If you connect the 12Vdc and -12Vdc on a desktop PSU do you get 24 Volts?

I used to understand more about electricity and electronics, i swear. I have used the yellow-to-red (+12 to +5 Vdc) method to create 7 volt dc connections for my desktop and xbox fans. I understand the concept of differences in voltage. Do these concepts carry over into negative voltage available on the ATX power supplies?

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bug zapper information?

I am trying to find a high voltage transformer for a Stinger high performance UV 801 bug zapper.  Where can I look?  I am not having any luck searchingt for it under the model number or by looking for volage transformer suppliers.

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how can i run dc motor with specific criterias as per detail?

1) the motor should move forward for cirtain RPM then STOP when supply is on. 2) the motor should move reverse with exact same RPM then STOP when supply CUT OFF. the supply volage is 230V the motor is 12V DC.

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How to use a transformer to step-up voltage

Hello! I was wondering how to use a transformer to step-up volage. I got one of those shocker fly swatters and took it apart, and saw that it used a couple of transistors, capacitors, and the main thing, the small 5-pin transformer. How does it work? How can I increase the voltage? 

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How do I regulate voltage in my power supply? Answered

I'm a beginner so pleaase deal with me. I'am building a AC-DC power supply. The transformer I'm using has an output of 12.6V and 3A. I used a full-wave rectifier to turn AC into DC. Now I need a way to regulate the power supply's output voltage. I did some research but I'm still not sure what I should do. I could use a potentiometer, or substitude one of the resistors in a voltage resistor for a potentimeter ... whats the difference? If I do use a potentiometer  how do i choose which one I need? Do I use an adjustable volage regulator?The load Ill mostly use it for requires 2.3A and a voltage of 3-12.6V. But I want the freedom of using it for other stuff. Also, in what way can I regulate the current? Sorry for all the questions, Im just confused after everything Ive read online.

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