able to provide all the necessary instruction for most things, an image is still the best format to provide a good long look at a mechanism or detailed area, rather than having to pause a video. Even if we were only allowed one still image to be embedded in a video instructable that would be good enough for me. It would at least allow a nice high resolution picture of the finished item to be displayed near the video so that as the viewer is watching each step they can glance over and get a crystal clear look of what the process is building up to. When you're five or ten minutes into instructions it's easy to forget exactly what the finished product is supposed to look like.

Posted by NightHawkInLight 6 years ago

interesting video(not something stupid, its serious)

This is the video, around 20 minutes long. but worth every secondshe even pwns radio shack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by ledzep567 10 years ago

Video Splitters

Does anyone know of any good, freeware, video splitters? I have some home videos that I converted to digital format (MPEG), but they are a good 2-3 hours long, per film. It takes forever to put them on my mp3 player. Most of the splitters I have seen only convert the first few minutes, then you have to buy the program. Any help would be appreciated!

Posted by Bran 10 years ago

how to convert or edit video?

I just have bought a video editting software,but when I use them to convert the format what i want,there is something wrong,I don't know how to settle it,can you give me some advice?Thank you in advance!

Posted by solinda 8 years ago

Video issue

I have a tape run Sony video camera. Meaning it still uses cassette tapes. Is there any A/V to Usb cables out on the market. I know I can use a tuner card but they are too expensive. I need to convert an A/V input to a digital format. Anyone??? HELLO!!!!

Posted by ry25920 10 years ago

Can't delete a video instructable

I have an empty video instructable and i can't delete it, there is no delete button on the edit tab. Anyway around this? or a means of switching it back to a step-by-step instructable that can be deleted? EDIT: You can see from the screen shot there is no extra "more" tab to delete it

Posted by NurdRage 7 years ago

Video Instructable not Publishing

I'm trying to publish a video instructable, every time I click on the Publish tab it goes back to the Edit tab without publishing or saying there is something wrong etc. I've tried with text and without text, i've added a thumbnail image. Not sure what else to try.

Posted by offtandiscord 5 years ago

convert video format to play on kindle file hd

I just downloaded some videos from Youtube, while they cannot be successfully transferred and played on my Kindle Fire HD. I am looking for anything can convert video format to MP4 to play on my Kindle Fire HD, and the product has to allow me to choose which device I was converting for.

Posted by AntoineJerry 5 years ago

amazing video (not a rickroll)

I found this a long time ago when I was lost on youtube :) P.s kitemans penguin topic reminded me https://www.instructables.com/forum/Startling-new-images-from-the-BBC/

Posted by iman 10 years ago

The weekend.

Last week the English teacher made us watch this video in class: So during the weekend, I downloaded the video off of Youtube, and remixed it into this: Whaddya think?  This took about 7 hours to do.

Posted by DJ Radio 7 years ago


Hey guys keep your eye out for a cool new site called Howcast - video how to on everything.

Posted by J_SCAP 10 years ago

I need help with uploading a Video!

I'm trying to publish a video about something I made, but when I put the embed code, and after i save it, it disappears, and I put it again and I press publish instead, and it still doesn't work, can someone explain to me why it wont work?

Posted by Senior Waffleman 5 years ago

What if videos aren't my friend? Can we have a Sign, biblical or other?

I am, through circumstances, restricted to using an old... I mean really old... Mac laptop, which can't display videos in less than a weekend. it is slightly off-putting to want to check out an instructable... I'm not cool enough to use abbreviations... only to find that it's a video. I celebrate the information, but I deplore the medium. Can we have videos marked as such, the way I seem to remember them being?

Posted by DeesSqueeze 8 years ago

Unsupported Video Host.......can't upload video from youtube

I have been trying for a few days now to get one of my youtube videos on Instructables with no success. I have done it before, so I know how to do it. When I get to the page where it wants me to paste the embed code from youtube, it alerts me at the bottom of the page saying "Unsupported Video Host" (in white letters on an orange banner). I have tried changing the embed code several ways, and using just the URL....nothing seems to make any difference. I tried in a new browser. I tried on different days. My other video from youtube works just fine. Am I doing something wrong or is there some kind of bug?

Posted by DELETED_DELETED_lordguyton 7 years ago

Question about how-to video

I made a video in the spring, how to ice a cake and posted it on our business FB page. There is a *discreet* website at the end as well as 'find us on Tweeter and FB'. I'm wondering if I could/should upload this same video for a cake decorating Instructable, or will people consider it  spammy?  I can go in and edit it out, but that would take 10 minutes away from my next potential Instructable, lol! Would love some opinions... :) Thanks!

Posted by jessandstavro 6 years ago

What to do with a Vialta Beamer video phone?

So years ago before broadband internet, Skype, and video conferencing for free, there was a thing called a Beamer video phone which used your landline telephone line to do video conferencing between 2 people. So my mom bought 2 of them, mailed me one, and we tried to do video conferencing between PA and FL, and needless to say, it was terrible.  Video was choppy, etc, everything you would expect for video trying to go over a landline phone circuit.  I would sell it on eBay, but it doesn't look like anyone is buying it, so rather than have it take up any more shelf space, I'm trying to figure out what else I can do with it.  I haven't taken it apart yet, but it looks like a 3" LCD screen with a little web camera on it and a microphone, and some kind of circuit board.  The housing is actually very pretty (see picture) with it's glass outside. So what can I do with this thing?  Can I build some type of open source wi-fi video conference station using skype?  Or some type of in-home intercom system with video? The possibilities are seemingly endless, any suggestions are welcomed!!

Posted by ericb1 7 years ago

Sponsored Video Playing Automatically

Why do the 'sponsored videos' (READ: advertisements) at the top of most pages start playing automatically? I can only hope this is a mistake, because it is wrong on many levels. 1. Loud 2. Obnoxious 3. Unwanted 4. Makes me want to avoid Instructables (NOOOOO!) Sorry if those are redundant, but on top of the recent site layout fiasco, Instructables seems to have become a huge, messy commercial. I could live with that if only those videos didn't play automatically.

Posted by redplanet 8 years ago

looking for designer for graffiti themed video game/app

Must be in Los Angeles area.  Please email substanceabusemcees@gmail.com for more details. I have included a song from the soundtrack below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1zIHbOzW3Y

Posted by witchdoctorseuss 4 years ago