This website.

I was talking to FreakCitySF on aim awhile ago, and asked him:"Are you still active on instructables?",He replied:"Yeah, A little, I mostly browse..","I have a few more projects, but I don't know if I want to post there (Instructables)""A lot of sites pay now.."I got to thinking, What does this site have more of than any other DIY website on the internet have? What makes members stay active on the site? What makes them want more?COMMUNITYFRIENDSHIPBoth of which are gained through the similarities amongst ourselves.With that said, I would like to thank, the staff and community at instructables, for making this website, my favorite. If I could award something to Instructables, I would, in a heart beat, with no questions asked.While we are all different, we are all the same.and Chris, come back to instructables!

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Website problems?

Is anybody else having problems downloading PDFs? Some of the links just seem to be to the HTML page that is currently being viewed - maybe it's an experiment in visual positive feedback... Duncan

Posted by duncan_a 9 years ago

Website Selector

Hello everyone I came up with this simple but very useful batch file. Copy the Text you see below and then paste it to notepad and save it as .bat FOR EXAMPLE===> Website Selector.bat COPY   ll   \/ @echo off title Websites color 0a cls :back echo now pick a website!!! echo echo echo echo echo echo SET /p pick= if %pick%==1 goto 1 if %pick%==2 goto 2 if %pick%==3 goto 3 if %pick%==4 goto 4 if %pick%==5 goto 5 if %pick%==6 goto 6 :1 start goto stuff :2 start goto stuff :3 start goto stuff :4 start goto stuff :5 start goto stuff :6 start goto stuff :stuff echo press 1 to go back to choosing a website or 2 to exit SET /p go= if %go%==1 goto back if %go%==2 goto exit :back goto back :exit goto end :end exit

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Airballs Website

This website was created and moderated by one of my freinds, and he would like some members to make it a more popular site. It has forum topics such as paintball, airsoft, halo, and cheat codes. We have links to airsoft selling websites, paintball selling websites, and Airballs t shirts. oh yeah airballs is basketball term where you miss the hoop completely! maybe not such a good idea to make t shirts....

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Feedback on Website

Hi there, I work for a startup called Swifto ( and I was wondering if some people would be so kind as to answer a few questions about our site.  We are looking for initial impressions, so don't worry about going too deep.  This is all about the front page. Anyway, here are the questions.  Looking forward to hearing from you! 1. What do you think we do? 2. What aspect of the site confused you? 3. Does anything make you reluctant to use us? 4. What do you think of the design? 5. What would improve this site? 6. When was the last time you needed something urgently and what was it? P.S. - The black rectangle in the preview is actually a YouTube video.  If you want to watch it, go to our website:

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Code for website

Which programming language is good for making websites like ?? Please suggest me.

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Website update

We made a few changes and updates to the website yesterday, the most notable being adding a Solr search server. More information is over here in the forums.

Posted by ewilhelm 12 years ago

my website

Http:// ive recently made a new website encorporating some of the instructables on here and was wondering if anyone could visit my website and leave some comments in the guestbook to help me improve and update it. thanks

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New website

Hello again I want to create my very own website but I don't know what it should be about. I am desperatly in need of ideas

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Questionable website

I'm getting the feeling the people running this website don't really care about fixing it's problems, twice now I've tried to post a new topic and it fails to even show up, if these problems are not fixed and my 3rd attempt fails I will be contacting admins to remove my content.

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Website banners? Answered

Can someone instruct us how to make these beautiful banners that I receive in my newsletter? I have uploaded images to be specific.

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New Website

**....nevermind. I just found out its a 30 day trial and once it ends I have to pay to keep my website. Stupid false advertising -.-** Hey everyone, I just managed to make my own website! It features all of my completed projects as well as upcoming project "prototypes" and ideas. If anyone would like to subscribe please click here. And there's no need to worry about my emails taking up all your time, as I will only be releasing them every other month. However, my website will allow a much more well organized way to display all of my completed projects as well as ideas I have, so please take a look and subscribe. :) *note* I will still be using Instructables for the complete instructions and I even have a link from my website to Instructables, so if you decide to subscribe to my newsletter you should also subscribe to me here.

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Website help

Does anyone get logged out of intructables everyone once in a while? I don't mean while you're on it, but like when you go to open it, you have to log in again. Well it does that to me, not all the time tho.

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Website bug

I was idling on this page:  When chrome automatically re-routed to this page, no interaction, no new tab or window: Dodgy advertisers?

Posted by GregA69 1 year ago

Trouble with website

I have had to rewrite an instuctable like 5 times now cause it keeps giving me the something went wrong while saving alert. As much time as im trying to put in this instructable for a contest its getting maddening re starting over and over and at this point feel like im just gonna guve a 20 second two line how to and call it good. Any suggestions. Already cleared caches

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website hijacked

While checking out a 'ble about Hawian Pig Roast, I was hijacked by "My Web Face" . I could't back up only close.  I don't know if its you or me thats under attack, but if its you I thought you should know. I really like your site and would hate to see you lose market share due to pirates.  Burnerjack 01

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Website suggestions

Well I've been asked to do several sites recently while making my own. First come first serve (IMHO) and that would be my cadets squadron, the CO (commanding officer) gave me two weeks to make a site and i was wondering if anyone had any good design suggestions, at the minute the site has to be fully functional but content is not needed and I can't prototype to you for legal reasons either. My mums boss heard about my ability to churn out web pages fast (I did my entire I.T. project site overnight) so she wants me to design a web page for Voluntary Arts Ireland about projects we've done, and I'm already caught because I've payrolled since i did photogrphy work for them at ten quid an hour. This one hasn't even started yet and I was wondering if anyone had any nice ideas or thoughts for it. Oh and my own site will be fired up soon with a page of projects etc linked into instructables, giving me a chance to add more traffic to the site and hopefully drag in more instructableers...

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is the website swoopo a scam?


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new knex website!!!

hey knexers, go to it is a site about bloging about knex, like this one, but just knex. on it my name is chuck

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Looking for website desginer

I am looking to create a website similar to the site.  Is there any similar software or advice where users could post images, videos and code for their projects?

Posted by dalich 5 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

how to make a website? Answered

I want to make my own website where i could show my writings or instructables etc.etc.but how can i make it.please answer me thanks for viewing and further answering

Asked by argha halder 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

change to website address?

Hi, if I choose to create my own website and then later on change my mind and want to hire a professional, will my web address be transportalbe to the new site the professionals created? As you can see I am a complete rookie at this :-)

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Good rc websites

Good websites partly or fully related to rc airplanes

Posted by Mr. M 11 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

Embed instructable in website?

Is it possible to embed an instructable on my weebly website ? If yes , how ?

Asked by georgeg4 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Sell movie on website?

My boss wants to sell his movie on his already existing website.  I don't have much... or any web developing experience, but I'm looking for a way to sell one-time views of this movie from his page.  The key here is that we don't want them to download and keep a file they can watch anytime.  We just want them to pay to see it once.   Please help!

Asked by ksopher 6 years ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

Good Website for books

A great website is is It's a website made by a kid for kids. All you have to do is email the creator at If you do then you can share ideas and recommendationd and be a part of the guild! I did and she does NOT use your email address for spams. So try it out or tell your kids!!!!!

Posted by crizzsavo 10 years ago

School Website Ideas?

I'm part of a club at school, SECME (Science, Engineering, Computer, and Mathematics Enrichment). We do a lot of things like water bottle rockets, mousetrap cars, egg drop, website design, and more. I'm part of the webpage design team, and I need some page ideas for the website. So far I have the homepage, what we do at SECME at our school, pictures, videos, and external links. What else could I add to the website? There is a maximum of 10 pages. Thanks!

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Instructables Impostor Website

So, I was searching for my instructables name, and a weird site called "" cam up, with my instructable and many others. I doubt that it is a legit site, and I thought you guys might want to know about it.  I would not recommend going to the site, who knows what malware awaits?

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My free website?

I want to create a website for my school to preview the weekly schedule but I don't know how to make it look like pro site. Ay help will be appreciated

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Visit randofo's website

Hey guys, check out randofo's website! I just discovered it.As if his "about" paragraph weren't just hilarious, his website is even better-especially the letters he writes. It's so funny, go look for yourself! This is why we should look at each other's user lookups, you can find some cool things...

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Feedback for my website?

After a couple of months of building my website, it is finally in a state where I am proud of it! However the people using it are my friends, and I need some fresh eyes for feedback. Basically it's called Come Clean, and you make confessions to get them off your chest. Simple idea really. So please visit my website and tell me what you think:       If you think something is good or bad, or if you spot a bug, leave a comment :) Thanks!

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New Knex website

I was wondering if people would use a new knex site devoted completely to knex weapons? I have the knowledge to do it, but don’t know if it would be worth it. I AM NOT OUT TO MAKE MONEY. I just want to have a new site where I won’t have to sift through hundreds of useless guns (IE. block triggers, old "semi auto's") and models so bad that you think it’s a plane when its supposed to be a car. The only adds that i would put on the site would be to cover the cost of hosting. If you would use the site then please leave a comment saying so, and if you wouldnt use the site then please say why. For me to create this then i must have at least 15 people who will be active. 5/15 people 0 people to help If you are interested in helping the please pm me.

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What is your website ?

Www.flyingfireguys.piczo.comhi my website is

Posted by mattadams 12 years ago

Halopedia=Cool Website

Halopediago to this cool website

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go on my website!

This is my website thing is i am still making it

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maker space website

What are the requirements for the maker space website(used to register a team)? would a facebook page work?

Posted by JpsManCave 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

is there other websites like this?

Please paste links

Posted by sfchohan 11 years ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

Is the website knexables dead?? Answered

Is the website knexables dead?? I might join but not if it's no longer in use.

Asked by Killer~SafeCracker 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Website Spelling mistake


Posted by JohnC34 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

wiring diagram website?

What is a good wiring diagram website. i knew one before but i forgot the link. you would give it information and it would give you a diagram.

Asked by diy guy 10 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Community Project Website

Hello All,  Recently, I came across this website for people to collaborate and create things for the community. I thought this would be a good place to share it. Many of us make things that benefit community, and we all have different backgrounds. This is a free website that we can post projects on, and can get crowdfunding. It seems legitimate, and is for sure worth a try. A friend of mine started the idea behind this website, if any of you guys have any ideas to work on in the community, you guys should give it a shot.    The website is: -rlingineni

Posted by rlingineni 4 years ago

is there a website that explains robotics?

I need to know more about, well everything envolving the assimbally of a robot.

Asked by Mr.NHRA 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

old instructables website

Anyone want to see what instructables was like 10 years ago?

Posted by bravoechonovember1 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

I'bles website stats

Hi, Is there somewhere stats about the website and the community like: - number of active members, - number of posted I'bles - number of featured I'bles - average number of views - average number of "like" - most liked /viewed I'ble - most active L iked / viewed members - ect... etc.... It is my very own curiosity to know that. b.

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Instructables website problems

We've been having some trouble with the website yesterday and today. A number of problems hit us all at once, and we're busy peeling back the layers of the onion to trying to fix them all. Sorry for any frustration. We're working hard to make everything right. Here are we are manually going through database requests looking for bad apples...

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Good name for website? Answered

I'm creating a technology site, basically giving the latest news in technology, and a forum for computer troubleshooting and stuff like that. Any ideas for a domain name?

Asked by bmurphy-2 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Homemade instrument website

Hi there, hope you don't mind me linking to my website full of the weird/cheap homemade instruments i've been tinkering with for the past 2 years or so. I love to make new things from old things, so most of what I do comes from re-cycling, re-purposing and using scraps of materials. the website is here:  i'm hoping to put up more tips and tutorials on how to do certain things when it comes to amateur lutherierery. If anyone has questions or queries about any of it, i'd love to try and help out!

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Redirected to other website

Lately whenever I visit I get redirected to:;arg1=http:%20delb%20opt%20fimserve%20adopt%20?r=h&l;=96138f2b-d90c-4cfa-9e7a-8ea9bdf9522e&sz;=728x90&neg;=&ega;=&puid;=&rnd;=21368%20&cx;=partner-pub-8834790871905156%3Af2xzzwyyn77&cof;=FORID%3A10&ie;=UTF-8&said;=&do;=search∅=0 It is very annoying and it is nearly impossible to navigate your website. I have run Norton Antivirus and found nothing. It has only done this with so far, not with any other websites.

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Instructables Website Redesigned!

Have you noticed any changes here? Well, I am experiencing the biggest changes on this website. Everything is lot cooler now! I really enjoy the community now. Everything here is new and even the project pages are super cool. They add "Add Tip", "Ask A Question" buttons... all I can say it is super cool now. I like the changes.... what can you say about the biggest change here?

Posted by WarenGonzaga 1 year ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

Website search enhancement

There are so many instructibles in so many fields that I'd like to discover - but I miss so many of them.  Would you consider putting a "random" button among your home page search options, for those of us who want to be surprised and amazed, but don't really know what to look for? Thanks 

Posted by Owthatgluegunshot 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago