Wake Up!

<br> Just a quick video I threw together today.

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Waking up on Father's Day

Good morning, world!The boys woke me up around 9:30 this morning, gave me cards (#2 had made his at school) and a big Fruit-and-Nut Toblerone.When I came downstairs, they worked together to grill some waffles for my breakfast (their first time using the grill without supervision, and they didn't set fire to any of the waffles!)Now they've sat me in front of the PC to "play on your Instructables" while they go and get dressed so they can take me to the DVD shop to hire a disc for us to watch together. Apparently it's going to be something called Dragon Wars.So, what are you doing for your fathers, or what did your sproglets do for you?

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Kids!! What makes you want to start the day??

Instead of letting the moms of the world plot against you, why not have YOUR say? https://www.instructables.com/id/Top-10-Evil-Techniques-to-Get-your-Teen-out-of-Bed/

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Light Alarm Clock Help

I want to build my own version of the the Progressive Light Alarm Clock by Phillips found here. Theres several of these products on the market, but most are $100-200. Does anyone have any ideas of how to make one yourself?

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Effective Way to Wake You Up

Getting up in the morning is not the easiest thing to do--but with the proper motivation, we all might be a little more inclined to hop out of bed. This alarm clock provides that: if you don't wake up, it will randomly dial someone from your cell phone's address book. An early morning call to your family, friends, or random person whose number you've got stored in there will guarantee that you have some awkward explaining to do.Link viaEngadget

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Want to make a "BioBrite Sunrise Clock" (clock that wakes you by a gradually brightening light)

Hello, First message to this board. I have to wake up most mornings with sun still sleeping. I would like to try waking up with a gradually brightening light, rather than a jolt-inducing beeping sound from an alarm clock. I have seen http://www.foxnomad.com/2006/08/20/how-to-build-your-own-sunrise-alarm-clock, but I was wondering if we could add the "gradual-light" feature to his "instructable". PLease help. Also, please note that I am not usually one to use my hands to make stuff. I usually buy stuff  that I need and I usually don't fix stuff with my own hands. In short, I hope your instructable would be something a newbie can do.  Thank you so much. 

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Smart Alarm Clock - wake me early or wake me late because of something

Hello, I came up with this idea the other day as I am new to long distance commuting on public transport and the winter season is upon us in the UK.  I hope this is posted in the right section.  I've loitered on instructables for a number of years but have never ventured into the forums. Basically I get up in the morning with enough time for my normal morning routine and then leave the house by car to catch a train that runs every hour from my local train station.  The three main factors that effect me getting on the train to work.  1) Waking up on time, 2) the train actually running (it has been cancelled twice in the past 3 weeks) and 3) getting to the station on time.   As I see it there are three variables to the situation.  The time to get up in order to catch the train if it is running - 1) more or less fixed but this could vary day by day, i.e. some days need to put bins out or perhaps take something extra which requires preparation.  2) The extra time taken in clearing ice from the car and driving more slowly to the station because of ice and snow - perhaps this needs to be variable too.  i.e. frost does not have an impact on driving conditions as much as deep snow.  3) Is the train running or late? If it's not running then get an extra hour in bed - for me I commute up to 5 hours a day so extra rack time is a bonus. Basic Requirements I think the clock should monitor outside temperature at least or get that information from the internet, in which case get more detailed data   The clock should be relatively accurate, again we could use the internet for NTP or use a radio synced signal The clock needs to be aware which train I take The clock needs to know I don't go to work some days The clock should need minimal user intervention to complete it's tasks The clock should be mains powered with battery backup The clock should be able to dim it's display at night but be viewable in bright interior room conditions - i.e. we don't need it readable in bright sunshine. The clock shouldn't be too expensive to make.   Specifically I have been thinking of using a spark.io and 4 8x8 displays as I happen to have these.  Thinking about this for only a short time I guess the clock would be more easily programmed via the web and in fact probably pull it's data from the internet.  Cycling power could be the basis to fetch new configuration so not user buttons should be required. We would need to find services to get train information and very local weather information. A service or server would need to be setup where the unit could check in.  Perhaps it would be simpler if this was the proxy for the train and weather information. That's it for now.  I wanted to get my ideas in writing whilst throwing it out there for someone else to think about.  My thoughts are if you want to keep an idea to yourself then don't tell anyone - please feel free to do what you may with the information in this post. Cheers, Al

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Kiteboard/Wakeboard question?

