how do you make a wind sped gage Answered

How do you make a wind sped gage

Asked by jacobzman 9 years ago

how use car alternator wind generator circuit please?

Can i make wind mill  at my home use car alternator how given conection for low speed wind what type of conversation in alternator give me deatials with out battery how drawn power from alternator contuiosly direct to 12 v  fan motor  or 12v bulb

Asked by shakeelyash 7 years ago

I need the connection diagram for a Ford alternator, voltage regulator no: FIDU-10316-AA.

This is for my Wind turbine project..thank you.

Asked by chelland 9 years ago

Connect a wind powered generator, producing AC power, directly to my house?

What is needed to connect a wind powered generator, producing AC power, directly to my house? I've been looking into wind generators that use F&P Smart Drives. But all of the information I've come across is how to set up a DC system. Based on what I've read, and I'm no electrician, the F&P Smart Drive should be able to produce enough AC power to reduce my electric bill substantially. I'm hoping to find a list of parts, equipment, or a kit that an electrician would need to complete the AC connection. Thanks in advance

Asked by bgdecker 9 years ago

kite? Answered

Can you make a kit with a tent fly

Asked by jacobzman 8 years ago

How to step up a 0.2 volt current to 2volt? Answered

I recently made a very small wind turbine using a dc motor. it generated a .2 volt current and i want to sted it up

Asked by Coolboyme 8 years ago

homemade kites?

I want instructions for a very simple home made kite

Asked by glorybe1 6 years ago

How can I get over my fear of heights?

I need to climb my wind gen tower a couple times a year,(about 55 feet) my knees get wobbly after 25-30 feet. Then I cant let go to do any work.

Asked by ShadowB 9 years ago

is a bodine motor good for a wind generator

I am thinking about buying a bodine motor for a wind generator it has 1725 rpm and it is 90 volts. here is a link for a picture of the motor!

Asked by funny1048 4 years ago

wiring a diy stator ? Answered

Hello, I making a wind generator but I want to know what wire gauge to use to get high amps, and how to reduce cogging. Also want to know if I can make my wire coils with double wires, if can, can I connect one in the delta config. and the other in star,  want to know if it will work. It is a 9coil stator and 12 magnets. Thank you.

Asked by Emett 4 years ago

school project help please?

okay i have to make a wind meter for sci class. However it has to have certain things in it. A motion transmission system; A motion transformation system; a speed change. It must also use a variety  parts. Most parts will be made available to me, and i have a few ideas. Such as a pulley system to bring the spinning props movement to a way of changing it to another type of motion is where I'm up to Thanks, Andre

Asked by andreblue 7 years ago

how to make liquid antifreeze concrete?

I need that how make liquid antifreeze concrete & a new formulation for product,thanks my friends

Asked by anoosh khan 6 years ago

Whats the best way to charge a 48 volt battery bank with a 110 volt(140 max) DC Wind generator?

I would like to use my 110 volt Jacobs windcharger to charge my 48 volt battery bank. Then possibly switch over to water heat elements as a dump load when the battery bank is full. This last step could use the full 110 volts. The Jacobs is rated at 20 amps, about 3000 watts.

Asked by ShadowB 9 years ago

Can anyone tell me how to use a capacitor in a windmill?

I wouldlike to up the wattage coming in from my windmill to my batteries.

Asked by swat420 9 years ago

I need circuit diagram for dslam port and dsl splitter where I found that ?

My graduate project is DSLAM & DSL modem splitter circuit design & implementation

Asked by azizco 9 years ago

can not get into bios on a acer extensa do i by pass the pass word?

Forgot my pass word in my do i by pass it and put in a new one

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I'm going to camp next week on Wednesday and I need some pranks to pull on the boy's ?

So I really need pranks to pull on the boy and make sure it is a scary on and safe also funny please.

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when I last went to duane reade -

I had my old card it had 50 points - the woman took my old card and told me to online and get my 100 points - doesn't show anything like that -

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using inverter reduces ampage is voltage is important or ampage is important for ac appliance? Answered

If input is 24v&10 amp and the out put is 240 v using inverter what might be the ampage and appliance like AC,washing machine can run with that voltage with out consedring ampage?

Asked by kacarot 8 years ago

motor driver circuit board?

Hi, i am just trying to build a motor driver circuit board (ardiuno sheild) like that are posted on the front  web site of "society  of robots" by using integrate circuit (L298). does any body knows where i can get that kind of design?

Asked by dan12 8 years ago

How to source components for a DIT VAWT?

I am living on the Atlantic coast of a Caribbean Island and need to set up a VAWT with a capacity of 1 to 2 KW to charge batteries for my cottage.  Can anyone point me to a source from which I could source the necessary components, none of which are available on island.

Asked by carlduncan 6 years ago

possible ac motor generator?

Anybody tried machining strong magnets into the armature of say 10 or 20 hp 3 phase motor. do not  know the output if any but if so then running through a transformer that might have output  of  220 that is actually useable for living, working in a garage. i understand it would have to be overdriven  possibly by multiple blades for torque to reach the ness speed. just curious if you think it might work or not be worth the effort. this is a new field for me.

Asked by builditbigger 1 year ago

How can i increase amperes ? Answered

I am making a college project for science fair, and i have made a generator with DC motor of 24v, 0.33 amp and 7.92 watt. When i rotate the motor it gives 24-27 volt of dc voltage. Now i want to convert that DC voltage into AC by connecting a converter of 12 volt, 7 amp. I have made i rectifier which converts the 24 dc into 12 dc voltage, but when  the converter does not start. Can you please tell me what may be the faults? If the apms  are less, can i increase the amps? If the amps are 0.33 can i increase them to 7 amps?

Asked by RobbyS13 1 year ago

Home automation & Home door sequrity including one android apk file project available ???

Please help me for this project. how will be arduino program code , which pin are connect to apparatus to apparatus. please give me all description step by step this project implimentation. Project planning:-                   1.Home automation & Home door sequrity including one android apk file.                   2. 4 Relay:   1. Blue led light.                                 2. Red  led light.                                 3. White led light for bath room using PIR sensor.(this light switch on/off only using pir sensor,                                            because-wet hand electric shock on switch or, damged mobile display).                                 4. Fan using voltage regulator.                                  note:- light switch on/off & fan switch & voltage regulataor incease/decrease including appk file.                   3.Home squrity switch board on/off may be   a.display board on wall of house.                                                                b. display in android apk file.                   4.when open door with corect srquirty,then photo upload in memory card.if incorect password then a lout of sound.                   5.when fire in house ,alarm using gas sensor. Room temperature, huminity show in display. Apparatues:            A: Led light on/off by mobile app.                  1.ESP8266 Serial Wi-Fi Wireless Transceiver Module for IOT.                  2.Generic(unbranded )4-channel relay control board module with optocoupler, 4 way relay module for arduino                  3.Arduino Uno R3 ATmega328P ATMEGA16U2 Compatible with USB Cable.                     or,xcluma Atmel Atmega 2560 Mega2560-16Au (16 Mhz) R3 Board+Usb Cable For Arduino.                  4.Led light 3(Blue,Red,White for Bath room),Motor Fan.                  5.REES52 REES_2 Bread Board or Solderless Pieces Circuit Test Board Project Board.                  6.Jumper Wires Male to Male, male to female, female to female.                  7.Generic KG001 HC-SR501 PIR Sensor Pyroelectric Infrared Module 2pcs(for bath room & door open).                  8.Adraxx LM7805 7508 Positive Voltage Regulator IC, 5V 1A.                  9.Resister 1k ohm.                  10.REES52 MQ2 Arduino Compatible Gas Sensor, Methane, Butane, LPG, Smoke Sensor.           B: Home sequrity.                  1.Quantum QHM495LM 25MP Web Camera.                  2.SanDisk Ultra MicroSDHC 32GB UHS-I Class 10 Memory Card With Adapter.                  3.REES52 621033926893 Universial 16 Key Switch Keypad Keyboard Fit for Arduino by REES52.                  4.Silicon Technolabs 20x4 Line LCD Display With Blue backlight HD44780 for ALL Arduino,Rasp Pi,AVR,ARM,8051 (Blue). Software:      1. Arduino-1.8.5.                2. wampserver & notepad++ (for php web page).                3. Android Apk file.      please help me for this project. how will be arduino program code , which pin are connect to apparatus to apparatus. please give me all description step by step this project implimentation.  i will waiting for you.

Asked by somnathpanjaproject2018 7 months ago

Wind Turbines

Im designing a wind turbine and all i've come up with is a PVC tee with some pipe on each end. HELP PLZ!!!

Posted by ry25920 10 years ago

can any body help me in the construction of a wind mill ? or can anybody help me to study abt the parts of wind mill ?

Can anybody help me to do a study abt the components of the wind mill ?

Asked by mysolar 8 years ago

Wind Power?

Rather than charge batteries, can an inverter be used to run the power from the turbine to the grid?

Asked by Hubiewan 8 years ago

wind generator ?

Has anyone had experience in using magnets to help propel a horizontal wind mill or vertical wind turbine .what I mean is putting them in a circular series where the north propel against the north creating , forcing or helping the windmill to move in a circular motion?

Asked by junkyardenergy 8 years ago

i am doing a project on power generation by using wind mill. so can u please tell me the components of the wind mill ?

I want to know the parts of wind mill and request you to guide me in the construction of the wind mill.

Asked by mysolar 8 years ago

Wind Dam

Architects and designers Chetwoods have proposed building a wind dam. A giant sail would funnel air flowing through a canyon into a wind turbine to generate electricity. The pictures look unreal, even for CAD models, but the idea is pretty cool. More here at Inhabitat and Ecotality Life.

Posted by ewilhelm 10 years ago

Wind-Powered Knitting Machine

This machine uses the power of the wind to knit one continuous sock. It harvested from time to time and sections are labeled with the time it was knit. Very cool.Be sure to check out the video in the link below. Wind Knitting Factory via CRAFT

Posted by fungus amungus 9 years ago

How do you build a Box Fan Wind Tunnel?

I have a Science Experiment that I am running that requires I test the aerodynamics of several objects using a wind tunnel. I do not have access to a wind tunnel or wind tunnel testing software. But I have a multimeter, a box fan, and lots of cardboard. Does any one out there know how to build a box fan wind tunnel? Help me please!!!

Asked by kowens 8 years ago

how to make a wind generator using an induction motor?

Using an induction motor to produce electricity

Asked by kalamos 8 years ago

Wind battery charger and heat up a copper wire?

Is it possible to heat up copper wire with a small wind turbine and also charge a battery at the same time please help thanks dean 

Asked by Deano1247 6 years ago

can we use a kite for increasing speed of wind mills. by tying kite while it is going up to the back of wind turbine.?

 i wish some one  passes the thread of kite once going round thru backside of wind turbine then if the kite flies higher the thread will move blades of wind turbine faster and we can get more electricity for very less effort . 

Asked by jignesh shah 8 years ago

Wind-up Kaliedoscope Goggles

Acid-punk, haha. I would love a pair of these (they don't exist, to my knowledge)

Posted by RefStone 7 years ago