How can i turn usb webcam into wireless webcam???

Hi there i want to turn my webcam into wireless webcam so i use it in my new robot so can any one heip me??

Asked by mohamed100 8 years ago | last reply 6 years ago

how to use digicams as webcams?

hey ya all. i need a webcam badly but aint got money to buy one. i have Panasonic DMC-F2 & it doesnt have make shift wecam feature. Any way to make that work without spending a dime?

Asked by crazynath 7 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

I need help with the webcam on my dell inspiron 1525?

I have an oovoo account and i've just downloaded it onto my laptop. when i tested the camera, an avatar was there from the live cam avatar, that i guess is automatic. how do i remove it and get it to show the real me instead of an avatar?

Asked by beasleyxbaby 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

how to make wired web cam wireless?

I have a USB webcam and I want to make it wireless. I understand there are solutions available in the market but I want to do this myself. Also i'd like to know what is the best way to increase transmission range for a Video and Audio signal.

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Anyone know how best to adapt Logitech QuickCam Connect E 2500 so that it mounts onto a camera tripod

May be somewhat similar to posted file for "Tripod Meets Logitech Webcam" ?. It seems more difficult to remove the two parts of the casing with the E2500 than for the posted QuickCam Messenger?

Asked by wjames1 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

How to setup the webcam top give a more real face-face communcation feel during video conferencing? Answered

When we are having with our video-conference with our friends, we always feel that the party is staring down at the screen rather than looking at you. It seems like as if he's not listening to your conversation. Therefore, is there any possible solutions to solve this constraint, so that we will look more natural and trustworthy while video-conferencing?The image below explains the scenario. Extracted from

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How to create a "Create Snapshots" Program using C#?

At the moment, I have managed to get the video stream from my laptop built-in camera. However, I have no idea how to save it and additionally, my lapara webcam could not work using the program. Therefore, are there any solutions to it? PS: I am using avicap32.dll lib

Asked by timodes 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

PLEASE Answered

I want to use my sony cybershot DSC S730 as a webcam.It has video and audio output as given in please help me.

Asked by Hudson samuel 4 years ago | last reply 4 years ago

How to make an FLIR Webcam? Answered

Can convert any Webcam into a FLIR camera, starting with the instructable to do an  IR webcam

Asked by eflm 8 years ago | last reply 6 years ago

Macro Photos with Webcam? Answered

Can someone help me with my close up shots with my webcam?

Asked by schoonovermr 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

Webcam To Digital Camera ?

Is it possible to convert a webcam to digital camera ?

Posted by milans 11 years ago | last reply 11 years ago

Composite/rca output for webcam

Is there anyway to modify usb webcam so it has composite/rca as the output?

Posted by wid-ar 10 years ago | last reply 10 years ago

Can you use a digital camera as a Webcam?

Asked by Super_Bobito 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

Converting NTSC camera to Webcam?

Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to use NTSC camera as a webcam by converting the output to USB. I want it to be a webcam so that I can play around with it in MATLAB. Cheers, Jas

Posted by jasubhi 11 months ago | last reply 11 months ago

I want to use webcam with 10 meeter cable but its not working.

I want to use webcam with 10 meeter cable but its not working. is it need an adaptor or external power source. I want to use my webcam as surveillance camera?

Asked by dosti61 6 years ago | last reply 6 years ago

Wireless Webcams

Ok after having a murder next door and a neighbor pulling a gun on another neighbor I've been thinking Homesecurity. I want to just set up a series of Webcams always streaming to my computer that i can just hit record at a moments notice, any suggestions

Posted by nekollx 5 years ago | last reply 5 years ago

connect my usb webcam to my tv wireless?

I have a usb webcam and i need to connect it to my tv wirelessly through usb to rca cable as i am making my cctv camera. please help.also my tv is not a smart tv. it is a sony trinitron tv .

Asked by mano.lingam.3 3 years ago | last reply 3 years ago

ANDROID ARNOVA. Possible to plug in webcam via USB?

My Arnova tablet does not have a build in camera. Are drivers available for webcams? If yes, which webcams?

Asked by BobS 7 years ago | last reply 3 years ago

Can I use my old vhs camcorder as a webcam for an internet site?

My computer has a tv input. I think I can use that to connect my camcorder to the computer. I'll probably need some software. Once I can view it on my computer what does it take to put it on a website for viewing?

Asked by chitch7 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

How can I get a JVC GZ MG555U camcorder to work as a webcam on a Macintosh?

The camcorder effectively connects with iMovie but it's not recognized by not iChat, Skype, or any other video conferencing programs.

Asked by 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

How should I make a webcam as a door camera and use it

I have a TV of aiwa model A1419 from past 25 yrs at home which I have not been using it since past 1-2 years and have not even started it because I bought a plasma TV 2 yrs back but my old TV even works fine till date if cable is plugged in. Now since I have this TV lying around and I also got a Lifecam Show & Lifecam HD 5000 webcams lying around I want to make a better use of it. So I would like to know how can I make them work as a security camera's outside my house door and watch anyone who comes at my door on the TV itself. The distance between my house door and the TV would be of at least 5-6 meters.

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building a waterproof webcam?

Reposting this because of no _useful_ results

Asked by mman1506 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

Ideas for a creation?

Hi all, I've got an opportunity to lay hands on this sweet wifi webcam: Thing is, I've already got one monitoring my 3D printer, and I'm not exactly chomping at the bit to spy on my roommates when I'm away.  I've got a couple ideas about what to do with it, but I thought I'd throw it open to the community:  got any cool ideas for interesting ways to use/alter/hack/repurpose something like this? Currently I'm considering tearing into it and using the remotely controllable pan and tilt motors to turn it into a mars rover for my house, possibly fitted with a laser to annoy my cats.  What do you think? Ian

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can i modify a home cctv cam to plug into usb port on pc?

I have a simple cctv cam from maplins. can i wire a usb cable so i can connect it to my p.c

Asked by bluerasta 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

Anyone have Service & Repair manuals for Panasonic BL-C131A/101A?

 I'd like to see if i can put a wide angle lens my cameras and take off the IR filter. If i can get my hands on these manuals it might help me decide if that's possible and then make the project a little more "disaster resistant" ;)

Asked by bcamp1973 8 years ago | last reply 6 years ago

Little Camera Necklace

Hello everyone, So here is the deal, I wanna make a necklace that has a little camera inside that can shoot small videos, just for those moments when you wish you had a video camera, so you just happen to be wearing one. I thought about buying one of these: and adapting with the following tutorial. The main problem I am seeing is that I want to keep all the electronics towards the back of the necklace, with just the camera at the front. That means I need to extend the ribbon cable which looks extremely tricky, and I dont know where I would buy one from. Does anyone have any ideas on this? -Derek

Posted by djrobotfreak 7 years ago

What i can do whit a broken webcam? Answered

Any instructibles?I have a broken webcam and i dont knew what to do with  her.Ialso have a good webcam.

Asked by hellrider75 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

How to make a webcam wireless

I am looking for a way to make a normal USB Webcam Wireless. Any Idea's would be apprecaited.

Posted by xaviermoor 9 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

how to make webcam?

Asked by shoibuza 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

remote control a webcam?

Trying to make my old Logitech wireless controller control my webcam. Like focus, up down, left right. Is this possible?

Asked by neon2392 6 years ago | last reply 6 years ago

how to use iPhone as webcam?

How we can attach iPhone with computer and use it as webcam on Skype or yahoo messenger as i don't have webcam there must be any software or application

Asked by smitmad 7 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

How to Change an USB WebCam to a Wi-Fi WebCam using an USB Wi-Fi Adapter?

I have an ASUS USB-N10 EZ N Network USB Adapter & a Frontech Opal WebCam. Is there any way to Change the WebCam's USB Connection Type to Wi-Fi using an USB Wi-Fi Adapter & External Power Source?

Asked by SatyajitMishra 6 years ago | last reply 6 years ago

Dell Inspiron 1525 Internal Webcam not responding/broken, Help? Answered

The Webcam on my Dell Inspiron 1525 recently stopped working for no apparent reason, no changes were made to settings or hardware. It keeps telling me that no webcam is plugged it, and that I should attach one, The webcam is internal, and has had no previous problems. Any ideas on a fix?

Asked by cosgrove 9 years ago | last reply 5 years ago

water proof a webcam?

Prefferbaly somthenging that i can add too and add light and go a small depth

Asked by mman1506 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

IS it possible to add a webcam to a computer? Answered

I have a laptop, fujitsu t4020D. I would like to try and add a webcam to the display bezel. I can find component parts (webcams) from other computers. What I want to know, is it even remotely possible to wire the cable coming from the webcam to use usb, so i could theoretically plug it into my usb port?

Asked by timweaver17 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

webcam morpher

Does anyone know of a video chat application, where the webcam pics ur face, morphes it into something different and th other side will be seeing and talking to a different person...good to protect there such a software ?

Posted by goldenshuttle 4 years ago | last reply 4 years ago

Awesome webcam music video

If you're looking for some inspiration, check out this crazy webcam collaboration video. It's absolutely worth watching the whole way through. After the first 50 seconds it starts to get much more interesting.via Gizmodo

Posted by fungus amungus 9 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

Where do I download webcam drivers from?

I need webcam drivers (Inbuit Webcam) for Asus Eee PC 1201T  for Windows XP. I've done a lot of google search for this.

Asked by shardulsb08 5 years ago | last reply 9 months ago

Webcam Motion Capture.

I came across a youtube video recently where they use 4 webcams and motion capture software to do a cheap diy version of motion capture. Info seems pretty limited here and I can definitely use it for my indie film.  Please let me know if you've used such a set up and what software you used

Posted by Prospero375 4 years ago | last reply 4 years ago

Why is my webcam not working for MSN?

I have a Microsoft Lifecam which used to work brilliantly for MSN, until recently. I haven't actually done anything to the settings, to my knowledge, but my problem is with only MSN. I can see myself in my webcam when i open up the lifecam programme (allows you to take videos and photos). But when I try to use it on MSN, I can see it but the person to whom I am talking doesn't recieve a webcam invitation. When I try to make a video call, it works fine bar the fact that they see a picture of a webcam with a red cross on it. I can see myself but they can't.

Asked by The Jamalam 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

LCD with Ribbon Cable connecting to Webcam.

I am trying to build a device that will simply display a webcam on a LCD screen I pulled from a palm pad(or something similar) with a on-off switch. However I have no real knowledge of screens or cameras, the LCD has a 40 pin(if I counted right) ribbon cable, and a second ribbon with about 5 pins(the touch screen part?) and the webcam obviously uses a USB. How would I go about setting up the two with a battery and an on-off switch?

Posted by Fridge Gnome 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

adding a laptop webcam to a laptop without one, help?

Ive got two webcams from other laptops, my laptop doesnt have a built-in one but id like it to. i can do all the cutting, mounting, and wiring, but its the software thats not working right. ive installed all of the proper drivers, and the webcams are both recognized by the computer as webcams, but when i try to use a program to get video feed from either one, i get nothing. why isnt it working? on my last laptop, i could do this just fine. i have the webcams each wired to a male usb plug, and on my old laptop i could just plug it in and it'd work, but with this one, its not. any ideas why? im sure the wires are all correct and that i have all of the correct drivers installed.

Asked by zack247 6 years ago | last reply 6 years ago

How do I make a Digital video Recorder that I can use with a USB webcam so no computer is necessary?

I would like to build an inexpensive system to record video using a webcam and some sort of small DVR. This would need to run on batteries.

Asked by rjwing71 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

Webcam Software?

Hey guys and gals, I am playing around with a old Pentax 110 camera and I noticed that my cheap Labtec webcam fits almost perfect in the backing of the camera. This works VERY well because I have numerous lenses that I can switch out. I immediatly noticed the quality of the image is many time better doing this. The main problem I have is the webcam fits perfect rotated sideways. When I use the cam the video/pics are all rotated. Is there any software that will run on a PC that will rotate this for me? Also out of curiosity is there anyway via firmware update, software etc... to increase the overall size of the image or is it hardware dependant? I appreciate any help I can get. Thanks, Jester

Posted by Jester_boy2 10 years ago

How can you edit your site so it lets members talk to other members through webcams?

My current website project requires the member community to be able to communicate through webcams does anyone know how to let them do it?

Asked by everyday im shuffling, except fridays, i got to get down on friday 7 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

How long can USB connection go through 22 AWG wires?

How far can a USB webcam be when using 22 AWG 4 wire cable for the USB connection?

Asked by poiihy 2 years ago | last reply 2 years ago

How can I have my Java program access a USB webcam?

I'm trying to develop a system that needs video input through USB. I don't know how to do this. I've seen OpenCV and Xuggler, but I don't know how to actually use them. I'd vastly prefer OpenCV. Or heck, maybe it's possible in "standard" Java. If anyone knows how to do this, that would be awesome.

Posted by 4lifenerdfighter 4 years ago | last reply 4 years ago

How can I make a network camera?

I have a router a linksys and I have a webcam. Does anyone know how I could hook it up so that I could plug the camera into the router and connect to the signal with a laptop and watch the feed?

Asked by steve-lane 6 years ago | last reply 4 years ago