Ok 1st - this is like the best contest instructabes has ever done.. 2nd - ...only...people...from...usa...can...friggin...win... 3rd - refer to topic title.... Anyone from UK want to storm America with bear cavalry?

Posted by =SMART= 10 years ago

Is There a Name For This Kind of Stuff?

Where you get audio clips from a video clip, (Like a McDonald's Commercial) and play them in some sort of order to get some sort of song.I totally want to try this: Does anyone know of any free/cheap audio editing programs that will allow me to do this? I can always try just edited the clips with Adobe Premiere, but that might be kinda hard.rgaqghgwyh6j8ukl7rku

Posted by Juklop 10 years ago

why is bacon a keyword

Why is bacon a keyword? and lols thnk you for saluting bacon!

Posted by Colonel88 9 years ago

Vending Machine Pizza WTF?

Food culture is on the skids with this latest assault on your stomach. Buying one of these is basically saying that your body is not a temple but a broken down playground and that you hope that with a little bit more grease you can oil up the swingset for a couple more rides. And if you feel a little sluggish afterwards, there's that handy bit of Red Bull right next to it. Linkvia bbgadgets

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

WTF?!? Caves For Sale On Ebay!

Well, this is big news for cavemen! There are caves for sale on ebay! Click HereCave owner Steve Rush, 49, is auctioning off the Mystic Caverns in the hills of Ozark Mountains on eBay. The 28-acre property in Arkansas includes a gift shop and three caves, two of which are safe enough for visitors.The bidding starts at $899,900 (£568,000), cut from Rush's original asking price of $1.2 million.Rush bought the property near Harrison in 1988 and began giving tours in 1992 to the two accessible caves, Mystic cavern and the Crystal Dome cavern.I found all of this information on metro here: Cave for sale, one careful ownerThis is really amazing, I wonder who is going to win the auction?

Posted by Plasmana 10 years ago

My router is denying me access to the interwebs?

Check out the screenshot, when my connection suddenly stopped and then started back up for no reason. Apon checking the router log, apparently my router is denying me access to a slew of ip addresses. Does anyone have a bloody clue what is wrong with this damn thing? I've seen this before in the logs but thought nothing of it, btw that's 20 pages of denial to ip addresses.

Posted by Punkguyta 11 years ago

Rating problems, Help!!

I don't know what happened, but my Plasma Speaker instructable's rating had dramatically dropped down, and nobody had rated bad! Does anybody have any idea what is going on???

Posted by Plasmana 10 years ago

Rating System

Never mind---just read this if you're bored or something......Canida explained it for me What happened Instructables?! All of a sudden half of the instuctables on this site are boosted up a whole number! My best instructable used to be 4.08 which was very good but now all of a sudden its 5 exactly. I feel the new rating system is too easy and it is making it so every instructable has ratings which are way too high. I cant even sort by rating anymore because there's at least 1,000 instructables that are 5 stars and it doesnt show me the true best instructable of that category! Please fix!

Posted by Electroinnovation 8 years ago

From the future...?

So yesterday, something very weird happened. I just got onto Instructables and went to the forums. While I was glancing through, I noticed something extremely weird. At the right side of every forum, it shows the most previous comment and who wrote it. But look at this picture below... it appears that kelseymh wrote a comment from the future...?!?!?!

Posted by zascecs 8 years ago

Cant see pictures

What the crap instructables???? I cant see frieking pictures on stuff!  It shows the thumbnail but its blank when you click on it!!! FIX IT SOON!!!! Fellow instructable members, Reply if you have the same problem, maybe then instructables will notic somthing wrong.

Posted by gassybeans 7 years ago

some ones going to have to explain this

Hey so far from the understanding i have of furry is its people dressing up and doing each other in animal suits im not trying to affend anyone  just curiosity pushed me to ask and here it from ...a group of furry's im positive theres more to it ;p please get bck to me and excuse my spelling .....to much msn  

Posted by Ervineng 8 years ago


Ok So I tried to get into instructables today but instead got this crazy robot game. As you can see my high score is 0, 1 can you beat my score?

Posted by liquidhandwash 1 year ago


I just visited some air gun dealers site and i learned that they sell air rifles that can go up to 3000psi! I am making an air rifle that i was gonna pump with a air compressor up to 300psi. :( I thaught that 300psi was much!! Wtf?? I mean 300psi is enough to go trough 18mm plywood. Whats 3000psi gonna do??!! Go through a wall?!! Wtf? :( But is there a way for me to pump to a higher psi?? And a other thing. My air tank was this ABS pipe and i was wondering if you could get ABS pipe out of iron. Can you?? PS: I still havent learned how much fps a 300psi is.

Posted by Enzo55 11 years ago

wtf is going on

I just found out that the deathcircle near the empire state building is true and dam my car didnt work there so what do you think we should do to make it easier to get a car to park there. go to shockwave.com for fun and games

Posted by bommber man 10 years ago

Um. What's going on here?


Posted by Perfect Duck 10 years ago

WTF parts

What should we call these parts. I always have trouble coming up with legitimate names. In your comments, please look at the numbering in the screen notes. EX.) 1loose gear, 2 small tireless wheel, 3 funnel, 4 cap gear, etc.

Posted by Mintyhippo 10 years ago

Trojan found....cant delete..wtf?

Renos.y is the name of the trojan that my AV software picked up (trend micro antivirus), but it's unable to delete the Trojan and I can’t open the drive D, E, F. so what do i do now? Maybe I should reinstall my computer and restore the data with EASEUS data recovery wizard or other data recovery programs.

Posted by chris878758 10 years ago

eror 404 comes at random

404 error come at random at www.instructables.com ok boom a 404 comes out of noware WTF?????

Posted by maker12 10 years ago

It's Snowing In the Spring?!

