Balsa wood

Is there a way to make balsa wood stronger? I was thinking I could put a layer of wood glue on it and let it soak in but I wanted to know what you all think.

Posted by Pat Sowers 10 years ago

What is a good wood carving project for beginners????

I need a good wood carving project to do .I have chisel's

Asked by potato wings 9 years ago

what can a newbie to wood craft build? Answered

Im new to building stuff with wood it would be cool if it was quite modern easy flowing

Asked by Apple Rule 9 years ago

Wood Cutting Question

HI, I need to fit wood in a pattern shown. I'm not sure exactly how to fit the boards, I'm looking for structural integrity and angles that aren't ridiculously  hard to cut.

Posted by The Cartographer 6 years ago

how can you tell what wood your furniture is made of ? Answered

Is it made out of oak or pine or cherry wood, how can you tell the difference?i bought a used coffee table and i can,t tell what wood it is made out of.

Asked by jymma 8 years ago

Type of wood? Answered

I'm building a small simple boat however im stumped as to what type of ply wood to use and the thickness. I want to be durable so i thought of 4x8x1/2 plywood but the closest lumber seller is lowes and they dont carry anything of that size. So i figured i'd go to 4x8x1/4 only thing is its OSB utility panel wood, the only problem i don't know what utility wood is, i know what OSB wood is just not utility. My next option would be 4x4x3/8 plywood sheathing. So my question is which of those should i use or if i should use them at all?

Asked by acepilot32 8 years ago

WOOD Answered

Ok, so im 12 (i dont want too hear "oh your too young blah blah blah" i love to work with my hand but i never can get all of the materials and just quit does anyone have an idea what i could make that i could actually finish? i like to play with wood?

Asked by Pfarmkid 6 years ago

What methods allow wood glue to seep into basswood better?

Hi Everyone! I am currently working on a Basswood bridge project and my initial testing came to conclude that failure of my bridge was due to break joints! i took a look at the joints and the glue and these locations had barely seeped into the wood enough that it eventually broke off from weakness! I am aiming for my bridge to break within the sections and NOT at the joints. Are there metods like baking? soaking? the wood and glue so that the glue can seep in better? Specifics too please! I have seen people soak it, or "damp" i should say. But I have no clue how much to damp it or any of that! Acetone came up too.... not to sure though, how does this even work?! -Thanks noobie

Asked by noobiefied 7 years ago

Help with wood coloring/finishing!?

Hey guys, Im working on a mini project to make some wooden keychains/items... the wood i start with is just some home depot paint mixing planks (unlimited supply lol), i cut them down to the size of a dog tag, sand them down and my plan is to stamp letters onto it with my letter stamping kit, the kind that punches into the wood, and give it to friends for fun, the result from stamping is really good (once i get my alignment right), but the problem is im not sure what is the best way to color the letters, i tried a marker, lets just say it didnt work too well lol, and im not really sure what i should be doing since this is a bit new to me also, once i finish it i plan to seal it in some protective coating so it doesnt get wet and get messed up, the wood is pretty soft as is. Not sure what i should use here either Thanks for the help and if u got cooler ideas i want to hear them too lol

Asked by holymolys 7 years ago

Is 3/4 inch to thin to make furniture out of?

I am looking of making a entertainment stand and a desk.  I went to a speciality wood shop and bought 3/4 inch red oak plywood.  I am having second thoughts thinking I probably should of gotten the 1 inch. Do you think I will be ok with the 3/4?

Asked by twin8885 7 years ago

What's the English name for this? Answered

I'm working on an Instructable and I don't know the English word for this type of threaded connector. Does anyone know?

Asked by bertus52x11 7 years ago

What is the strongest (i.e split resistant, durable, toughest) wood commercially available? Answered

I am in the process of making a (hopefully) extremely durable walking staff... it is going to be used in very rocky and hilly terrain so I don't want it breaking on me. About where I put those parentheses earlier... should I have it as "a" or "an"? (random extra question brought on by wording or question)

Asked by Kraethi 8 years ago

What can I do with a broken martial arts breaking board?

It's in two halves. I have a power drill, a screwdriver, straws, some screws and some nails, a hammer, etc. I am not willing to spend over $10, unless the idea is really good. I also could probably break it again into smaller pieces. Both halves are rectangles, and roughly twice as long as they are wide. One is slightly wider than the other. I think it's pine wood. I am not interested in stuff that is decorational, as I have a little too much of that. I really need ideas! Thanks, Dinoclor

Asked by Dinoclor 6 years ago

How can I cut wooden rods into special shapes (like a star) when viewed from the end? Answered

What is the best tool for doing this in quantity? I want to carve the so the entire cross-section is the desired shape.

Asked by neph42 9 years ago

what the cheapes place and wood to buy

I need help finding a place to buy woods at and the cheapes kind of wood that is medium size like

Posted by josefu0 9 years ago

Wood working

I want to know what wood working tools i shuld have and what bran

Asked by patricksilly1 7 years ago

Any crafts with wood blocks?


Asked by martha1231 9 years ago

Wood Pliers


Posted by Toga_Dan 3 years ago

Wood vinegar and wood alcohol.

I've recently been doing research about how to make my own charcoal and I found that as a by-product that either wood vinegar or wood alcohol is made. One of the pages I found in looking for information was and it led me to believe that what is produced i alcohol, but more research seemed to say it was actually wood vinegar that was produced. The problem is that Everything I've found is conflicting as to which it is that is produced. My understanding is that the two substances aren't the same, but that there is some methanol in wood vinegar. What I want to know is which it is that is produced, and if it's wood vinegar, can it be converted to wood alcohol, or burned as it is. 

Posted by MadcatTLX 4 years ago

How to finish wood with linseed oil?

Can linseed oil by itself be a good wood finish? The instructions on the can say that a buildup will be gummy, and I don't want that.

Asked by gizmologist 3 years ago

Old wood? Answered

I recently made a small project made of old wood that had been sitting outside to the point it turned grey. Is it still usable for a wood finish? The wood has quite some cracks in it and some holes. Should I use wood glue to seal the cracks? What about rotten wood?

Asked by branbot 1 year ago

Cutting round wood. How do I square round wood for ripping into boards? Answered

I want to cut small logs into boards.

Asked by Rorybell 8 years ago

type of wood? Answered

1which is the most usual type of wood to make furniture.

Asked by brondojuan316 7 months ago

Hard Wood ? Answered

What Kind of wood should I be using for our Projects?

Asked by SamanthaG11 1 year ago

Wood Mold? Answered

What should I use as a release agent for a wood mold?

Asked by Ckgourmet 1 year ago

German wood working

Http:// THIS is the german way to deal with wood ! , Click the link and learn more about german wood techniques :)

Posted by Dennismc 4 years ago

What tipe of wood

Asked by XanderB4 on Fishing Spear 2 months ago

i am looking for wood subsitute Answered

I would to mke chest or bed sitters from a product that can be handle like wood but is not wood. i have wood making tools but i love the tress. i am also interested in recycle wood what we throw way i use and resale as i own a store geared towards green living. i recycle clothes in to quits and wood back into useable funiture.

Asked by dorotheabrown37 7 years ago

Polyurethane Wood Glue.? Answered

There was another instructable in this newsletter where the maker used polyurethane wood glue. Have you any experience with this waterproof wood glue? My biggest hassle with wood glue is it seems like ... Elmers with better marketing. :)

Asked by queenopearls 1 year ago

How to dissolve wood glue of a brush? Answered

After I used a brush to apply Gorilla© wood glue I forgot to clean it and, I need to know if there is a solvent that can remove the wood glue of the brush.

Asked by blkhawk 6 years ago

Free wood?

I'm planning on building a tree house so I need good quality wood but for free or as cheap as possible. Any ideas?

Asked by Tom Buckey 8 years ago

How to make a plank floor out of wood pallets for a mobile home?

Need step-wise process on how to make a wood floor out of wood pallets for a mobilehome. I have a wood sub-floor?

Asked by 8 years ago

Wood rings

How can I find new videos on making wood rings? Thank Jerry

Posted by JerryM4 1 year ago

Outdoor wood maintenance with preservative/sealant/water repellant?

I had a wooden retaining wall built last summer around a flag stone stair case in my garden. The wood on the retaining wall is treated wood and meant for ground contact. I see that after one winter the paint on the retaining wall is already coming off. Could I get suggestions on how to maintain the wood? Wood preservative/water repellant/wood sealant?

Asked by syaddula 9 years ago

Wood boiler

How to make

Asked by bowling01 7 weeks ago

Copper inlayed wood

Hello, I'm new to working with wood, and I want to find a way to inlay pieces of copper into small pieces of wood. Can someone explain how I might do this. I want the copper pieces to be flush with the wood, and I like an element of spontaneity, so I'm wondering if its possible to pour molten copper into a crevice on a piece of wood. If it's not how can I at least get the piece of copper to stick into the wood? Thanks for any thoughts. 

Posted by kpryce 2 years ago

what is the best way to print on wood?

I need to print words onto a small wood surface. I have many items i would like to do it on.

Asked by tiggythegrey 9 years ago

A swell trick with a nail in wood.

Originally via Boing Boing, original video by Stevin Marin:

Posted by Kiteman 6 years ago

a bow

Hey,what kind of woods could i use to make a bow.where could i get the wood. p.s. i live in the southeast

Posted by megapun13 10 years ago