touchscreen watch

What if you made a touchscreen watch that plays music,movies,internet,email,apps,tells you how many internet bars you have,games,planner,usb,tv,and more that would be awsome

Posted by 1997589 8 years ago

How do watch glow backlights work???

I recently took apart a digital watch that had a green glow type of backlight. Looks like there was a backplate, behind the LCD screen, with what seems two contacts on opposite ends. No matter how I hook up these contacts to a 1.5V battery, I can't get it to glow. Any ideas????

Posted by tinkernaut 9 years ago

Gorgeous retrofitted LED pocket watch

Take a look at this pocket watch , modified by the author from an old non-working pocket watch he inherited from his grandfather who was a master watchmaker.  Clearly the grandson inherited the skills!  This is absolutely beautiful.  Make sure to watch the video of it in operation.

Posted by rachel 9 years ago

Make US websites think your in the US?

I have a problem, im in South Korea but i would like to watch King of the Hill on Fox says i cant because im not located in the US. Other cartoon sites say the same thing. Is there a way i can change my computer settings so i can watch my favorite American Cartoons?

Posted by thematthatter 10 years ago

Steampunk Artist vs. TSA

If you're into steampunk, I expect you'll find this story of how this guy got arrested for his art somewhat interesting:

Posted by billhorvath 5 years ago

Which Cellphone watch with camera should I buy?

Hello, I want to buy a cellhpone watch with camera. I have a Casio Wristcam WQV-3 but it is broken and had only 0.25 Megapixel ;-) Unfortunaly there are many different models. The descriptions at ebay,, etc. are long but there is nothing about menus/usability, thickness, quality and so on. On youtube a few videos can be found, but not for all models. Maybee someone here has one? "Wishlist": 1.Cardslot, not internal only 2.1,3 Megapixel Cam. Sample Pictures? (Blog, Flickr, Own..) 3.Videorecording 4.Touchscreen 5.Writing/Grafiti, not only virtual keyboard 6.Sketchpad, even with the low resoulution 7.Thin (some are very thick) 8.J2ME or another posibility to write programms German letters would be nice, but optional. Should cost arround $200 incl. shipping+tax to europe or a tad more/less. Unfortunaly so far I could only find the q007 with Java/midp2 support, but it has only 128 MB build in and no extension slot. Thanks in advance!

Posted by schorhr 10 years ago

Ohm's Law watch...

Has anyone seen this?  "Ohm's Law Watch" For those of us that have difficulties with formulae, this looks like it might be handy :-)

Posted by Goodhart 7 years ago

Question on inner workings of quartz watch

I have a musical watch that keeps time but something drains the new battery for the music.  I thought most ($40.00 or so) quartz watches are the same on the inside.  Why would a watchmaker tell me the watch can't be repaired?  If it takes a second battery to run the music and "something" drains that battery why would it be difficult to find the what and fix it?  Am I making watch repair too simple?  Thanks. Gail

Posted by lov2bead53 7 years ago

Self Winding Watch Winder challenge

I'm looking for a cheap version of the self winding watch winders like they have at I haven't found anything under $70! I searched this site and couldn't find anything either.So here's a challenge for you gadget gurus out there that think this might be something fun to make!I look forward to seeing what will pop up here!JM

Posted by JibsMan 11 years ago

I need help locating watch parts

For years I have had an old Elgin pocket watch in my possession, given to me by my dad since it was broken. After some thought I have taken it to pieces to see how it worked, since it was definitely broken. Upon inspection I now know which parts are no longer functioning.  I can find most of the parts on the Internet but unfortunately I can't find a hairspring for it... It needs to be for an Elgin size 18 pocket watch, if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Tom

Posted by thomas9666 6 years ago

Follow vs Watch vs "Email me updates"

Hi, Just spoke to Kiteman about this and he suggested posting in here... On the question page, I spent *ages* as a newbie to this site trying to find the "Watch this topic" or "Email me updates" button. I eventually found the "Follow" button, but thought that wasn't particularly logical. I can understand "Follow"ing another user, but to "Follow" a topic/question/answer just didn't seem like the right sort of word (maybe just because I'm from the UK, but hey!) Thanks G

Posted by GeeDee86 5 years ago

i was watching daveyard shift with dave chappelle (EXPLICIT)

A few lines from chappelles show well, see you later oh yeah, and Dave..... POP! WAYNE BRADY BITCH! is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch? "White people like Wayne Brady because he makes Bryant Gumbel look like Malcolm X" - Dave Chappelle, "my mother in law is never gonna believe i met Wayne Brady.." yeah, because she's never gonna know!" -snaps the cops neck- lmao ah, good times with Wayne Brady, lmao

Posted by Yerboogieman 10 years ago

cheap time bomb (fireworks detonator)

Heres my idea: Take a cheap dollarstore or walmart watch with an alarm. wire a capacitor where the little speaker/beeper thing it would store up a small charge and then have it arc or a fuse to light it. so you set the alarm for the time you want it to go off, it goes off, builds a charge, arcs over the fuse and lights the roman candle, firecrackers, whatever you want. would this work? are there any ways of boosting the power of the arc or making the fuse light easier?

Posted by aaronx 11 years ago

Making a smartwatch

I want to build a touchscreen smartwatch which can use fitness apps and possibly pair with an iPhone 4s I need parts and a sort of howto guide to help. Many thanks for anything Andrew :)

Posted by Nattress 4 years ago

A personal record.

First of the month plus a Saturday plus a day to myself = sixty-nine species in 11 hours. That's a personal best (previous personal best = 73 species in two days). I'm wrecked, but pleased. If you're interested in the full list, check here. I think my favourite of the day was the Little Tern.

Posted by Kiteman 8 years ago

Watch Later Idea On Instructables (Like YouTube)

I think it could be a really good idea to have the small "watch later" button on all of the Instructables that are shown I don't think I need to explain it a lot... Just like YouTube

Posted by Yonatan24 3 years ago

Help me make a light watch for a prank!

For reference, here is a video:;=UUCsj3Uk-cuVQejdoX-Pc_Lg&index;=3&feature;=plcp Can someone help me with making a watch that can make a big flash on command for doing pranks like these. He has someone near his wrist, and I want it to be a watch if possible. How can I begin, I just need ideas. Could it ever be wireless, or how should I do it? Thanks!

Posted by scottzkee 6 years ago

Pocket Watch Cell Phone

To be honest, i think it sounds like a good idea. the device would probably have to be about the diameter of an orange, but i bet having a pocketwatch that doubles as a cell phone would be a hit with steampunk lovers! anyone agree with this?

Posted by EngineerJakit 7 years ago

You really need to watch where you are going...

There is some big pranks going on around this world and I stumbled into this video on you tube. It is a water trap...

Posted by Plasmana 10 years ago


HI everyone, I need some help. I want a new anime to watch or a new manga to read in the genre of romance.

Posted by animemaxlevel 4 years ago

Are YOU affected by Pokemon seizures? ( Watch at your own risk! )

So, as many of you have known, the animated TV show Pokemon is famous for causing over 700 Japanese kids seizures via continuously flashing red and blue lights. Now, I am proposing you a challenge, can YOU endure the infamous red and blue lights? I can. only feel a bit dizzy, but nothing close to seizures. No YouTube viewers are affected by it ( although few felt dizzy ). So, are YOU affected by Pokemon seizures? Or are Japanese kids wussies? Find out by watching the video!WARNING!WARNING!WARNING!WARNING!WARNING!WARNING!WARNING!WARNING!WARNING!WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK, YOU WILL NOT HELD ME RESPONSIBLE IF YOU GOT SEIZURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Camisado 10 years ago

Cool site of Wholesale Watches

Discount Wholesale Watches, Cheap Watches, Sports Watches, Fashion Watches and Clocks from China factory, no minimum order sizes or volume requirements.

Posted by 520xyz 10 years ago

GPS tracker for a kid watch

Hello everyone ;  I want to do a watch to track kids with GPS , And I want to know what kind of GPS tracker I will use , the approximate price of the project , or any other information that can  help me  .  And thanks :) ^-^

Posted by Aladin1122 1 year ago

Movie Recommendations?

My friends and I all realized that there are a lot of relatively recent movies that none of us had seen. We're now trying to watch as many of them as we can. For example, last night we watched Fight Club. We were wondering if anyone on Instructables has any good recommendations, or anything similar to discuss.

Posted by Gjdj3 9 years ago

I need advice from electronics enthusiasts

I have been trying to think of a way to create a prototype of this watch design that I created about a year ago. Each segment lights up individually and I've had a tough time thinking of a way to create the display in a compact form. I quickly had to rule out using LEDs because trying to fit sixty LEDs into a tight ring like that would be impossible in a small watch and I don't especially want a pocket watch the size of a dinner plate—even as a prototype. After searching a bit more I learned about LEC panels and I think that this might be what I'm looking for but I need to know if it's possible to do what I hope with it. The EL panel I linked to is a light-emitting capacitor. If I understand correctly that means that you need to wire the back side and the front side of the panel for each segment that you want to light up as well as breaking the circuit between all individual segments so that only one lights up at a time. Since there are 132 segments that's quite the task but it's still better than using separate LEDs. My plan is to take an EL panel and cut this pattern into it which should break the large panel into smaller independent sections that can be turned on and off separately while still remaining connected. I may edit that pattern to be a bit easier to wire up. After I get that all wired and running I would attach a black cover made from this template to block the excess EL Panel from being visible. What I need to know is if it is possible to do this and any tips or advice any of you may have. I'm a complete novice when it comes to actually building this sort of thing so I need to know whether it's worth spending my money on the parts for this or if it would be better to try a different approach. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you all have a fantastic day.

Posted by mnorth 2 years ago

Steampunk wrist-mounted scrolling map

Found this at Boing BoingOver on Boing Boing Gadgets, our John spotted this vintage wrist-mounted scrolling map from 1927, an antediluvian wrist-mounted GPS: At first glance, this 1927 map watch is pretty nifty: an antediluvian GPS, don't you know. It was called the Plus Four Wristlet Route Indicator, a name so clunky, unmemorable and artless that it even sounds like the name of a modern GPS device. The idea was simple: the Wooster-esque motorist would putter around England, scrolling a tiny paper map loaded in his wrist as he went with two black knobs. If you took a turn, you simple slid out one map and inserted another one and continued on your way. What ho! Ingenious! Except a complete road map only cost a few pence back in 1927, where as this device would have set you back around 5 quid. And just like modern GPS map providers, the real business model was in selling you additional maps. Which leaves the design. I quite like it: it's cheap, but whimsical and adventurous, like something you might strap on your wrist to traverse Oz. LinkLooks pretty cool and steampunkish. I would love to have one.

Posted by laminterious 10 years ago

Watch Parts Motorcycles

Here is a interesting link show the use of old watch watch parts

Posted by pyrocop1 10 years ago

Sci-Fi Critters - Insects combined with Watch Parts

Insect Lab combines real insect specimens with antique watch parts and other technological components to create these sci-fi critters.  Jason showed me these and I thought they were beautiful!  The beetles and butterflies are my favorite.

Posted by Carleyy 8 years ago

Help to build sensor for Polar FS1C watch

Hello, I got this watch Polar FS1C as a gift, unfortunately without sensor which is necessary to collect data from heart rate. I would like to ask you, clever guys, if is it possible to (home)made cheap sensor suitable for Polar FS1C? I could not buy this sensor in Slovakia in reasonable price so I am trying last chance here, to built it on my own. Thank you for reply. Mx.

Posted by Mirio46x 4 years ago

Post your Youtube!

Post your Youtube accounts so people can see your videos!heres mine:My Youtube!

Posted by TeacherOfTheWays 10 years ago

Steampunk nixie tube gauntlet watch?

     I am..... not very good with electronics. ill admit it. but i still love that feeling when you do something and finish and it feels perfect. and i really need some help. i have been looking everywhere in my town and nobody has any nixie tubes (probably because they are so old), and they are really expensive on places like ebay. i also have no clue how to work the pins, and how i could get such a high voltage. and make it all into a watch. and to make it small. and to keep it under 30 dollars. what a mouthful.      So could you all just list where you get your tubes, how you wire and program them, and how you even make a portable and practicle power source? i have been looking into the disposable camera power source, but that is already kinda big. when done i will have a leather/metal gauntlet to wear on my arm. it can take up about half of my forearm. can this even be done? i dont have an arduino, but i have a basic stamp, but its not good at keeping time, so thats out. please list your help and ideas below. and your knowledge is greatly wanted!!!

Posted by imBobertRobert 7 years ago

Techno-Wearables - Steampunk Handmade Reconstructed Mechanisms

Http://edmdesigns.etsy.comMy creations have been recently featured on with an interview on Wired (gadget lab and Geek dad sections) and notably featured on Boing Boing.Super fantastic for Father's Day and Grads without lining the pockets of corporate mkfgrs- paying homage to the Handmade Arts - People eat this stuff up and always so excited when someone (blogger, editor, reviewer) with an esteemed reputation guides them to cool, sincere places to get these style of items. http://edmdesigns.etsy.comWired Article: Boing Article:

Posted by kitanah 10 years ago

?Sky watchers calendar"

Hello everyone... A whhile back I stumbled upon a website that would allow you to enter in your location information and do a search based on "celestial events" "IST fly-over times" satellite locations, meteor shower events, eclipses etc... I recently bought a DSLR camera and a telescope with camera mount. My Son is very much into astronomy and I would love to encourage this for him... The telescope is nothing special, it is my, as well as his first telescope. I would like to capture photos of this up and coming eclipse in April, as well as some star systems and meteor shower events with some long exposure. :) anyway... Does anyone here know where I can find this type of calendar.. I have spent much of the morning Googling, but I am coming up short in finding this... Thanks in advance Matthew

Posted by SlickSqueegie 5 years ago

My Favorite Longboarding Videos

Ok so i just learned how to copy and paste! I have been wanting to do this for a while now and i figured this is a good time.These are my favotite vids in each catagory of the awsomest sport on the planet! These are just my Favorites,you could just find them all yourself on youtube eventually but i figured i would post this! I don't have a youtube account. If you have any suggestions i will look at them and add them!                                  dancing:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            sliding:                                                                               some sliding and freeride:                                 downhill:                                                                                                                                                     carving:                                                                                                             slalom:                                      I obviosly like dancing the best haha hope you enjoy!  :-)

Posted by Zaphod Beeblebrox 8 years ago

Watch Band Buckle

Product shown in stainless steel 3D Printed and Tested !! Velcro watch band tip will lose stickiness as it ages, and then scratch anything it encounters. This buckle is used to cap the band tip, keeping it from scratching your cuffs of sleeves, especially in winter days. The name " Ning " is embossed on a pattern called BingLie (Chinese, means Cracking Ice), a pattern that was used as a window style some 600 years ago in China. Yes, I'm bringing antique fashion back into life again. Buy at Shapeways !!

Posted by 7PLAIN 6 years ago

Changing time on a Sportek watch

I have a Sportek Watch model sp1029ZEL . I don't have the instructions to change the time.Any help appreciated.

Posted by mabebabe 4 years ago

Modern Times - one to watch.

This video is ... incredible. Watch it, then thank me. MODERN TIMES from BC2010 on Vimeo.  

Posted by Kiteman 7 years ago

Sneaking into movies?

Well today i went to the movies with my friends and we saw "get smart" and it was good but then my friends said lets go see another movie and sneak in. They say it is not illegal but i think it is. Also it goes completely against my moral values. Is just getting one ticket and sneaking in illegal? What do you guys think about it?

Posted by TeacherOfTheWays 10 years ago

Is it illegal for me to watch....

These free brand new movies online? someone told me about a site called and it is loaded with brand new movies still in the theater. Is it illegal to watch these movies? I am not downloading them but rather just watching them from the site.

Posted by Bosch 11 years ago

Link: Some details on a DIY pong watch seen at the Maker Faire

Http:// thought some of y'all might be interested.

Posted by royalestel 11 years ago

Random quarter trick

Http:// Watch it in HD.

Posted by DJ Radio 8 years ago

Unique watches almost impossible to read, but still so cool

Tokyoflash makes some of the most inventive watches around. Rather than just making watches that have numbers or dials, these watches use unique coding systems where the time is told with a collection of individual LEDs. Some tell the hour and some tell the minutes and there's no way you can just glance at any of them and know the time.Still, there's something so appealing about a company that keeps making watches that play by their own rules and force the user to adapt to them. Sure, they're not for everyone. In fact, they're barely for anyone except those who crave something different or are just in love with bizarre information design. I would consider myself one of the latter.This article on Neatorama details 10 of the strangest watches that Tokyoflash (disclaimer: they're ALL weird) and how they tell time. They're definitely a little spendy at $130-$160 a watch, but are worth checking out. The 10 Most Difficult to Read Tokyoflash Watches

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

who's watching the seahawks???

Pretty good game so far, we are eating the crap out of the 49ers

Posted by Yerboogieman 10 years ago

3d printed nano watch band with earbud organizer and bottle opener

Check out my design.. please vote for me :) also let me know what you guys think

Posted by mstyle183 6 years ago

A Video Helps a Homeless

A nice Story, just watch : You.

Posted by LUCCHINA 10 years ago

Watch 2016 Obama’s America online | Download 2016 Obama’s America Movie | Watch Ted Movie

2016 Obama's America is a New hollywood documentry movie of the holywood and it is very nice documentry movie of the holllywood and many people liked its is too good than other documentry movie so i loved this movie...2016 Obama’s America Obama film, opening last month in only a few theaters, boasts a domestic cume of $9.2 million, the top gross of the year for a documentary (excluding nature films). Bully was the previous crownholder with $3.5 million. Watch 2016 Obama’s America online | Download 2016 Obama’s America Movie | Watch Ted Online

Posted by sellinsegio 6 years ago

I have finally watched a full game of Rugby and I have to admit.....

even though I don't normally sit down and watch "sports" of any kind (unless I am trying to pick up some pointers, like watching  snooker, chess, or other tournaments), that compared to football in the USA, or baseball,  the action was definitely more engaging. I mean, they actually moved around on the field, and for longer periods of time then 2-3 seconds.  Our football is comprised of 1-3 seconds of movement followed by nearly 30 seconds or more of wondering about until the next play.   Rugby to American football is like a cheetah is to a snail.   If I am going to watch one of them, I will watch the cheetah :-)

Posted by Goodhart 7 years ago

How can i make wrist watch with using nixie tube?

How can i make wrist watch with using nixie tube? Can you tell me what am i need  ? Parts and schematics? And how much costs? Thank you .

Posted by DarkPlace 6 years ago

You need to watch this.

Http:// promised to bakenbitz that I'd throw it off a balcony but I couldn't so this was the next best thing.

Posted by ajleece 9 years ago