alkaline water?

How to make alkaline water

Asked by ukflyer 6 years ago

Can someone help me with a water problem?

I need a way to get water out of my garage. Anyone know how to pump, siphon, or some way to get the water out?

Asked by foxtrot8 6 years ago

How to make water out of air?

I would like to know how to make a machine that is solar powered and turns air into water. There are devices that create 30 Litres of water in 24 hours. Even though the device that I would like to make is powered by solar it should still provide water during the day provided that there is suffecient humidity in the air. Please help!

Asked by Louvan 5 years ago

HHO generator, Electrolysis? Answered

I recently made an hho generator, when i turned it on it started to release something green in the water what is that?? I used water and salt.

Asked by RA productions 3 years ago

Dissolving material

Any material that dissolves in water after a particular period of time (eg:3000 litres) .. or any other way to achieve it..?

Posted by ursurya000007 2 years ago

i want a system in my house which can water my plants automatically once a day!

So where can i find the apparatus needed and their circuits if possible? cos I'm very new to all this and any help will be really appreciated!!! hope to hear from you people out there soon!!!  cheers!!! ;D

Asked by akshaydhankher 6 years ago

how to design a home swimming pool Answered

A pool that one can set up and dismantle.

Asked by candy924 7 years ago

Any ideas on making an inexpensive remote water sprayer?

Our cat is keeping us up at night and we need a remote trainer to squirt when she claws at the door.  We've tried sneaking up and squirting under the door but the floor squeaks and she hears us coming- therefore her behavior has gotten worse because she is getting attention. We are losing sleep and can't afford a $150 citronella sprayer.  Any ideas you may have would be much appreciated. (For those of you who have cat advice we don't want/need more- she gets plenty of attention throughout the day, we've tried letting her sleep with us, and she can't be trusted to roam free at night. We need a cat training tool) 

Asked by jsthiel 3 years ago

Alternator to generate power?

If got an old car alternator and want to connect it to a battery, I'm using a waterfall to turn a bicycle weel with blades, to turn the alternator. is the slow speed going to be a problem?

Asked by HermannR6 1 year ago

how to download the pivot software?

I like pivot animation and now i want to download the pivot animation software...can you give me a procedure how to download that??

Asked by RKOPSSGM 6 years ago

Old Water Softener Uses

Does anyone have a creative use for an old water softener?

Posted by spring97 4 years ago

how can i build water rocket?

how can i build water rocket?

Asked by peper0 7 years ago

Water-Cooler Question Answered

I have a water cooler that had stale water in it. I have drained it ran Hot water through it and soap but it didn't seem to work what else can I run through it to stop it from tasting like nasty.?

Asked by chrisandamanda 7 years ago

Water rockets

Does anyone in instructables make water rockets? We seem to not have a great deal of them. If you like water rockets, please join

Posted by starwing123 9 years ago

Hot water cylinder question! Answered

Ok, so you have a hot water cylinder full of hot water... no matter in which way it is heated, how does it stay hot all the way until all the hot water is used up when you having a shower or whatever?... which seems like a full tank, piping hot until the end. If you are replacing the hot water with cold water as it is being used would this not just regulate the water temp and make it colder straight away? If you have a hot cup of tea, just add a little cold water... why does this not happen with a hot water cylinder? Thanks

Asked by howgoodisit 4 years ago

why is water displacement method used in collecting oxygen?

Why is that water displacement is being used in collecting oxygen and hydrogen gases/

Asked by jambea 5 years ago

How to insulate a water pipe in an uninsulated building?

I have a water service pipe in an uninsulated building, how do I keep it from freezing?

Asked by beancounter 8 months ago

does salt water lose its conductivity over time? Answered

A water bottle of salt water would be conductive. if it were to set there for a year or so will it still be conductive. assuming you shake it around a bit to remix the settled salt

Asked by ismael01 6 years ago

Solar Water Heater?

Does anyone know where I can find a solar powered water heater? I have an outdoor kitchen & would love to have heated water. Small size-under 15gl would be just great.

Asked by txroee 9 years ago

How to make a cool distracting water bomb ?

How to make a cool distracting water bomb/balloon in under 5 mins to have a funny chase while playing

Asked by Adiasg 9 years ago


Hi all! I am trying to find out about a simple stupid drip water irrigation system. Bucket, tube. Is there any instructable out??? Thx, Harry

Posted by harryknoll 9 years ago

Drinking Water Condenser

Does anyone have any plans or ideas for a DIY drinking water condenser? Something that can make water from the air would be fantastic, especially as climate change starts to have more and more of an impact on the availability of clean water. Electric powered should be fine, directly solar powered might be more difficult. Any thoughts?

Posted by foul_owl 4 years ago

Why can't you drop electronics in water?

We all know we can't drop electronics in water. Why? I think it's because they short out the circuits. SO, I can drop my ipod in distilled water and it will be perfectly fine?

Asked by starwing123 9 years ago

How would you heat water using no electric equipment or fire source?

For example if a hurricane knocks the power out and you need warm or hot water?

Asked by thom23 9 years ago

How do you make an improvised water bottle for hamsters? Answered

 How can you make a water bottle for hamsters? Preferably using recycled plastic bottles.

Asked by romer_872 8 years ago

Depth of the water table? Answered

I was unsuccessful in using the web to get a map of water table depths in Chicago. I would like to know where this information can be found. An accuracy of 3 feet would be fine.

Asked by ShutterBugger 9 years ago

water heater popoff valve?

I am trying to replace a popoff valve on my gas water heater, the heater is about 10 yrs old and is leaking at the plastic valve on the top where the water supply comes in. I have found a replacement but not sure how to get the old off and the new on?

Asked by kayneed 6 years ago

Drinking Water

Hello! Here's the big one for all you engineers, inventors, and smart-dudes. How can we purify water cheaply, efficiently, and safely for the rest of the world who needs it? Go team GO!

Posted by Chthonic 9 years ago

Help with multistage balloon-tipped water missile

I'm designing the perfect water weapon of mass soakage-the super water missile, and I'm shifting my attention to multistage water rocket thrust systems. My finished product will hopefully be able to reach high altitudes, acheive moderate horizontal distance, and either drop many water balloons over a specified target area, or be tipped with a very large water balloon for a "wet impact" (very wet). I don't know how multistage water rockets operate though, and there are no instructables on how to build them. I searched Google, and all I got was pictures. No DIY's, how-to's, or tutorials. Could anyone tell me (or better yet-show me) how to make a multistage water rocket-or at least how they operate?

Posted by MattGyver92 9 years ago

Homemade water purifier for a bug out bag

Does anybody know how you can make a homemade water purifier small enough to fit in a bug out bag?  I am looking for something that I can be sure that will make water safe for me to drink without using chemicals.

Posted by XiBowhunter 6 years ago

how to circulate water for a car generator ?

Since I do have a small greenhouse, I would like to generate some electricity for a electric car heater. I am thinking along the lines of a water wheel. Any idea how to circulate the water back and forth (up or down). Your input would be appreciated.

Asked by Rocky_Stutz 7 years ago

The science behind this self watering system for plants

Hi, I was watching a video for a self watering system for plants (link below), and was wondering what the science behind it is called. I also had a problem where no water came out of the bottle because the hole I made at the bottom was too small. As soon as I unscrewed the cap a little, the water came gushing out. Thanks :)

Posted by horsebones 3 years ago

water pump idea

I hypothesise that when is heat applied to a suitable sealed vessel, filled with water, and having a pipe into the base of the container below the water level, that when the water gets hot enough, it will exit the pipe under pressure. if anyone has any input or had experiance with this kind of a thing or knows of a device which works in the same or similar manner, i would like to hear from you.  i though it could be a way of moving water with no moving parts or access to electricity, motors etc. thank Kim.C.S.B

Posted by QSDR 5 years ago

How do I hook my gas water heater to a wood stove safely?

I heat my house with a barrel stove(w/plenum surround) that is in my basement. My propane water heater is 3 feet away and I wonder if I can add a coil of sometype and connect to the water heater and be able to control the water temp. Are there any plans out ther? Thanks for your help, David

Asked by 8 years ago