Wet Computer

I have a Dell Dimension 4600C, but it was ruined when my room was flooded (Thanks Joe the Plumber!). I know the power supply is fried (no power comes out, the circuit board looks white and wet), but I'm not sure if the motherboard is bad. Only the bottom 1/2 inch got wet, and it looks fine. Everything else in the computer works, but the computer was plugged in when it died. Is there a way to test the motherboard (without another computer or PSU)? Should I buy a PSU without knowing if the motherboard works? A new motherboard is too expensive, I might as well get a new computer, but the power supply is only $20. Henry

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wet scrubber

I am setting up a factory for making vacuum-formed acrylic shower bases reinforced with fiberglass. I will be dealing with resin fumes, microscopic glass fibers (from cutting and handling the fiberglass batts) and larger dust particles of acrylic, fiberglass and cured resin from cutting off the bottoms of these units. I am in China, and the factoryies I have seen merely have fans and blow the stuff outside, with some directing the dusty air over a bit of water that supposedly collects the dust. Being from Canada I cannot accept such a poor solution, but my newly hired employee seems to think that the concept is best. I will be looking into cyclone systems, of which a few posts are made on this site, but can anyone post a fairly simple instructable on how to make a water based system for collecting the dust?

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paracord shrinkage when wet

I am making paracord bracelets and came across a article saying to shrink the cord first before making by putting in water and let it dry prior to making because if not it if gets wet after being made it will shrink. can anyone please tell me if they have done this or their theory.   thanks steve

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Wet DS lite now won't power on?

My daughter found out the hard way that her trunk leaked and the result was a soaked DS lite in the case. When she opened the DS apparently she had left it on and had problems getting it to power off, but finally got it to power off so she could remove the games, etc. and allow it to dry out. Now after waiting a day for it to dry it will not power back on, no response at all when you try to turn it on. When you connect to the charger you get an orange light. What's the most likely problem... a dead pcb or fuse?

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My Palm pda z22 screen resolution is low after a wet accident! can anybody help to fix it?

Hai I recently got a palm z22 to organize my life. It was really helpful until after a week it got wet in my bag. I didn't know initially it is wet. So I tried to use it the next day it was not working. So I try to charge it. Still it was not on. Then I saw that inside the palm cover is wet. So I used blow dryer on low heat setting. Then I tried to on the power button. I got little success. It was on but the screen resolution is very low. I can barely able to read it. Then I reset it. Still it was in the same condition. I let it dry as it is for a day. Then I opened only the back and blow dry it again. Still it was the same condition. The battery is fused to the back cover. I haven't tried to open the front. Today I am trying to charge it to see whether that will solve the problem. My question is what I can do to get the screen resolution back?

Asked by shemayil 9 years ago

how do i keep dry in the rain if i dont have a unbrela? Answered

I dont have a unbrla and i only have a shirt and its rely cold and im tring to keep dry and im not at home im at school so what do i do

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hi,just need to know if i can fix my daughters ds lite.

Hi,i need to know if it is possible to fix my daughters ds lite,she dropped it in water. i dried it out and it now turns on and you can hear the sounds but the screen is blank.She had only had it fot 2 weeks so i realy do not want to have to replace it.hope you can help?

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will a magnesium flint stick work if it is wet? Answered

Will a magnesium flint stick work if it is wet?

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Could you make a wet scrubber for your car and how would you?

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How to fix a Wet Nintenod DS lite?

My son dropped soda on he's DS lite, I power it down and removed the battery as quick as possible and wait for 3 days but now only turns the green light for a second beeps and flashes the top screen at the same time and then the green light turns off nothing else happens, I replaced the battery with my daughters DS with same result could anybody advice if this can be repaired or is it just better to keep it for parts? Thanks you guys!!

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I need help wining a bet my dad was talking about Korea and he said i wouldent last.

I need help wining a bet my dad was talking about Korea and he said i wouldn’t last he said it’s like going outside when its 20 out and wetting yourself with a hose so me being me i said i could so im gonna wait till its 20 out and wet myself and spend that day outside. What can i do to stay warm and make it the 8 hours???

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What is the best wet saw brand?

Need a professional wet saw but I'm so confused about best one.

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Ink that doesn't smear when wet.

When I try to make old looking paper by dying it with tea, the ink smears when it gets wet. What kind of ink should I buy?

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conversion of wet air into dry air?

There is a really very intresting topic about the conversion of wet air into dry air and vice versa with very less circuit design. the moto behind doing so is that i want to convert the wet air of any closed room into dry air and feed that dry air into my project on which i'm working.

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Nintendo DS will not turn on, it got wet?

My Nintendo DS Lite got wet and now when plugged into the charger i just get the orange charge light on and nothing else, it wont even power up. Can anyone help PLEASE?

Asked by Landy813 10 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Secret Message Revealed After Wet

Does anybody know of a way to have a paper with a secret message on it (pretend the message says, "It Rained"), and once the paper has been soaked with liquid (water, or maybe a mild acid or base), the secret message is revealed permanently? So like, if you had a little paper sign out in your yard with the secret message, and it rained, and the paper got wet, when you come home, you would see the dried out paper but with the message revealed. (note, i don't actually care about a "it rained" indicator, just an example)

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How to apply wet-slide decals?

Passing this question along for a friend: i have been experimenting with wet-slide decals, to do complex graphics, but can't figure out how to make them work. They are essentially a piece of thin plastic on paper backing. You print on them, using a printer, then immerse them in water to get the paper backing to come off. Then, you slide the decals onto whatever surface you have. finally, you use a softening agent, to get them to meld onto the surface without edges. i have spent 10+ hours, trying to make a 3"x2" decal. No dice. And none of the guides online have worked for me. I have a couple of problems: 1. can't get decal to not lose its proportions—i.e., stretches when i seat it 2. can't get print not to bleed (ink-jet version) or flake (laser version)—even when i use a fixative Also, if i try to cut decal to just dimensions of surface i am applying to, the edges tend to curl up and refuse to flatten out—without further causing 1 and 2 above.

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Just Don't Use it Near Water!

I've always sort of wondered why people who make game systems have to include warnings not to use them in water. Today I got my answer for me. I thought this was pretty funny. My solution: DON'T USE ELECTRONICS NEAR WATER!!!!! You'll probably have to click the 'i' in the corner of the image to be able to see what I have highlighted.

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Fungus problem? Answered

I have a small 5 gallon aquarium in a cupboard and there is fungus all around the wood in the cupboard! How do I stop this fungus from growing there. I also have a big aquarium for almost 5 years now whose hood is always very damp, but never had fungus on it. Anyone knows why this is happening with the small one?(And there is no difference in placing. They are both side by side)

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How can I make paint less sticky?

I spray painted a hollowed-out book from Pier 1 Imports using Rust-Oleum 2x Ultra Cover Satin Paint and Primer about a week ago, maybe two, but one side is still a too tacky deal with, but not enough to mess up the coat. One side was the same way for awhile, but it solved itself after I left it sit face-down for a day or two, but that didn't work on the other side. What can I do to dry the paint?

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Is using a wet grinding wheel or a wet belt sander easier to grind curved glass pieces?

I make lamp shades out of glass pieces. I take glasses in different colors break them apart and then wire them onto frames to make the shades. I have found that hand sanding down the edges on these pieces just takes too long to do. I am contemplating getting a sander but am wondering wether the flat surface of the belt sander will work for the curved pieces of glass, or if a wheel would get into the curve better. Anyone had any experience with either method?

Asked by abborn 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

potato mini gun get totally wet

elo all:D i just made a mini spud gun thing ... it sparks everytime until i use my ari duster, then it get like wet like in there im using a  plastic pill holder thing and when its wet it wont spark, and air duster shouldent really get it wet.. help please:D is it cuz of the pill plastic glass? thanks:D

Asked by Kong markus 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

What are the precations for rain or wet road riding?

I have been browsing the pages of ev conversions for motorcycles. I want to be sure on everything before i make a fiscal commitment. my question is: if it were raining and one were to ride through the rain, how much danger would there be and what things would have to be done to the motorcycle to avoid danger? thank you in advance

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Shortest poly dry time?

What is the shortest Polyurethane drying time before i can wet sand? 

Asked by ski4jesus 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

How could keep my shoes dry when riding my bicycle and it's raining ? Answered

I commute everyday by bicycle and I can't keep my shoes dry when it's raining, I don't have any fenders on my bike though.

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Why is a sponge easier to bend when it's wet? Answered

A cellulose sponge  (and even a plastic sponge that doesn't seem to change size when it's wet) is much more flexible when it's wet.  What's happening?

Asked by mole1 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Help on a divide and blend circuit - wet and dry - tl072

Hello,i want to build a "divide and blend" circuit with one potentiometer to blend between a dry and wet signal, the source will only be audio and the wet signal will be a clone of the MS-20 filter.my knowledge of electronic is almost zero... so i looked on different circuits and tried to adapt to what i want, but i need you guys to confirm if what i've designed works? do you see any problem? to you have any suggestions? thank you very much

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What can I use to carry wet clothes other than a plain plastic bag?

Since I swim, I need something that I can put my wet clothes in and is reusable.

Asked by notveryreal 9 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Clear coating a guitar?

Hey again, I just painted my new electric. annnd i wondered what you do after clear coating...its kinda rough looking...and i wondered if it is possible to like wet sand or something and in what order and everything you do it to get it so smooth.   thank you!!

Asked by ski4jesus 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

i need brushes for a wet saw motor item #98265?

Asked by matemate 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

mac book pro 13 2015 got wet, worked then, folder ?

Bad, drive, bad sata cable???

Posted by Olderguy1 1 year ago

paracord problems. Answered

I have had a sick paracord bracelet, and I have one concern..supposedly paracord shrinks when wet. wanting the keep my creation safe I was wandering if there was a why to save it if it gets wet.?

Asked by CaseBoy 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

My phone has gotten a little wet. How do i save it?

My Samsung Solstice has gotten a little damp and the keys are sticking (such as the power button and the unlock/lock button), and it cuts itself on and off......what do i do? Ive tried taking the battery out and letting it air dry but it continues.  It also freezes up when i charge it.  Do i need a new shell for the phone or is the power button shorting?

Asked by smaLUVSjnw 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

my god of war PSP will not play games i believe it got wet but still does all other functions fine?

The psp wont play games, but everything work fine like music, pictures,internet sound works good.

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How to round the edges of glass slices cut from wine bottles with a wet saw?

I would like to make glass rings of different sizes, and need to know how to round the glass slices I have cut from various bottles using a wet saw.  Karen Marie provided a wonderful instructable on how to cut the slices.  If they are put into a fusing kiln, the bottom will be flat, however, i would like them to be round.  Would a torch work, and if so, what kind and size. 

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glass cutting?

What kind of blade should you use if cutting glass bottles on a wet tile saw ?

Asked by cricket92283 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

can you fix a wet iphone 4?

With my mind on something else I very very stupidly(i KNOW I KNOW)put my almost brand new iPhone 4 into the washing machine. Its been drying for 3 and a half days but still wont turn on. My new plan is to put it in rice,leave it in the airing cupboard overnight and try plugging it into my laptop in the morning. Any other advice?

Asked by samijo 8 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Can wool yarn scraps be recycled into a felted fabric?

I do a lot of needlecrafts so I have yarn scraps of all descriptions & I would like to use them in some productive way. I want to use them to wet felt into something that I could then make into a pillow or whatever. Theoretically, it should work. If anyone has any ideas or comments please let me know. thanks

Asked by teaellen 2003 8 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Anyone noticed anything weird about new clothes/cloths?

Has anyone noticed that new clothes and things like washcloths and dishtowels seem to repel water when they get wet? Not really repel, but they don't absorb it, and the surface stays (and feels) wet.After the clothes get washed a couple hundred times, it wears off and is like old clothes.Can anyone tell me why this is happening (and why manufacturers decided to do this)?

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Could someone tell if it is doable to put a wetsaw blade in a standard bandsaw, run a slow stream of water over the glass to be cut (a bottle in this case) and thereby convert the standard bandsaw into a wet saw?

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120v-12v 10amp weatherproof converter ?

Where can I find a 120v-12v10+amp weather proof converter to power a 12v 9.2 amp radiator fan for use outside. in wet weather

Asked by JohnM533 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

"tent" to be placed over an outdoor dog bed

My dog's bed is on our patio.  If it rains outside and is windy, the bedding can get wet.  is there a man made tent to be placed over the bed for it to stay dry?

Asked by woodlsc 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

how to de tangle pet hair?

My dog has long hair and when he gets wet his hair tangles really bad. The normal pet brushes gets out most of it but not all.Any suggestions?

Asked by rljoslin 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Reuse parts of an old tent? Answered

I have a basic 3 person dome tent from canadian tire that i have no use for. It has got the tent, the rain fly, pegs ...everything. I have a nicer one now and before i give it away, i was thinking if there is any way parts of this can be reused in any way? the rain fly is waterproof...so maybe a waterproof bag....and what about the real tent? I always thought that when the ground is wet, it helps to put something on the ground before you pitch your tent so that the base does not get cold and wet. Is there a way some kind of eater/heat insulator can be made out of the old tent?

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Guitar Finish? Answered

Hello, I am finishing my electric guitar, and i wet sanded and everything, and i heard rumors that you use rubbing compound on the last bit to get it to look good. In the instructable by Gmoon, applying a mirror finish (by hand), it says that he used Rubbing compound, but people keep saying, "I think you mean POLISHING compound....", and i don't know which one to use. I have the guitar all dull looking from wet sanding, and i just need it shiny. What is your outlook on this? Thank you

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How to potty train 4 yr. old Autistic boy?

He Doesnt care if he is wet! He will only pee when you take him, but NEVER on his own nor will he poo poo in potty.

Asked by ss_houston 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago