Is there a waiting period...

...between clicking 'publish' and the instructable showing up on the site?

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Yay I was waiting for this !

I have a few good ideas for this contest, one involves a LOT of hot glue :D My mate has that 1st prize sonos sound system in his house and i must say its really really really cool... Oh and below is a rock that looks like a dragon/dinosaur egg of sorts, i found it on a beach in wales

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How long have you waited for your wife?

Has anybody ever calculated how much of their life (to the nearest year) they have spent waiting for their wife to finish shopping, get off the phone, get ready to go out etc.?

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How long am i supposed to wait for the package??

Am i supposed to wait for the package for six months or what? I won an Instructables Prize Pack in Pocket-Sized Contest! ( ) as a runner up prize. So why isn't it here yet? I asked once already about this delay, on forum i think, and they told me that it's because there are many prizes that are holding the sending back. So it's been six months, it should have arrived already, could still be the delay. 

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I cant wait for christmas!!!!!!!!!!!

I cant wait. i am getting a bunch of tools. what about you, can you wait? cause i cant!

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wait that doesnt happen there is no mplayer?

It just has the screen with the bubbles thats it

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wait i dont get this

So the new feature is out that you can delete comments on your orange board but it says (removed by community request) is this bad because like how you get banned and stuff will you get banned for this?

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Something i tried...

I made this song using a program called Fruity-Loops, since its my first song, I was hoping I could get some constructive criticism on how to improve or fix any problems, all responses are appreciated. Click here for the song.

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When will the outdoor survival contest winners be announced? Answered

Just want to know. Why is there this waiting period after the judging? At first I thought that the winners are announced right after the judging ends, but I was wrong.

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Different wait times in IC output.?

Hi, is it possible to make an output with different Wait Times? The numbers are the time in seconds. The HI would be the enough to make a buzzer beep, like half a second... I was thinking of 555 ICs, but I don't think it's even possible to do this with them. Do you suggest any IC that can do this? I just want a buzzer (or whatever) to beep like: Power On - 30sec - BEEP - 180sec - BEEP - 30sec - BEEP - 180sec - BEEP, etc Thanks.

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Still waiting for my featured banner..

Ok, at the rick of sounding churlish.... MWAHH! I want my featured banner! I got this email a week or so ago, >clip< Your Instructable "Chocolate Cake " was just featured by one of our editors! >clip< I understand if the dudes at IHQ have better stuff to do than apply graphics to project title pics atm , just wondered if it was some kind of spoof. Anyone else have this happen? Cheers, Bosh

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Wait. We get more?!oneone

Alright, now I feel kind of stupid. I noticed I had no patches. I really wanted to give two out, so I started inquiring how I might be able to aquire just two more.And then I noticed this on my profile: "For now, wait until next month for your next batch of patches."=O I getz MOAR?? I thought I had given allllll of mine away for the whole entire year. I thought I was destitute for many, many moons to come.So in conclusion, I:feel like a bit of a numptyam so happah I will be getting more patchesreally wish you could un-pm somebodyThat is all. :-D

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What You've All Been Waiting For!

Since eberyone doubts it here (finally) are the first pictures of part 3 of project firestorm. They may not be good but the camera had basicly no power so I only got these three. they show my foully modded version with collapseable bipod, ammo storage rack and the cellphone sight v2. the ammo storage was inspired by the trifle 18 turret and holds you guessed it 18 bullets. It looks alot like the storm 220/221 v2's and the morreti sr4 by burrito master (sorry if the names wrong). it is true bolt action and was originally made in january (I think) I rediscovered it in june and remade it into what you see here. Well enough talk just see for yourself! ps if you can make from the pictures I'll let you do the instructable pps this won't be posted for ages

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Still waiting for my "hiding Places" prize

Hi there, I've sent a couple of emails asking  when I should expect my prize for the hiding place comp.  I've yet to receive any information on when I should expect it.  I don't mind waiting (been over a month already), I'd just like to know when I should expect it! If you could get back to me on an ETA that would be swell.

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I cant wait till friday Pc Mod

On tuesday i return to high school ! on friday ill be in my tech club and have access to a laser cutter ! (applause here) and im going to bring in my computer case side and use it to cut out a window and the screw holes etc with a piece of acrylic already underneath Then ill just put some machine screws in it and have a Pc window in what 15 Minutes ! god i love technology Hopefully will have some pics up

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v-i curve tracer? waiting for the best answerer Answered

i want to build this simple v-i curve tracer circuit at the page.. on the same page, they have shown different traces of diodes,capacitors, transistors... what i am thinking is that if i connect this tracer to the pins of any ic, would this damage the ic or show v-i trace of that ic or of  those two pirticular pins to which i connected the probes?

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Now wait just two seconds... Impossible art.

Some quite unbelievable art by artist Li WeiChinese artist Li Wei creates art that proves to be impossible. How does he do it, you ask? Performance art and photography is what creates these dangerous illusions. He also uses props such as metal wires, mirrors, scaffolding and acrobatics to help him with the effect.This art is a series of self-portraits that he has made that uses mirrors to reflect his image. Some of his photos sell for around $8,000. As for what people around him think, he told Daily Mail, "The first reaction is astonishment. Some people think they are full of sense of humour. They are curious about how I did this. Sometimes I am in real danger - I have to hang myself high with steel wires and people do get a little worried for me - but I am fine."link via inventorspot.

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Should I jailbreak 4.2.1 or update to 4.3 and wait to jailbreak?

Just give your answer to the question and if you want, give a quick reason. Thanks! Two things I have an iPod Touch 4th Generation and would be jailbreaking with Greenpois0n RC6. Edit: I tried to jailbreak with Greenpois0n and it didn't work. I tried Pwnagetool and accidentally deleted all my stuff with no jailbreak. Had to restore and updated to 4.3 : ( COME ON CHRONIC DEV TEAM! ME WANTS A 4.3 JAILBREAK! Edit: Redsn0w rc9 came quickly followed by rc12. I am untethered on 4.3.1. I want to get a 4.3.2 jailbreak using rc14 but would have to update and I would lose all my stuff and have to restore. Is there any way I can Jailbreak 4.3.2 starting on 4.3.1 without losing all my stuff?

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How do I use a " wait until " command in the arduino language?

I am trying to make quizbowl buzzers with the arduino.  I have gotten it to work with the nxt, but I want to use the arduino approach, because it is a waste to use the nxt for buzzers when I could be making robots with it... I haven't done much with arduino, in fact I have only looked at a few tutorials and downloaded the software.  But I need to know how to use a "wait until" command so that when a button is pressed a light lights up that on the control box containing the arduino (that corresponds with the button, or buzzer) that was pressed, and the light stays on (waits until) a clear button is pressed.  I'm sorry if the wording is confusing. I don't need a whole program, just the command, how to use it, and maybe a rough skeleton of the program

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For Sale: K-number of 2! Get Yours Now! Don't Wait!!

.  I have a K-number of 1 (see here). Make me an offer for having me collaborate on your next project! - giving you a K-number of 2!!! .  Limited time offer! Bid often and bid high!! . .  NachoMahma!!

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Went away for the weekend- these were waiting when I came back

A mere three months after ordering, I went away for the weekend, and my Raspberry Pis (raspberries pi?) were both waiting for me when I got back today.  One of them is already earmarked to become a media centre/web server/NAS all-purpose box.  I've got a couple of ideas for the other one, but I could always use more inspiration. What should I do with my second slice of Pi?  Patch* for the best idea (even if I don't actually make it).  No, I won't accept "send it to you" as a suggestion :) I'm already torn between a MAME arcade cab and some kind of carputer. * Judge's decision is final, one per customer, no cash equivalent, consult your physician if symptoms persist

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Tech Poetry/Haiku

This thread will be dedicated to Tech-related poems, or poems of any sort... just tie it into something Instructables-related, somehow...Here's my work of art!Batteries...It seems as if I'm always waiting....waiting for the batteries to chargewaiting for the batteries to chargeand waiting for the batteries to charge again.It's too bad I'm never waiting for the batteries to die,there seems to be much less of that.-Josh Gordonson

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HID headlamps. Good retrofit for 95 "Grand" Caravan, or electrical conflagration waiting to happen?

I am in possesion (legally) of a pair of 2003 Maxima and 2005 Volvo HID lamp sets.  I have been toying with the idea of installing them into my 95 Dodge Caravan,  but have no desire to become an electrical fire statistic.  Any ideas or suggestions as to electrical load or safety requirements needed?  I'm quite handy at kluging stuff together, but the kilovolt output at the HID transformers has given me pause.  My main concern is how to take the existing lamp wiring and making it work with the HID low volt input.  Your suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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Contests, what happens after and why you might have to wait a bit longer

Basically after every bigger contest questions come up like: Where did the contest go? Closing date is long past, when do we see the winners? And so on... So I took the liberty to explain a few things as far as Iunderstand them. 1. The closing day is fixed, same for the internal judging here on Instructables - but the sponsor needs to view those results and confirm on the winners. This means once the contest judging is over it will take some time for some of the contests to completed. Some sponsors act fast, some need a bit more time, so be patient - no contest will get lost here. For anyone who entered a contest it means you have to wait until the contest page is updated, you can still find the contest in the list of closed contests to check if there is any news posted. 2. Everyone who has entered a contest will receive an Email once the final judging is done and the winners are anounced. Again, no contest is lost and as long as you have no Email notification the judging and final decisions are not completed. Just be patient ;) 3. Prizes... Although basically everything is said about it, posting can sometimes take a bit longer than you might expect. So even you got the winning notification and confirmation the price is posted you might find some items are still delivered on horses ;) Especially international deliveries can take several weeks, depending on their size, weight and what type of service was used. If you are lucky you will get tracking information to estimate the arrival, but if in doubt allow enough time. I hope this helps to ease the confusion a bit when it comes to contests.

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Why is the internet so slow the last 2 or 3 weeks? Answered

Some of you guys get off so us who have important things to do don't have to wait so long.

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Can I modify this Arduino program to make the servo stop and wait after the 180 degree turn?

I am trying to make a mechanical intervalometer using my Arduino and a Servo motor. I was wondering if anybody knows how to make a servo turn 180 degrees, wait several seconds, and turn 180 degrees in the opposite direction. I have been trying to modify this program ( but I have had no luck.

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help programming arduino

This is my code so far what i would like to do is connect a pir sensor,once activated there should be a delay of 2min then the two sevo's should be activated and run for 20 min then reset and only be able to reactivate pir after an hour #include Servo vert; Servo hor; void setup() {   vert.attach(10);   hor.attach(11); } void migrate(Servo &myServo;, int newPos) {   int wait=random(1,20); //randomize the wait to make it more interesting   int pos =; //Read the current servo position   if (pos < newPos) {     for (int i=pos; i < newPos; i++) {       myServo.write(i);       delay(wait);     }   } else {     for (int i=pos; i > newPos; i--) {       myServo.write(i);       delay(wait);     }   } }

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Is my contest entry going through? Answered

I recently posted an Instructable for two contests two days ago, and it still seems to have not gone through. It does meet all of the requirements for both contests, yet I do not see my entry on the contest entries page. One of the contests ends in a week, and I am getting a bit worried that the Instructable won't make it before the deadline. I have read the answers some are giving here at Instructables, such as waiting for 1-2 business days or waiting until after the weekend or after major holidays, but I have not received any email or confirmation that my entry has been accepted for the contest. Should I be concerned, or should I just wait a few more days (since it's still New Year's)? Thanks!

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When u say u sad in between coats, how long do u wait for the paint to dry? Answered

I jaut want to know how long in between each coat I should let it dry befor Sanding the frame?

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Nice Job Instructables

Nice job ewilhelm This websites doing great i Can't wait till the next update!

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What now?

The contest was set to end on the first. so what do we do while we wait for the votes to be transtabucounted?

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Trying to upload images in Chrome ends up doing nothing

1) Using latest stable Chrome for Windows 8.1 2) Viewing image library 3) Clicking "Upload Images" 4) Drag-dropping an image into the target area 5) Press the orange "Upload" button. The button disables. 6) wait ... wait ... wait ... nothing ever happens Chrome Version 45.0.2454.85 Curiously, the new uploader dialog for this bug report form doesn't allow me to even browse to an image, but the old uploader seems to work, but after uploading, the screen shot of the bug doesn't show up below, either.

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Arduino, Can anyone help with a servo program for arduino?

What I need is that at power up the servo should start at a center point then wait 15 sec then sweep left once return to center wait 15 sec then sweep right wait 3 sec then sweep right again then return to center. I also would like for this to only run once at start up and not again till the arduino is powerd up the next time. I'm new to arduino and have been trying the write the code without luck. I am using the Arduino Uno (SMD Edition). Thank you for any help, Greg

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Login problems? Answered

So, when I come onto instructibles for the first time of the day I am logged out of course, but I usually forget and find something cool, click reply and discover I am not logged in after 10 seconds to 2 minutes.  Some times the prompt will come up with the login thing, or sometimes I will just wait, and wait, and wait until I realize I am not logged in, then after completing the login information an error comes up saying username password match not found or something along those lines, but I still logs me in anyway, sometimes just to test it I type in my username and then a nunshuch password and still get logged in.

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Instructable not showing up.

I posted a forum a few days ago asking why my instructable wasn't showing up and people said that it would be stuck in the filters until someone checked it, they said I should wait maybe 2 days but i've waited 3! and nothing please help!!!! The links are and

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what should happen after fusion?

Ive been waiting for nintendo to get a game after fusion. Suggestions?

Topic by bassbot102 7 years ago

so... Were Are the results ?

I've been waiting all yesterday and the day before yesterday , now the contest is closed , but with no results ... What's happening?

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help:nothing loads

Help!I can't see any instructable!It keeps loading nothing and waiting the address in the pic!pls fix this!

Topic by Derin 10 years ago

K'nex war log cancelled.

Sorry. I just don't have anymore time. Wait, no. I'm too lazy. =)

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why my video is not published

Why my video is not published,how long should I wait to be published my video on instructables

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Small tesla coil? Answered

5000volt neon transformer too many capacitors? Should I just wait tell I can make bigger coil

Question by wiccakingkamui 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

Did the maker fair suck or something?

I've been waiting for a post or report on the make:fare or whatever it's called. Anybody go and would like to share?

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Instructable completely flash?

We should have instructables in flash. No more painful waiting for another page to load, it may take awhile to load at first.

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Who said the British were &quot;stuffed shirts&quot; ?

This starts a little slow, but wait for it....(I thought it was funny anyways...)

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i want arduino program for 1 stepper motor unipolar turns 9hour and then retoure the intial state is wait 14 hour

 I am a student my project   track solar my problem . Arduino program for 1 stepper motor unipolar turns 9 hour (7 am to 16am) and then retoure the initial state is wait 14 hour (16am to 7am) ( my motor 12 v 7.5 degre ) but i  want  15 degre each one hour  )

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Hypnotic ...

You're loading up a bunch of images into your library ... that waiting thing appears ... you stare at the middle of the gif thing ... it goes round ... and round ... and suddenly it gains a lit-up section!

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Darn it, missed the TShirt Hack deadline

Anyways, will this contest will be an annual one, like next year? Lots of tshirts waiting... Feel so drained and exhausted.

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Contest Prize Help

Hi there, once again i need to apologize if this post bothered you. well i am trying to ask why i am still not receive my prize?  I already asked to other contestants and they already received their prize. I won the first prize on Halloween Draw and Sketch with Sketchbook Contest .. and until today .. i am still receive any news about it. I even don't know if the prize already sent or not .. Like we all know that the contest winner was announced on 31st October 2012 .. I already sent email to instructables service .. they always answered with they still waiting for the prize to come in to HQ .. if they're still waiting .. why other contestants already received their prize?  Maybe it sound simple for some people but just think about it .. until today i am still waiting for more than 2 months without any information about it ... it's totally not good. I just don't get it .. why they must wait for months until the prize arrive to HQ but the contest is already over and they already announced the winner ?? Why don't they prepare everything before the announcement ? Regards, Gangga Saputra

Topic by ganggasaputra 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago