Woodworking contest

Woohoo a woodworking contest! Open to international entries too! :D The deadline seems to be missing, does anyone know when it is ?

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Are you a woodworker?

How you can tell that you are a real woodworker. Do you have any other ideas?

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Woodworking Ironwood?

Anyone have any experience working with Ironwood (Casuarina equisetifolia) ?  It's density and color are appealing, but  I don't know how it ages / weathers.  Haven't found anyone here who works with it for advice.  Majority of references I've heard mention it is primarily used for firewood. Any thoughts / experiences?

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Woodworking questions

Part-way through my current Valentine's project, I realise that my woodworking skills are not as good as I might wish, with or without power tools.Can I suggest a round of woodworking and carpentry 'ibles?How to make a mortice jointHow to hang a doorWhat the heck is a biscuit joint anyway?etc.Some clarification: I don't have an actual woodworking problem that needs solving, I am just aware that my skills are lacking.

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woodworking help?

In woodworks class we are turning pens and pencils. We are also making boxes to hold them in but I am trying to find an alternate to the style of box the rest of the class is making. I have found another style I like but I am not sure how I would make it. Our shop has a lot of tools so I don't think  finding the right tool should be a problem. Below I have attached pictures of the style I have chosen. Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance!

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Woodworking: Router Replacement?

The situation:I (will) have a disc of plywood roughly 20cm across. I need to cut a spiral notch in the ply, from edge to centre, around 3mm wide, so that I can hold a spiral of flexible ply in place and close off the end of the spiral at the same time.The perfect tool for the job is, of course, a router.The problem:I don't have a router.Short of buying a router just for this one job, what can I do to cut the notch?Plus:I've been saying "plywood" - is there another material that can be shaped the same way?

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Altoids tin woodworking tools

The Woodworking Magazine blog had a contest for tools made out of Altoids tins and the results are pretty amazing. Besides the coolness factor of using an Altoids tin, many of the entries are great for being a good tool on its own. Check out link for the router plane, bevel gauge, drilling jig and more.The Winner of Our Altoids Tool Contest viaMake

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CityWood: Woodworking in Urban Areas

Our idea is to create a woodworking space called CityWood in urban areas where people can come to unleash their creative side. The problem we have identified is that people want to create, but due to the crowded cities in which we live, prohibitively expensive cost of tools, and lack of resources and knowledge urbanites do not have a safe place where they can create. CityWood is a welcoming environment to experienced woodworkers, and beginners who want to learn. We provide you with a high quality space, community, professional grade tools, professional instruction and storage. Please take a few minutes and fill out the survey below! http://goo.gl/forms/F2VveWLa0b

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A genius idea for the woodworking contest !

..and I want to know how to make it  Here it is:                             Dual swinging doors for a bedroom.  Saloon style, but full-length. I want to put them in my room because that would be awesome.  May the best project win!!!

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Need Free Used Woodworking Tools

I need free used woodworking tools that anybody has laying around and they want to get rid of.  Mail to 308 South Bryant Street , Booneville Mississippi 38829

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Is Olive Wood Dangerous for Woodworking? TOXIC?

I've been wanting to make a small mallet out of a tree branch, And I recently spotted a small olive tree branch that fell. Since I'm pretty new to woodworking, I thought I'd google the wood to find out it's properties, This is the confusing thing that I found: Here, It says that Olive Wood is commonly used for "kitchen utensils, carved wooden bowls, cutting boards, fine furniture, and decorative items", Which means that it should barely be something allergenic, Aka safe to use, Since it's used with food. But here, It says that Olive Wood is "Olive trees are extremely allergenic, with an OPALS allergy scale rating of 10 out of 10" aka "9-10 Extremely high potential to cause allergies, should be replaced with less allergenic species". Now I'm confused... Does anyone know what really is true?

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The ultimate combination of woodworking, music, and ingenuity

This was sent to me and I thought it was well worth sharing. An impressive project.  http://

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Removing hairspray from painted woodwork

Can anyone suggest how to remove hairspray (off spray) from painted wooden surfaces (doors) as we have tried all proprietary household products and white spirit without any success and it would be nice to have to avoid repainting the doors..!!

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How do I sell woodworking projects?

I'm about to enter a woodworking program at Hennepin tech in Minnesota and you are allowed to buy the cabinet, table, or whatever that you have been required to complete for the class at the cost of the materials you used. How can I sell these things for a profit to supplement my income? Will I have to start my own small business?

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Steps in woodworking project Burning/enamel/Staining? Answered

Alright! So I'm starting a new personal project to create a gift for someone. I want to create a heart shaped home-made picture frame. I want to cut out the heart, have it stained, wood-burn their photos onto the heart, and chisel lettering and enamel that and give the whole thing a finish. Individually I can do each of those tasks, though I'm at a loss as to how to tackle this and which steps to take first. What process should I take for these steps? Should I burn first, or should I stain first? Should I chisel/carve before or after staining? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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Metal cutting blades in fine woodwork - is it common? Answered

My grandfather did a lot of very fine woodwork -- the man was an expert. We inherited a bandsaw and some blades a while back and we replaced the blade (a wood blade) with a blade that appears to be a metal blade. I'm certain it is a metal blade. Has anyone heard of a metal blade being used in fine woodwork?

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Scroll Saw Art

Hi Everyone here, New here I have some pictures in my photos of works that I have done in the past and present of scrollsaw woodworks , I welcome feedback so feel free to comment,

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Is there a language translator app for the instructions?

Some instructions are printed in Spanish without translation. I don't read Spanish. Is there a translator app I'm missing?

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Can someone help me with the dimensions for drawers?

I am super new at woodworking, but I am trying to build a set of drawers similar to this: http://drp.ly/EpZ0 Two questions I was hoping to get help on... 1) When making the actual drawers, how much space do I want to leave on the sides so it is able to catch the track? Is half an inch the correct amount?  2) I know it is really hard to tell from the picture, but does the inside drawer track connect to a side wall? Or most likely a bottom board that uses ball bearings?

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Why does it say this video can’t be played with your current setup?

I enrolled in some classes and the video wouldn't play.  It said "This video can’t be played with your current setup."  Possible reasons?

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What is a good option for food grade epoxy/resin?

I'm making some custom mugs out of an old oak that was cut down. I'm looking for something that is food safe and will also hold the bark on the outside of the log. Suggestions?

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How can i fit a foot operated switch for scrollsaw or bandsaw

I have asewing machine switch control that id like to fit to my scroll saw and bandsaw has anyone done this? can anyone give my any guidance even awiring schematic my saws are clarke items and the foot switch is from a brother sewing machine

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How do you preserve bark on rustic wood projects.

We are building a fireplace mantle of oak milled from one of our trees 7 years ago.  We would like to leave the bark on the out facing side of our project.  Will epoxy suffice?  we bought a "pourable" type of coating like we have seen on some bar tops.  Will the bark fall off after a number of years?  It hasn't in 7 years in an unheated, somewhat damp barn.  Any help is appreciated.  Thank you!

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Free Pro - First Come First Served

Hello All, Here is a free code for Pro Membership. I was given a Pro Membership for my most recent instructable https://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Convert-Rough-Timber-To-Planed-Smooth-Stock/ but I already have Pro Membership thanks to a post earlier in the year https://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Dovetail/ Redeem it here: https://www.instructables.com/go/pro?code=tune52sir Your gift code: tune52sir If you want to leave a nice comment on my blog in exchange that would be cool but please don't feel you have too http://gshaydon.co.uk/blog/ Enjoy

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What is the best brand for long lasting tools for woodworking?

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Help identify this tool? Lathe turning woodworking tool?

Can someone please help me identify this tool? I believe it is a tool for wood turning possibly. Wheel is approx 3-1/8" diameter. Length of tool is approx 17" from butt to wheel shaft. Wheel has small, flat cut teeth. Parts appear to be steel and brass. There are no mfgr stamps or hallmarks.

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woodworking bench top warped in heat wave. arrrrrrr

Build a workbench a few months ago, 95% finished Can be find on my ible page. Had a heat wave for 5 days,  temperatures above 40 degrees. Broke all recorded records here in Victoria Australia Water boils at 100 water freezes at 0 Temp in shed must have been at least 55, Is the bow from bad construction or just heat. Will it return to its original shape or is it $#@!#$

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Woodworking, Craft, & Design classes at 3rd Ward in NY

3rd Ward, an art facility in Brooklyn, New York, is offering a wide range of classes for our upcoming summer session! We have everything from basic woodworking to jewelry making to furniture refinishing to digital design. Some of our classes this summer include...How to Make Crappy Stuff Awesome - Learn the basic concepts for creating furniture and other useful objects out of recycled and found materials for little or no investment.Cuttlefish Casting - Learn the ancient technique of small scale mold making and bronze casting using the fossilized backbone of a cuttlefish!Screenprinting - Learn how to set up a screen printing "lab" and make prints in your very own home.Spaces are limited so make sure to sign-up ASAP!For more information and a full list of classes, check out http://3rdward.com/classes

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Built from scratch computer desk help (woodworking)

Hey world, i was wondering if any carpentry buffs out there could give me a hand, i have a very simple project: a desk using only 4 pieces of straight board, one for the top surface, 2 for the sides/legs, and one for support. (if you're having trouble visualizing it, look at the pic below). what i need help with is what kind of wood to use, i was thinking some hard wood, but i dont know what would be most cost effective (not goin for beauty here, it'll all be painted in the end) I plan to make a bunch of cut outs in the surface so i can incorperate things like an ipod dock, slots for papers and holes for wires to be hidden. I dont know if that would help determine what kind of wood to use, but i assume every bit of info i can provide would help :) thanks in advance! ADRENIHOLIC

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contests results ?

Where can I see the contests' results of the woodworking projects  (I can see the invitations for contest but not the winers products.) Thank you Pessach levy

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what will be the next contest?

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How do you vote for the instructables? Answered

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Where can I get a good set of woodworking tools for relatively cheap?

I've just gotten interested in wood carving and don't have good tools to carve stuff, so wanted to know where to get one, including both types of gouges and chisels and whatnot.  I'm also not really sure about what pricing is normal for these tools since I'm just starting wood carving.  Yeah let me know if you know somewhere good! Thanks, Peace Out!

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What can simple yet cool project can I make with a bandsaw, drill, dremel, palm sander, and a circular saw? Answered

I'm interested in woodworking. We were cleaning out our workshop when I noticed a couple of power tools. I was given the ok to use them if i used safety of course. The machines are listed above and I have plenty of plywood to work with. Keep in mind I'm 13 so nothing too difficult :P

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Utilizing a Table Saw?

Hi, I have a Table Saw Bosch 4000 and few other power tools, I do not have a Lathe, Router and planer. is there a way to utilize the table saw to compensate the lack of these tools? Thanks Nazarene

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Question about sanding wood

Anybody have a tip on how to sand smooth many small discs of wood? Rather than do it all by hand with sanding paper I mean… Is there a (cheap) sanding tool that I can purchase? Not something like the Dremel, Im thinking more about something with a flat sanding surface. Thanks anybody that will answer.

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How to make curved desk legs? Answered

Anybody know how to make curved desk legs like you see on some fancy desks.     I want to design my own but I would like to use legs like this and I don't know what I would need to do. Tools needed, best wood, methods etc... Thanks in advance.

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Need to hollow out a rectangular cut into thousands of dowel rods?

Hi All, I need to hollow out rectangular cuts into thousands of dowel rods. Is there a high end tool(s) that would make this a quick task so I could knock out at least 10 an hour? Or are there companies who provide custom wood pieces in bulk at a reasonable price? Thoughts! Thanks all!!

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How taper wood closet pole for sailboat yard?

I'd like to taper the ends of a 1.5" closet pole to make the yard for a small sailboat. I'm looking for easy way(s) to turn the pole so I can use belt sander belting to do the tapering.I've thought of using 2" PVC pipe sections as journals and driving the rod with a belt powered by a small motor. (I do not need to taper the center so the drive can go there...or at either end). I'm open to better ideas.

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Router bit question

I'm trying to make some crooked furniture.  I'm looking to route a ledge in my MDF to set my bendy board into. However, the surface I want to route is curved, so I can't use a router table and a fence to achieve what I want. I have no idea the terms for what I want to do, so I can't seem to google the solution.  I think I can do it with a binding router bit set, but that's $100.  So I would like to leave that as a last resort The curvy looking thing is the profile of the box I'm making.  I will then be attaching bendy board.  I want the bendy board to set inside a ledge to get a seamless edge look that won't fray over time. The box is approx 2'x7' so I need a bit or jig that I can setup on the router, the table isn't really practical. Any advice on what do use to make that ledge? Thanks!

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Woodblock Art

After seeing this https://www.instructables.com/id/Solid-Wood-Digital-Clock/, would it be possible to replicate this but light up just a solid image? It would most likely require a CNC machine to pull off well, but if you took a piece 10cmx10cmx1cm of wood then milled out an image of something to 0.5m would it be possible to shine a LED through it to just bring up the outline while the rest of the wood is too dense/coated and you're just left with a image shining through wood. I think you would be able to pull off some pretty cool artwork with it, but there's a few things that need to be considered; such a strength, the chance of it getting bumped is pretty low but with a thin diameter so the light can shine through it's probably quite fragile. Are there transparent fiberglass weaves/epoxy coatings that would add some strength while not ruining the effect? The other big thing I see is colors, would there be any limit factors with the different species of woods you can buy or is the main problem just getting a solid image lit up instead of just LED dots.

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Woodworking contests

Why do they not do woodworking contests that often. And. Why are there always 2 or 3 electronic type contest that happen at the same time

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How Do I Move an Instructable From Crafts to Woodworking

When looking for a place to publish my instructable about "Making Unique, Light Catching Laminated Wood, Plastic and Copper Ornamental Turnings," I put it under crafts. The thought of looking for the subtopic "woodwork" didn't occur to me at the time I posted it, and I was focused on a glitch in the instructables web site. The item does belong under woodworking, since it was a wood-acrylic ornament turned on a wood lathe.How do I move it. Do I have to destroy the one under crafts and start all over pulling photos in?

Asked by KellyCraig 2 months ago

How to build a sleepbox?

Not sure how to call such things, but here link with images. https://imgur.com/a/Sf4TxIs there any tutorial how to build similar things? Sorry for my English.

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How can i make a crossbow trigger?

The trigger needs to cheap and made out of materials anyone could have readily available or that can be bought from a hardware store

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