How and when can we get voting? cat xxx

Posted by raggyrat 11 years ago

How do you VOTE in the Pocket Sized Contest? Answered

I can't seem to be able to vote!

Asked by JRWATSON 9 years ago

Vote button not working

When I click on the vote button (top right hand side) for certain instructables, nothing happens. I am using safari but it works in firefox, maybe  pop up blocker?

Posted by roshenac 4 years ago


I think you may have the start and end date mixed up for voting.

Posted by Noname23 9 years ago

Contest voting not on my page

I have a few Instructables that do not have the vote button on my page.  The rest of my Instructables do.  

Posted by sunshiine 6 years ago

What's the point of voting? Answered

During contests, users can vote on which ones they like best. I read the rules and it says that specific judges rate them from 1-10. What's the point of voting if certain people decide it?

Asked by patriots8888 7 years ago

Contest Voting???

I'm really sorry if this is an ignorant question, however, I'm a bit confused with several of the contests as of now. Many of them are giving me the option to vote on entries.  I thought the voting phase was supposed to start after the contest deadline.  Is that not so?

Posted by TheLegoDJ 7 years ago

Bug: Voting for is messed up in Crafting 101!

Windows 7 Chrome 43.0.2357.81 m Contest 101: Steps to reproduce: Go to a project and vote for it Go to the project page and it shows that you voted for the the project after that one. Happend when voting for my own project as well as for other projects.

Posted by Metalfist 3 years ago

Can we view how many votes we have got on an instructable?

Just as the question states it!

Posted by vishalapr 7 years ago

How do you vote on the instructible contests? Answered

Hello, may be an silly question, but how the heck do you vote on the contests? I don't see a box that you can check or anything, or a summary page where you can make a selection. Is giving the instructible author 5 stars classed as a vote for the contest? I would like to vote for my faves, but cant figure out how? Hopefully it's not painfully painfully obvious or I will feel silly... :) Thanks!

Asked by Stew2 9 years ago

Entering contest late and wondering about votes

I am new to entering contests. I just entered the Halloween costume contest. It has been going for a year and closes in a week. Obviously people who entered earlier are going to have many more votes than I will. I am wondering how much the votes you receive has to do with becoming a finalist. 

Posted by jenn_huls 3 years ago

Does the public's vote make much difference to the contests results? Answered

Im just wondering does the pubic vote make much difference to a contests results? i mean if i publish my instructables just before the contest closes, is it going to make any difference compared to if i entered it near the start. Thanks Benjamin

Asked by benmurton 5 years ago

Rating allowed by collaborator

I was able to rate a project I collaborated on: shouldn't have tried, but I was curious. My bad.)Originally this topic title indicated "vote" rather than "rate," sorry.

Posted by gmoon 10 years ago

Contest Voting

Hi! I am very new to instructables! I am in the holiday gift contest. I have been sharing with all of my friends and family getting votes. How do we know how many votes we have, or if we even have a shot to become a finalist?? Is it by views? Some of these instructables have been up for a while and have thousands of views and mine has only been up since the 28 th and only has 348 views : (, and 34 favorites?? Thank you in advance for any help : ) Sandra 

Posted by sandralynnramirez30 5 years ago

New Voting Rules

First off, I just want to say that i love the site! I've been poking around fro quite some time now, and I've finally started working on posting my first Instructable. (I know this tags me as a noob; you can take this post with a grain off salt). However, I wanted to see how other people felt about the new voting rules, i.e. the fact that voting is open as soon as the contest is open. Personally, I don't like this. The blog post about it brings up three issues: "Readers don’t go back to vote - Readers are most likely to vote when they first see an entry and want to give it a boost. With the old voting scheme, this favored those who entered on the last weekend and were featured." Don't we want readers to go back and vote? In an ideal situation, I feel like you would want each reader to evaluate each Instructable. If a reader votes early in the contest, and doesn't come back to vote, votes will be favored towards the people who submit first. While I understand that maybe this was part of the intention, it still doesn't seem very fair to me. "Authors enter late - Some authors took advantage of this and would hold off their entry until the last minute. This would lead to a cluster of last-minute entries. Part of this is regular procrastination, sure, but some was also intentional." I'm not quite sure what the harm was with entering an Instructable late in the submission period was. There's a submission deadline, people must submit by that deadline. Did that affect how people voted? I would think not. And while I understand that people procrastinate, what about the people that are just really, really busy with other things in their life? Personally, I was going to enter an Instructable into the Krylon contest, but now that voting is already open, I'm going to save it for another contest. It seems to me that the new rule is punishing procrastinators/busy people based on the actions of a part of the submitting population. "Lots of late entries hurt the contest - With an incentive for authors to keep their hand hidden there’s less of an indication just what people are putting together for a contest. Also,the more high-quality entries that come in on the last weekend, the more likely they are to be lost among the masses. With the new voting, authors would have more reason to step up their game and do a better job if they saw some cooler entries coming in earlier." Again, I'm not sure I see the reasoning behind this. In fact, high-quality entries that come in on the last weekend are even more likely to be lost among the masses now, as people who vote early will never see them. And with the new voting, won't authors be discouraged by seeing the cooler entries with a ton of votes already? Anyways, I was wondering what other people thought. As I said, I'm a bit of a noob here, so you can take this post with a grain of salt. I just wanted to voice my opinion.

Posted by drknotter 7 years ago

Contests & Voting

I love the contests that you run on here, however the voting part does not seem to be fair to everyone who has submitted entries. When you have 500 entries to look through & only 15 on a page, some people may not bother or be able to get through all of them. They appear to always come up in the same order, my point being that the Instructables listed on the first pages are the ones that will most likely get the most votes, regardless if there is an incredible entry in the last pages. Everyone is seeing the same first 15 entries. My suggestion would be to randomize the entries so that not everyone sees the same ones on the first page, so that the voting would be spread out. At the very least fewer pages with more entries on them should be considered. Only reason I brought this up is that when you had the contest for the Instructables book, I never did get through all of the entries and feel bad that someone's entry that was further back didn't make it into the book because few people even saw it. Thanks!

Posted by PaHalloweenFreak 9 years ago

strange goings on with the pet challenge

What's the go with the pet challenge. On the info page it says that the deadline for entries is September 4th, yet when you view the entries so far, you can already vote. There is also no way to add comments for the challenge.

Posted by Twinmum 7 years ago

How does one rate an instructable? Answered

I'm new here ...... I've seen some instructables that have 5 stars next to them. I can't find anywhere on my page HOW to rate another's instructable. How does one do that?

Asked by praise_song 6 years ago

Time to Vote!

Voting for the Craftsman "Workshop of the Future" contest opened today. There are a number of worthy entries, so I hope you'll take the time to look them over and vote for the one(s) you like!

Posted by kelseymh 9 years ago

My votes aren't registered

When I vote for a contest, my vote doesn't seem to register. I click to the grey "Vote" button and it turnes to orange "Voted", but when I return to the page, it is grey again and says "Vote" as if I haven't already voted. My specs are : A desktop PC GNU/LINUX Ubuntu Mate 15.10 x86-64 kernel 4.2.0-35-generic Mozilla Firefox 45.0+build2-0ubuntu0.15.10.1 I first noticed the bug right after I published my two last instructables : The instructables contained stock photos that had to be removed in order to be published. Maybe it has something to do with this?

Posted by taloskriti 2 years ago

contest voting?

Um yeah, there seems to be an odd thing happened with voting on contests. Can't seem to vote for people's wonderful makes. Every time I do I get this little pop up saying that I can't vote at this time. Happens every time as of late, so I assume its a bug. So I was wondering if it can get fixed. Thanks. :)

Posted by Treasure Tabby 2 years ago

What is the purpose of voting for entries in contests? Answered

So I recently entered my first contests, and I decided to read through the official rules. That's when I found this little passage: "Voting Period. Prior to the Deadline and for three (3) days after the Deadline, registered users of the Sponsor Site may vote on their favorite entry (the "Voting Periodâ€Â). Such voting will not be factored in as part of the Criteria for judging the Contest." That means voting has no effect on who wins the contest, right? The contest that I entered didn't have a 'popularity' category either. It also doesn't seem like that there's any way of knowing how many votes an entry has accumulated. This leaves me confused. What's the voting for? I'm not critisizing, I'm just genuinely curious. Have I missed something? 

Asked by piggleliggle 6 years ago

How much does voting have to do with winning contests? Answered

I'd like to know that. And also is there any way you can see how many votes you or someone else has? Thanks

Asked by Fathomlis 2 years ago

Pi Day Contest Vote not listed on Instrcutabe

I entered my "Pie-Eyed Pulled Pork" instructable in for the pi contest and the epilogue contest. The voting for both is going on now, but when you click on my instructable, only the voting for the epilogue contest comes up. I'd rather have the pie contest vote linked on this page. I just added it to the epilogue laser one because it was eligible. Can you fix this??  This is very time sensitive

Posted by Forkable 7 years ago

How to insure your vote for projects:

Sometimes I see a really impressive project that I want to vote for, but the project hasn't yet made it through the moderation process. In this case, I add the Ible to my favorite's list so I can return to it quickly and cast my vote after the entry has been accepted.  Are there other suggestions for members to keep track of entries they deem vote-worthy... without sifting through pages of contest entries?

Posted by bajablue 6 years ago

Voting on entries that are entered in multiple contests

When an entry is entered in multiple contests, what decides which banner appears above. I have an entry in the hack it contest and the off grid contest. The banner above it is for the hack it contest, so it won't get as many votes for the off grid contest which is in the voting stage. Is it possible for instructables to change it so that the banner is for the contest ending soonest/altready in the voting stage rather than the most recently entered contest ?

Posted by scraptopower 5 years ago

Contest voting

Ok, I feel like a goof for asking this, but what is the mechanism by which one votes for an entry in the pie contest? (No, I don't mean how do I vote for my own. *grin*) But there are some groovy recipes that have been entered. I've rated a few, and commented on one or two, but I don't see a clickable button or link to vote for a specific entry, like there is for the book contest. I'm sure I'm just missing it, could someone tell me where it is? Thanks. :)

Posted by SoapyHollow 9 years ago

The contest voting system isnt logical...

Is there any way to say that the contests are not biased when you can vote long before all of the entries are in, by all logic, the project that takes the longest wasnt always procrastinated upon. Many times, the last projects placed in a contest are the best, but because the voting has already been going on, those projects have little chance, if the deadline for turning in a project is a certain day, then by all means that day should also be the BEGINNING of voting. Thank you have a wonderful day.

Posted by Tuwdburgaler 5 years ago

Voting for your favorite entries in contests

Instructables members can vote for an entry during the contests plus 3 days after the contests close, which helps the Instructables staff in selecting few of the finalists. This has lead to many of the contest entries carrying out "Vote for me" campaign even before the entry is accepted in a particular contest. Entrants also send personal messages to other members asking for votes for their entry and also seek votes in reply to comments. Almost all of the contests carry huge prizes for the winners, which no other DIY website other than Instructables is offering. So, everybody wants to win contests and spend so much of their time and money to produce outstanding DIY projects. However, due to the voting system to decide part of the finalists, somebody may exercise some unfair means to get selected as a finalist. What if a member has garnered considerable amount of vote bank and every time gets a fair amount of votes for their entries in the contests? What if a member has created few fake accounts and vote for themselves through that fake accounts? Is there a way to keep a check on this kind of unfair means?

Posted by antoniraj 4 years ago

VOTE for Instructables! (In the SXSW People's Choice Awards)

Instructables is a finalist in the SXSW Web Awards "Classic" category, for websites over a year old. We're up a against some big sites, so wish us luck!Of course, that means we're also eligible for the People's Choice Award, so go vote for us! I just did it, and the process is dead easy - you can vote once/day until March 6th.

Posted by canida 9 years ago

How are finalists being chosen?

I am pretty new to the site, but I have tried entering a few contests in the past few months. I was wandering, if the finalists are chosen based on the votes, then clearly people who have many followers / a blog or a YouTube channel will have more votes going against people with none of those. So if there is a great project with not many votes (due to the reasons i just stated) does it even have a chance of winning? thanks in advance

Asked by HadasW 24 days ago

Does voting reset if the Instructable is edited?

Hi, I entered my instructable into the LED contest that is still running and it was accepted and the Instructables itself was/is doing well 13k+ views for my first one, so I'm happy. I then noticed a spelling mistake, so I edited the instructable and re-published it to fix that up. I then received an email saying it was entered into the LED contest and then another one a bit later saying it was accepted.. This is after it had already been accepted into the contest a couple of weeks ago. Just wanted to know if the above actions would reset the original votes on it because it was edited and apparently 're-entered', into the contest? Thanks

Posted by ambitiouswoods 1 year ago

Voting for Burning Questions?

Call me crazy, but in My Day, there was no voting involved in it. It was just a matter of did you answer the question well or not? So what exactly does getting votes do for the writer?

Posted by Weissensteinburg 10 years ago

Voting for a game

Berkin has decided to make a game or a movie.In the chat,we did a discussion.He decided I post a forum so that more can vote.Should it be game or movie?Vote in the comments.Votes:Game:2Movie:2Leading:Equal

Posted by Derin 9 years ago

voting not being accepted from instructable

This is a problem i think...i love the link you have put to vote on top where all the contest the instructable is on is shown in the drop down box.... however there is a problem i encountered over it... if you vote in that instructable...under the drop down...again when you come to the same shows as if it's not being voted... for it to be permanantly marked as voted you have to go to the main competition and then vote from there...else it doesn't seem to count. well...i don't think most members know that. so far...those who think it's been voted when they just vote on top ...but unfortunately it's not voted .. am i confusing you?? why don't you try and see go to an instructable and vote from the instructable... later go to the main contest and would show that it's not voted. and say you come back the next day and open the same instructable...if you haven't entered the vote in the main'll show as if it's not voted. therefore...all who have voted on the instructable....will not count....isn't that like really bad??? i'll probably not get any votes! :-( please check it and see what you can do about those who have voted on the instructable I use windows vista and i brows with firefox

Posted by shazni 5 years ago

Voting and Judging

Im kind of new to the contest scene, but how significant is voting in comparison to judging? or vice-versa? What decides the winners, and is there anything i should know about either? thanks

Posted by Coliflower 8 years ago

Encouraging people to vote/rate ibles

It's chronic, among any site that has a rating system... There are a million views on something, and...4 votes. Our voting system is HUGELY weighted against single votes having a large skew - but 'most' ibles, even those featured getting tonnes of hits (from obviously registered users, who are commenting)- arent getting many/any votes. This makes the 'popular/highest rated' ibles ...hard to find. How would we feel about having a voting alias next to the comment box? - not for replies, but next to 'add a comment' - with something like 'dont forget to rate!'

Posted by frollard 9 years ago

Does instructable block voting of certain entries? or is it a bug?

I have been trying to vote for Rocking gold collection in the jewelry contest...but it doesn't seem to be registering. When I vote and later come to shows it has not been voted..also when I checked in the jewelry contest...while the other stuff I have voted for shows...this is never appearing. I think it's rather unfair...and to think if others have voted and it's the same?? then this contestant doesn't stand a chance at all! what if it was a bug? then what will instructables team do to help rectify the unregistered votes? The above is the entry...check and let me know if it's only me or is it the same for others as well... Thanks

Posted by shazni 5 years ago

contest voting rules

I am still new to this site and enjoy it very much, I log on every day more than once and utilize 'ables by others on a regular basis. I recently entered the Mothers Day Contest and monitored it closely by votes, hoping, of course, to be a winner. By votes, I finished about 12th (YAY!!) As I waited for the results from the judges, I was a bit confused as to how an instructable (a very good one) from ranking by votes around 30's got to be the winner?? How does the judging work with the votes of the users?

Posted by MizzMouse 9 years ago

Contest Voting Change

We have revisited our contest rules and decided that we had made a mistake in making community voting not be a factor in our decision-making process. As a result, we are reverting back to our previous rules, and picking half of the finalists based upon community voting. This change has already gone into effect for all contests that are currently running. It is rare that we change the rules of a contest while it is running, but we feel that this change should prove beneficial to all. This change is part of our ongoing commitment to do what is best for the members of this website.

Posted by randofo 6 years ago

Can you cheat the voting system? If so, here's my solution to fix it.

I'm still scared to post an instructable that won't be recognized as a good one ever since I posted my first instructable. I then removed it because I didn't get into a contest, and didn't have many friends(as I will explain next).I was scared and still am because the contests so far seem to be rigged. I feel like this because of the way the Instructables' voting system works. So let's say we create an instructable and don't care how crappy it is. Now, let's assume we are extremely popular on social media, and ask all our followers to vote for us on our instructable...See where I am going with this?All we have to do is make our friends hit "Vote", and your friends don't care if your 'ible is good; they love you so they will vote for you. Thus cheating your way through the system.I swear this happens for every contest. There has to be a better way to determine the winner from the moment the author posts his/her instructible. This cheating wouldn't make it fair for many of us, and especially not for me(I don't have that many friends) :(If this cheating method works, then isn't voting similar to a "whoever has the most friends" contest?My suggestion:I understand that voting helps separate the weak from the professional Instructables, but I feel like a better way would be to require those already entered in other contests to vote for a contest they are not entered in. Thus, the biased friends wouldn't affect the polls. For example, say Lily entered the Flower-shop contest. In order for Lily to enter the flower contest, she must vote for at least 2-3 people in another contest (except the flower-shop contest, obviously).Make the Instructables list randomize everytime you refresh the screen on every contest website here on This way everyone will have a chance to be seen throughout the months of voting.I feel like these suggestions could be adjusted with your comments. Thank you for reading.

Posted by RamP78 5 months ago

How Do Contests Work?

How does the member voting influence the contests? I thought that i was the driving factor, but after reading the rules I can't tell if it is even taken into account because of the way the judging is described.

Posted by longp2000 2 years ago

Simple and CHEAP voting system - AM?

I'm a teacher, and I have a little (but not a lot) of money to spend. I'd really like to buy something like a Quizdom voting system, but with anything up to five classes of 26 running at once, it's just not financially possible. Which got me thunking... AM radio transmitters are cheap to build right? I've seen one using a 555 timer and an NPN transistor - these cost pennies - use to transmit voice. Could I instead transmit a BEEP - or high tone or something - each timer on a slightly different frequency? And have a single receiver which then listens across this frequency range and identifies which frequency is transmitting the tone or signal and feeds that back into... PC, Arduino, Raspberry Pi? Range would only need to be like 5-10m.

Posted by ohowson 5 years ago

changing the rating system

  After being on instructables I have notice that the rating system is a five out of five system without a way of getting any indication to why the vote count is high or low, On sites like deviant art if you want to rate a drawing the artist has to turn on critiques in which you have to give a 100 word paragraph with a rating on why it's bad or good, so on a site that glorifies Tom F**KING Preston we should have a better system for ratings.    Having a requirement to write well thought out critique or reason why the voted low on something will not only discourage those who go around down voting everything because there jealous or because they want to make there chances of winning a contest higher is silly, it will also help to improve the quality of the instructables by getting proper feed back on what to fix in the instructable. Have the comment and ratting together with a little fair or not fair button with the comment.

Posted by sircaptaintigerotter 5 years ago

Hit veiws in contest

.Is it possible to again include the Hit totals in contest by again adding the 'VIEWS' Tab? It would be so much easier...especially for some contest which have like 600++ entries!! Then we could see the new and the old easily....else who is going to go and check the entries...18 by 18 by 18!! Thanks!

Posted by shazni 5 years ago

Possible Ability to Vote Multiple Times for an Instructable

I have the instructables app for android (4.1.1)  and I was viewing an instructable I submitted for a contest. At the top of the app page, there is a vote option. You can check the boxes for which contests its been entered in, to vote. You can click the vote button, check the boxes, and cast your vote as many times as you want, so it appears. Is it possible that it is casting votes multiple times?

Posted by Aliasmk 4 years ago