Windows help

Does anyone know where I can download a free windows live cd? I need to run some programs, and my windows cds are 1200 miles away in MN. Thanks

Posted by LinuxH4x0r 10 years ago

In Windows 7, You Can Send Feedback on Anything - YES, ANYTHING.

I guess MS is pretty serious this time.

Posted by Labot2001 9 years ago

Sucsessful Forum Post From Windows 7

I am not sure if this is the first, but Instuctables has been viewed using Windows 7! For anyone not aware, the Windows 7 beta is free to download for the first 2.5 million visitors, and last I checked it was still available. This is a link to the download site.UPDATE: Microsoft has lifted the 2.5 million download limit and it will be available until January 24th Cnet Article

Posted by Ferrite 9 years ago

Windows Phone 7 "I Need This App" contest

Some of you probably already know this, but Windows Phone is having an app contest where you post an idea for an app and if you win they give you $5K and dev your app for you. These are some that I thought were cool. Post 'em if you got 'em :D BTW, you can vote anonymously. phone as POV display: level up your ingame characters from your phone: phone as 360 controller:

Posted by Aercimete 8 years ago

The file may be corrupted, located on a server that is not responding, or read only.

Hello, I have Win 7 and Excel 2007. When I try to open my .xls files I always get the same error message: The file may be corrupted, located on a server that is not responding, or read only. I`m sure that all my files are on the C disk and they are not read only…just week ago I was able to open it. My friend adviced me to make a scan disk and check my computer for viruses, but it didn`t help in the issue. Can you give me some tips how could I solve this problem?

Posted by AddyMaddy 3 years ago

Fun with Windows paint!

Five minute of fun with windows paint! I hope you like it!

Posted by PotatoCoffee 6 years ago


Have FOUND THE ANSWER to putting an END to the pop-up windows for WINDOWS LIVE MAIL FORVER.  (Even after uninstalling the program, the window still popped-up) 1.  Open Windows Live Mail.  Click cancel to pop-up window. 2.  Click on LIST ICON - (to the Far left:  Windows Live Mail - lets you Save, Print, See and Everything else) 3.  Choose OPTIONS 4.  Select MAIL 5.  Click CONNECTIONS tab 6.  Hit the tab STOP SIGNING IN 7.  Hit APPLY, OK and CLOSE 8.  Re-open WINDOWS LIVE MAIL ACCOUNT FOR RETRIEVING E-MAIL... NO MORE POP UP!

Posted by Joolaki 5 years ago

Windows Movie Maker: PLESE REPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does anyone know how to get "tv" results with Windows Movie Maker? Especially graphics!!!!!!!

Posted by bdcoco 10 years ago


Dunno what has changed on this site but it has become unusabe on my computer. It freezes windows every time I open the page?????????????

Posted by pennyd 7 years ago

Windows software similar to Vectorworks

I was wondering if anyone knows of a Windows version of Vectorworks out there. I use Vectorworks here in college in a MAC lab but I wanted to know if anyone else makes software similar to that for windows.

Posted by genericcomment 10 years ago

can i make a greenhouse with double glazed windows


Posted by frogcity 8 years ago

electric house windows

If windows could be closed and opened automatically, it could extensively help regulate inside air temperature- a big boon to those of us with no AC. Coupled into a remote-control house, it might reduce electrical consumption and/or increase comfort extensively. I am imagining an add-on to the type of windows that slide up and down; seems the type that opens with a crank would be very easy to retrofit, but they aren't very common, and not very insulating, in my experience.

Posted by whittey 4 years ago

Install fedora 17 on windows 8?

Hi, I don't think this is the wright place to post up software stuff...But it is a burning question. How can i install fedora 17 on windows 8? I tried to boot from an usb stick, it just comes up with the ACER startscreen then it moves on into windows again. I am using a ACER 5336 pc and running windows 8 release preview. So is there any more simple way to install? Im only 13 and i dont understand any programming...I just want fedora because it looks nice:)

Posted by NXTHacker 6 years ago

Doors and WIndows Automation

Hello, I am trying to automate the windows and doors in our barn using NEMA  stepper motor and Lead screw and would like to exert around 20 Kg force for opening or closing. The windows are fairly old and made of wrought Iron. I am wondering if somebody can advise and help me selecting the motor (based on torque) and the appropriate diameter of the Lead screw for this instance.  The idea being that when the lead screw rotates, the ball nut flange moves left or right and pushes the connecting rod out or in thus opening or closing the window I have attached a rough sketch what I had in mind and please pardon me for any mistakes. Many Thanks Ash

Posted by AshishJ61 1 year ago

service pack 3

Comes out tomorrow, this is just funny to say, The Box said Windows 98 or better....SO I INSTALLED LINUX! (ubuntu gutsy gibbon is my favorite)

Posted by Yerboogieman 10 years ago

diy tablet

Hello all i was wondering if anyone knows if i can use the monitor and digitizer in an android tablet on a Intel atom moboard? basically I'm wanting to turn my 10" android tablet into a windows tablet with capacitive touch.

Posted by skullkeeper80 6 years ago

windows XP login password problems

I have never been prompted to enter a username or password to login to my PC computer running windows XP since I purchased my computer 4-6- years ago. I had it unplugged for about 2 weeks while I moved recently. When I plugged it back in, it prompted me for a password and since I never had one or set up the computer to use one to login, its impossible to use the computer or login. I would appreciate any help with this that doesn't require formatting the hard drive. I also don't understand why windows all of a sudden asked me for a password and won't let me login without one or at least run me through the process of setting up one since I never had to use one for this computer.

Posted by swpaulo 9 years ago

Treo 700wx ideas

I have a few Treo 700wx phone with windows mobile. They are unactivated but are neat little computers. ANy ideas on wht to use them for? I'm having problems with the SD card working too. Any help wouuld be great.

Posted by stone3408 9 years ago

Game Maker

Game Maker Programming console disscusion forum

Posted by smmcguir 10 years ago

Copmuter Ram for Windows

Ok. me and a friend are building several computers and i want to know what is better when adding ram. since one of the mobos im focusing on now has 4 slots and a maximum of 4GB DDR2 Dual channel, what would be better: having 2x sticks each 2GB worth or having 4x sticks 1GB worth cause im not sure if it will amke the PC faster if i had 4 ram cards in so it distributes the data. anyone have an idea if its better with 2x 2GB or 4x 1GB cards?

Posted by KT Gadget 10 years ago

Microsoft's Vista Replacement

Apparently Microsoft has found that Vista was a bad idea and so is producing a replacement which is said to be coming out in 2009.So if we put in Microsoft's usual lateness with release it will be 2010 before anything appears.Edit: Its called Windows 7 and wikipedia has an article on it.

Posted by davidturner666 10 years ago

A virus wiped my C: drive and deleted Windows Vista off my Notebook.

I downloaded this program off the Internet, and it wiped my C: drive. When I turn on my notebook it loads the Bios and then goes to the loading screen, it stops there and and doesn't even display the vista logo. I have tried the system restore time and time again but it always says that it fails. I went through the software and warranty booklet, and it says that you don't need a disk for system restore as it is already installed on another drive. I was not given a operating system disk for it to reload vista. I do not know what to do, can somebody please help. I think that all I need to do is buy another vista, but don't want to pay the hefty price. what can I do?

Posted by 2685866 9 years ago

My Gateway thinks it is a MAC .... Solved: Register entries (2) need deleted (indicating I have a MAC)

Thanks everyone for your help!When I attempt to update Windows XP manually at the microsoft site, I get the following: Thank you for your interest in obtaining updates from our site. This websight is designed to work with Microsoft Windows operating systems only. To find updates for Macintosh operating systems visit am not sure when this started to occur really. It only seems to happen under the ADMIN signon. When I go through my wife's restricted account, it get to the correct site, but then, of course, tells me it is unable to update because I haven't permission to do so. This wouldn't have anything to do with having downloaded Silverlight, a few months back, would it ? Any help is appreciated.

Posted by Goodhart 10 years ago

All my game EXE's are dissapering?!?

Hey, so i run windows 7 (everyone that uses it knows how useless it is), and the latest is all my game exes have magically dissapered. i dont keep shortcuts of games' exes on desktop, and noone else knows where the installation folder is. so i guess my computer has been posseced by a demon (lol) or my computers just trippin but recenly outlast's game exes has came back (magically) SOMEBODY HELP ME

Posted by Doc Penguin 2 years ago

Anyone know any good timer progams?

I have this old, old old old old old old laptop that I am trying to do something with. Right now it is running windows XP (on 65mb of RAM!!!?!?!?!), because no Linux distros would recognize the external pcimcia cd drive. I got the idea of using it as sort of a "time bomb" for airsoft scenarios. The program I am looking for would be a sort of glorified kitchen timer, and would hopefully make beeps as the time goes down, once every one minute and then every second for the last 30 or something. Anyone know of a good program to do this with?

Posted by l0cke 10 years ago

Upgraded to XP

I gave Microsoft until SP1 for vista, I tried to like it, but lets count the annoyances. SLOW, even with all the twaddle turned off. 2 minutes to boot, five before wireless would connect. Disk copy at a snails pace. 12 minutes to write a one gig usb 2.0 jump drive 10 gig restore partition. 10 gig win sxs folder being repeatedly told "you need permission to do that" on my explicative deleted computer even after turning UAC off. Enoughs enough Now I'm running XP Fast 45 seconds from power on to connected to the network 7 gigs total install 2 minutes to copy one gig to a jumpdrive. Make the upgrade, it's worth it.

Posted by Tool Using Animal 10 years ago

Windows XP SP3 Now Available

. Windows XP Service Pack 3 is now available at Windows Update.

Posted by NachoMahma 10 years ago

Hacking the power windows on my Sebring

Hi, I'd like some help tweaking the power windows of my 2005 Sebring.  I'd like to be able to operate the windows with the key in the "accessory" position. I'd also like some guidance on how I could install a switch that would let me open all 4 windows an inch or so, to allow ventilation on hot days.  I can figure out the switch installation & wiring, I'm more interested in ways that I can hace the window motors to stop after a certain depth.

Posted by xkcd386 8 years ago

Android and windows 8 Bluetooth

Well here is my problem, I have seen the many awesome things on instructables that you use an app preloaded on an SD card to control an arduino through a Bluetooth module. But I might get the new windows 8 phones and I don't see any windows 8 phone projects. I would assume that I could easily connect to the Bluetooth module and but what about the app.? Does anyone know where I could possibly find a tutorial?  Please help! 

Posted by broskiz 5 years ago

COMPUTER HELP AGAIN ! .......and again

OK I just installed windows xp on my computer. But when I boot it up ( just after Bios's first screen ) it says:Incorrect boot.iniBOOT FROM : C:/windowsThen it just restarts WHAT IS GOING ON ? Meanwhile waiting for someones response I will reinstall Windows XP .... NOTICE:EDIT: I Got Xp to work and it is in its setup process now.... BUT ITS FROZEN (Do I turn it off ?)

Posted by littlechef37 10 years ago


Hello everbody. I am working on a project (which you wil find out about in a few months) and I need to know how to boot a windows PC int MSDOS or DOS. I need to be able to run windows programs whil in dos. EXE programs, not self contained. Can someone please help me?

Posted by gimmelotsarobots 9 years ago

Windows 7 Runnning on a Windows 2000 PC(800MHz)

Well, Just for fun, Since i had most of my HDD Cleared out. I shrunk my 40GB partition to leave about 13GB of un partitioned space There i installed Windows 7 On it. I managed to install 7 without the need for burning a single CD I mounted the .ISO downloaded from microsoft and the setup started from there, within windows XP I chose my second partition and it installed happily I am Pretty Surprised how well Windows 7 Ran. Its not super-speedy, but its pretty good, I got the Video Drivers installed, The Wireless drivers installed And i am yet to install the sound card, Its Called"ESS allegro Something" I can't find the driver anywhere, but if someone is kind enough to find it, please post it. Here are some screenshots of success. Its full Specs are: 800MHZ Intel Celery(No not celery, Celeron :P ) Processor 512 Of SDRAM 40GB HDD Netgear Something wireless card Intel Integrated something Video Card(its not really a card though XD) ess allegro pci audio(wdm) Sound Card(its not really a card either XD) Thanks And Post some comments or something, tell me what you think ;) ~ReCreate

Posted by ReCreate 9 years ago

how to hack windows passwords

So im just posting this part because i dont have pics yet but when i do im posting the instructable, kk?1 * press (windows) + R2 * type in cmd3 * the comand prompt will pop up. now type in net user4 * it will show all the acounts.5 * type in net user (insert name here) * EX. net user Sid *6 * it willask you to type in a password so enter anything or just hit the ENTER key to unlock the password and there you go u hacked an acounts password!

Posted by knex-4-life 10 years ago

Cad programs?

What do you use for cad? I just got a new macbook and I was wondering what you recommend. Does anyone know how to run windows programs on mac for free, or where to get an XP live CD. Thanks.

Posted by LinuxH4x0r 10 years ago

My Computer Is VERY SLOW!

My computer was running perfectly fine and fast two days ago. It is a quad core 3.2 Ghz processor, so it should be very fast. I checked my temperatures and they were normal. I even reinstalled windows to make sure that I didn't have a virus that just couldn't be detected. For one, it took about 7 hours to install windows 7. I had to go on a different computer to even post this question. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thank you.

Posted by noobererer 8 years ago

my new instructable.

Although i didnt know it was done until i searched, i did this and it uses some pretty nice software to get the look and feel.

Posted by Yerboogieman 10 years ago

Use Output as Input

Hi ! I have this program, Finale 2005b. I've searched everywhere, and I cannot find any way to export the music I produce in there as a real audio file (NOT a midi). So, to achieve this, I have decided to record the output as the input... using Audacity , actually. To do so, I used a simple mono cable to go from my headphone to mic plugs, and set the volume to the minimum... to avoid too much amplitude going in. Now, for the use I want it, this method is way too dodgy (plenty of interference, specially each time I move the cable 1 mm...) I'm pretty sure there is some program or solution to directly map the stream around... I don't have much funds, so free would be good, and btw I work on Win32. Thanks

Posted by fxsapa 9 years ago

PC refuses to install any OS

I have a PC that I need to get operational again after an accident with some overclocking software (either ClockGen or setFSB). The actual hardware seems to be working, and will install several different versions of XP as far as the first reboot, on which it will BSOD and restart the install in a loop. I have also tried installing Ubuntu from a USB drive, which I know works, and the computer does not accept it as bootable. The system has been unplugged with the BIOS battery out for a couple of months, so the BIOS is not causing it. It is running with minimal hardware, as follows: Intel Celeron D @ about 2.5GHz Replacement 20Gb IDE HDD, or original 150Gb (both do the same thing) on IDE1 CD/DVD drive on master of IDE2 I know it's pretty much obsolete, that's why I need it. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

Posted by The Skinnerz 7 years ago

3D soldiers and aliens on your desktop ! - Augmented Reality

So for the past few weeks augmented reality has been in the news and all over the blogs quite a bit, with smart-phones getting more powerful augmented reality has become feasible.I get really excited about this kind of stuff, its geeky, techy and i love it.So obviously i really wanted to try this new "Augmented Reality" software,There are various applications for iPhones and Android phones but i have a blackberry with no internet so no joy for me there.There are quite a few different pieces of software for both Mac and PC But i don't have the latest Operating system for my mac so none of it worked for me.So then i started looking for online augmented reality, something where i wouldn't have to download an application.Finally i found a promotional website for the new movie "District 9" The AR (augmented reality) was on the website and you dont have to download anything to use it.All you have to do is print a marker and hold it in front of your webcam.This is not the best AR software and the applications you download run smoother, faster and have more features, but it is a nifty piece of of web design and marketing that will give you a taste of augmented reality.The first time the little 3d soldier pops onto your screen you will be amazed.The website can be found hereMulti-National United TrainingAnd you can download and then print the marker from that website. This is a video demonstrating how to set it up, and a demo of the AR if you dont want to try it yourself.Thanks for reading, Leave a comment saying what you think about augmented reality and how you would like to use it !

Posted by =SMART= 9 years ago

Where is Windows 8 Review and Screen Shots , is windows 8 good previous one ??

I love windows 7 but i hear with my friends windows 8 is not good windows 8 is very difficult to  understand and use . can any one explain me is windows 8 friendly user or business ? i find now check More -->

Posted by jugaar 6 years ago

Oxidizer for Windows?

I'm wondering if anyone knows of a way to get Oxidizer for Windows. It looks like a really cool program, but I have a Windows machine. Here's a link to the Mac version: Oxidizer

Posted by ultrauber 10 years ago

Windows 7 Screenshots

These are so far the most reliable screenshots of Windows 7 I've found.Some are pretty incredible.

Posted by puffyfluff 10 years ago

Temporary Car window Tint

How can optically clear(not hazy) window tint be applied such that it can be removed at night?

Posted by Toga_Dan 3 years ago

Instructables Windows Phone App

I think that it would be really nice to see an instructables app in the windows phone store, with the windows phone platform growing and becoming more and more successful, I think that a lot of users would be really excited to see an app developed for the windows phone users! Hope this is a possibility because I would really love to see a windows phone app. If progress is currently underway and the app is being developed that would be great, but otherwise I hope that someone will start making one soon.

Posted by shotgunshane 3 years ago

How To Stop A Shutdown/Restart in Windows

This is for when you accidentally or on purpose start a shutdown or restart. It will stop it immediately. I used it a couple days ago, having stumbled on it some day on the intertubes, and it saved me from having to restart.Press the Windows key on your keyboard and R, or open it from the Start menu. Type shutdown -a and click OK/ press enter.

Posted by Aeshir 11 years ago

my little 366mhz laptop

Do you think an AMD K6 366mhz laptop with 64mb of ram could run windows XP?

Posted by Yerboogieman 10 years ago

Has Anyone Here Installed Windows 7 Yet?

Has Anyone Here installed Windows 7 On their PC Yet? I Have,and if you Have,Post a screenshot,and Tell Us what you think about it(No,I am not a microsoft employee :P). Here is My Screenshot And My Specs: 1.6GHz Intel Centrino Processor 768Mb of RAM(Note that this is within an EMUlator,Virtual Box,I gave 7 400 MB of RAM) Post your Specs Too! Also,It runs Pretty Well On my Laptop Through Virtual Box,It Runs OK On virtual Pc,But it gets Slow And VPC additions Cause it to Blue screen.

Posted by ReCreate 9 years ago

What Should I make for a windows mobile/ games for pc/ xbox 360 game?

With microsoft's xna 4.0 i can make games for all three of those, with one slightly modified c# code. Yes, this wont be able to be put in an instructable, but you guys could really help me out

Posted by Buzzsushi 8 years ago