Hi! I live on a boat, and have recently become interested in wakeboarding.  In the marina we are at, there are a lot of kids. I want to buy something that we can all wakeboard on. We wouldn't be using it for kiteboarding at all. I know with wakeboards, you have to buy boots, but I have huge feet, and all the other kids have small feet. With a kiteboard, you can just slip your feet in and tighten the straps. There are many kinds of kitebards, and many kinds of wakeboards. I'm pretty sure wakeboards are less expensive, but more expensive in the long run because you have to buy new boots. Kite boards are more expensive, but you never have to buy boots. So, what do I buy?

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What's the best way to wake yourself up?

I want to wake up early (5 or 6) regularly, and even if I sleep fairly early (is before 12 early?) I can't get up til 8 at the earliest. Is the only solution to sleep earlier??? I ask this because there's just not enough hours in the day. What do you guys usually do? Oh, and without having someone give a wake-up call or something. Because no one else is awake at that hour. (And nothing hi-tech. Wouldn't understand it!)

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Delivery Times (You wake us up)

7 AM Pacific coast time is not a good time to wake up to a signal from my iPhone that says there's a new email from instructables.com Please deliver it some other time during the regular daytime. Yes, I can turn off my cell phone, but then I'd forget to turn it on and yes, there are other methods to work around, but that would affect all my other email so I just like you to change the delivery time.

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I need people who can speak

I have a theory, that I will be able to wake up easier if someone who's voice I don't recognize tells me to. I am asking if anyone who can would record their voice saying: "It is time to wake up now" After this is recorded save it as a mp3 or wav and upload the file and post it in a comment below. Thanks!

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How can I make a wake-up light? Answered

You must've seen them before, those alam clocks that simulate the "rise and shine" feel when you need it the most: winter. Now instead of wasting money on one with chirping bird sounds and other stuff I don't need, I want to build one myself. The problem is that this would be my first design of an electronic device, and I don't know where to start. Should I get an arduino for being the clock + alarm clock part? Is there a more elegant way of having a 1Hz alarm clock triggering a light dimmer circuit? Is using an LED bulb a good idea? Where do I start? The fundamentals don't seem that complex, but it's putting it in practice and actually drafting the design and picking the right components that's hard.

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Free Energy - Am I insane or is it time to wake up?

Some might have noticed that I started a few, lets say, unconventional topics here.I added one just as a response to some very nasty feedback I got in other places.If you wonder what I am talking about check my topics about all things related to magnetism, "free energy" and such nonsense.The feedback I got was directed personal enough and verbal enough that I decided to increase my speed of seeding bread crumbs that might allow other people to "see" things slightly differently.Being called insane and mental case is the only things I use here as most of the rest would qualify as insults of the worst kind.The goal that was claimed I totally missed is to make people open up.Science or knowledge is as fluent as life itself.It eveloves with us, around us and through us.But we learned to use technology mostly to replace humans and to make our life easier.With that laziness also a reduced "desire" for knowledge and understand evolved.It is now far easier to "Google it" and forget it right after than to acutally learn and really understand something.A prime example is the disappearing artform of creating Japanese swords.No industrial process can produce a steel as pure and with such properties as used to be "offered" to the master swordsmith.Both are highly specialsed and rely on each other to create the perfect sword that outlasts generations.Once tradition gives way to modern life even this art will become a lost artform.We lost so much already, be it species, health, enviroment or just a "clean planet".Instead of accepting nature back into our scientific thinking and understanding we will continue to fail and get even more reluctant to learn new things.The blockbusters of science are no longer finding new laws of phsics or trying to understand things.We try to go further and further and use more and more dangerous ways to "create" the energy we continue to use more and more with no regrets.Well, other than complaining about the bills for it, which we wouldn't have otherwise...Why do we need more forms of colliding atoms to create energy?No because we need so much, only because we want more and more and at "centralised" locations.Distribution, control, money...Allowing us to use solar panels to reduce our electricity bill is nice, but try to overdo it and make good money by creating you own solar panel park and you get into trouble already.You can't see it anywhere other then back to your provider.And you only get whatever he thinks is a fair price for it, usually far less than what you pay to get it.Once you reach zero some even won't pay you money at all.And since there is always winter and night times it is only good that there will be always a need for electricity from the grid.Just try to get rid of your elecricity, water and gas connection in a township or city in case you found other sources you get for free.....Even if you build new most won't even allow you to without these "required" connections.If you need waste waster you also need tap water you pay for.And since a waste water treatment is no longer hyginic enough (despite proving the opposite) you can't get out.Gas you might be able to avoid but if there is electricity in the stree than it is already a building requirement to provie to the builder...What if all this nonsense and fakery actually has a true background somewhere?Humans are not meant to fly but we developed planes anyways.What once was a dream for a select few is now the prefered travel mode ofr most going on a far away holiday.But it is only so popular because there is a big demand.And where is demand profit can be made.Like a farmer:If you have ton of corn like twenty farmers around you then your local price will be low.Sell them a bit further away and you might get a lot more.In return our demand is closly related to the demands of those that provide the source of your demands.We all need energy and we evolve into a society that will need more of with every new generation.I try to give you hint in the form of a comparison:If you have a nice man cave and love to tinker than you might have a framed hand drill on the wall to remind you of how it all started for your grandfather.Or in most case you just liked it and got it for 2 bucks from a garage sale LOLEither, imagine all electricity would be gone and lost forever.Suddenly this crappy drill becomes a status symbol because only you can do things other people really struggle with - you drill holes with ease...Imagine the rpice you could ask to sell it..."Free energy" is the same but sadly in reverse.If a company sees a profit than it will be utilised some way.And if it happens that energy is your main income and keeps you rich and in control than you don't mind paying two or three fortunes to someone so he can forget and is happy give you his machine.Or would you really say no to life of no limits and with nothing to worry for your future generations of kids and grandkids?A few tried anyway to make a furtune themself by keeping a circle of trusted persons and finding enough willing investors to get their project going.Even if you can find some flaws there are still doubts about what someone would go through the lenght of providing online updates, sales numbers, testimonials and so on for years.Funny enough actually finding someone who is sceptic and make him check and report about it does not work either.No big university orders one or asks to really check it and provide a real world testimonial.No government or legal agency steps in to stop the "fraud" either.What is real, what is fake, what is disguise - you can figure it out if you want to.Ok, I could, but why bother if litereally everyone one already did and showed nothing works when it comes to the great unknown?Exactly for that reason alone it is worth it!People might make money now from ads or through clickbait but the topic is older than the internet already.And the proof even older than electricity...So many people would not try unless someone convinced them to try it ;)Might be just a bad joke but gets the point:If you ask 20 people if you can swim through the river to get to the other side then you might get confusing answers.1. No problem it is safe.Fully true but the guy might be from far up the river where it has no crocodiles in it...2. You could try it but a boat is safer as there might be corcodiles here.Still leaves you the option to swim as you can't be sure about the reptiles...You could go on and create a near endless list with bridges up ahead and so on.What it comes to is that depending on HOW you ask and WHO you ask the answers can be as different as day and night.In terms of science and making someone understand it take the most basic approach possible.Remember that time in school when your math teacher confronted you the existence of negative numbers?The confusion with the zero and how to add, subtract or multiply...Your teacher might have been great or you a quick learner but imagine the worst possible way to teach you an understanding of negative numbers!You know that 5 - 8 equals -3.You learned that this is true and why it is so.Imagine your teacher would have explained this extra simple like back with the apples when learning to add numbers."If there are 5 people in a room and 8 people leave the room, then 3 people must go back in so that room is empty!"Makes total sense if you expand the number game from above to 5 - 8 + 3 = 0 !!No sense at all however if you do it with people ;)People are not numbers, pressures or volumes, they are "real" to us.We associate certain things automatically, other we learn to associate and interpret through learning.Learning however is no longer actually doing all that would be involved in less technological world.We like magic tricks because we fail to understand how it is done or sometimes even how it is possible.Today it is for entertainment only.A true magician would never use his skills to scam people.But spend enough and research and you can do the same trick you saw on stage.Some not as good or not all though - thats life...Ask a good magician how how long it took him to get his new trick ready for the stage and quite often you get to hear it was years in the making.Think about that fact when you judge what is possible by dedication ;)

