I finally figured out wordpress!

I finally figured out wordpress! It's actually a great tool to use. There are so many different things to do on it. Just the pesky photo uploader is buggy on my computer :( Otherwise it's great. Does anyone else have a wordpress? My wordpress

Posted by jen7714 7 years ago

Version 2 of the Instructables Plugin for WordPress is out now

I just finished up version 2 of the Instructables Plugin for WordPress https://wordpress.org/plugins/instructables/ This plugin allows you to list instructables as posts or tiles by username, keywords, groups, all recent or featured on your WordPress site. 

Posted by MrRedBeard 1 year ago

Instructables Plugin for WordPress

I published a plugin for WordPress that allows you to display projects by username or keyword with options to limit the number of projects, include thumbnails and a few other options that link back to Instructables. https://wordpress.org/plugins/instructables/ If you were to use this on a website what other features would you want included?   1. I'm thinking an alternate layout with thumbnails and titles only that link back to Instructables. 2. Stats? Maybe

Posted by MrRedBeard 3 years ago

Wordpress vs. Blogger

Pretty recently I had started a blog on wordpress. The interface was great and it was simple enough to use as a beginner. However, I wanted to add more designs to my blog but with wordpress that would cost extra. I made another blog on blogger on which I could customize my blog more. I still can't decide which one's better! So anyone else have any opinions on whether wordpress or blogger is better for hosting a blog?

Posted by jen7714 7 years ago

Wanted: DIY/Green Blog Collaborators

Hey there, I just had the idea to start a green/DIY blog on Wordpress which would link various ideas for projects, tips and green product reviews. My goal would be to have some sort of collection of projects to do with recycled materials done with the environment in mind. I'm currently alone and would be looking for other people to help me manage the site. If you have any interest in this please email me at tap.urbex1@gmail.comI just stared the site tonight and already have one post. It may not be worth linking to since theres nothing up yet (and thats why i'm looking for people!) But here it is anyways.http://diygreenblog.wordpress.comAlso, if you already have some sort of similar site, done be afraid to send me the link so i can add it to my page. If you also have any projects I would be happy to post them up as well!

Posted by stncilr 10 years ago

Wanted: DIY/Green Blog Collaborators

Hey there, I just had the idea to start a green/DIY blog on Wordpress which would link various ideas for projects, tips and green product reviews. My goal would be to have some sort of collection of projects to do with recycled materials done with the environment in mind. I'm currently alone and would be looking for other people to help me manage the site. If you have any interest in this please email me at tap.urbex1@gmail.comI just stared the site tonight and already have one post. It may not be worth linking to since theres nothing up yet (and thats why i'm looking for people!) But here it is anyways.http://diygreenblog.wordpress.comAlso, if you already have some sort of similar site, done be afraid to send me the link so i can add it to my page. If you also have any projects I would be happy to post them up as well!

Posted by stncilr 10 years ago

Instructables embedded on your website - UPDATED!

Last December I wrote some PHP to enable Instructables users to embed a live list of their Instructables on their website or wordpress blog with a navigation bar to organise by views, comments, rating and name as well as pagination. It proved quite popular but broke when HQ updated some code on member's profile pages. Well... i FINALLY got round to updating it this weekend. I've uploaded the fixed code to the Instructable. You can learn how to install it and download the source in the Instructable, or see it working live at this page on my website. I thought I'd post the update as a forum topic too so that anybody that subscribed to me for the original Instructable would get notified of the update. Enjoy!

Posted by Jayefuu 6 years ago

New site for an acting school, made with our new beta App

We just finished work on a website for an acting school with our new beta application Wordpress. You can read more about the project here: http://www.afterburnerapp.com/2012/07/05/the-meisner-trained-series/

Posted by Greg Inc. 6 years ago

Huzzah! Updated my website with wordpress

After not looking at or dealing with my own personal site for months I finally had to take action because there was a 500 error of some sort. So I took the opportunity to try out wordpress and play with a different structure. It's very minimal! It has big pictures! Anyway, please take a look and let me know what you think. I will be filling it with posts about my favorite projects as well as whatever new things I make. My li'l website

Posted by fungus amungus 7 years ago

can I add a link back to my website in my instructables?

Hey Guys I was just wondering if it is against the rules to add a link back to my website in my instructable similar to the end of this post? Also could someone maybe link me to the rules for posting instructables, I couldn't seem to find it!  Thanks a lot for any and all answers! Martie" www.letsbuildwp.com Building WordPress Websites......Together!

Posted by Lets Build WordPress 4 years ago

NASA snowflake and garland contest - ends December 22nd

Just wanted to share a contest that a NASA blog is doing for papercraft - they're looking for space-themed paper snowflakes and garlands, and the winners will get a prize pack of NASA goodies. The full details and rules are here: http://astrophysics.gsfc.nasa.gov/outreach/podcast/wordpress/index.php/2010/12/01/contest-let-it-snow-paper-snowflakes/ The contest ends on December 22nd at 11:59PM EST, so there are a few days left to enter!

Posted by saramwrap 7 years ago

Content Management System used

Hi Team! I'm a web developer and i'm commited nowadays in developing a online science community in Brazil. It already exists and you can take a look here www.pontociencia.org.br. I would be grateful if you tell me which CMS (Content Management System) are InstructTables using. It is a widely known system like Joomla, Wordpress... or did you have developed your owner content management system? I take the time to congratulate you all for the work done. Thank you very much in advance. Francys Pinheiro, francysap@ufmg.br

Posted by francysap 8 years ago

Web design & development series

Hi, I am web designer & developer form Nederland. I've been looking around here for some time and it seems like there are not many series that cover everthing about how to design and then develop a website. I thought it would be awsome to create a instructsble serie that let's someone develop there own website in pure HTML & CSS. So I have a couple of ideas. - explaining the basics of flat design (todays standard in web design) - creating a website in pure html & css from the ground up - creating a compleet wordpress theme - much more If you like one of the above ideas or if you have one of your own, please let me know. Thanks for reading. And let me know what you think! Greetings from Holland.

Posted by Kevin Tipker 2 years ago

Bricks by the Bay 2011

BRICKS BY THE BAY 2011 WHAT: BRICKS BY THE BAY The second-ever LEGO convention for northern California will be held on March 25-27 2011, at the Hyatt Regency in Santa Clara CA. Bricks by the Bay is a 3-day convention including a 1-day public expo where Adult Fans of LEGO (AFoLs) can congregate and display their creations. WHERE: Hyatt Regency Santa Clara 5101 Great America Parkway Santa Clara, CA 95054 USA WHEN: Convention: Friday-Sunday, March 25-27 2011 Public exhibition: Sunday, 10AM to 4PM, March 27 2011 WEBSITE: http://www.bricksbythebay.com COST: Admission to the 3-day convention is $55. Hotel: Convention Rate is $105 FAQ: http://www.bricksbythebay.com/wordpress/frequently-asked-questions/ WHO: All Adult Fans of LEGO! Any educators or vendors interested in using Lego components. WHY: Because it's fun! Please come and check it out!

Posted by ftking_83702 7 years ago

Making my way through 2012.

Hi everyone ! Since Jan. the 1st I decided to set myself up to a little challenge by "making my way" through the year. In 2011 I was really disappointed never to seem to find the time to make enough stuff, so I decided to try to make something - even a little thing - every week. So far so good, as this has forced me to work fast and not overthink projects, and also go dig in the backburner folder to look for ideas. So far I've got : Week #1 : A papercraft and duct-tape mask made after an Army of Two template ; Week #2 : A hand-knit red scarf Week #3 : Chess piece flash drives Week #4 : Mont Black pens, an update on Kingant's original instructable Week #5 : Hackerspace passports from passport-sized Muji notebooks (Instructable coming soon) Week #6 : Plaster mold of my face for a harder version of the mask in Week #1 Week #7 : Custom Wordpress theme for my blog, based on Hamasaki theme (I had lent my Dremel to a friend, which I needed for Week #8 - see below) Week #8 : Fixing and repainting a skateboard found on the street ! Week #9 : Foam mold of the plaster mold from Week #6 ! Week #10 : USB gamepad from original Xbox pad Week #11 : Magnetic blackboard for appartment door (joint project with Rvaya from 5sizes2small Studio) Week #12 : Home-made BookCrossing labels Week #13 : Coming soon ! Have any of you ever tried anything like that ? Anyone have advice for skills to pick up along the way, or fun projects to do ? I'll try to post as many Instructable as possible inspired by that little challenge in the meantime !

Posted by Deslivres 6 years ago

Community for Artists who sell their work - lots of great features

By hand is a great place for promoting your handmade items you want to sell or finding handmade items to buy. It's a social networking community that's completely free. It's brand new, only a month old, but growing fast.http://www.byhand.meAs a member of ByHand you can take advantage of the following features:+ Free listing in the artisan directory - list all the venues you sell on and your social networks in one place+ A growing membership base+ 5K average unique visitors a day+ Member contests+ Direct consumer advertising from ByHand to buyers+ Your own blog - write your blog entry on ByHand then import it to your blogger/blogspot blog or wordpress blog - RSS for your blog posts+ Member forums+ Handmade wishlist - add favorites to your wishlist from seven handmade venues without ever leaving that venue and with just one click - you can also instantly import all of your etsy favorites for easy organization+ Spotlights - fun curated, etsy treasury-like feature that you can post anywhere with clickable links+ Window shopping - post it to your blog and see random products from spotlight submitted products+ Clubhouse - these are like groups or teams, each with its own forum+ Apply to be a featured artisan or for an artist interview, or both (details in links and opportunities forum)+ Get your item featured as item of the day+ Get additional exposure on ByHand's business page on Facebook+ Follow ByHand on twitter+ Get an ad free profile page and personalized urls for your profile and ByHand blog, add up to 5 RSS feeds+ Feel good participating in a non-profit community+ More features always being added

Posted by soapdeli 9 years ago

Suggestion - Allow us to edit/submit "Rich Snippets" meta-description in search engine results

Rich snippets are "the term used to describe structured data markup that site operators can add to their existing HTML, which in turn allow search engines to better understand what information is contained on each web page". In plain English, it's what you see when you search for something in google. While it might not necessarily help with SEO all the time, it does help any potential viewer know what the link is about, and whether it's worth clicking on. While the subject can be a bit more complex, all I'm referring to here is the meta-description. Currently, the meta-description seems to be, by default, the first ~300 characters of the Instructable (or auto-generated by Google). If you write any sort of intro, it probably won't be relevant to help understand the project at all (out of context). Suggestion - It would be great to allow users to submit a meta-description via a simple text box, perhaps on the "Instructable Preview" window where the Cover Image can be changed. If they want they can submit a 50-300 character meta-description that better explains what the whole guide is about, or if not they can leave it blank for it to auto-generate as is already the case.Being familiar with WordPress, this would be a trivial plugin. I'm sure a site as big as Instructables can see the potential benefits (increased click-throughs, reduced bounce rates...), while also knowing that it wouldn't be intrusive to users or particularly hard to implement.Just wanted to give my opinion. Like in the attached image, it can be a bit frustrating to have no control over the meta-description since it isn't always representative of the project. In the case above where it was auto-generated by Google, it doesn't give any incentive at all to click since it doesn't make much sense as a description of the project.

Posted by MillennialDIYer 4 months ago

Cruse ja Associates Kiinan selvennetään käytäntöihin/BLOGGER/WORDPRESS

Http://trishahamilton.wordpress.com/2013/03/23/cruse-ja-associates-kiinan-selvennetaan-kaytantoihin-perustuvan-yrityksen-siirtamiseen-liittyvat-kysymykset/ Cruse ja Associates 21. Maaliskuu Kiinan valtion hallinnon verotus (SAT) julkaisi "Ilmoitusta koskevista tuloveron käytäntöön perustuva siirtämiseen yrityksille (ilmoitus [2013] No.11, jäljempänä"Ilmoitus") 20. maaliskuuta 2013 aiheista, jonka tarkoituksena on käsitellä asioita, että ilmaantuu toteutettaessa"Hallinnollisia toimenpiteitä tuloverolain käytäntöpohjaisen yritysten uudelleensijoittamiseen." 10. Elokuuta 2012 Kiinan SAT julkaisi "Hallinnolliset toimenpiteet tuloverolain käytäntöön perustuva siirtämiseen yrityksille (ilmoitus [2012] No.40, jäljempänä"Toimenpiteet")," joka tuli voimaan 1 päivänä lokakuuta 2012. Toimenpiteet tarjoavat yrityksille käytäntöpohjaisen siirtäminen verokohtelu. Lisäksi tällaiset yritykset saavat siirtäminen korvausta valtiolta ja muiden asianomaisten. Lisätietoja löytyy alla. Siirtäminen tulojen "Siirtäminen tuotot" yrityksen sisältävät yleensä siirtäminen korvauksista ja omaisuuden luovutus tuloja. Erityisesti siirtäminen korvaus kattaa raha- ja ei-monetaarinen korvaus tuotoista yrityksen koska muutto, mukaan lukien: Korvausta pakkolunastetun omaisuuden Korvaus siirtäminen ja tilitys Korvausta tarjotaan vahingosta ja keskeyttäminen Vakuutussaatavien saanut hyödykkeen tuotannonsiirtoprosessista aiheutuneet vahingot Muut korvaukset tuotot Muuttokustannukset "Muuttokustannukset" koostuvat siirtäminen palkkioiden ja omaisuuden luovutus. Yksi merkittävä muutos käyttöön toimenpide on, että kulut, jotka aiheutuvat yrityksen omaisuuden hankinnasta enää katsoa muuttokustannukset, jotka vähennetään siirtäminen voitto ennen veroja. Verokohtelu Veronmaksun lykkäystä Siirtäminen tulo- ja yrityksen siirtäminen aikana aiheutuneet muuttokustannukset voi sisälly tilikauden verotettavaan tuloon ja voida selvittää konsolidoidun aikana siinä uudelleensijoittamiseen päätetään. Toimenpiteissä on enintään viisi vuotta uudelleensijoittamiseen. Yrityksen net siirtäminen tulot = siirtäminen tulot-muuttokustannukset Jossa siirtäminen on valmis vuonna yritys sisällyttää netto siirtäminen tulojen verotettavaa tuloa kyseisen vuoden osalta veron laskemiseksi. Siirtäminen tappioiden vähentäminen Negatiivinen kuluttua vähentämällä muuttokustannukset siirtäminen tuloista yrityksen katsotaan siirtäminen tappiot. Jokin seuraavista tavoista voi valita siirtäminen tappioiden verokohtelusta: Vähentämällä siirtäminen tappiot kertaluonteisesti siinä uudelleensijoittamiseen päätetään Vähentämällä siirtäminen tappiota ennen veroja saman verran siinä uudelleensijoittamiseen päätetään kolmeksi vuodeksi Tappio siirto ajan Kiina sallii menetys siirto ajan veronmaksajille verovuonna aiheutuneet menetykset. Yritys voi siirtää tappiot verovuoden seuraavien vuoden ajan; eli se on seuraavan vuoden tulot kumoavat tappiot. Tällöin siirto-ajan voi olla enintään viisi vuotta. Jos jäljellä tappioita ei ole vielä tehty ennen siirtymistä, siirtäminen ajan yrityksen voi vähennettävä menetys siirto ajan. Lisäksi toimenpiteet edellyttävät yritysten käyttäytymistä eri verotuksen hallinnosta ja kirjanpidosta siirtäminen tulojen, muuttokustannukset ja siirtyneiden varojen verokohtelua. Jätämme huomiotta tämän vaatimuksen yritysten tuloverosta hoitoa niiden on suoritettava osalta siirtämiseen liity politiikan sijoittumiseksi. Ilmoitus Ilmoitus selvennetään, että jos siirtäminen sopimuksen käytäntöihin perustuvan yrityksen siirtäminen-projekti on allekirjoitettu ennen päivää, jona toimenpiteet (1. lokakuuta 2012), mutta siirtäminen selvitystilaan sen ei valmistunut aikaisemminkin, omaisuuden ostaa jälleenrakentamisen aikana tai tuotantoprosessin uudelleen yrityksen verotettujen siirtäminen tulojen muuttokustannukset. Veron perustana omaisuuseriin, edellä mainittu yritys ei sisällytetä siirtäminen korvausta ja siirtäminen sopimuksia käytäntöön perustuva siirtäminen yritysprojektien jälkeen 1 päivänä lokakuuta 2012, ne suoritetaan toimenpiteen mukaan. Lisäksi aikana tuotannonsiirtoprosessista takavarikoituun omaisuuteen, joka antaa hyödykkeen korvaavan menetelmän, hyödykkeen korvaaminen sai verotettavaa hankintameno on oltava nettoarvo omaisuuden pakkolunastettu sekä kaikista veroista ja maksuista aiheutuvat. Ilmoitus on takautuvasti effectiv Cruse ja Associates READ MORE ARTICLES: http://cruseandassociates.quora.com/ http://www.good.is/posts/cruse-and-associates-accounting-the-new-anti-money-laundering-law http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eu8tHxtluZE&feature;=youtu.be http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xyextl_cruse-ja-associates-kiinan-selvennetaan-kaytantoihin-perustuvan-yrityksen-siirtamiseen-liittyvat-kys_news#.UU0pkRenImk http://www.authorstream.com/Presentation/trishahamilton-1745995-tax-news-cruse-associates-accounting-reviews/

Posted by DELETED_jaysonwelling 5 years ago

Arduino heating controller: solar panel, oil burner, stove. NEED HELP AND ADVICE

HI this is my first time with arduino and electronics so please be forgiving.i want to make a controller for my home heating system and if it possible be able to control (change temp. setting, see statistic, etc. by phone - Bluetooth).so, i have three source of heat: solar panels (water), oil burner, wet stove. first part of plan is to connect all electrical components correctly (to make sure nothing blowup), second step is the program. third connect controller with phone by android or have a option to send sms to turn on/off oil burner.let's startthe heating system should looks like that (photo attach)please don't focus on the plumbing (that's only sketch), electronic and programing is more important.program (second step) should do:1. if T5 >T2 pomp P2 work 2. if T3>55'C , P3 work but only if O1 is switch off (automatically P1 and M1 is off, because they will be connect directly to O1 power) 3. option to on/off O1 by click on the phone (or by modul GSM in the future e.g sim800L) 4. additionally options 2 and 3 they are conditioned by other sub-option of 5 zones (where hot waterwill flow, so what will be heat): a)olny hot water in the tank- M3 open, b)only underfoor h.- M2 open, c)only radiators- M4 open, d) all heating, no tank- M2 i M3 open, e) all M2 M3 M4 open. so, before turn on O1 start making fire T3, one of the zone have to be pre-sellect.also if T1 >60st.C (and O1 and P3 are off), P4 will turn on (dump extra hot water to underfloor h.).that's all, nothing more .... but it's to much complicate for me right now. :smiley-confuse: and third part: all should be controll by simple phone app (android) e.g. turn on/off oil burner (maybe timer), change temp. in tank, change zone, see statistics etc.thera are elements what i have already- arduino nano-logging data module-relay 8 ports-bluetooth modul At-09, ble-4.0-extension board nano v3.0- temp. sensors DS18B20 i connect everything by all info what i've found in internet. also i tried to do simulation in THINKERCAD but many of my elements are not exist in the program, stiil no win. i didnt want to connect power just in case of blow off :o this is what i already found online:http://www.reuk.co.uk/wordpress/arduino-solar-water-heating-pump-controller-design-and-code/https://thesolaruniverse.wordpress.com/2016/11/21/monitoring-temperatures-in-floor-heating-loops-with-an-arduino-with-data-display-on-a-3-5-tft-screen/http://house4u.com.ua/articles/solar-controller/en/part11.phphttps://www.instructables.com/id/2nd-Gen-Arduino-Hot-Water-Solar-Collector-Controll/https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=70048.0and about bluetoothhttps://arduino.stackexchange.com/questions/19517/hc-05-bluetooth-module-inq-command-doesnt-worki only showing the links to proof my hour's spend in google.i think first two are the best.so i put together all what i found and this is my first program:const int TANKSENSORT1 = A0; const int TANKSENSORT2 = A1; const int PANELSENSORT5 = A2; const int STOVESENSORT3 = A3; const int FLOORSENSORT4 = A4;const int RELAYO1 = 3; const int RELAYM2 = 4; const int RELAYM3 = 5; const int RELAYM4 = 6; const int POMP2 = 7; const int POMP3 = 8; const int POMP4 = 9;const int diffON = 6; const int diffOFF = 3;void setup(){ Serial.begin(9600);pinMode(PANELSENSORT5, INPUT); pinMode(TANKSENSORT1, INPUT); pinMode(TANKSENSORT2, INPUT); pinMode(STOVESENSORT3, INPUT); pinMode(FLOORSENSORT4, INPUT);pinMode(RELAYO1, OUTPUT); digitalWrite(RELAYO1, LOW); pinMode(RELAYM2, OUTPUT); digitalWrite(RELAYM2, LOW); pinMode(RELAYM3, OUTPUT); digitalWrite(RELAYM3, LOW); pinMode(RELAYM4, OUTPUT); digitalWrite(RELAYM4, LOW); pinMode(POMP2, OUTPUT); digitalWrite(POMP2, LOW); pinMode(POMP3, OUTPUT); digitalWrite(POMP3, LOW); pinMode(POMP4, OUTPUT); digitalWrite(POMP4, LOW);}void loop(){ float solarPanelTemperature = ((analogRead(PANELSENSORT5) / 1024.0) * 5000)/10; float hotWaterTankTemperature = ((analogRead(TANKSENSORT2) / 1024.0) * 5000)/10; if(solarPanelTemperature > (hotWaterTankTemperature + diffON)){ digitalWrite(POMP2, HIGH); do{ delay(250); solarPanelTemperature = ((analogRead(PANELSENSORT5) / 1024.0) * 5000)/10; hotWaterTankTemperature = ((analogRead(TANKSENSORT2) / 1024.0) * 5000)/10; }while(solarPanelTemperature > (hotWaterTankTemperature + diffOFF)); digitalWrite(POMP2, LOW);float stoveTemperature = ((analogRead(STOVESENSORT3) / 1024.0) * 5000)/10; if(stoveTemperature > 55){ digitalWrite(POMP3, HIGH); do{ delay(250); stoveTemperature = ((analogRead(STOVESENSORT3) / 1024.0) * 5000)/10; }while(stoveTemperature < (55)); digitalWrite(POMP3, LOW); // musi byc dodane autoamtyczne wylaczenie pieca O1 jesli T3>55, a jesli T3<55 piec moze byc wlaczonyfloat hotwaterTemperature = ((analogRead(TANKSENSORT1) / 1024.0) * 5000)/10; if(hotwaterTemperature > (60)){ digitalWrite(POMP4, HIGH); do{ delay(250); hotwaterTemperature = ((analogRead(TANKSENSORT1) / 1024.0) * 5000)/10; }while(hotwaterTemperature < (60)); digitalWrite(POMP4, LOW); // still system have to be sure that O1 or stove P3 not working. // if one of those is on (O1 or P3) 'heat dumping' options cant start// still missing: // bluetooth modul // or logging data modul (statistics) // before heating will be on one of the zones have to be setup.(and save) // 'life' option for changing the zones M2, M3, M4 } delay(250); }and i stuck again.i'm looking for advise about proper electronic setup and program the arduino. i believe there are many people like me looking for help, so this post will have a bigger impact.regards

Posted by eukaliptus 2 months ago