vodka gummies?

Has anyone tried using ever clear or moon shine. Does the alcohol proof have anything to do with it. I would like any comments. I have tried them with vodka and they were great.

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Make mine a double!(This is currently the BBC's "most emailed" story)

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Alie and Georgia Present: The McNuggetini

It's quite amusing. A cocktail made from: Vodka A milkshake BBQ sauce A McNugget Also Bloody-bacon and cheese

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Gizmodo rips off Instructables?

Gizmodo recently posted about vodka-infused gummi-bears, but presented it as if it was their own idea. I tried to leave a comment to point out that the process was posted here, nearly three years ago, but I was informed that my post was "spam" because it was "too short", and "contained too many links".  How is one link "too many"?  I tried again, typing a lot more, and including no links at all, yet that comment mysteriously did not appear, either. So, I checked the FAQ, to see if I'd accidentally broken some rule, and I found it:  according to their FAQ, Gizmodo "only approve the comments we love". To me, only allowing comments that say nice things about the site, and preventing plagiarism (or mistakes) being highlighted, is censorship, and cowardly. Rant over - there doesn't seem to be any way to contact Gizmodo with actual criticism.

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potato vodka?

I am currently in an issoalted camp in the north and am interesting in making some potato vodka.  Potatoes are readily available and I can scrounge the materials for a still. But there is not a pressure cooker here. Could I cook the potao mash/juice in a regular pot on the stove? I know a make shift pressure cooker is proably dangerous and totaly out of the question, although it did cross my mind.

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How to Make Homeopathic Vodka.

Now you can have all the benefits of Vodka, with none of the unpleasant side-effects, thanks to the clever chaps at the 10:23 Campaign.

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Can I use white rum to make vanilla extract instead of vodka?

Can I use white rum to make vanilla extract instead of vodka?

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Why dosent Vodka freeze in the freezer? Answered

Would it ever freeze? What about drinks with lower alcohol content? What about straight alcohol?

Asked by yggdrazil 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

How can I remove labels/lettering from Absolut Vodka bottles? Answered

I'm doing a project utilizing old vodka bottles, and cannot find any info out there on removing the lettering.

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cool alcoholic ideas? Answered

Well im about to be 21 soon and im looking for cool alcoholic ideas, such as vodka gummy bears, and the vodka clementines. something i can use alcohol in so i can get drunk from it. Other than jello shots and mixed drinks. Sorry i can't explain better and i hope someone has a cool idea.

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Plasma ball with Giant vodka Bottle?

Hi I am thinking of using a Giant 3 litre Smirnoff vodka bottle  as shown in the link below: To make a Plasma globe but inside the bottle. I need some sort of high voltage supply and an electrode but aren't sure what else . The main Problem I can see is creating a vacuum inside the bottle . as I don't have a vacuum pump. Does anyone have any tips on how to create a vacuum inside the bottle? Also would an inert gas work instead. Any help appreciated  Thanks Ben

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That "new coffee pot" plastic taste.

Here's a useful bit of technology I discovered. Having bought a new coffee maker - a "Mr. Coffee" type drip machine - I found that it left the coffee with a nasty plastic taste. You could also smell the same plasticy aroma just opening up the packaging. I was advised that washing the coffeemaker and running a lot of water through it would cure this. Well, it didn't seem to. Other suggestions included vinegar, powdered "coffee pot cleaner", and running it through the dishwasher (well, please don't run an electrical appliance through your dishwasher, OK?) But I did have something on hand that eliminated the smell and taste completely - Vodka. Thoroughly moisten a paper towel with vodka (Everclear would work, too)  - and wipe down all the interior surfaces (especially plastic ones).  Mostly this means the water reservoir, the filter basket, and any lids. The glass carafe can be done, too. Use at least a shot or two of vodka. (Not counting that which you drink.) Follow with a thorough rinse. Evidently the bad-tasting plastic residue is soluble in alcohol.

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Help with Refrigeration for a (Very) Custom Bar Top

The gist of this question is this: How do I calculate the size compressor rig that I need for a cooling system? The larger context is this: I am building a bar in my living room that has some special features - Namely it has a "cold strip" running across the top of the bar - which amounts to a 4 inch wide strip of chilled copped built into the bar top- to keep your drink cold; as well as two vodka wells - which each hold a bottle of vodka in a frozen bath of (cheaper) vodka (under a glass dome). The bar top is made of Styrofoam and composite materials (I used to make Surfboards) and is basically seamless. The copper tubing will be built into the bar top - under the composite and soldered to a copper plate - which is built into the composite.... you get the picture. I have built "frozen" sculptures in the past using old fridges that I have disassembled and then re tubed. In the past I have always just winged the amount of tubing I used and thus far - have gotten away with it, and the sculptures have always worked. This time though I am buying the compressor new and want to match the unit to the need - but I have no idea how to calculate the needed compressor to the job. Any help would be great. Thanks! And Yes, I will post the Instructable when the bar is completed. :)

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Newsflash: beer is now alcoholic!

