Distressing vinyl

Has anyone ever experimented with distressing vinyl to the point that it's all cracked and gnarly?  See the image.  Thanks.

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Vinyl wrapping a helmet

Hi, Now that I have access to a pretty decent vinyl printer, and saw this (A page of small vinyl pieces to lay on a helmet as a 'wrap') I'm pretty keen to give it a go. But excluding the graphic, I'm interested in how they manage to capture the 'contour' of the helmet to print perfectly sized decals. Because I've seen wraps for different kinds of helmets so it's not a one size fits all. Some of the decals cover the entire helmet, it's hard to tell from the pictures but would they be 1 piece? If so that seem quite a difficult graphic to lay without any air bubbles, I know you can lay graphics in a small amount of water so it's easy to move the image around but since helmets aren't flat and gravity I don't think the water would last for very long.

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Vacuum Forming Vinyl?

I am a student looking for some colored vinyl/plastic sheets to vacuum form bones. I need black and red and was wondering where a good place to order from and what exactly I should order. 

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What is vinyl? NOT vinyl records.?

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The best way to sew vinyl? Answered

Any suggestions on how to sew vinyl? I have a regular singer sewing machine.

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Display Stand for Vinyl Records

Good day i am looking for a set of drawings to make an old style  Display unit for Vinyl Records exactly like they had them in record shops when only vinyl was sold 

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How do you put a texture or pattern on vinyl sheet? Answered

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How to cut a vinyl record?

Hi. i wanna build a frame like this: http://www.greatgreengoods.com/2008/06/10/recycled-record-frames-and-coasters/but i dont know how i can cut the record. i tried so far a carpet cutter, glass cutter, i tried to stamp out with a hot metal but nothing worked. any other suggestions???

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Homemade Vinyl Record Cutting

I've always loved recording my music onto computers or cassettes and it's always been a little dream of mine to put one or two of them onto a homemade vinyl record. Obviously this would be very lo-fi but it seems like it'd still be a fun project. Anyone know if this is possible or if they've done something similar? Way I would think it could be done is to reverse the wiring in side a record player into a microphone of some sort and replace the needle with a razor blade with a blank sheet of the certain type of vinyl?

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vinyl record de-warping

I'm sure there's some of you here who have had this problem and i've looked at many links, and i've seen the ways to de warp a record, but none point to the best method. any suggestions?

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How do I remove vinyl tile adhesive?

I am removing some cheap vinyl tile squares, but it leaves adhesive on the underneath floor, which I want to keep.  What can I use to dissolve, remove or clean the adhesive?

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Will layering chrome vinyl wrap leave "seems" on the finished product?

I'm making helmets that will require a mirror-like chrome finish. I've done a bit of looking, and have found spray paint (wont work, as the mirror finish is not there), actual chroming (WAY too pricey for me), or vinyl wrap.  From everything I have seen, this [chrome vinyl wrap] will work wonderfully. However, the issues is that I do not know if I will have "seems" when/if I layer the vinyl. I'm sure I can avoid having to put seems on the helmets, but I would like to have my bases covered before I spend the money on the wrap itself. Also, on a related side note: will it [vinyl wrap] chip if applied to a car? I have another project that would require a decent chunk of vinyl wrapping on my car, and again, I would like to know everything before spending the money. thanks in advance! 

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How can I repair vinyl "wood grain" that came off when adhesive tape was applied to the surface of a desk?

I have a Bush particle board desk I would like to repair. Recently, my wife placed some adhesive tape on the surface of her desk. Upon pulling the tape off, some of the "wood grain" was lifted off of the vinyl covering. I do not want to replace the vinyl, only touch up the areas that were damaged by the tape.

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What is vinyl? Answered

 I've been seeing "vinyl" in some Instructables I've seen. Most of them had to do with sewing.  Is Vinyl a cloth or something? 

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printing on contact paper

I'm interested in making vinyl wall decals myself for my apt. I saw one instructable to cut the design on contact paper and stick it on the wall. But what if I have my own design (image) on my computer and wanted to print that on the contact paper. Can I do it using my inkjet printer or do I need any other special paper? Basically I wanted to print my design on any vinyl paper and transfer that onto the wall. Thank you...

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Using a laser printer on sign vinyl?

Question:  I've gotten a nice sized scrap of  sign vinyl from where I work at, and I'm wanting to cut out a replacement logo for the side of my pedal-start moped.  I can do it by hand okay if I could transfer the design onto the sign vinyl and follow it.  (because, I don't have access to a vinyl cutter or a Cricut type machine.) Can you do the toner transfer method from a transparency made in a laser printer, or would that melt the vinyl?  Or, if cut to proper size, could you print directly onto the vinyl, if the printer's paper path were essentially straight?  It wouldn't have to be permanent, just on the surface to follow it.  This stuff is pretty opaque, so a light table won't work either. Thanks for your time!

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Battery Powered Vinyl Turntable Help

I recently purchased a Bush MTT1 vinyl turntable which I am trying to make portable so I can play records through a set of I-pod speakers on the move. I thought this was a good one to ‘mod’ as it has a built in preamp (one less thing to carry!). First of all I have swapped/removed the red/white output sockets and replaced them with a 3.5mm headphone jack so the speakers can easily be attached – this works great! The part I am stuck with is the turntable needs to be plugged in to the wall…and I want it to be battery powered. I have opened up the turntable and inside the wire from the wall goes straight into a transformer, then the transformer is wired to the turntable circuit with two blue wires. The transformer reads – 05/45 on the side, if that’s any use. All I need to know is what voltage is being supplied to the turntable by the transformer so I can remove it and put batteries in its place, how can I do this?, can it be done? Also wear the transformer connects to the circuit it says 'AC IN'. Can i just connect batteries? Please see attached photos for anymore information, thanks!  

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Removing adhesive from vinyl tiles

I am having solid hardwood flooring installed in my first floor of my home. The existing flooring is currently 12x12" vinyl tiles. I am in the process of removing the tiles (using an iron). How do I remove the old adhesive that was used to put the tiles down? Is it necessary to remove even though felt underlayment will be placed under the hardwood? Thanks in advance.

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Clear vinyl film sticking together

We have a problem with 2 layers of plastic/vinyl film sticking together. When we purchase this product it comes in 48" X 150' rolls and has a kraft paper that separates the layers while on the roll but when we use this stuff we have 2 layers about 3/8" apart after a time due to heat contraction or sitting something on the 2 layers it meets and will not easily pull apart. Is there any chemical or product of any type we can apply that would remove its ability to stick together. If you have a solution please keep in mind there can not be any residue as this needs to stay crystal clear.

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how to design (crease-free) vinyl records bowls without waves

Most of you might know the bowls you can make out of old vinyl records (like: https://www.instructables.com/id/Vinyl-Record-Bowl-2/ OR https://www.instructables.com/id/Vinyl-Fruit-Bowl/). But how the hell is this done: http://bit.ly/1g9PL1h AND http://bit.ly/1erfVBd a bowl without waves. Just plain. Any idea or insctrutable?

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How can I get vinyl bumper stickers ready to be delivered within just one week? Answered

How can I get vinyl bumper stickers ready to be delivered within just one week?

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I am looking for the old-fashioned floral patterns from 60 or more years ago in vinyl flooring.?

I am trying to find the colorful flowers like shabby chic florals but in vinyl sheets or vinyl tiles. Might anyone know a source?

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I am looking for record donations to start a huge project. If anyone wants to give me their records, I will gladly pay a reasonable s&h fee. I am working on a project which will eventually result in a massive record player that has multiple turntables but only one needle. i will cite everyone who donated records, and eventually, i will donate the machine to instructables hq, with the records of everyone who donated records. that way, we will have started a true collaboration. also, if anyone has any suggestions for a mechanism, or has made a useful component, they can send that to me as well.

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What kind of speakers are best for the turntable I plan on buying?

I've never owned a turntable before and have decided to buy this to start up with. It has a built in pre-amp, and I was wondering what kind of basic equipment I need to go with it. Specifically, what kind of speakers are best for someone wanting the best from their vinyl without spending loads? I have a budget of around £100.

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How do I make custom balloon art? (Not balloon animals)

Hi I was interested in making balloons in different shapes. Similar in make to beach toys or those inflatable chairs. I'm having trouble finding information on how to make them from scratch. I'm assuming they're made of vinyl sheets but I'm not sure of the method to cut and connect them together, or where to obtain those air valves common on all inflatable balloons. Any information would be great. Thanks!

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vehicle vinyl application

I'm working on a large project with a deadline, and falling temperatures in the Northeast are influencing my work performance. What I need is a portable, efficient, and safe device and/or method that can quickly heat the outside of a car.I am working with temporary adhesive vinyl panels that are being applied to the entire hood and trunk of New York City taxi cabs. We can only apply these panels for about 2 more weeks, and we are trying to cover as many taxis as possible. The weather, however, has been slowing our progress. When the temperature gets to about 60 degrees F and lower, the panels become very brittle, almost like paper, and lose some of their adhesive properties. Application becomes very difficult. We're able to keep the panels in a heated vehicle, which helps a bit. But the outside of the cars, particularly the trunks, are too cold for a proper application. The hood can be easier if the engine has been running for a bit, because this warms the panel and restores its malleability.Does anyone have any suggestions concerning a fast, efficient, portable, and safe method for heating the coachwork of a vehicle? If you can't meet all of the criteria, the device and/or method must at least be portable. But I'm curious to hear any other suggestions, as well. I've come up with a whole slew of ideas that are plenty fast but are in no way safe. Let's face it, though, they're still fun to think about.Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have faith in the creativity of Instructablers! And think of it this way; your help can contribute to a really excellent project. If anyone would like more info, gardenintransit.org. Rock on.

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Is there a cheap way to make my own vinyl records?

Is there a cheap way to make my own vinyl records? Like, not just copy records, make new ones from computer recordings?

Asked by Eric95 9 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

how do i paint over a vinyl floor?

I want to paint my ugly vinyl floor...is it easier to paint over it and how do i do that ,or should i rip it out and paint the plywood subfloor? what are the pros and cons of each?

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3D Printing Vinyl Record

I'm trying to make 10 3d printed vinyl records, does anyone know a place that can make these form me? -Mike

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I need to remove old vinyl flooring and nothing is working - any ideas?

I am removing old vinyl flooring to put down ceramic tile. The vinyl is 17 years old and I have tried a heat gun, glue remover, an iron and foil, a heated trowel and nothing works quickly. A job that should take a week is taking months. Can ceramic tile be put down on top of the vinyl without the grout cracking when you walk on it?

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cleaning vinyl records

What is the simplest way of cleaning vinyl ? also how to clean the covers without creating further damage?

Asked by sroy6571 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

How to round to taper vinyl tubing

So there's this project I'm working on, and I need to be able to taper (or round off) some 1/4 inch clear vinyl tubing (figure 1). I tried using heat to taper the tubing, but all that did was make it the opposite and be enlarged (figure 2). What I'm trying to do is round it off (figure 3), I already tried sanding the tubing, and I tried shaping it with heat, but to little success. Does anyone know an easy and effective way to achieve something like what figure 3 shows? Preferably using (more or less) household items/tools.

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Edison Wax Cylinder Recordings

I'm not sure this is the correct category, but I didn't see one specifically for audio endeavors! I know there were early recordings on wax, and later vinyl records, but I wondered if anyone ever went back and made cylinders from vinyl and tried recording on them. Does anyone know where I can find out more about this? I'm be interested in trying to make higher definition recording cylinders for some fun :)

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Anyone have any of the new(ish) vinyl ugly doll? I'm looking for an idea on how to make some cloths for my new icebat!

I got two icebats,  glow in the dark green and a blue one from series 2. I bought them for a toy series I'm wanting to make, and they both will have their own photography blogs. So, I need to put a little vest or something on one to help distinguish the two. Any ideas?

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What do I use to fix Bouncy pogo kids ball.

Karroo Kids were given bouncy pogo balls that they sit on with handles. On which they bounced endlessly. Both now have 1 puncture each (oddly enough, not underneath). Patching with motorcycle/car patches was a bust and did not adhere. I assume the balls are made of vinyl. Unfortunately I am more than familiar with fixing (to the sound of tears) a favourite R5 cheap Chinese import toy with an R80 tube of specialized glue. (while the expensive "cool" toy go ignored! )! Any suggestions?

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Do you need to have a amp to fully experience a record player?

 So I'm new to records and I'm for sure going to buy one but being 19 I have NO knowledge of this. All I want to do is play vinyls through speakers/headphones and I'm willing to buy adapters and what not but I hear talk of needing a amp. Why do I need to buy a amp? Also is there a way I can buy something that might be easier to find without spending too much and without losing quality of sound from the record.   I just want to listen to music the right way. HELP ME PLEASE!

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Remove Vinyl Flooring

What's the best way of removing vinyl flooring to put tile down? Namely, the glue? Any chemical removers?

Posted by DELETED_Phill 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

What glues is best for stainless steel? Answered

I am going to glue some synthetic leather (vynahide) to a piece of stainless steel. What type of adhesive should I use? Preferably water proof. Sorry I can't go into details, it's a project I'm working on for a contest. Help much appreciated! :)

Asked by Xuthal 7 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

Do I need an amp for my record player?

I have a record player and a set of speakers and I guess I need an amp, so I went to the pawn shop and the guy told me I need one with Phono. He had a couple for abou $120. Is that necessary/a rip off?

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Recovering kitchen doors with vinyl any ideas?

The problem i have is getting the vinyl to cover awkward shape in door

Asked by davidcgil 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

How can you paint vinyl record bowls or get colored vinyls?

Asked by oonly1uwish4 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Vinyl Clocks - easy simple custom goodness.

Me and Fungus Amungus share a common obsession interest. We have both created clocks. I must say, I do enjoy a good clock. I like something a little different, and a bit unique, I'm also a sucker for a perfect motion and quiet mechanism.These Vinyl Clocks add the ultimate and easy way to create your own personal clock based focal point, each kit comes with a set of pre-cut vinyl stickers, and a clock mechanism. The idea being that you can arrange said items onto a wall to give your own custom look. I think its a great idea, the plus side of the kits is that the selection of shapes and numbers is really good, a simple housing for the clock mechanism would have been nice.Obviously, this would make a great DIY project, either using a laser cutter, or a combo of a scalpel and patience. I recently purchased a Karlsson which features a small simple design perfectly suited to a project like this!Artstick Online Via Gizmodo

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remove paper label on Vinyl records disc

Dear all.. Please help me to know how remove paper label on Vinyl records disc.I have tried with lighter fluid but not success.Thank you in advance.

Posted by lam 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

What is a good way to cut vinyl records? ?

I want to cut vinyl records in half (or a little less) to use in a sculpture. I want the records to remain flat - to avoid warping. Most of the suggesting I've seen on the internet involve heat, but warn about warping. I have basic equipment, and I'd like to avoid buying more for this project. Any suggestions?

Asked by raviolikid 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Can I remove vinyl tile adhesive from concrete by some sort of power sander machine?

I see that people recommend using different kinds of solvent (and lots of elbow grease) to get the adhesive residue off, but I have an area that is north of 500 sq. feet.  Tile is off and we'd like to stain the concrete.  Thanks for any suggestions.

Asked by TracyS131 1 year ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

Where to get Vinyl Decals for a wall?

Can anybody recommend a good place to buy Vinyl Decals (cheaply) online? This is the kind of style that I'm thinking of: ny-image3.etsy.com/il_fullxfull.116903023.jpg I've looked around Etsy a bit and that particular design is $98 + shipping to Ireland ($9-$15), I'd like to find similar for a bit cheaper if possible. Any ideas?

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CD to LP Help!

I have a CD of mine that I really would like converted back to vinyl is this possible at all?The only thing that I could find is LP to CD conversion such as this site hereAnyone know anything about this?And the CD is Buckethead : Enter The Chicken : P

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Hf or rf welder

I have some flexible clear vinyl that I've been trying to figure out how to infuse together for a project I want to make.  I've been successful with vinyl glue (after much tests with different glues and epoxies). However chemical bonding can become expensive.  Ive tried many experiments with melting the vinyl together with soldering irons. Either the bond is not strong enough or it melts through, or it weakens the material too much.  I'd be really interested to see someone make an rf or hf welder that is capable of welding heavy gauge vinyl.  Cheers!

Posted by senica 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago