Can someone help me with this wiring? Answered

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wiring diagram website?

What is a good wiring diagram website. i knew one before but i forgot the link. you would give it information and it would give you a diagram.

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Philips Presenter SNP6000 Battery Wiring?

I have a Philips Presenter SNP6000 part of the Battery Terminals are missing and I don't see where they're supposed to be attached, any advice on where to find a wiring schematic 

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Looking for help.

I am currently trying to complete a project but cant seem to find anything that would work for it. I am trying to make a system that connects to a wire and on the end of the wire is a resistor of some size then it comes back to the box im trying to make and displays a light saying 1. for wire 1. Then move to the next wire and check it and it would display a 6 for resistor system 6(different size resistor for each number) . Check picture for better understanding...

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rewired?is brown or blu positive?

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What is a website that can give me electrical schematics when i plug in the numbers?

Not really any

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wire electric in house?

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Wiring a USB to speakers

I want to wire a usb female end to my speakers so I can use the ipod connector instead of a 3.5 mm headphone jack, how would I wire it up?, the usb has 4 colored wires red, blk, wht, grn, and a bare wire. My speaker wires have 1 pos. and 1 neg.  So, how would I wire the usb to work?.

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Is it better to run 120v wiring to each pot, or run 2 wire 18 gauge cable to a central box. LED's are 12v 3w dimable. I would like to dim from 2 to 10 pots per switch. Where would I put the transformer. Could you suggest a  wiring diagram.

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mini drone wiring

Hello guys i'm building my first drone using the arduino pro mini , i'm following this tutorial on how to build it but i have a problem with the wiring , i've connect the battery to the arduino and also the hc-05 but i'm having problem with wiring the rest i've uploaded a picture of my wiring so far can someone please help me wiring the rest. thanks!

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How to wire a 12 v dc pump?

 12 volt 16.5 amp dc pump to a 12 volt power source with a 20 amp fuse...battery on motorhome is 35 feet away.  Instructions for flojet motor say to use 10 gauge wire if more than 25 feet.

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How do I wire this duck?

Hello, For Father's day I'm making my dad a toy duck that will sing a funny song when he squeezes its wing, so I bought this: The earlier model had the mic wired separately from the speaker, but in this model it's part of it and I need to know how to wire in a 1/8'' audio cable to record the song off my computer. Help!!!

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We are building a house and it is time to have the wiring done, do we want the house wired for CAT5???

It is time to have our home wired we have decided on the surround sound, TV cable-but we have been asked about CAT 5 wire??? I'm not sure what all this entails -- we have been told different things by a couple different people-- you can use this for home phone, internet, and other things. Can someone tell me how this works?

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LED Wiring question

Forgive me for kind of double-posting this, but I didn't get much response before. I put up a question regarding LED wiring here: I get someone to help me out? Again, if double posting like this is wrong, feel free to remove this thread. I don't want to cause problems, I just want someone who's smarter than me to help out :)Thanks!

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Wiring speakers to a volume control?

I have a pair of Bose speakers that I salvaged from one of thier radios and I wanted to wire them to a volume control and a jack to be able to hook it up to my computer. And if I need some sort of external power source like a power transformer, (I have several around the house from old anwsering machines) help would be appreciatted with that also.

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Best way to wire "PlasmaGlow" "El Wire" together to a single ON/Off Toggle switch?

Application is for car interior. Plasma Glow sells their EL Wire in 5ft and 10 ft lengths. I currently have this set-up in my car: 10 ft dash board x2 10ft rear doors (a 10ft per door panel) x2 10ft front doors (a 10ft per door panel) X2 5 ft front doors (a 5ft per door panel) as you can see, that's 7 separate lengths of EL Wire! I WANT them all to be wired up to a single toggle switch. Both the 5 and 10 foot wires have a car plug (cigarette lighter type) and then have a "music box" that allows you to select the wire to be either solid on, or to pulse with music........... I DID splice 3 wires together by cutting between the plug and the box, but something burned out, or shorted so Im asking for all you electrical wizards to help me out. The included pictures show the plug and music box.... I want THE SIMPLEST way to wire these all up to a car's 12V DC battery. I have a 6 fuse holder, and could possibly use this??? I included the pictures of the music box open in case maybe someone can figure out why the EL Wire wont light up without it, or why it shorts out (whats the weak link?) and maybe can I wire all 7 wires up to one box? Once again, looking for the best possible solution.... im no wise guy and have absolutely no clue, so I hope u guys can help..... **Im using a RS illuminated toggle switch and have a voltmeter.... how do I test the resistance/ latency of ALL the wires hooked up to know the switch can handle them without actually messing anything up? Anyway.... thanks for your help..... im the mean time I will be installing a new polished chrome billet grille in my car when it arrives! Peace

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How do I wire a 12V DC motor to micro switches, relay digital timer and battery?

I am wanting to wire up a door to my hen house that will open in the AM and close in the PM. I have a 12V DC powered cordless drill motor and a digital timer. Can you help me on what I need to make this all work as far as switches, relay, etc. and possibly give me some guidance on how to wire it up? Just so you know, I have very limited electrical experience. Thank you. Rod

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How do I wire a 6 circuit terminal block for lighting a stoplight?

3 light traffic light we want to at the very least light up. three light,yellow,green..with two wires each. one being white and one corresponding with the color light... (tealish for green, orangish for yellow, red for red). there are other wires (brown,yellow,white and red) that also came inside the unit, all hapazardly attatched to a 6 circuit terminal block with "cinch" written on the back my friend and I bought this at a flea market and arent sure if components are originial or what else we would need. any help would be great. 

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Washing machine motors?

I have also seen a lot of washing machine motors at the scrap yard. They usually have a large wiring harness. Has anyone used a washing machine motor for a tool or project?

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common ground to 8 separate led driver (possible?)

Im about to wire my latest growlight , and it consists of 10pcs 10w chips, they will be driven by each of their own 10w  drivers, If i would wire as it normaly should be done , that would result in a lot of cable, and i have a long "stem" between the reflector and the foot where i am hiding the drivers! so then , i came up with the idea to wire all the led chips ground to a common wire , which i then split up in the foot  , to each of their own drivers. would this be possible , or would the drivers go nuts,    their different colors involved so driver will put out different voltages Had hoped to finish the project tomorow , so a yes or no is highly apreciated thanks

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Easiest way to reattach small wire between 2 AA rechargeable battery terminals? Answered

This is on a path light that uses 2 AA 1.2v NiCd rechargeable batteries. It's a small black wire(ground?) that ran from terminal to terminal. Hoping there's a cheaper way besides soldering, as I'd have to purchase all materials for a one time use. If soldering is my only option, I do own a little 503 pen torch but would need instruction on torch soldering along w/ materials needed. Appreciate your time and knowledge, thank you. 

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Wiring your LED

So I just built a new garage and I want to make my own LED lighting for my work bench. I was looking at 1 watt luxeon leds and I was wondering if I need a resistor with those leds? I was looking on ebay and it said that the driver is already installed? I will run these with a PC power supply rated @ 800 watts will this work? Can anyone guide me thru this? Ive been looking on here and reading as much as I can... Thank you.

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LED Wiring Question

Prologue:  Please be gentle...once I get past V=IR and the "right-hand" rule, I'm lost to electronics.  But I can solder and follow a schematic. I have several (7) LED sets (each set = 10 LEDs with power pack containing 2 AA batteries, switch, and resistor).  Each set of LEDs are all the same color (if that makes a difference). Image attached. Question:  Is there a way to connect all LED sets to operate with a single switch and maintain each set with it's own power supply? On a lighter note, I'm building a project for some pre-schoolers and want to hide all wiring and switches from those "inquiring minds" and "wandering" hands. Thx in advance. Paul D

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New to LED wiring, could someone help me make sure I got everything right?

OK, I had some outdoor lights in front of my house and along my driveway that have been thoroughly trampled or run over. The lights themselves are pretty much completely destroyed, but the wiring is still intact. I have a few questions on this. First, I'm pretty new to wiring still, I haven't had much of a chance to tinker with anything yet. Should I read a few more Instructables about LEDs and wiring before attempting anything? Second, I'm smart enough to know that working with power from the house would be a bad "first project" when it comes to electricity. Is there an Instructable out there that would be appropriate for learning what I need to know? Last, I don't know what tools I would need to working with the house power. Currently, the wiring is attached to a timer (which I have unplugged since the majority of the current lights are broken)... I have a soldering pen tool and 50 white LEDs and some misc resistors, but that's about where it ends. Do I need a continuity tester (is that what they're called) to measure the current going through the system? Like I said, I'm really new at this. I'd hate to wire everything up and then have it all blow up when I finally turn it on. I was thinking about making something pretty basic, like taking empty pop bottles and tossing 3 or 4 LEDs in there. The plastic should bend instead of break if stepped on, and it should throw light out decently (not looking for a lot of illumination). I'm worried that the pop bottles might collect rain water or something, which wouldn't really mix with electricity. I'm still trying to think of the housing, I just want to actually use the current wiring instead of having a bunch of broken lights lying around. Thanks for all of your help! If you want pictures of the wiring I can provide them. Basically there's the main cable that's plugged in, then there are nodes that attach to the cable with two wires coming out of it (assuming they are positive and negative :) ... I don't need this now, but it's something I want to get done before the end of summer.

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wiring led to 110 power supply

New to this whole electronics thing, have a basic understanding but still a little iffy on some stuff. i seen the glowing cube and thought it was sweet. so my plan is th make a wall picture. take a 24 by 24 by 1/2 plate of plexi and drill holes into the side for the light. so basically what i'm asking is what size of resistor and how many would i need to hook up to a 110 supply so i can plug into wall

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Help needed on wiring with a 3position toggle switch?

Hi I'm trying to create a circuit using a 3position toggle switch with the centre position being off, it's to control 2sets of light. basically I got some mini rally lights for my car, in one position on the switch I want the outside lights to come on and then in the other position I want all 4lights to come on. Can some one help me out on how to achieve this?? I have attached a photo of some lights in the same position ill be having mine set out.

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Question on picoPSU wiring

First time forum poster - Hi everyone. I've just purchased a picoPSU 120 (attached pic) for a custom build and it just arrived today. The DC power arrives through 2 cables (duh :), a black and white one.  For - I'm guessing - extensibility reason, the DC cable is cut in 2 half with a 4 Pin Male/Female connector. On that connector, there's the two cables coming in, and the two cables coming out on the other side - all good. But then (as you can see in the second pic) they also do a weird cable loop of the two cables using the spare input/outputs on the connector. Why is that? I don't quite get what it is meant to do.. ? Ben

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Wiring Xbox 360 Fans, Basic Electrical Help, please.

Ok, So I ripped the cooling fans out of a dead xbox, and I'd like to use them for maybe an airbrush spray booth (depending on how much they suck) and I have some total newbie electrical questions. There are two fans rated at 12 vdc @ 0.4 amps each. I have a ac adapter with the same ratings. If I want these to run at maximum on one adapter, what rating do I need? I'm thinking 12vdc @ 0.8 amps, but I have a very limited understanding of electricity, so I'm most likely wrong. Instruct me, Instructables! Thanks very much!

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Wiring 3 Laser pointers together. Should I increase the Voltage? Answered

I'm working on a Predator (as in the movie) style Laser sight for one of my Nerf guns using three laser pointers (or rather the lasers inside of them).  I want to use AA or AAA for the power source because button batteries are expensive and don't last.  The laser pointers each use 3 batteries at 1.5v a piece for a total of 4.5v.  Since AA and AAAs have the same voltage that isn't a problem.  The problem is that I want all three lights to come on at the same time with a press of a button, and the only way I know to do that would be to wire them to one power source.  I'm also a bit limited on space, so one power source would be ideal. So my question is this:  Do I need to increase the voltage in order to power all three lasers or will 4.5v be enough to power them without dimming? I have little experience in this field, so any help/suggestions would be appreciated.

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Mp3 Module

Hi  I am new on here, and am looking into making a bluetooth speaker/ radio/usb sd reader. i have attached a picture of the module i would like to use. I am wondering if any one has used this product or similar and if the have any help or advice it would be greatly appreciated. The board will be run off a 12v dc battery, and i am hoping to connect it to 2 mid range drivers and 2 tweeters.  I have tried to find a simple wiring diagram with no luck. Just after any advice on what i would need to purchase alongside the board with regards to electrical connectors, cross overs, capacitors, a separate amplifier board perhaps? Many thanks in advance. Jon

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Controlling a 12v Wiper Motor?

Hi all, I'm a bit of a noob with electronics and wondered if anyone could help me with a project, I would like to control the speed of a wiper motor for use in a small powered saw. Ideally using mostly the upper end of the motors speed, are there any cheapish products I can buy off the shelf to wire together to give me (UK) mains power going in and the max safe voltage/amperage out to run the motor, plus speed control. I say max voltage/amps as I have read elsewhere that the motor can handle a bit more than just 12v. I have searched a good few electronics kit sites and found things that sound like what I want, but I guess I'm just not sure if it actually is. As always I would be grateful for any help.

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What could make my antique table fan run backwards?

I bought an antique hunter table fan at an auction. The power cord was missing so I replaced it. When I turn it on now it runs but it sucks air rather than blowing it. Can anyone tell me what the problem might be?

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How to connect 2 motors in series so both work? Answered

I've connected two motors in series and only one will work at once. Both motors seem to be fully functional. Do I need to add more power? Both normally take 3 double As and I currently have it connected to only 4. Please be gentle, high school physics class seems like a million years ago.

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Can indoor Romex be used in conduit for outdoor use?

My friend is adding motion sensor lights outside at our house. He plans to install conduit in the garage, and use indoor 14/2 Romex, Type NM-B Indoor. He then will add the same outside to the security light fixture he is installing. Can indoor Romex in conduit be used for this? We live in the desert in Southern California, where temperatures can get over 120 degrees in the summer.

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I have 20 leds I want to hook in series. can someone tell me how to do it? Answered

Here are the specs of the bulbs. Parameter Typ Max Unit Luminous Intensity 4180min 10000 mcd Viewing Angle 24°~30° 23° Deg Forward Voltage 3.3- 3.6 V Reverse Voltage ~ ~ V Forward Current 20 mA Wavelength ----nm Operating Temperature Range -40°C to -80°C Storage Temperature Range -40°C to -80°C Lead Soldering Temperature(4mm from body) 260°C for 5 seconds Datasheet Download Color?

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How do I connect a GU10 12v LED bulb to an AC/DC 12 v power supply I have from my old digital camera? Answered

How do I connect a GU10 12v LED bulb to an AC/DC 12 v power supply I have from my old scanner? I want to make a lamp out of this. Thank you!!!    The parts photos are uploaded, but if not visible are also at these links: The power supply looks like this:;=&hash;=item54194bd3cb and the led looks like this:

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Can I convert a three wire plug into a round four wire plug?

Wiring is for an "AC 225 arc welder". It has a round three wire plug on it now but the only outlets I have available are round four wire.

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What gauge wire should I use for 8 light bulbs? Answered

I am wiring eight 25W light bulbs in parallel. What is the thinnest gauge wire I can safely use?

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How to wire this microphone? Answered

I am wondering how to wire this microphone. I took it off an old kit and i am just wandering as it may come in hand. Thanks Oscar

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Can I use 6 wires for Cat5?

I have a phone wire to my shop (3 pair) 330' from the house. I want to put a router in the house and add my computer on line in the shop. Can this be done using a three pair wire?

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Need help wiring headphone amp

I ordered this amp and I'm not entirely sure how to wire it up. I have a decent guess on how to do it but I'm not entirely sure. Help is appreciated, thanks.

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I need help with the 'Neon' lamp wiring

I love the 'Neon' lamp, but need help to wire it with a 3 conductor cable. Can someone do a diagram for a novice, or refer me to written instructions that will show me how? Thanks! grannygoodknit

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i need help wiring a lighted rocker switch to a transformer. Answered

I have a power board from a guitar amp that is missing its AC power jack. The Lighted switch and transformer are still there but all of the wiring has been cut out and i am not sure how to wire it back up. I took the three prong jack out of an old computer power supply and am having a hell of a time figuring out what the correct way to wire this up is.  The switch is an 8A 250V lighted switch with 3 posts on it, the transformer has a white, black and brown wire (center), of which the brown was coiled up and zip tied not in use. The white wire has a corresponding 0V on the top of the transformer, the brown 100V, and the black 120V.  An explanation of what wires should go where would be sweet. Thanks in advance.

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I am looking for a great good book about wiring small electronics and appliances

Does anyone know what book I can get?

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wiring led turn signals to flasher and fuse box?

Led signal lights turned on with regular car flasher relay canister and now with the led flasher relay i get nothing at all!!!!

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Wiring two 9v devices to batteries...

I want to run a motor attached to a motion sensor in such a manner that the motion sensor triggers the motor. The motor is run by 6 1.5v D cell batteries, thus I imagine requires a 9v draw. The battery operated motion sensor also requires 9v. If I wire them in series, which I (hopefully correctly) understand would require 18v total and thus would require some number of batteries wired in series to achieve that total. Correct?

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Anyone know how to properly rewire a traffic signal? Answered

I recently obtained a traffic signal, and I'm interested in getting it to work via a standard US outlet. I want to also be able to turn on each light separately. There are 3 hot wires(1 for each light) and 1 neutral wire. I have very basic wiring skills, but I'm concerned about sharing(splitting) the neutral wire into three switches. Any thoughts or ideas on how to properly wire this? Thanks in advance. Just for your knowledge the lights are each rated at 116 w up to 130 volts.

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