Working on!

Whose working on there bike?? I'm going to be working on makeing a chopper!!

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Will this work? Answered

My electric scooter batteries died and they are two twelve volt batteries, can i use three nine volts instead or will the batteries die to fast?  

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incomplete work

My science teacher was telling us one day about how he came to hate incomplete work. he had surgery on his appendix one day (for unknown reasons) and when he woke up his appendix was finished but the doctor didnt close him up. he called the doctor in but he said "oh i just forgot." he fired that quack and got a new doctor to close him up. tell me what you think of this story and also think of incomplete work...

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Dreamcast not working

Hi Dont know If this is right place to put this I did VGA mod and tryed it but no picture or sound so I resoldered wires but I have messed up copper connecters under motherboard so now I have taken all wires off but  dont get picture or sound with any leads it light lights up the fan is blowing GD drive not working any help please

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captcha not working

I have been trying to use the reply button in the comments section, but when I do I get an error box telling me to type the two words. The problem is that there is not a captcha box on the screen. I have tried wiping my browsing history and reloading the page. Nothing seems to be working. Was there a really bad problem of people using bots on here or what? Captchas are such a pain in the rear.

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Working in the Woodshop

Classes have started at Pier 9!  Everyone has to go through different classes in order to be allowed to use pieces of equipment in the workshop.  Check out Jessy becoming a pro at some of the woodshop tools!

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PWM Not working? Answered

I have a circut with the following wiring and it works for what I have been doing, but I wan't to be able to dim the LED with PWM on the arduino.  Right now the light is running at about 50 for the length on the analogWrite.  There is really no difference between 50 and 255 in my opinion so I think something may be wrong.  When the length drops below 20 the light doesn't even come on.  This is for a bike light project and electronics aren't my strongest area.  I am guessing there is some period of time the MOSFET needs to switch on and off and the arduino's PWM is just too fast for this but I am not sure.  I have access to an oscilloscope so I can test to see if everything is working correctly as well.  I just get meaningless jitter with an inner oblong sine wave when I have attempted to use it, so where would be the best points to attach the scope to get some meaningful data.  (anywhere  I wrote PMW i meant PWM). I would like to point out that the LED is Rated for 13V and I am running it on  11.1 V, so no problems there. Aslo I got it working using a 10k resistor between the gate and ground, the arduino, on PWM mode doesn't sink the current very well. I have included the correct diagram.

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ReCaptcha not working

Hi, Since yesterday I have been trying to reply to a comment on my instructable but each time I do the following happens: I click reply I write the post I click post Then receive the message to type in the two images in the ReCaptcha. I type in the two words and then I receive the message again to type in the two images in the Recaptcha. I have retried several times and the same thing keeps happening. I have cleared my cache in safari, cleared and removed all website data and restarted my laptop. This is extremely fraustrating. I had no problems with it last week and have not made any changes to my laptop. I use an apple macbook and all of the software is up to date. Please see the screen grab attached. Hope you can help. Abs 

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Will this water pump work? Answered

 It is tought to be a wind-powered water pump and i wonder if the desing would work. I hope the picture is understandable.

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Email links not working

All of the emails I have recieved since March 1st come through without the pictures, and without any working links.

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/you/backtalk not working

Hey, since today the /you/backtalk page isn't working anymore as it is supposed to, command strands only display up to two comments now, no matter how long they are, even if you add &comments;=all Example:;=CQRKBINHQVLDS70&comments;=all That comment strand is longer than that! It is pretty annoying IMO as those links are the ones that get sent out in the emails. Hope you can fix it soon, Sorunome

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Arduino Due not working? Answered

I tried to connect my Arduino Due to my pc to upload a program but it is not recognized by my computer. I updated the IDE to the latest that includes Due board selection, but I can't download drivers to use it. Nothing is listed in Device Manager and I tried both the programming port and the native port on the Due. Is it dead?

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Will this schematic work/ Is it right?

I know the wiring for the loops themselves are correct but I am wondering if I did the master bypass and LEDs correctly. This is a 5 channel/ loop switcher for guitar or audio effects loops, The master bypass is supposed to negate the other loops even if they are on. Thanks for the help! P.S. the squares with the 9 dots are all 3pdt switches 

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Pro Membership not working

Good Morning/Afternoon, I recently signed up for a Pro Membership ($49.95 USD) and did the email confirmation. I've cleared my browser cache but when I try to download an Instructable a message box pops up saying that is a pro feature. Please help. Username: mslorach Kind Regards, Mark Slorach.

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Image upload not working

Is something wrong with the image upload?  I've tried both Firefox and Internet Explorer; it lets me select the images I want to post, but then when I click "Upload Files," nothing happens.  No errors, no warnings, no progress bar, and obviously no image uploads, just sits there. OS: Windows 7 Browser: Firefox Browser: Internet Explorer Java: 6.0.310 (Java 6 build 31) Flash: 11.5.502.146

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Anybody working on cryolipolysis? Answered

I am looking at using a pair of Peltier panels to make a "spot reducer" using cryolipolysis. Cryolipolysis is what the Zeltiq machine uses to freeze fat cells such that they dissolve. On a bodybuilding forum they were talking about using cool-paks, those gel-filled plastic blocks that you put in the freezer.  My idea is to take a hand clamp and mount the Peltiers to it. I may need cooling on the hot sides, for that I will probably use liquid cooling blocks from computer CPU coolers. Then, you just clamp those babies on your love handles and crank up the juice. "Animal studies show a fat-reducing effect starting at around minus 1C, with the plate in place from five to 20 minutes." Since Peltiers get about 65 degrees C in differential, and room temp is about 26 degrees (warm room!) it will be a piece of cake for the junction to chill off those love handles. Would not be hard to put a temp controller on it to protect from frostbite or from burning up the junctions. Before you scoff, a Zeltiq treatment runs $700!

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Cellphone camera into working camera? Answered

Well i just took apart this cellphone and i found a camera. i want to use the camera but i dont know how to hook it up to video outputs. if the is anyway to make it work plz tell me below are the pictures

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How Google Translate works

Read this article: Isn't AWESOME?

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Will a mixed-capacitor bank work? Answered

If I have an assortment of capacitors - all different voltages and farad ratings - and wire them in parallel to make a capacitor bank, will it work? Any comments or suggestions welcomed.

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how Switch DP3T On-On-On work ? Answered

Hello . I wanna know how the Switch DP3T On-On-On( work ? I found this image but i dont know if its true or not .Thanks!

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My links aren't working.

When I click the link button, after I fill out BOTH things and click OK it puts it up like this In my comments.

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Working on full auto AK47

I'm working on a mechanism to make a bolt action rifle fully auto and also a good, curved, removable magazine. I just started yesterday so I'll have the pics up maybe 2 weeks-a month.

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Will a SSR work with a PWM signal?

Hey guys gotta quick question: I need to be able to cut a PWM signal from a motor for a project. I'm currently using mechanical relays but I'm curious, will a solid state relay work? I know there are easier ways to do this but for right now I'm on a clock and I just want to  know whether a SSR will work for cutting a PWM signal.  Thanks guys!

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Will tip31c work for music leds? Answered

I am interested in this: Will tip31c work rather than tip31 I'm hypothesize that it will just affect sensitivity. (more or less?)

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will 5v stepper will work on 12v?

In ""   the datasheet for pl15s-0120(Stepper of dvd drives) says it operates at 5V , Didn't the a4988 gives 12v out ? , will it gonna work ? (posted comment there but no one replied .....)

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Will a 49MHz transmission work underwater? Answered

I'm building a small device that needs to go to a depth of only a few feet in swimming pool water (I'd say three feet at the most) working on an arduino. I wanted to make it radio controlled and was planning on using a standard 49Mhz RC car circuit connected to the arduino. I don't want to keep the antenna above the water line and was wondering if a 49 MHz would work underwater. Any help would be appreciated. :) I know higher frequencies like those in Bluetooth don't work underwater.

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Neither uploader working for me :(

Hi, Tried to upload an image to a 'Ride' forum topic. Tried using the old uploader. Nothing doing. Buttons highlight when rolled over but that's it. Running OSX 10.8.2 on Safari. Cheers

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I HATE group work.

HATE HATE HATE!It is really the one thing I dread about school. More than anything. It makes me want to pull my hair out. It is a requirement in Kentucky schools that you have a group assignment in each class and it makes my life a living hell.I always end up doing all the work and I really don't like other people getting the same grade as me for doing nothing!For example - I am in a group with five other people right now, 3 of which are athletes. They can never do anything. They constantly say they're busy. They decided that we should do our outside work tomorrow, right before I have to go into work. And as if that's not stressful enough, none of them actually mentioned doing the work we need to do before we go out and do assessments.The pre-assessment work is very involved - we have to do six physical activity assessments on elementary school kids, with 3 criteria that should be met for each assessment, as well as making up data collection sheets for each assessment. We also need to get our assessments OK'd by the teacher before we go. So now I'm sitting here stressing out wishing that I could just do this project myself and ease the pain. I emailed the teacher and let him know what was going on, and none of my group mates have emailed me back yet.I think I'm going to go make grumpy faces in the other room and get off the computer. :P

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Touch switch circuit not working?

Hey, i'm making a touch switch for a USB powered desk lamp, and the touch switch isn't working. The circuit diagram, layout and pictures are below. I used the circuits from the following two websites to design the circuit: the 4th circuit.     I've joined the output of the touch switch to a transistor that should activate the toggle. But the output of the touch switch appears to be constantly on. Can anyone see a problem with my circuit design or circuit?

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How to know if Arduino is working?

I bought the RAMPS and Arduino Mega 2560 and 5 stepper drivers. I plugged in everything to the pc and everything was working perfectly. I installed all my arduino drivers easily. Then at my friends place when I plugged the psu to the mains and turned everything on, 1 of the stepper drivers started smoking from the chip attached to it and got fried. I think it was  due to too much voltage. After a while removing the burnt driver when I connected my Arduino to the pc, the pc does not find its hardware. Only this 1 light stays on and nothing happens. I don't see that there is any physical damage to the board.. but there might be .. I am not sure what to do now.. I want to know if I can check wether the board is still working and how can I connect it to the pc?

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How does this furnace work?

I just bought a "custom crucible furnace" from a local university's surplus department and I have absolutely no idea how to get it working. It is roughly 4 feet in diameter and 4 1/2 feet tall, it has 6 'coils' of metal attached in series with thick ribbon-y cable at the top. The side has a 'band' that sticks out but as far as I can tell it is hollow.From what I can tell it might be an arc furnace that something blew up in and damaged a bunch of the components. I really want to get it working as I've been saving aluminum cans for a long time and scrap metal so my plan now is to just hook up the cables to my arc welder and see what happens :) but if anyone knows anything about it or where I can go to get more info that would be much appreciated!

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Piezo buzzer won't work? Answered

I have a couple of Piezo buzzers that I bought from the Adafruit shop, but when I connect them to a power source, they don't buzz or make any noise... Am I doing something wrong? Or am I not doing something?  Heres the link to the buzzers I have:

Asked by Zem 8 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Led strip section not working?

I got a Led strip and a section of it doesnt light up blue but it lights up green and red. Also any variant that requires blue for a colour shows as that variant, EG Cyan on the one half but green on the side that does not show blue and another example, Purple on the one half but red on the side that doesnt show blue. HELP!

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Will ukulele tuners work for a guitar?

Im making a cigar box guitar, and i have this old set of ukulele tuners i was planning on using, but im a little hesitant. would they be strong enough to take the tension from longer strings? i dont want to accidentally damage my guitar by finding out the hard way... 

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AC Pump Motor Not Working? Answered

I have just come across a free pool pump and hope I will be able to get it up and running.  So far I have had absolutely no luck with it.  The run switch seems to work and so I don't think it is the culprit.  I have even tried two newish capacitors which I know work.  When I plug it in it just hums.  It doesn't throw the breaker so I don't think a short is the problem and it isn't bound up as I can turn it easily by hand.  There is also no sign of twitching as the motor attempts to start.  The overpower protection switch seems to be good and shows continuity across all polls.  The motor itself has continuity where I believe it is necessary so I am at a loss for what could be wrong.  The motor says it is good for 115 volts as well as higher but I would prefer not to shove higher voltages through it if not necessary.  Do any of you have ideas on how I could get this up and running as the pump is in excellent condition and will be useful as a runoff booster pump.

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Transformers, how do they work?

Im trying to make my cheap laptop cooling stand use stand alone power. ie, not using the USB power. i obviously cant wire up that little fan motor to standard 120v. SO, i have this transformer here, i pulled it out of an electric razor. It makes sense that i could use this in my fan project. it has six, now de-soldered, pins, three on each side. how would i wire up the neg and pos of the power supply and the fan to this part? PS. due to my webcam, it make the images blurry. the serial is: 4222 018 47541 SA-0101 If that helps any

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ZVS driver not working effecitently Answered

I have recently made a ZVS flyback driver. I got it working and the sparks are relatively impressive compared to other drivers I have made, but the arcs I'm getting seem a lot lower current and colder than pretty much every video I have seen of the ZVS driver. I used the Mazzilli ZVS schematic, and everything meets the specs in the schematic accept for the inductor which I made from a torroid i found in a PSU by winding about 15 turns of 18 gauge wire around it. the torroid has about a half inch outer diameter. I have a 5 5 primary on the transformer made from 18 awg wire. As it stands The driver is able to produce 20 to 25 kv with a thirty volt input, but the sparks are for the most part purple (not the flame like orange I have seem people get). As I didn't have any lead acid batteries around I just used six lantern batteries in series. I suspect the problem is either the power supply can't provide enough current, but I have measured and it seems to draw about 4 amps when arcing, and from what I understand it should draw about 10 amps and try to do that regardless of the power supply. I also think it could be the inductor is the problem, since it is what provides the constant current to the primary. If anyone knows what the problem could be and how to fix it, I would greatly appreciate your advice?

Asked by Higgs Boson 6 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

Comparator doesn't work as expected? Answered

Hello, I'm having a strange problem with the LT1016 ( When the -input is at 0.630V, and the +input is at 0.555V, and the comparator is fed with 5V, the outputs are because of some reason Q(inverted) = 2.10V and Q = 2.67V 2.67V for Q is just out of specifications (minimum High voltage of the pin should be 2.7V). 2.10V for Q(inverted) is not good as it should be less than 0.3V in it's low state. The "latch enable" pin is grounded. Both output pins are not connected. Why doesn't Q(inverted) go to 0.3V and Q to 3V, as the datasheet suggests? I tested this with another (also new) comparator; also an LT1016, and it behaves exactly the same. Pins: 1 V+ 5V 2 +IN 0.555V 3 -IN 0.630V 4 V- 0V 5 Latch Enable 0V 6 GND 0V 7 Qout 2.67V 8 Qout(inverted) 2.10V Any ideas?

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If you want your orangeboard to work....

You must reject all of your patches. That is right. If you get a single patch, your orangeboard will stop working. Thanks to ~~Killer~safecracker~~ knexsniper1 for this tip. Ps- my orangeboard works now. Feel free to spam the hell out of it.

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What's are some good tools to put in a work bench?

I want to build a custom work bench with with built in tools, but I don't know the most usefull tools to include and what would just be pointless.

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Current Artwork

I am doing this for a friend's wedding. The medium is acrylic paints. The photo is fuzzy and doesn't do it justice. You can't see the skin tone changes and highlights, :( This is my first time painting something like this, it's all mainly guess work (The hair, the skin, etc.) Work in progress. What are you working on?

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The Case for Working With Your Hands

There's an interesting article at called The Case for Working With Your Hands that covers the appeal of getting down and dirty and fixing things with your hands. Instead of getting lost in cubicle land, the author encourages people to get away from alternate universe corporate realities and dive into a world where you can easily see the results of your actions.The trades suffer from low prestige, and I believe this is based on a simple mistake. Because the work is dirty, many people assume it is also stupid. This is not my experience. I have a small business as a motorcycle mechanic in Richmond, Va., which I started in 2002. I work on Japanese and European motorcycles, mostly older bikes with some "vintage" cachet that makes people willing to spend money on them. I have found the satisfactions of the work to be very much bound up with the intellectual challenges it presents. And yet my decision to go into this line of work is a choice that seems to perplex many people. The Case for Working With Your Hands

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how to make a shoe rack?

Asked by jerikokritiko 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

anybody got a simple ,decent plan or idea for a wooden 3 jaw chuck? Answered

Ive been experimenting with a cone in a barrel type concept for opening, closing the jaws, but its not working,i specify wood because metalwork is not my forte niether is my tooling geared for metal.

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How to make easy money for a thirteen year old?

I've thought about working at camps, shoveling snow, etc.  But It's SUMMER and i don't have time to work at a 4 week camp in my 2 months of summer break.  All of my neighbors own lawn mowers, and I live in a quiet place where it's hard selling things. Any suggestions or place ideas for earning a decent amount of money in my free time?  Is there any possible store that will hire a part time thirteen year old?

Asked by rogerrabbit321 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

type of cement for building concrete benches?

I recently bought a bench mold so I could build a cement garden bench   The mold has some delicate designs in it.   I tried using quikrite 5000 and other cements with basic aggregates already premixed, but it did not come out crisp. The designs were pitted by aggregates I think.   I am wondering if a simple Portland cement with only sand would work? I also incorporate rebar as well?

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Time money and creating

I am new to intractable.  I am inspired by the community.  I found it because I had made a creation and I wanted an outlet the share it.  For me creating is one of the most satisfying experiences.  Most other things only get in the way.  I always wish I had unlimited resources and enough free time to create to my heart’s desire.  Today I had a realization that made me feel much better about all of life’s other obligations.  It is the problems in daily life that inspire me to create.  My most recent creation that I shared was a tool box I made for work.  Only because I have work bogging me down did I need this creation.  I am now very happy with the box.  I wish I had more time and money to create but if I did I am afraid I may not have the desire to create.

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does anyone know where i can find a job writing bad jokes? Answered

I am not a funny person, which is bad, but i try really hard to be funny, which is worse. does anyone know how i can make this a profitable venture?

Asked by cyc4015 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

tearing down roof advice

I plan on tearing down my roof with a gas torch cutter, i have included the link to my photo bucket gallery for community advice and input; how does asphalt and concrete react to a high temp torch cutter? will i be cutting through metal plates as well? Edit: thanks all great responses, since i shouldn't be cutting huge amounts of concrete just the paste binding the shingles together it should be feasible?

Asked by tom.selleck 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago