War of the Worlds of the World

Yes, the title is correct. This site has collected cover art for printings of War of the Worlds from the past 110 years from around the world. It's a fascinating collection of artistic interpretations of H. G. Wells' classic book. Some of the aliens are menacing while others are cute and cuddly or look like a Disney character on acid. One lazy artist even put the USS Enterprise on the cover. WTF? War of the Worlds of the Worldvia Core77

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World of Warcraft

I was wondering if anyone here plays World of Warcraft. If you do it would be nice if you posted your realm and charactor down below =p. My guy is a lvl 64 Tauren Druid(resto)on Dark Iron. i level every couple of days so yeah it might have changed.

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Where in the world?!?!

Heres a cool game. I put a close up picture of an random instuctable(I do not own the picture, or claim to own it!) and you guess what it is. This one is fairly easy...

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Mad World

There is a game coming out in March called MadWorld. You get to run around and do rediculously violent things such as impale people with signs. Anybody else getting it? I know I am. Videos of gameplay are on YouTube and GameSpot.

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What in the world is this???

Found in river in florida

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What in the world is this? Answered

I found a metal object. It is cone shaped with a handle.  The cone has something inside that you can turn (from the top) to scrap around the inside.  Measurements of the cone is about 3 inches across bottom and 3 inches tall.  The handle is about 4 inches in length. If you turn the part that looks like a G it scraps the inside. Thanks to anyone smart enough to know. DD

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What in the world are these?

Does anyone know what these are? We purchased a used desk a few years ago, and the other day my husband found a sealed envelope taped up under the underside of a drawer. He opened it and found 10 of these things. We showed them to someone from China, and they did not know what they were and said it is not Chinese. Does anybody know what these are, or what language this is?

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"Hello world"

I appear to be tweeting. Unfortunately, I was beaten to plain old "Kiteman" by some Batman geek, so I am tweeting as KitemanX. Don't expect a constant stream of information, though, since I don't own a smartphone. Later... Dang, I've gained some strange followers - sexy Hallowe'en costumes, protein drinks for golfers, storage in Long Island, and what appears to be a conservative Floridian lobbying group (I don't dress sexy, I hate golf, I live in the UK and I'm randomly liberal). Update: I now have a number of cool followers, including some Instructablers, but I've also gained a random dentist and a Thai tourism company (not to mention the large number of NSFW spammers I've had to block...). Who's *your* weirdest follower?  Or your coolest?

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World Clock Project

The World Clock Project takes a creative look at time. By taking clocks from around the world they're mixing time-zones and still keeping a relative view. It's thought provocative to think about time and how important it is to the human experience. Time is our most valuable currency, it's really the only thing we have. So it's interesting to see how important keeping track of it has been, we've been using Obelisks as sundials for over 5000 years, some of the most ancient artifacts from egypt were built to keep track of time.It's good to see that The World Clock Project is keeping time on our minds. Give it a shot, upload your clock and let us know where it is[http://world clock project upload http://worldclockproject.org/]-bg

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When will the World End?

Will The World End.... I Hear People Say That The World Will End In 2012.....To What I Have Heard They Say That An Astroid Or Something Very Big Will Come Down And Smash The Earth In 2012.. Do U Think That Is True Or Not..Please Relpy, Notify, And Leave A Message About AnyThing Else You Hear Of.....

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Goliath walabi world

New knex coaster in construction. Goliath.

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The world cup-2010

Who's gonna win the world cup? Put your vote down in a comment if yur right at that team wins you get a sub! mm8 bye

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the worlds funniest pictures

These r some funny pics i found on the internet

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FIFA world cup

Who do you guys think is going to win the Fifa world cup next year?

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World's Strangest Vehicles

Let's build some of these!http://www.darkroastedblend.com/2007/10/worlds-strangest-vehicles-part-3.html

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The World Is Going to Explode!

I came here and all of the sudden, the whole design is backwards (which looks like shit by the way). How long has the world been spinning into disaster like this?

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How to rule the world!

Hold "ctrl" and then press "W". You will become all powerful!

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World's Heaviest Motorcycle

Monster bike is world's heaviestA giant motorbike powered by a Russian tank engine has been recognised as the heaviest in the world.It's been dubbed the Led Zeppelin by creator Tilo Nieber, 39, who said: "You don't get much more heavy metal than this."The four-and-a-half tonne machine has driven into the Guinness Book of Records as the heaviest motorbike in the world.It is 17ft 4ins long and 7ft 6ins tall and the engine alone weighs 1.8 tonnes after the armour plating tank cover has been stripped off.The bike, which took a team of welders and mechanics almost a year to build at the Harzer Bike Schmiede in Zilly, Germany, is now hoping for a licence to travel on the road.But in the meantime Guinness Book of Records spokesman Amarilis Espinoza confirmed it was the world's heaviest motorbike.

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wackos around the world

I always wanted to see a wacko do stupid ass crap like be spider man and climb a 50 story building or something like that post videos and all info u dudes ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Competitions - rest of the world...

 Hi, Is there any chance of any Instructable competitions that *anyone* can win? The last 3 competitions that were run were all "US and Canada only". Come on Instructables. Throw us Europeans (amongst others) a bone...

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New to The Microprocessor World

Hello everyone im new to the microprocessor world but trust me im eager to learn! I have been reading every piece of information i can get my hands on about microprocessors. I just wanted to find out what you guys thought the best place to start was for a newbie AVR Possible ? Just wanted some opinions from the best i know if you have any tips or anything also please fell free to post about them thanks so much guys Alex- AKA Zus

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World's Largest Pinata

This record-setting pinata in Philly is huuuge! 94 feet long, 24 feet wide, 60 feet high, and stuffed with 8,000 pounds of candy. Who was the lucky guy to open it? The wrecking ball operator contractor who disemboweled it after plans for a wrecking ball didn't happen. Link via neatorama

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why in the world "ible" ?

It makes me wince when someone uses 'ible in the comments section of an Instructable. It just seems wrong, it doesn't make any sense, and it seems lazy. How did this come about? Who thought it made sense? Why did the A change to an I when someone was lazy and chopped off the INSTRUCT?

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Instructables in World Changing

Instructables was given a very nice mention in Worldchanging: A Users Guide for the 21st Century . Our two pages include 3D chocolate printer made from LEGO, 5pcb (etch your own circuit boards), Autonomous, Self-Assembling Robots, Candle Powered Hot Air Balloon, Canned Applesauce, pedal powered air compressor, and SpokePOV: LED Bike Wheel Images.

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Flugtag world record

Red Bull's Flugtag event is normally an event where the focus is on ridiculous contraptions falling into the water. But sometimes people actually do come up with ideas that actually get them some distance. Here's a video of the new record of 207 feet set by Major Trouble and the Dirty Dixies. For comparison, the second video shows a typical Flugtag launch. via Neatorama

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World Domination for peace ?

Hey, i came up with a great idea and if you wanna support then tell me so. What about if everyone in the world was equal ? everything was free and everyone was rich ? . I was thinking of taking over the world for peace , equality and free things. I know it may seem the funniest and the scammest thing ever but i thing its a great idea. First thing would be that i would destroy all money and then build a big apartment building the size of usa. then everyone can stay in it, it would contain everything you could imagine. Then every day you could go to any place you want for free and when you need something a odder man would come every morning to take your odder and bring things for you from the store house which i am gonna build which gonna have everything you need the size of canada. Sounds cool ehh ? its a great idea. tell me your opinions and ideas.

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The World's Greatest Instructable

I've just been hit with sort of a crazy idea. Feel free to call me names, laugh at my insanity, or point out the problems with my idea; it will probably help relieve your stress, not to mention knock some sense into my head. Here's my crazy idea. What if everyone on Instructables collaborated to build the World's Greatest Instructable? Think about it. Where have you ever seen a larger community of people, specializing in all areas, who love to get things done, meeting together in one place to share ideas and "Show & Tell"? Where have you ever seen a place with 12 year olds who can weld, collaborating with 50 year old electronics professionals? Where have you seen a place where people vote for each others entries in contests and help with suggestions to other peoples entries who they are competing against? This is such a great place I can't help but believe that we would build something more awesome than the world had ever seen. We could all get together and make something spectacular and outstanding. Please, leave your ideas. Thanks.

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When the worlds ends...

I just learned that China's six biggest ports now ship 25 times more goods than the entire planet shipped just a generation ago. A few logical steps later, I found myself wondering; How long could [insert country of choice] last if all international transport (including materials transported via pipes) were suddenly shut off? How far back down the scale of civilisation would your nation slide before it stabilised? Which countries would fare worst? Best? Discuss.

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World Take Over Instructable?

Anybody interested in doing a Collaboration on "theoretical" world take over/domination and world management?

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Calling all World of Warcraft fans and players!

                Hi I want to enter a world of warcraft movie into the bliz con movie contest and I was wondering what programs are used to change the motions and facial expresions of the characters. I need the face to be moving when they are talking but I need to be on Alt-z. (no action bars or anything on screen other than th actual world). PLEASE HELP

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"Castle Cannons" forge world map Machinima

What I've been up to in Halo Reach recently.  Hopefully my machinma skills don't suck even though it's my first time making a video in this format.

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why do world of warcraft always says [login Server Down?

 umm...im trying to figure out why it says login sever down when u login,can u help me pls?thx

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what does every body else think of 21122012 ? is the world gona end ? Answered

Do you guys think the world is going to end on the 21 of the 12 2012?

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How widespread is the knex communtity in the REAL world?

On the internet, it seems every knexer out there is like in the same neighborhood. But really, how far away are we? Post your country! America NYPA-New york shadowninja31-Washington (state) Shadowman39-Tennessee bigdyaln91-Ohio TheDunkis-Minnesota jollex-Louisiana DJ Radio- Louisiana Smilee-Minnesota Killer~SafeCracker-Oklahoma knex_lover-Washington (State) cj81499-New York Canada Seleziona-Manitoba I_Am_Canadian-Manitoba ( Duh) United Kingdom ( do they have states or provences?) Hiyadudez The Jamalan Thailand knex_pls Ireland knex gun builder Austrailia agent harmsy

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Please help me in making the world's smallest shocker.

Can any give me the values and names of the components that PLASMANA used in making the world's smallest shocker. Where I live there are no disposable cameras.

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Hello everyone!

I hope you are all having a good day. Guess who is publishing an instructable soon?

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I hav the oportunity to meet with a ww2 veteran and to aske him questions. What do you think i should ask

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15 World's Biggest Items

No matter what item exists out there, there has to be someone who wants to make the BIGGEST ONE EVER! It's the thrill of holding a world record and just knowing that you have the ultimate form of whatever it is you're obsessing about.After seeing this list of 15 world records, I feel like I should have a record of my own. What low hanging fruit in the realm of the World's Biggest is out there, just waiting to be claimed? 15 of the World's Largest Objects via Neatorama

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Kipkay made PC World

I was browsing through my new December 2007 PC World today, and in the article "Seize the Web" I found pictures of Kipkay's site and several of his videos. I'll try to scan these to get some pictures up, but take a look at the December 2007 issue of PC World, page 110. Congrats Kipkay!

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Vuvuzela filtering for World Cup

The biggest complaint I keep hearing about the World Cup is about the vuvuzelas, plastic horns that get blown for everything and nothing. This makes me almost glad that I'm missing practically every game because of the broadcast times and the fact that my TV only has bunny ears for reception. Well, PopSci has found that some people are fighting back by filtering out the frequencies of the vuvuzelas at 233 Hz, 466 Hz, 932 Hz, and 1864 Hz. It's a good enough trick that it makes me almost want to upgrade my setup so that I can try it out. Simple Software Can Filter Out That Vuvuzela Whine From World Cup Broadcasts

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to take over or not to take over the world

If you could (assuming you can't) take over the world, would you do it? Why or why not?

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How can you live in a world full of lies?

How can we?????

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Javier Fernandez-Han Wins 2009 Invent Your World Challenge

Invent Your World WinnersView more Microsoft Word documents from Youth Venture.http://socialentrepreneurship.change.org/blog/view/youth_taking_action_a_15_year_old_invents_the_futureI acted as a judge for this competition, and the winning Versatile system was of my favorites from among many interesting and thoughtful entries. Congratulations to Javier!At the tender age of 9, Javier Fernandez-Han found his calling: design for the other 90 percent - help the world's poor meet their basic needs sustainably.Several years of research and design have led to an innovative solution: The VERSATILE System - a mashup of new and adapted technology that treats waste, produces methane and bio-oil as fuel, produces food for humans and livestock, sequesters greenhouse gases, and produces oxygen.What drives this complete energy resource system? Algae - the little organism that could.For his work, Javier, 15, won the top prize in this year's Invent Your World Challenge, sponsored by Ashoka's Youth Venture and the Lemelson Foundation.We spoke to Javier about the VERSATILE System and the need for holistic thinking in the invention sector.

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Weekly World News Dies; Bat Boy Captured by the FBI -- Obituraries from Time and The Washington Post

The Weekly World News, home to stories about Bat Boy, Elvis's faked death, and Laundry-eating Space Aliens, closed its doors in late August. While at MIT, my house had a subscription to the WWN that we read right next to the Boston Globe and the New York Times during Sunday morning coffee hours. The WWN was the only paper to be consistently read cover to cover.Check out these obituaries for the WWN. They are positively brillianthttp://www.time.com/time/arts/article/0,8599,1657629,00.htmlhttp://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/08/06/AR2007080601293.htmlI'm pig-biting sad to see it go.

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Minecraft seeds

Does anybody know any good minecraft seeds?

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The end is Here ?

This is an urgent call. I think the world would really come to an end because of the increase in natural disasters around the world. I think the world would certainly come to an end with a huge tsunami. Since the effects of global warming is here, within 5-10 years i am afraid to say that the world would certainly end. So do you think this is possible ? Thats why me and a couple of my friends are thinking of making a safehouse or ship where we could be safe in case of a tidal wave or other natural disasters. The problem is that we do not have any clue of what we are doing. i am thinking of making a anchored kinda ship which could acompany 5 people each. This ships would contain oxygen tanks with supply of about 2 years, food and safe drinking water wit seawater purifer, necesary tools and items, survival supplies and other necesary things. This ship should contain an onboard motor engine which could enable the ship to move in water. This ship should atleast protect the passengers from a big tsunami. It would contain a 5 passenger seating with folding beds and solar panels which could also power the engine and equipments inside. i really wanna build this because it's a fun project and could protect peoples lives who are poor and could not afford to go on a boat or are in low lying areas. So what do you think?

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58 mins ago The Large Hadron Collider Was Activated To Much Whoopee

LHC activate! So far I'm still alive and it appears that that our universe will not be ending. This comes much to the dismay of false prophets everywhere. Though as gmjhowe points out [http://Gizmodo http://gizmodo.com/5047732/large-hadron-collider-why-you-really-wont-die-today] indicates that our time of death may have been miscalculated. Although the beam is active, the collision wont happen till October. We've been bringing you the lowdown on the LHC for a while now. You know there has been some concern that this would be the [https://www.instructables.com/community/Its-the-End-of-the-World-As-We-Know-It-.../ end of the world] due to the creation of black holes. And now the The Large Hadron Collider is activated and ready for collisions. And those crafty CERN scientists have captured our attention like a presidential scandal.-bg

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This is one of those ideas that I came up with yet unfortunately I don't think that I will have the time nor effort to complete it. Yet I would love to see it come into fruition, and that's why I've decided to explain it here. What I would like to see is some crafty individual take the concept of the bristle bot and simply increase the magnitude of the dimensions and make it into a ride-able craft. This also could possibly be entered into the big and small challenge. Any questions that you might come up with I will gladly answer. 

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Around the world in 80 seconds

Here's a fun video by Alex Profit & Romain Pergeaux that travels the world in 80 seconds with a pretty clever way of showing the current location. You can see how it's all done in the end, too. It was done in 3 weeks traveling around the world and is a pretty cool way to document a trip. via kottke

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