Web comics

This may be the stupidests fourm ever, but i need to know what comics are out there.

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the web archive

The web archive at web.archive.org is one of the best websites I've seen.  (yes instructables is another.)  Ive known about it for a while and wanted to share it.  It lets you go back to past versions of web pages,  simply enter the url and hit "take me back" For as big as it is, you can search a lot, though not everything is there.  Note: Sadly instructables is not searchable from this site due to a file labeled "robots.txt" which prevents them from searching instructables.

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How can I put a working 'Donate' button from PayPal onto my webpage? Answered

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error 500?

ERROR 500: javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: ServletException in '/pages/forum/forum_layout.jspx': Can't insert page '/pages/forum/topic_rightbar.jsp' : ISO-8859-10 This is all I can see instead of instructions

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making real web shooters ?

Well i have been searching the web for real tech like the movies. and i've always been a spidey fan unfortunately the web shooters don't exist. because no one knows about the fluid or the shooter  i got some idea's for the fluid i think  most people believe that there is glue in the mix but i think maybe liquid rubber would work as long as it's still liquid until it squirts out or like some kind of string to shoot out with it to stick to it to make it a solid web .and for a very important part of the shooter a small narrow nozzle  i'm not a science wiz so please give me some ideas  or comments.

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What type of web-apps / web-sites would people find useful ? Answered

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calibrate a monitor with a web cam?

Good day be possible to calibrate a PC monitor with a webcam?

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How to make home-made wifi-web-tablet ?

How to make home-made wifi-web-tablet ? I have every opportunity...:)but I do not know...

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How do you create a web filter pages and program?

I need to create a web filter for part of the web security on YDL for online security so that users are safe from all threats can this be done in C#, C++, VS 2010 pro, Delphi 2010 or any other professional development app 

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I want to create a Web Radio for paying members, automatic monthly debit with Page Creator; is there a link or....?

 I want to create a Web Radio for paying members, automatic monthly debit with Page Creator or similar tool; is there a link or ...?

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Goosh.org - Google web shell

The unix geek in me loves this http://goosh.org , it is an Ajax front end to google that looks like a unix shell window written by Stefan Grothkropp.-Joe

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web cam to the T.V.

Hey ive been trying to hook up a web cam to the T.V.(later to a monitor) and i dont know where the wires go to. ive been trying to figure it out by what i know already but its no good and do i need anything else?what do they go to?

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Web Repair - Low Rates

Back in 1998 Nina Katchadourian spent a number of weeks repairing broken spiderwebs with red thread. Interestingly, the spiders would reject the thread over the course of the night and repair it themselves by morning. Definitely check out her work.

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how to make webcam?

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PS3 Web browser & Instructables?

Has anybody tried to use Instructables on the PS3 browser? If so, has yours worked? I am having an issue where I try go to Instructables on my PS3 and my browser says something along the lines of "Not accessible" so I can't see the page on my PS3 but everything else works fine. I'll try it again when I leave work and get the correct error message for you guys. *Will update later*

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Any advice on setting up a personal web server, please? Answered

Allow me to apologise in advance: I have checked with Google and am still a bit confused. Currently I pay for webhosting and I'd like to do away with those costs. I want to set up a reasonable fast pc to act as a server for my websites. Has anyone here actually done such a thing and was it (very) difficult? Also, once I have bought my web domains, how do I point to my own server? I don't need the detail of the how to as I can research that - what I need to know is just how much work this will entail and what range of Linux/Microsfot products will be needed. Many thanks.

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free website hosts that are reliable

Ok, well, I was interested in creating my own little website (not sure what it should contain), but I need a web host. Im 13, so I dont feel like paying for a host, the instructables on how to create a website have not been helpful in this topic, so, i was wondering if any of you know of any reliable free web hosts. Also, i wonder if the domain "www.djradio.org" is taken or something... the .com and .net ones are already taken, although djradio.net is for sale..............

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view all comments link.

I cant seem to fint the view all comments link for any of the instructables anymore. Did they take i away or somthing?

Asked by cousinles 9 years ago

Hero Images?

One thing that I like the most in instructables site is the amazing hero images at contest section. Can you make a tutorial of how to make images like that?

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Now thissite is a roleplaying site. it is play by post so if you like that kind of stuff than join it and friend me OK!!! http://warriorcatsrpg.com/index.php?action=profile

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i need a 2.5mm 3 ring cable to VGA or RCA or possibly even usb? Answered

I found a rear view camera that has a 2.5mm 3 prong ring and i want to some how use it as a webcam or something like that.

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I am working on a mobile version of my site using mobile XHTML how do I get it to refer to this when using a cell phone? Answered

I am sharing a server with several other schools using FTP and I am editing my site in dreamweaver CS4.  If there are any other things I missed please comment and I will answer so I can solve this problem.

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Web server hosting on Raspberry pi using usb Dongle

I need to host a webpage on Raspberry pi but for internet connection i can't use a router or wifi card. I need to know that can usb Dongle be used to provide public ip to a server running on raspberry pi so that it can be accessible over internet.

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suggestion for a cheap ip web camera?

I've searched a lot in google for a cheap camera that transmits through wifi ( ip web camera ) i need it for my project, so any suggestions i'll be thankful :) kind regards

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web cam

I have a web cam which i would like to be able to plug it in to a tv through the yellow video in connector. how could i do this. do i have to build a converter. i would have to power the camera with a 9 volt battery.

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What is a good free web host to make my website in? Answered

And it needs to allow illegal software like warez and such and please don't ask why.

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Web Collaboration, of Sorts

No, not the World Wide Web--colonies of spiders that build giant communal webs to catch their prey. However, there is an interesting twist: spiders maximize their food supply per spider if the colony includes 500 spiders; more than that, and each spider gets less.As the number of occupants grows, the volume of the webs they construct increases - but the surface-area-to-volume ratio declines. The area of web is the all-important determinant of numbers of prey caught, so bigger colonies catch proportionally fewer prey items.Reminds me of Dunbar's Number, the theory that says that groups of larger than approximately 150 people are no longer optimal because humans cannot effectively have and maintain that many social relationships.Spider Webs Article

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How to mod a web cam for making it rotate?

I want to have my web cam mounted at a specific place in my room and control the web cam rotation using  the USB interface and some program on my pc. I was thinking of having the web cam to be mounted on a USB rocket launcher sort of thing, but it would be great if i i find an instructable which tells me how to do this using a few stepper motors which i have from my old printers. Specially i would love if a stepper motor control system through USB port is provided.

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Massive web made with packing tape

Design collective For Use/Numen used about 117,000 feet of tape to make this fantastic web in a former stock exchange building in Vienna. It's strong enough for people to walk on. In fact it wsa made for a dance troupe. “The installation is based on an idea for a dance performance in which the form evolves from the movement of the dancers between the pillars,” explains For Use’s Christoph Katzler. “The dancers are stretching the tape while they move, so the resulting shape is a recording of the choreography.” Check out the link for more pictures and a video. Designers Spin Spidey-Worthy Webs From Packing Tape via Neatorama

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web site build

Hi all guys and ladies ...  so glad i found this site looks like fun. I found you all here due to a search i did looking on tips of building and hosting my own web site, and what i read here in great detail with no fuzz i just thought was the bees knees. I do have one problem but, if i use my ip address to host my own server on an old machine and use a new pc for working here at home, the ip address will be the same, will this not lead to people trying to gain excess to my every day to day pc? jamstir.

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I have been unable to start a new instructable. Is the site not working?

When I go to publish the first step is to enter a title.  At that point the web site does not respond as the previous dozen times I have done it.  What's up with that?

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A-Jax - Speed - Web Developers

Why use slow flash when faster better ways are there? AJax is great, fast, and does the job. Here is some simple code for your site: xhr = (window.XMLHttpRequest) ? new XMLHttpRequest() : new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.xhr"); xhr.open("POST or GET", "PAGE-URI", 1); xhr.onreadystatechange = (function() { Code to run for the result.. }); Simple yes? My site uses the code above but within lots more Javascript hacks included. My site is http://sitegen.com.au/ My js file is minimized so to get to the code just goto http://sitegen.com.au/js.php?min=false and the same deal with my css file..

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Irritating Site PopUps

I quite like getting notiification emails and I often like to check out the featured article on the web pages but I sure as heck get extremely irritated that the popups appear so quickly and cover so much of the page that it interferes with my reading of the article. Can these be turned off/delayed? I understand the desire to market the tutorials to interested people but this is just darned irritating. BTW - this comment page hung for ages because of Google analytics - not very user friendly.

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What's a good, free webhost?

I need a nice, free webhost that supports PHP. It doesnt matter whether or not it's a demo, as long as it works, I'm fine. Any suggestions?

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I see the changes to the site . The only question i have is i liked going to my instructables and going to the stats to see  how many visited that instructable each day . Is it possible to do this still and i am missing it ?

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the new instructables page.

This new page format is wierd. it was easy to navigate through instructables with the old version, but now its hard. i cant even search up things like before. can someone help me to navigate it?

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IR Tracking

Does anybody know of any program that uses a modified webcam that only sees ir lightso that it can do this ide use the program in the video but it requires a wii mote and blu tooth and if possible could it track multiple points

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I need a photo album for my website where all I need to do is add the photo to the directory? Answered

I have a website www.drewtoma.info and i want to add a photo album where all i have to do is add my pictures into the directory and they appear on the website pleas help thanks?

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hiding a bebo page

Ok i have a small problem. My kid wants to do this poetic terrorism thing in our town. Putting up signs warning about low flying angels and such. There is a statue of some great leader of the past and he wants to put a ball and chain on him. This is subversive art and he wants to set up a bebo page or similar to display his poetic subversions but he is afraid that the page would lead authorities back to him. Can he hide?

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help arduino help please

I need help adding a manual momentary switch to this sketch to control the same pin as the network button any help would be greatly appreciated i couldn't figure out how to post code properly so i attached the example i'm using in zip format pretty much i need to add a momentary switch for on off to living pin in the example without losing the control from the network on the same pin its controlling my lights i just want a button to control them manually and from browser

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How Does Instructables Rate?

. Ran across 15 Tools for Monitoring a Website's Popularity and decided to see how Instructables rates.. . Yahoo Site ExplorerPages: 36,421,151. Inlinks:3,028,851. CompeteNumber of people visiting site: cnn.com 31,825,476; instructables.com 1,161,213. QuantcastThe people who visit instructables.com are also likely to visit these categories and sites: lifehacker.com, Engadget, ars technica, Gizmodo, treehugger.com, physorg.com, New Scientist, physicsforums.com, physorg.com, Popular Science, Wired MagazineMonthly Traffic: Global 3.2M; US 2.0M. AlexaRank: 1971. Linking In: 7,391. SocialmeterSocialmeter score: 42,877. Quarkbase28055 bookmarks at Delicious2259 pages posted on Digg340 pages posted on Reddit947 page references from Yahoo! Answers39746 blog reactions from Technorati. Statbrain530,226 visits per day. CubestatWebsite Worth: $1,310,664.63Daily Pageviews: 598,477Daily Ads Revenue: $1,795.43 . WebsiteOutlookNet Worth : $1.22 MillionDaily Pageview : 557244Daily Ads Revenue : $1674.38

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How can i convert a USB web cam into a wireless web cam?

I want step -by-step instructions on how can i convert a USB web cam into a wireless Camera. If at all possible i would like to have maximum wireless range for the web cam.

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how to download a file in this web site?

Asked by zai94 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Air polution?

Is there a web sight that gives detailed what is in the air for Main and New Brunswick

Asked by emit 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Make a web show

I'm thinking about starting a webshow, similar to iCarly (if you watch the show), and I am trying to get some ideas for the show. Can someone give me some ideas for it. Sorry for no pix, or about anything but this info.

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