From the BBC: Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has signed a bill that officially classifies beer as alcoholic. Until now anything containing less than 10% alcohol in Russia has been considered a foodstuff. The move, signed into law on Wednesday, will allow ministers to control the sale of beer in the same way that spirits are controlled. Russian alcohol consumption is already twice the critical level set by the World Health Organization. Although vodka has long been the traditional tipple in Russia, beer has soared in popularity, being marketed as a healthier alternative to spirits. Over the past decade, beer sales in Russia have risen more than 40% while vodka sales have fallen by nearly 30%. Correspondents say it is common to see people swigging beer in the street and in parks as if they are drinking soft drinks. It is not restricted to certain stores and is sold around the clock.

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Bacon Jalapeno Poppers, Lady Gaga Hairdo, DIY Diamond Ring

Bacon Jalapeno Poppers Lady Gaga Hairdo DIY Diamond Ring Amazing Tesla CD Turbine Yip Yip Costume Glowing Birdcage Necklace 5 Vinegar Secrets Cloth-Covered Cables English Breakfast Pizza LED Plant Growth Light Wooden Puzzle Cube RFID Projects DIY Barbecue Vodka Infused Gummis Low Carb Pizza

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Laser Christmas Tree, Cranberry Vodka, Digital Picture Frame...

Sign-up for our newsletter here. Dec. 13, 2007 Welcome back! Big news. The Laser Cutter Contest has been extended to Jan. 1, 2008! Be sure to enter the Homemade Holidays Contest. Win great prizes from CRAFT magazine! Check out these cool instructables! Cheap 'n Easy Digital Picture Frame Looking for an awesome gift idea? This is it! Total cost was under $100, and could be substantially less if you're savvy.posted by joedog86 on May 23, 2006 Laser Christmas Tree Make your Christmas tree explode with lasery goodness this year. Perfect for a late-night Christmas party. posted by novalasers on Dec 11, 2007 Extreme Business Cards How to make a business card that actually dials you up by itself! Read on to find out how.posted by tomward on Dec 10, 2007 Waterproof your Batteries in seconds! Taking electronics out and about on outdoor adventures can mean wet batteries and rust. Here's a tip to keep your power supply nice and dry.posted by dan on Dec 10, 2007 How to build a garage from the ground up Need some workshop space, a fortress of solitude, or a place for your beer fridge? A new garage is the answer, and this is how to make it possible.posted by jmengel on Dec 8, 2007 Extended to Jan. 1, 2008! U-Disp - The Digg (tm) display (Open Source) Make your important data easy to see with this 7-digit display that can pull from multiple sources. posted by matseng on Dec 8, 2007 Ultimate Guide to Making a Cheap but Effective Aluminium Forge Start smelting at home! You'll be ready to present aluminum ingots to friends in just a couple days. Mmm... ingots.posted by Shark500 on Dec 7, 2007 How to Make a Placeñata Do you and your friends have a sick sense of humor? This twisted piñata will help get the party started.posted by fran_halsbourg on Dec 7, 2007 Professional Looking Gadgets Make your homemade gadgets look like professional shop-bought equipment with a can of spray glue and some OHP transparencies.posted by tomward on Dec 9, 2007 Cranberry Infused VodkaMake some custom vodka for your friends this Christmas. Start with cranberry and move on to whatever other flavor you want!posted by mikeasaurus on Dec 4, 2007 Congratulations to zieak for winning the grand prize in the Mash-Up Contest with this entry. Stool made from bike parts and crutches - full winners list -   Now go make something awesome, and I'll see you next week! - Eric

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Pyramid of Candy!

This was put together for my little sister's 8th birthday party :) Just get crafty type foam (like the white type for floral arrangements) and cut circles (or squares or triangles etc.) of decreasing size. Hot glue together....Then, hot glue on those fun sized candies (just a little dab). You know, the kind you discovered to be not so very fun unless you're eight years old :) This makes it easy for people to pull the candies off and keeps the arrangement nice and tidy.Vodka and Cranberry Juice for the adults.... kidding :P

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Glass Question - How could I make a spout for a pitcher?

