how to be a good wife????

Plz give some suggetions for being a good wife

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Why my wife rocks!!!

Because, despite being a liberal democrat (yeesh) she, to answer the question "what do you want for our anniversary?" spent three weekends sojourning to various gun stores to find me (libertarian libertine) my hearts desire. And here it is, a 1943 Mosin Nagant with matching serials. I need to check the headspace and refinish the stock, and then I'll take it out shooting. Unfortunately, for the sake of my grades, I told her to hide it away until after finals. ~sigh!~

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In JUST 20 minutes.....

In just under 20 minutes I will be leaving my home to take my wife to her niece's wedding. For her, there are mixed feelings, the niece is a bit young, but there is also joy in that it may work (do I sound pessimistic? :-) . For me, I enjoy the reception, free food (sigh, I am just soooo shallow, ain't I? ). I do not consider it fun to put on a suit and tie in 99 o F weather with nearly 100% humidity out there.....oh well. I am being summoned, I must depart...for now....

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Sharing Pro Membership With Spouse

Is it possible to share my pro account with my spouse, where she has her own saved instructables and log in?   For example, at our greeting card website, American Greetings, I can add my spouse and my son (up to 5 household members) to my account with their own login and calendar reminders.  With Netflix, we can add each member of the family and we each have our own cue for things we want to watch.    If we cannot do this at this time, I would like to recommend this as a future feature to add.  My wife and I both enjoy Instructables, but it's silly to pay for 2 accounts when we are sitting together anyway.  The ideal situation would be what American Greetings offers, the ability to add my household members under a master account that allows them their own individual login and storage folder.  If you create this where any purchases are tied to the master account, it will help reduce fraud as people won't want others using their credit card.    I've never asked a question here.  I sure hope I get a notice when this is answered and where to find the answer!  Thanks for your time and consideration.

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A week of weeks, these last 4 days have been.....

I hope I am not coming off lately as just complaining about life in general, but just letting those who know me well enough to want to know, how things are going. This has just been ONE OF THOSE WEEKS (and it isn't over yet ! ).  Monday and Tues, I had to help my wife prep for cataract surgery (two days off, but not really much of a "vacation"), Wed.  she still needed assistance in picking things up off the floor when she'd drop them....and today, I had to go in and meet my Mom at the Ear doctor (she's been around 60% deaf since early childhood, but never wanted to learn ASL).  They cleaned out her ears, checked the hearing aid, and put fresh batteries in it.....then since none of that helped, they checked her hearing. A 120 db beep was inaudible to her.   And, being quite advanced in age, and slowly slipping into senility, she is unable to accept this "new" condition.  It is very disheartening to not be able to help or do anything at all to help. I know this is not really a "social" arena, and is more geared towards DIY then just airing greivences,  but I thought I would share this one thing and hope I didn't irritate too many of you all out there. Thanks for reading....

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How long have you waited for your wife?

Has anybody ever calculated how much of their life (to the nearest year) they have spent waiting for their wife to finish shopping, get off the phone, get ready to go out etc.?

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Bacon is good for you!

You may have seen this already, but I hadn't.

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how can i get my wife to loose 2inches off her waist in a week b4 this wedding????!!!!?

She wont shut the hell up about it so im am getting her answers.  

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Wondering what my wife will think.

I was having fun with the kids in the garden this morning. It seemed like a great idea at the time, but now I am wondering if my wife will appreciate it as much as we do? Any guesses?

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What Cricut to get my wife? Answered

Hello everyone, I want to suprise my wife with her very own crickut. I know absolutely nothing about these, but I want to get her the best one available... I guess the new ones cut fabric as well as vinyl and paper.  so thats the one I know shes been talking to her friends about. so where do I order and which one do I want? and what accessories should I get? If I go to their website Ill spend a bunch of money just adding stuff to the cart. I want to go in slightly educated lol. Please help! a caring but ignorant hubby!

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Father follows YouTube video to deliver baby

An engineer in Cornwall delivered his baby son after watching an instructional video on YouTube.Marc Stephens watched the videos as a precaution when his wife Jo started to feel some discomfort.Four hours later, his wife went into labour and started giving birth before an ambulance could arrive at their home in Redruth. Mr Stephens said his wife was on all fours when he saw the head starting to come out."This is our fourth child now and while for our first I spent most of the time at my wife's head, now I'm not afraid to go down to the business end. BBC story

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How do I covertly get my future wife's ring size? Answered

I just won the perfect engagement ring on ebay, but I know it's too small and I need to have it sized. I don't know what her finger size is. I can't find any of her old rings and I wouldn't know if it was for the right finger anyway! I want to surprize her so I don't want to ask ring questions... any ideas?

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Elvis has left his domicile

My wife and I had one of the cavies featured in my Cavy / Guinea Pig ible, i.e. Elvis, in for surgery. Although he made it through surgery (a cancerous kidney removal), the other kidney failed, and he perished during the night. Here he is, one more time, when he was much younger, being held by my wife....

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i need to help me

I need a manual for an old sewing machine made ​​in Pavia NECCHI 7297 series. Help me or guide me where to find this manual. My wife loves this Sewing Machine and want to learn to sew. If you have a wife like mine please help me solve the problem without my ears catch. Thank you very much.

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Scientific Grandstanding at MIT

Witricity at MIT.Am I missing something here? It's a transformer. This is how my wife sonicare charges.

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what's the difference between annual and perennial planting?

My wife is trying to put plants in front of our house.Also will plants/flowers grow through mulch ?

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Work Sheds

Hi Everyone, Does anyone have plans or blueprints for making a work shed? My wife and I are thinking about building one. Cheers, Devon

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Insults in comments

Even when I stay away from Instructables alltogether, some people find it compulsive to insult my wife in my Instructables. I'm seriously considering removing all of my instuctables.

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champagne topper jewelry

On our wedding night my wife and I had a bottle of Vieve Cliquot champagne. I still have the topper that holds the cork to the bottle. I can imagine it being made into a bracelet or pendant for my wife but would have no idea how to go about it. If anybody has any ideas I would appreciate it. The topper has a portrait of the widow cliquot on it and reminds me of a cameo. Our five year anniversary is coming at the end of this month and I would love to make her something out of this for it.

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New users can not sign up

The following message appears when my wife tries to sign up: ERROR 404: unknown action: /gopronow Whoops!

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How could I wipe a harddrive?

I need to wipe a hard drive completely ( and reuse it) while it is in the dos mode . My wife did it again and her computer is down

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Didn't quite get to the beach

My wife decided we had time to stop for dinner, so we only got as far as the Walmart in Titusville, about 7 miles away.

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My wife lost her keys, I'm hacking a key pager together. It's working . . . sorta.

I was thinking: 1)An old cordless phone with a pager function I could hack apart and reuse. 2)An old cellphone for the same purpose. 3)A crystal radio learning kit. My goal is to do this for under $40--the cost of buying that way overpriced pager system you've seen advertised--and for me to learn while doing this. After reading another instructable, I was inspired to use a cheap radio controlled car.

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Oven blows up and no photos.

My wife was making potato wedges last night when in the middle of cooking the bottom burner catches fire and starts to sparkle like a party sparkler. I run for my camera and when I get back to the kitchen its over my wife turned off the stove and when I turned the stove back on nothing happens. Now that the fun part is over does anyone want me to do an Instructable on how to repair an oven element? The white marks are from the electrical fire.

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replace head gaskets on a northstar engine?

have to replace both head gaskets on wifes car. cannot find any info or factory manuals any where. any and all info needed thanks

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Replacing rivets in jeans

My wife recently replaced pockets in some jeans. It would have much easier if we could have removed the rivets and then replaced them (or similar ones). Anyone know how to do that ?

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Basically wife and I enjoy an evening hot tub dip, under a deciduous tree in a large garden. Then with robes on we drop the swim wear and hang it on a wall of our house to dry. The next morning my wife usually finds a resident earwig in her swim suit. I can only surmise the larger one piece suit holds more attractive moisture for the bug which would have to travel five feet up a newly painted lap siding wall to reach a pot-metal dual hook.  There are no night lights. We live at 5500' in a desert climate and the garden is automatically watered morning and evening three times a week My wife wont let me put a 24 volt charged tape because we watch grand children daily. What to do ?

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The Stuft Hut

My wife and I have just opened a new online store and would like you to visit and shop or sign up to open your own store. You can do this at the following :

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replace head gaskets on a northstar engine?

have to replace both head gaskets on wifes car. cannot find any info or factory manuals any where. any and all info needed thanks

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Separation Anxiety

My wife and I just got a dog that we found wandering the neighborhood. He's a Japanese Chin and very sweet, already housebroken, very well-behaved except he's obsessed with my wife. Typically she works from home and I'm at the warehouse but on certain mornings, she has to be up and out the door hours before I even wake up. In those cases, the dog goes nuts - howling and whining and I can't sleep through it. Does anyone have any suggestions of how I could break the little fellow from this habit that is slowly zombifying me? 

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Deer eating garden

My wife and I have been invaded by deer. We are trying to keep the garden safe and were wondering if anyone has any ideas for a repellant that can be made at home. Any ideas are welcome.  

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Hidden Messages

Painting Title - "Arnolfini Marriage" Artist - Johannes van Eyck Year - 1434 People in Painting - Merchant Giovanni Arnolfini and wife Giovanna Cenami

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Will a 700x38 bike tire fit on a wheel that is currently a 700x28?

My wife and I recently started bicycle touring. She is not too comfortable on certain trails/roads with a narrower tire on her bike.

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Making a xmas/bday wishlist on amazon for wife/family. What do I need to get me started into Arduino / circuitry?

I have: a forrest mims book, a helping hands device, and HAD a soldering gun somewhere...

Question by JmGrant 6 years ago

NYC Maker Faire trip.....troubles getting there

I am having troubles again. A train will  get me there too late and I would have to leave too early for it to be worthwhile.....and my wife doesn't want me to drive..... I am sooo peeeved right now.....the wife has literally guaranteed that I will not be able to make it to the Maker Faire despite my having purchased a ticket for the event.... Hmmm, I let her alone to think about what she was doing.....and she has come to the conclusion that maybe she should let me go.....I DO hope to see those of you that will be there, tomorrow....

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My wife's laptop died (NotebookComputer model D22ES). Can I hack its screen to use as a monitor? Answered

This laptop's LCD screen would suit nicely for a homemade Doctor Who TARDIS console which I have started to build. I plan to make a new custom housing for the screen as in the recent Chris Eccleston/David Tennant series. This all depends on being able to hack the screen to display inputs from other sources, eg video player or BBC Microcomputer, via RGB or composite video input signals. Appreciation for any help, or suggestions - Thanks! I'll give your due credit if this project makes it onto Instructables. PS I SHOULD ADD: the bit that 'died' is the hard disk, as a technical guy told us.

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anyone did a headphones like this??

can anyopne did a headphones like this??? i buy this but i need an extra pair of headphones for my wife, and it will be excellent if i can biuld one.

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how do I get rid of this pescky woodpecker, pecking at my house?

I have cedar siding and a wood pecker's been driving me  and the wife nuts. need help. (no guns please, already suggested)

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How to make bread without wheat or gluten free Answered

My wife can not handle gluten. She has tried some recipes  that have rice flower but non have any resemblance to bread, more like cement  bricks. Any help

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Dr. Who memorabilia

I think my wife payed WAY too much for this......what do you think ?  ($10 us or a little over 6 £) BTW:  the bottom reads:  Fan Club of America     Although it CAN be had on Amazon for about $7-$8   

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how do i make a desk top wirless ?

I have  a router on my pc, and my wife is on a wirless lap top,  how would i get my brothers desk top to be wirless / he is about 400 yards from me

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How to creativr costumes for editing my photo?

 I have a lot of photo, my wife & I to try take a hobby for our kid to do this... so I'm need just simple example creative any custumes tu put our faces...

Question by MDelias62 9 years ago

My Whirlpool Dryer just failed, Does not heat up, won't dry clothes, Where do I start??? and what could be wrong??? Answered

Wife told me thismorn dryer not drying clothes, checked what I know and dryer was not getting hot.

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I have a computer running Ubuntu 11.04 and it is catted into a D link. My Wife has a computer with Windows xp also catted into the same Dlink. How could I network the two computers so that they could communicate with each other for file sharing. Possibly a detailed explanation would realy help

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Airgunners, help me out picking a caliber.

So, for V-Day, my lovely wife is getting me a QB78. Well, I'm torn between getting the .177 or the .22 caliber.  So I was hoping for an (informed) opinion on which caliber to get.

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HP Laptop shuts off on start up

Wife has an older hp dv7 laptop.. recently its been having problems with shutting off on its on.. always right after she logs on.. tried switching to another power cord, same problem.. any ideas?

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What type of clay is good for a beginner learning to use a potter's wheel?

I am planning to purchase a few hundred pounds of clay for my wife, who bought a used potter's wheel a while back. Clay will be purchased from Suggestions are welcomed.

Question by Prfesser 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

anyone know were i can get a free repair manual download for a 2001 ford windstar?

My wife's car is not working. and the manual i got does not cover the electrical diagrams i need to fix it. i know this group will be able to help. 

Question by opg1 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago