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Earlier today i received a comment pertaining to my instructable that made me change my perspective on this entire tournament. until now, i only really entered my idea because i wanted to win; however, after reading that i was able to, even minutely, impact somebody's life, i realized that i should post my ideas because i want to help others and make them happy. you all may get comments and just think of them as another comment, but that is not me. this comment i received has actually changed my way of viewing certain things (as odd and peculiar as this may sound). now dont get me wrong, i would still really love to win this competition -- only now its not solely for the prize, but in knowing that if i win, that i know my instructable was good enough to have impacted enough people to allow me to win. if anybody here agrees at all with what i am saying, please follow up with a comment. thank you all and best of luck. jon

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Win a patch.

Find the answer first. And win a patch. "Find LED's. Ibles. 8. Link. Answer."  Good luck.

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Win Or Fail?

Here is where you can ask questions like if an accomplishment is a win or fail (This topic is a

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Win This Book!

Hot off the presses!  Papertoy Monsters is a new book with "50 Cool Papertoys You Can Make Yourself!"  Just pop out one of the fifty pre-printed monsters, fold and glue them together to make an army of paper monsters.  Then use one of the 10 blank templates included to design your own. Think that's awesome?  So do we!  And we're giving you a chance to win a copy!  Add a comment to the Papertoy Monsters thread on our Facebook feed.  One winner will be randomly selected to receive a brand-spanking new copy of Papertoy Monsters!

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How to win a job? Answered

How to win a job?

Asked by reezegardner 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

will the lakers win the championship? Answered

The lakers are awesome

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Contest to win a PC

Someone PM'd me about a contest to create something new with their old PC.  I was going to enter but unfortunately it is only open to US residence.  I thought I would pass this along since there are a lot of Instructables posted that would be eligible for this contest (provided that you are from the US).  The prize is a PC. Here is the link:

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Win a Patch by Subcribing!

After I wrote my first Instructable, I saw that someone had subscribed to me. I thought "Wow, so cool, they liked what I wrote!" Then I saw it was my uncle. Oh well. Over time more people bolstered my confidence to write more Instrubtables and more people subscribed, and every time someone does I feel great. So for this patch-give-away, I want you to go out and subscribe to 5 people who have written an 'ible you like, (who you have not subscribed to before this time). From my own experience it is especially rewarding if they are new with only an 'ible or two under their belt and have few subscribers - or even none. Nothing makes you feel more included on this wonderful site than to feel your efforts have fans. So get back to me here (I will believe you) after you have subscribed to 5 (new to you) people and besides a cool patch, pictured below, you will be the first to receive news of new 'ibles from the folks you subscribed to! Subscribing to me does not count. I have 50 patches to give away - get going!

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how i can take the control from an other pc without remote desktop connection?

How i can take the control from an other pc without remote desktop connection?

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does winning a contest decrease chances of winning other contests?

Hello, I didn't see this in the FAQ.  I know you're allowed to enter up to 3 contests.  Sometimes the contest end dates are quite far apart.  Does winning one contest effect your likelihood of winning a later contest?  Just wondering if Instructables tries to spread out the contest winnings.  If so, it might change the author's decision on whether to enter some contests where their project doesn't fit as well and have lesser chance of winning. Thanks!

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Can the same instructable win in different contests?

I was wondering if the same instructable entered in three different (qualifying) contests can win grand prizes in all three or at least two of them? Does it have such a chance? Or would the judges think something like "this one has already won once in another contest so maybe that is enough for that author and we should give a chance to someone else" ? Will you have fewer chances to win if this very same tutorial has just won in another contest?

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What happens if I win more than one contest? Answered

I am by no means attempting to be cocky here, but I've given it a lot of thought over the past few days, and what exactly happens if you win more than one contest with the same instructable?  Do I get both prizes, or is this impossible?  Do I get taken out of one contest, do I only get one prize?  What happens if I win two contests and they end on different days?  Say the up and the make to learn youth contest.  These end ten days apart, so I couldn't pick which prize.  In case anyone is wondering, the instructable I'm having these thoughts about is this one:  Sonic Screwdriver TV-B-Gone Conversion

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How to always win at Monopoly

How to always win at Monopoly (GCache)Interesting... *a lot* of thought was put into that :P

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I win: You win.

That's the name of my proposal. If I win I'm making the laser cutter available to all laser cutter members for free. They will mail whatever they want cut/etched and pay for shipping both ways. What would be your proposal? If it were still required?

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Who would win in a fight?

I have been wondering this and have often asked other people this but whoe would win in a fight? Goku, Naruto, or Batman? Feel free to answer and if you want, ask your own question of who would win.

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Brennn10 Wins Digital Open

Congratulations to Brennn10 for winning the Digital Open with his Super Awesome Altoids MINI Flashlight! Read the full announcement on Boing Boing and in Institute for the Future's press release.

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So... did anybody win?

I know the judging deadline got pushed back 'till after Thanksgiving. Is there a date the Halloween Contest winners will be announced?

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What is your winning slogan?

E.g. "It's better to regret something you have done than to regret something you haven't done."or "Never, ever, bloody-anything, ever."What's yours?L

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It IS Possible to win a Mythbusters Autograph

 It came in the mail today! I am just as excited as the Erik Beck autograph! Both Adam and Jamie signed a cover of Popular Mechanics that I entered to win in a sweepstakes. I sent just one entry in and 6 months later I get a large envelope from Popular Mechanics Headquarters in NYC.

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New Flash uploader... WIN

Well, im sure you have all noticed some new changes to the website.. layout changes and what not. But i just found something magical The flash uploader... The main thing i like about this, is being able to add multiple files to an upload list! instead of doing them one by one. So, just to say Thank you instructables, you have made my week!

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Fancy winning £1000?

It's not an Instructables competition, but it's right up our street. The challenge is to make an "alternative umbrella":Design and make an alternative umbrella using partly or wholly recycled materials. Your umbrella can be an object of practical beauty or bizarre charm, and made to any scale.Since the competition is on #1 son's birthday, we'll be entering. If you're going to be in the Southwold area in September, you could enter. If you're not going to enter, how about posting some ideas I could pinch?

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Play with trash, win $10k

If you're a kid and you're pretty crafty, check out this Trash to Treasure contest that's being run by PBS' Design Squad show. Oddly enough, there's no definition of what a kid is and if that's physical age or mental, but I'm guessing it's under 18 or so. The goal of the contest is for kids to take discarded items and turn them into functional products. The grand prize winner gets the $10k prize and will work with pros to make a prototype of the winning design.This is very cool and will be running from April 1 to June 30.Some effusive comments from the organizer:"We are eager to see kids' ideas and everyday items transformed into innovative and intriguing inventions. What a great way to inspire a fresh approach to recycling, not to mention a new crop of engineers and designers!" said Brenda Musilli, Worldwide Director of Intel Education and President of the Intel Foundation. Trash to Treasure press release

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How to win " GO GREEN" contest.... and also plan pl...?

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When can you enter/win a contest again after you have already won a contest? Answered

I was wondering if you win a contest, if you are allowed to enter another or eligibal to win another. If you can't enter another right away, when is the next time you can enter/win?

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Pursuit of Knowledge

So does anybody know when the winners will be notified?

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I have gone where no 13 and a half year old has gone before! (Not really, but you SHOULD see the pic)

Proof that the level of epic win I contain in my body is far greater than that of an average younger teen.

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Toast Stencils Competition: win a 3 month pro membership!

I just published my latest instructable on how to make fun patterns on toast: Toast Stencils Since it has been featured and I already have pro membership, I'm giving away prizes! A patch (or pro if it's very good): if you post a toast stencil picture in the comments of the ible 3 months pro membership: if you post a picture of "Jayefuu" or "Instructables" spelled in toast. I'll wait a few days to give everyone a chance to have a go then pick the best.

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How do I know if I made it into the judging or not?

I entered into the Halloween Contest but how do I know if I made it into the Judging stage, and how do I know how many votes I got? -PyroMan99

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Doctorow Novel Comes True?

In "For the Win", Cory Doctorow wrote about an exploitative on-line world where third-world sweatshops ran through online games to earn treasures to sell to Western gamers.  These people were known as "gold farmers". Guess what? Up to 100,000 people in China and Vietnam are playing online games to gather gold and other items for sale to Western players, a report suggests. The global market for such virtual game goods is worth at least $3bn (£1.8bn) the World Bank study estimates. About 75% of that comes from so-called "gold farmers" who stockpile game currencies to sell on later. However, Encouraging these in-game services could aid development in many poorer countries, said the report. The high proportion of money from such sales that reaches those in the country where the work was done [23% to the individual] might mean that it could aid development in many nations, said the report which was co-commissioned by the World Bank and development organisation InfoDev. Source: BBC

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Welcome everyone to my contest all you need to do is send me a link to your instructable/s that you would like to enter in the contest and at the 1st of february i shall choose the winner  and there will be: Grand prize 1st prize 2nd prize and runners up. The rules: all of the instructables that you enter must be yours no one elses instructables just yours. 2 you MUST not beg in your instructable if you do i shall reject it ALL instructables must be entered before the 1st of february  okay enter these instructables!

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Transfering files from Windows 98 laptop to Vista-64 bit desktop.....

My former wife has an old laptop that has windows 98 on it. She broke the screen on it and asked if I could save her files on a disk for her. I have a Dell Inspiron running Windows Vista Home Premium. Is there anyway to transfer her files to my computer or disk drive w/o buying a $45 dollar cable (preferably a usb cable which I already have)? Also I have a KVM swich because I am running two computers on 1 monitor. Could I connect her laptop to this so that I can just switch between her laptop and my computer since her laptop screen is broken? This would keep me from having to keep switching the monitor from one computer to the other.

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Win hundreds of dollars of supplies from Plaid!

Plaid has put up hundreds of dollars of goods for prizes in the DIY Halloween Contest. Win $250 in jewelry supplies by winning the Costume First Prize or $250 in paints for the Decorations First Prize! You can also win $250 worth of supplies from Plaid Craft Express by winning either the Tech or the Craft Grand Prize!With $250 worth of goods you can make something awesome. In fact, you can make several awesome things! So be sure to enter your best Halloween Instructable, slideshow, or video and win something fantastic.We can't wait to see what you'll make.

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Coke Can Prank video = WIN A PATCH

Since this seems to be the popular place for posting user made competitions I thought I'd post mine here!I'm offering cookie patches to the first three people to follow my instructable and make a laughing can prank.To win a patch you must make the laughing can prank, take a photo of the electronics before it goes in the can and film you using it on someone! (fake reactions won't win a prize)The instructable can be seen here.Thanks!

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Crack the Code 2.0 (Another Patch Winning Opportunity!)

For this code, the rules are the same, but the setup is different. The letters are not mixed up, so if you get the word (for example) "Blue" it's "Blue", not "luBe". The words are still mixed up, but are on the correct line, so if the first line reads "Sky Blue The" and the second line reads "Cat Hat In The" it would be "The Blue Sky," and "Cat in the Hat." Oh, and I may, or may not have mixed up the alphabet. Oops ;-) From your's Truly, Rock Soldier

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When I get ten subscribers, I will hold a contest/raffle! Here's how to enter: 1.subscribe to me. 2.say what you would like me to build in minecraft PE. 3.the winner will get me to subscribe to them and will get their request built!

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Quirky Contest

Hi fellow inventors! Danielle from Quirky here. We're a social product development company that engages participants to collaborate in every aspect of product creation and would like to invite each and everyone of you to join in on the fun. We're just starting to really utilize our social media outreach and would also love you to participate in our Twitter contests (@QuirkyInc) to win free products and idea submissions. Just so you know, it is free to join our community and participate, and anyone who influences the development of a product earns cash for their contribution. You can watch a video that explains more about what we do and how we do it, here:;=player_embedded. Thank you and have an innovative day!  

Posted by QuirkyDanielle 8 years ago

K'nex Challenge 1: 13th Aug - 4th Sept - RESULTS ANNOUNCED

As likers of knex and engineering, Gmjhowe, =SMART= and myself decided we'd start a little knex competition. Each month we will pick three items that we'd like to see redesigned in knex and invite you to have a crack at remaking them, with added functionality if you can!To start with the prizes will be patches, designed by gmjhowe and awarded by him, =SMART= and myself. If it takes off, who knows there may be better prizes in months to come. The patches that will be awarded for 1st - 5th place are below.Here are this months challenges, we've included a smaller project for those of you with less pieces available.Monitor Stand: A stand to replace the base of a monitor. It should be able to twist from left to right, tilt the screen up and down and allow the user to turn from portrait to landscape. Adjustable height would be a bonus!Knex Chess Set: An 8 x 8 chess board with knex pieces.Sellotape Holder: A Knex sellotape holder, for you knexers with less pieces. It should hold the reel and allow the user to pull and cut sellotape one handed. (some suggestions to expand this option: make a large reel tape holder for bigger sellotape rolls, make a wider one for parcel or duct tape, make an adjustable width holder for different tapes, make a hand held tape gun like those they use for packaging - link.)Dock: Somwhere to dock any kind of gadget from phones and ipods, to laptops and external harddrives. It can dock one kind, or all if you're a genius.If this becomes popular and we get a few of each of the above designs submitted, we might add some more challenges to this competition. Rules:- To enter, write up a full instructable of your construction process with clear pictures and descriptions. Post the link here.- Starting and closing dates are GMT.- What the judges say goes!- Have fun!- Judging - 5th Sept - 12th SeptAccepted Entries:Mini Tape Dispenser by jollexPSP Dock by jollex2 in 1 Knex Chess/Checkers Set by knexsuperbulderfreakUniversal iPod Dock by lioneaterUniversal iPod Dock by Killer~SafeCrackerNano K'nex Ipod Dock by BartboyKnex Chess Set by I_Am_CanadianDS Lite Docking Station by TigerNodUniversal Ipod Dock by knexsniper1Fold up phone dock by smileeKnex Tape Dispenser by knex gun builderUPDATE: This is now closed. We will announce the winners when we've had a look through the entries and judged them.RESULTS:1) Knex Chess Set by I_Am_Canadian2) Mini Tape Dispenser by jollex3) DS Lite Docking Station by TigerNod4) 2 in 1 Knex Chess/Checkers Set by knexsuperbulderfreak5) Universal Ipod Dock by knexsniper1Patches for the winners will be awarded soon and we'll be having a think about what to post for our next competition!

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Crack the code, and win a patch! :EDIT:

Below is a picture of a phrase in a code, which I hope you don't know. There are several steps to cracking the code. The rules of winning the patch is simple. -Figure out what the coded phrase is. -Post it. -Win a patch from myself. Enjoy. :EDIT: Willard2.0 figured out the code. Expect an other (harder) code soon.

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Can an instructable win in multiple contests?

Lets say I have an instructable in 3 contests. Lets assume is a good one. Can I win in all 3 or after winning in one, you are not allowed to win in the other two?

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So what, Lakers gonna win?

Are the Lakers gonna win against the Celtics in the finals? If they do by how much? And if not, how much will the celtics win by? I think Lakers by 6.

Asked by GianniMora 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

how to easily win a chess match?

Asked by bayblade 7 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

How to Make a Contest-Winning Instructable

I am wondering if anyone could give me advice on how to make a contest-winning 'ible. I would prefer advice from someone who has won a contest, but anything will help.

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how will win the barclays premier league?

Its nealy the end of the seson and i just wanted to no who do u think will win?? and why?? Me i think Man utd will just get it because they have there full strong side back.

Asked by 95styles 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Why I Can't participate or win

Why if Im from Chile I can't be part of the contest and things like that. Only because I'm not from the USA? just for that? I really wanted to participate and start writing instructables of everything I'm learning, but I also wanna enter the contest that are in instructable, so please, give me an answer :( why I can't participate? I mean, yes I can participate... but if I win, I will automatically loose, because on the contest rules said that if you're not from one or another country, you're not legible to win or things like that... BUT WHY?!!!??!

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Win an Instructables Halloween T-shirt!

Want to win a limited-edition 2007 Halloween pumpkin t-shirt?Just sign up for our weekly newsletter by Halloween! It's a great way to catch up with the top projects from the past week, and we don't spam or sell your email addresses. Ever. You'll also be entered in a drawing for an Instructables Halloween pumpkin t-shirt! We'll announce the winner on November 1.function clickclear(thisfield, defaulttext) {if (thisfield.value == defaulttext) {thisfield.value = "";}}Sign-up for our newsletter subscribe

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win 32 greneric host problem?

What to do when win32 generic host problem occurs i tride microsoft patch,registry cleaners, when ever it occurs no net connectiion,no audio drivers, task bar change size and color to gray what to do?

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Star Wars Uncut wins an Emmy

Star Wars Uncut used the power of thousands of fans to recreate the original Star Wars, 15 seconds at a time. All of the clips have been gathered together at the website, but the soundtrack is being held up by legal issues. Still, that didn't stop the creator, Casey Pugh, from winning an Emmy for it. An Emmy! It hasn't aired, but since it was made for broadcast it was considered eligible. Congratulations to Pugh and all the folks who contributed! Star Wars Uncut — Emmy Winner

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Find the robot contest!- Win a patch!

Hey guys, I'm here, on instructables, on forum topics, bringing you a contest, about finding a robot, on instructables... :-) Anyway... I decided to do a little competition, and it will take some time if you are determined to win a patch. The game is simple, I have created a new account (No, I'm not telling you what it is called), and on that account I have posted somewhere opn this site a picture of the instructables robot (the picture below). Now its very simple... all you have to do is browse the site, or just carry on your normal ibles routine, and hope to come across the robot. If you do, please either send me a PM or comment below with a link to the robot picture :-) The robot picture has some words at the bottom that says: "YOU FOUND ME! :-)", (The picture is shown below), so you will know if you have found the right one. Get it right, and you could win a patch! Happy finding! :-)

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Win one year Pro membership

Lockpick and I are running a contest with a grand prize of one year pro membership. Update: CrLz has donated a 3-month pro-membership to give away as well, enter now at:

Posted by ChrysN 8 years ago