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Creator of Bagpuss, Ivor, Clangers dies aged 83.

Oliver, dear Oliver,Creator of fat furry cat-pussWake up and look at this thing that we bringWake up, be brightBe golden and lightOliver, Oh hear what we singhttp://www.smallfilms.co.uk/http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/7772620.stm

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How can i train my dog to wake me up? Answered

I have the horrible problem of not being able to be awoken by a normal alarm, and i was wondering if anyone had tips on how to train my dog to jump on me and lick my face when the alarm goes off? (my dog is the big husky, Sasha, but i like Ricardo, the puppy, as well)

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I'm requesting that someone please make an easy instructable that tells you how to make a clapper. that way, when i wake up in the morning i dont have to go all the way across the room to turn on the light. and ill also hook up a radio to it so that the music freaking makes me wake up :-)

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can you replace wakeboard shoes with rubber mating to create a wake skate?

Rather than buying a new set of shoes for a wakeboard would you be able to use the existing holes in the board that bind the shoes to the deck to fasten two seperate mattings to imatate a wakeskate? cheers, bill

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I'm deaf. How can I have my dog wake me up if he needs to go during the night? Answered

I'm not actually quite deaf, but pretty close. We just got an awesome dog who wants more than anything else to please us. It hasn't happened very often, but when he's had to go out in the middle of the night, he paces and whines, my husband hears him, problem solved. However, when my husband is away on a trip, I won't hear the dog pacing or whining. How do I teach him to do something I will be aware of so I can let him out? Thank you!!!!!

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Puppy Cam


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Sleep Mode Answered

If using sleep mode with the external interrupt to wake it. Does it always  go into sleep mode after a preset time or can it go into sleep mode after inactivity also?

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I need a motion sensing trigger for a D5000 Nikon.

Motion sensing or breaking an Infrared trigger (like a garage door safety switch config.) It would have to be a two stage switch - one to depress the camera trigger half way to wake up the camera, and two, to take the picture with a full depression of the camera trigger. At this point I have a remote trigger for my Nikon but don't know whether it will wake the camera after the camera has "gone to sleep" because it has not be used over the prescribed time.

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Chandelier sunrise alarm integrated in wall switch

Hello guys I found some nice instructables here about making a sunrise alarm clock, like the Philips wake-up alarm. I was wondering if it is possible (and how :D) to male a circuit with an lcd (maybe by reusing some cheap alarm clock) and put it inside the wall switch which operates the lamp in the chandelier by slowly increasing the light and reaching the full bright when the time is set to wake up! That would be awesome! Thanks for helping, Sam.

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An Alarm Clock Idea - No Lights, No Sound

I'm a pretty deep sleeper, and I don't wake up very fast in the mornings, which is bad since I ride the school bus to school. I set my alarm clock, with a high volume, but it still doesn't wake me very good. I've thought of trying to make an alarm that flashes a strobe light, something like a deaf person might use, but didn't think it would work very good. So, my idea now is to think of a way to make an alarm clock that gives pulsating shocks when it goes off. I have absolutely (well, 99%) no idea how to connect it up, nor how to produce the shocks. I'm thinking a shock with high voltage, but low current, like static electricity. I figure that should wake me. Do y'all have any ideas, or better suggestions? Also, do you think that the shocks (if usable) would cause any dangerous effects on my health? Thanks!

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how to build dc electromagnet which produce 5mT of flux density?

Which type of core should be used.it is used in electronic circuit just to wake up data logger

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Happy Father's Day to me!

A perfect Father's Day - left to have a sleep in, then when I do wake up, greeted with a rather nice bottle of whiskey and an Instructable! Thank you, Roger-X & Conker-X!

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Do you think dreams are anything more than the subconscious working through stuff? I used to think that's all it was, but sometimes I wake up thinking "why the hell did I just dream that? (Of all things I could have dreamt about)?

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Sleep problems

Ok well I have a trerrible time getting to sleep at night. Last night I went to sleep at around 2 a.m. and had to wake up at 7 a.m. for school. I had a hard time getting through the day. Any suggestions for getting to sleep easier/quicker?

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RF Transmitting Shock Alarm Clock

I thought of an idea awhile back but I lack the "know how" to pull it off. I've been trying to teach myself some basic electrical and computer engineering but i'm still not learning what i need to know in order to finish my project. as stated in the Title, i'm trying to build an alarm clock that wakes up its subject with a jolt of electricity rather then noise, vibrations or anything else. the concept is to incorporate a miniaturized TENS unit (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transcutaneous_electrical_nerve_stimulation into an arm band or ankle bracelet sort of thing but comfortable. then when it is time to wake up the alarm clock then sends a signal to the arm/ankle band thus making it active. then to turn it off you would hit the off switch on the alarm clock not the band.  that is the extent of my crude invention, however i am having trouble with the transmitting part. what would i need to make this happen?? i was thinking of using an old car remote for some of the parts and using the overall idea of it in my alarm clock except i need a transmitter and receiver and i have NO idea how any of that works. thoughts? ideas? please let me know

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why are other cats poooing by my front door?

I have a cat . Who is kept in over night. When i wake up in the morning there is cat poo on my doorstep and in the back garden. why are other cats doing this? Is it a territorial thing? Does anybody know?  thanks 

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How do I Amplify a Battery Alarm Clock Buzzer?

My little battery Casio alarm clock barely wakes me up. Can anybody tell me what I need to do in order to amplify the alarm, or which circuitry to add? Thanks so much!

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To my dear friends

You know who you are. What? You don"t? Well, assume I'm talking to you. Happy New Year. May it bring you all the pain, joy, dread, happiness, fear, and courage that make life worth waking up for. Should bald acquiescent be for not and never bought a mime........

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Rewire the laptop power button.

Hi, I have a desk and I've put  shelf on it that is 4 inches high from desk. On this shelf lie two 23 inch monitors. Below the shelf, tucked away, is my laptop (with the lid closed). The problem is that I need to be able to turn the laptop on without opening the lid. (The power button is right above the keyboard). My motherboard does not support Wake on LAN but it does support USB Wake. This is a bit useless to me, however, because it doesn't allow me to fully shut down the computer, but rather put in stand-by. So i wanted to know if there is a way to attach an external button (maybe a push switch) that can power the laptop? If so, can anybody help me out how to do it? I'd assume it would be in parallel to the regular switch.  I have an Dell Inspiron 1521 (which I think is a fail to being with :P ) Thanks! AK

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Spring is Coming!

Spring is the time now!  Everyone mourn for a death... that of winter!  A new season is rising out of the ashes: Spring!  All of the beautiful flowers will be waking up after a long slumber, and poking their heads out of the earth.  Fruit trees will flower, and soon, there will be an abundance of wonderful fruits to share with one's fellows.  May everyone rejoice at the new time of peace that is arriving!

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Will pseudo-surgery hurt if I'm asleep? Will I wake up in the process? *UPDATE* The surgery was a success! I added pics, come take a look!

So, tonight my parents are gonna remove a piece of glass that's been lodged in my foot for four years. How I got that piece of glass stuck in there was because I kicked open a glass bookshelf four years ago, when I'm still at the age of ten. I managed to live with it, but just now the piece of glass suddenly emerged from my skin. I tried removing it, but dang that was painful. So my parents decided to remove it when I'm asleep. Now, the question is, will it hurt at all? Will I wake up from the shock? Thanks in advance for answering.*UPDATE* The operation was a success! I added pics, come take a look! Thanks again for those who have helped me out by commenting and giving me advice!

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Vibrating alarm clock help

 Hey guys,  I'm a soon-to-be college freshman and a very heavy sleeper. I contacted my soon-to-be roommate, and it turns out he's a very light sleeper and is frightened by waking up to loud noises. Of course, coming from a house where I used a phone hooked to a guitar amplifier as an alarm clock, I figured I'd have to change my waking habits. I heard from my father about an alarm clock system that utilizes pillow-mounted vibrators, but that costs waaaay too much, and I'm already going to have to balance a job or two just to get by paying tuition. Besides, I don't like buying things I can build at home. So here's my situation: I have a five-volt vibrating massager that plugs into USB ports that I wanna use as a pillow-mounted vibrator in college, so I don't wake my roomie up with a fright. My phone has a 3.5mm plug that I use to connect it to the guitar amplifier. My question is: How can I build an amplifying circuit that'll power the vibrating motor enough to work with the signal from the phone (or any alarm clock signal, for that matter)? I need 5 volts to power the motor. That much I know. I haven't measured the signal from the phone, since I haven't access to a volt-meter, at the time. HELP ME PLEASE!! Thanks.

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Does anyone know where I can find plans for a bed that will lift up vertically and dump me out?

I have a really hard time waking up sometimes, so I want to make a frame for my bed, so my wife can just push a button and the bed will lift up, dump truck style, and dump me out. Has anyone made anything like this? I tried posting this same question on Yahoo Answers and got a bunch of responses like: "get more sleep", or "Have your wife throw a snake on you". As funny as that last one was, it was still fairly un-helpful :) I've also done a lot of research into alarm clocks, but this is the solution I think would be really FUN to implement. Anyway, I'd sure appreciate some help. Thanks everybody!

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Xbox remote power ON

I have a softmodded original xbox, and it is located in my basement. It is a huge pain to go downstairs just to turn it on. I am looking for a solution. Originally I had planned to do WOL (wake on lan), but the nic doesn't support it. All I have to do it have something that acts like the front button: bridges two wires momentarily. Any suggestions

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if my capacitor is 100uf and 330v can i charge it with a 1.5v battery and still use it to "wake" an innocent victim up? Answered

Im using the capacitor for a shocker to harm my enemies (those who hate instructables beware) (update) well could you help me make my own capacitor charger? one that wont vaporize flesh??

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Running a computer 24/7? Answered

Hi. I'm trying to set up a server for a game me and my friends like to play on. Oddly enough, getting the server to work isn't the problem. The server works great. However, I'd like the computer to run the server 24/7 (or until I tell it to stop) I've gone into the power saving properties and changed it so the computer never hibernates/goes on standby/shuts down. I've also made it so that the computer never shuts down the display, or the hard disks. However, when I leave it overnight, I wake up to find that it has gone to it's screensaver, and when I wake it up, I find myself back at the login screen. (Despite checking a box telling it NOT to do that.) Also, when I do log in again, the program running the server has been shut down.  Is there something I'm missing here? How can you make a computer stay wide awake 24/7? I'm running windows XP by the way.

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I was wondering if anyone else was like me in the sense that they stay up late and do everything that night. Most nights im up past 1 or 2 am, and wake up around 7 or 7 30, I also do all my homework or work on projects at late night early morning too. And the best part is staying out until dawn which I also love... Is anyone else like that?

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my ipod touch wont turn on

My ipod touch wont turn onto a working stage it will open to the apple when it goes reall bright then after it goes darker it just turns off again so i cant conect it to itunes because it isnt running and i have also triesd wake and home button and like every combination if you can help thanks

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How do I make an early morning alarm clock?

I want to build a simple circuit that I can attatch to an alarm clock that will light up different lights at different times. (For example, a green LED when I have time to continue sleeping, a yellow when I need to wake up, and red when I am late.) Please help!

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Answer to 'Shiggity' - How do you post a comment on Instructables? Answered

Same problem here. Bear in mind that Instructables is based in San Francisco and that it's the middle of the night in the U.S.A at the moment.  This is the time when the Instructables Robot moves the furniture around (commonly called 'system maintenance') so that Instructables is available when the U.S. wakes up. Give it a couple of hours and you should find everything is back to normal and the 'comment' or 'answer it' buttons will work as they should.

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2 Minute Meals -- Your favorite breakfast?

2 Minute meals are fun, but in the morning, if you wake up too late, they can become necessity. I've made "oatmeal" in the past, just a little water and some instant oatmeal, in the 'wave for 30 seconds, and its warm. I call it "oatmeal" because its just instant oatmeal suspended in lukewarm water, it doesn't get gelatinous or anything :P What do you do in a hurry?

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Replacing alarm speaker with vibrating motor (for sleeping with earplugs)

I just started college and have found sleeping with earplugs to be indespensible in a dorm room. I have a radio alarm that is pretty loud. I was thinking of ripping out the speaker and attaching a vibrating motor to it. Then I would mount the vibrating motor to my bed post or something, and hopefully it would be annoying enough to wake me up. Does the alarm send enough power to the speaker to power an electric motor? Thanks! -Cedric

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Alarm clock mod

I took apart my alarm clock and took out the speaker and put in a headphone jack. Now it can wake me up and i was wondering if someone could help me figure out what the specific alarm electric thing looks like. I want it to be able to set off a motor that pulls off my sheets. I know absolutely nothing about circuit boards and things like that. any info would help. thanks

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Make socks which pause your TV show if you fall asleep

Sometimes I fall asleep when I'm watching TV and don't realize it, because I dream the rest of the story. Then of course when I wake up I'm thoroughly confused: why are the bad guys still alive? They had transformed into evil giant ants then I saved the day by feeding them peanut butter laced with boric acid! When I finally realize I'm not the hero in the story, I have to either go to bed and abandon all hope of finding out what really happened, or watch the story backwards, sped up and silent till I see a scene I recognize. No fun! These socks will protect the integrity of your show's story line: build them by following this tutorial, wear them while watching TV and they will pause the show when you fall asleep. Of course they won't keep you from dreaming up an alternate ending, but at least when you wake up you can start where you dosed off and find out who the murderer really is. This is a Netflix tutorial, and it's supposed to pause Netflix shows... but I'm sure it can be adapted to turn off Amazon Prime or other streaming services...

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How to wire a light to an alarm clock?

Where I work during the summer I consistently have to switch between the day and night shifts. This happens every month or so and during the first week of transition I have a rather hard time waking up especially from transition from day to night shifts where I have to sleep during the day. Thus it is dark when I am supposed to wake up. Although I have not been late yet there have been quite a few "near-misses". Anyway I want to know if anyone can help me wire a light to my alarm clock to help this. My alarm clock alternates between a one second-ish noise to an equal length silence and repeats. I would like it to turn on and off in the same fashion as the alarm clock makes noise. I do not have much electrical know how, but I am adequate at soldering both wires and on boards. I have tested the output of the wires leading to the speakers and they do not have enough power to turn on the bulb. It would also be nice if can be done on a wallet friendly cost, college is eating up most of my money. Any help would be appreciated and thanks in advance!

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ways to get rid of a cough? Answered

Bad cough since the past few days, I cannot sleep. I have some bad days because I can't wake up on time for college. Honey, tryed and failed. My doctor told me that the reason why I am getting this is because I had a temperature and from that a cough evolves, the cough then causes me to have a cold. Simples.... Anything to get rid of a cough.... Thanks.....

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Can anyone design a device that would interfere with cars stereos within 10 feet or more? Answered

Can anyone design a device that would interfere with cars stereos within 10 feet or more?Yes, I would like to bother back the drivers who play the music so loud that they wake up my kids sleeping in our car, as they drive by.Any idea is appreciated. If I can get my music in their stereos, even better, but if I would just get white noise in their stereos would be great. Thanks

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