Okay, I am making some glasses from some old 750ml bottles (vodka if you must know). I happen to have a matching 1.5L bottle, which would be too big for a drinking glass. I was thinking of turning it into a pitcher (no handle - it's small enough to wrap my hand around). However, I have no idea how to make a spout. Is there an easy way to do this? I'm guessing heat would be involved. Would this be too difficult or dangerous to attempt? I haven't really worked with glass beyond using a glass cutter here or there. Thanks.

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Is it safe to mix ethyl alcohol, eucalyptus essence and 5%

 i decided to make a hand sanitizer with the following mixture: ethyl alcohol (bought in the supermarket) -filled about 3/4 of a regular spray bottle a few drops of eucalyptus essence (bought in a drugstore) 5% alc. vodka (drained after 2 weeks of soaking in it the orange and grapefruit rinds and lemongrass leaves) inspired by the instructable on how to make a citrusy room and linen spray , few drops of glycerine. i have learned from wiki about the benefits of the following and decided to mix them. I intend to give this to some good friends and i wanna make sure its really safe...

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ALCOHOL FREE spirit-tasting drinks, eg gin without the booze, does anyone have any accurate recipes?

I am trying to put together an alcohol free cocktail cabinet and so far am unable to find a reasonable gin/whisky/rum/vodka substitute.  The whole point of this alcohol free cocktail cabinet is to enable me to host a party that everyone can enjoy - no drinking and driving means fruit juice/syrup based cocktails and that can get a bit boring after a while!  So, over to you, my incredibly inventive and brilliant 'Ible friends....  thank you in advance.

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How can I hang a bottle and have a lamp cord going into it at the same time...

Howdy, I've been inspired by this type of craft: I know there are many who sell completed type setups, but as I'm trying to save the money and would like to hang my personally emptied bottles I've done a lot of internet searching for over a week or so,without luck. I'd like to hang a bottle with a lamp in it, but the bottle has no threading to insert pipe fittings or whatnot, and I can't tell how the bottle was hung. Any ideas are appreciated, I'm going to continue to look. Thanks.

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[newsletter] Ultrasonic Batgoggles, Miracle Fruit, Giant Lite Brite...

Sign-up for our newsletter here. May 29, 2008 Welcome back! Have a cool signature for your user name? Share it with the community at this signature collection post. Lots of people have been ordering shirts from our new store. The free shipping only lasts through tomorrow so order now!Want to win some magnetic photo rope to display your pictures? Enter our caption contest!Coming soon... a new contest based on travel tips. Check out these cool Instructables! Go Online without Getting Snooped: Tor (The Onion Router) Want to get online on a network that likes to snoop? Try using TOR. posted by w1n5t0n on May 27, 2008 Ultrasonic Batgoggles Experience echolocation and learn to "see" with your ears. posted by suneth on May 27, 2008 Cheap, easy, low-waste platform bed Build a queen size platform bed with storage space underneath for less than $30, in about an hour, and learn some basic carpentry skills in the process. posted by aeray on May 19, 2008 Make a $5.00 "Space Pen" for your wallet Put handy space pen in your wallet so that you can write upside down whenever you want. posted by doctor_wu on May 25, 2008 How to Build a Hank Drum Build your own unique drum from a propane tank with just a few basic tools. posted by Hermes on May 20, 2008 Make you own wearable arc reactor and be cooler than Tony Stark! Want your own arc reactor like the one in Iron Man? Here's how to do it. posted by mspark400 on May 26, 2008 Giant Lite Brite The original Lite Brite was cool, but a 4' x 4' version is better and allows for multiple kids of all ages to play at once! posted by noahw on May 22, 2008 Make Biodiesel! The biodiesel story continues with the method of making the biodiesel itself. posted by drinkmorecoffee on May 22, 2008 Win amazing LED POV kits! Closes for entries on Sunday! Green Science Fair! Lightbulb "green"house The humble light bulb may be on its way out, but instead of trashing them you can give them new lives as tiny greenhouses. posted by LinuxH4x0r on May 26, 2008 Growing Your Own Miracle Fruit A guide to help anyone willing to grow the exotic and highly rewarding Miracle Fruit. posted by Putzer on Jun 27, 2007 Shoot the Rainbow: Skittles Vodka Loved Skittles as a kid and want to enjoy the flavors in a new way now that you're an adult? Skittles vodka may be just the thing for you. posted by applesticker on May 27, 2008 Dell Laptop into Digital Photo Frame That outdated laptop may be too slow for your new applications, but it can still serve as a sweet photo frame. posted by vorin on May 24, 2008 Now go make something awesome, and I'll see you next week! - Eric

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