WTF?! It's snowing like CRAZY right now. IN THE SPRING?! It was warm yesterday! Global warming for ya.

Posted by Spl1nt3rC3ll 10 years ago

WTF is up with all these religious questions?

Is it just me, or has there been a rapid increase on the topic of religion and sprituality in instructables. I mean, once is okay, but now it's just starting to get annoying. I mean, if you really want to get into the subject of sprituality, it would make a lot more sense of not posting it in instructables and posting it in a website with a more appropiate catagory.Here....http://answers.yahoo.com/dir/;_ylt=ArvbYTHdow0mKN4PUZg4RY3b7BR.?link=list&sid;=396545163

Posted by IlluminatedAntichrist 11 years ago

WTF!!! Is Spyware attacking macs!?!?!

WTF!!! Is my mac under attack by some spyware!?!?! I really don't know, I was surfing the internet to find out how to hack into parental control (almost same thing as net nanny) that my is going to put on me soon to prevent using instructables so much. The window that I was surfing on just disappeared and the smaller window came up saying my computer is infected by spyware! Then I clicked "cancel", then another window popped up, its antivirus 2009, it had scanned my computer, then is said it has detected some dangerous spyware on my mac computer! Is this really true? Is mac computers beginning to get all the problems like PC always have??? Or is it an error?

Posted by Plasmana 10 years ago

Messed Up Post

I posted a reply to a topic, and it got put way down on the page with older date posts. This was not a reply to another person's comment. WTF? Here is the Topic

Posted by qwertyboy 9 years ago

Oy! Where's the "Collaborate" Thingy for the New Editor?

I've been working on a colaboration, and I've noticed that there's only a "Collaborate" option on the old editor. WTF is up with that?

Posted by KentsOkay 10 years ago

I have no comments posted. (Apparently)

Okay, so basically, when i access my public view page, it says... NYPA has not posted any comments... But I've posted about 700. WTF? -NYPA

Posted by NYPA 8 years ago

HALP! Something is wrong with my Pathfinder....

Something is wrong with my Pathfinder .22 LR, the trigger guard snapped off, and now it...just wont fire!!! HALP The pic is off Google, my computer won't load PICS!!!!

Posted by DrWeird117 10 years ago

WTF resistors

I just got a back of about 130 resistors for a bag of 50 L.E.D's but some of the resistors ive never heard of, there are a few like 100ohm and 560 ohm but now im getting 1m ohm and 4.1Mohm and 100K ohm,1.5K ohm and 1K ohm. Ive never seen resistors like this before, i am very basic in electronics but i took a class at school have have made many many projects but never resistors like this and i only wanted to use them for a few L.E.D's, I dont really know what im asking for in here but i just sapose if anyone has any help or ideas or really anything with these resistors and matching them with L.E.D'S?

Posted by craig3 10 years ago

my site

Hey people, i would like to invite you to see my siteor even subscirbe or leave a comment i would liketo see many subscribers and comments at my sitethanks already,cheers.http://www.freewebs.com/ryyan/index.htm

Posted by ryan knexer 10 years ago

Pretty Trippy Interactive Website

Okay, somehow I stumbled upon this website today, and was in awe on how weird. Just kinda randomly click on people, eyes, earths, pills, heads, hearts, aces, chairs, and ladders; its completely random and has some psychedelic music to it aswell.LINK

Posted by bumpus 10 years ago

Nobody can post on my orangeboard.

I have recently been getting a flood of PM's from people who are not able to post on my orangeboard. I have tried posting myself, but the "add comment" button doesnt work, nor do any of the reply buttons on existing comments. However, I can successfully post on other orangeboards, wtf? I appreciate your help! thx!

Posted by DJ Radio 9 years ago

Super mario weirdness

My Super Mario 64 DS is really weird. First it got it and it was totally fine. The next day my file corrupted ( had problems) and lost all my data! Then i started another file and that did the same thing! Then i started ANOTHER file and still! Then i didn't play it for 2-3 weeks and Poof! my original file is back. WTF?

Posted by NYPA 9 years ago

The Most Useful Machine, Air-Quality Balloons, Bookshelf Bed

The Most Useful Machine Air-Quality Balloons Bookshelf Bed Camera Bean Bag Ten Green Coffee Table Stretch Chainmaille Bracelet Steampunk Bristlebot Ice Cream Pops Cute Pillowcase Shirt Folding Solar Panel Wallbots The Confuzzle PVC Rotor Blades Stitch and Glue Kayak Kentucky Fried WTF

Posted by randofo 8 years ago

Stop bad grammar!

I've been noticing around our community, there are people typing liek ths. WTF is up with that? Nobody understands it, and nobody talks like that in the real world! I mean, really! Nobody would walk up to a friend and say "Dat vid on youtube wus lol rigt?". See how idiotic that sounds?! Now i hope you learn from this, and go type normally.

Posted by NYPA 9 years ago

Serially connect SD or other memory cards?

SO! Is it possible (or plausible) to connect SD cards together in such a way that their memory capacities add up? I have a bunch of old dumb ones that I could probably use as a makeshift drive in an eee PC, but I'd like to make one big huge drive out of them. If it's possible, how would I do that?

Posted by V-Man737 10 years ago

Metal Gear Solid 4 Has 90-Minute Cutscenes

Kotaku: MGS4 Has 90-Minute CutscenesWTF?Hey Kojima, this is a game, not some crap anime show or movie. Tell the characters to shut up already. Jeez.Super long cutscenes...they remind me why I don't buy Japanese games anymore. And that reminds me why I don't buy Japanese consoles anymore.

Posted by Aeshir 10 years ago

Automatic payment but no Pro

I am very frustrated. To the point of telling Instructibles to ....  Well, one more chance.  On Dec. 20th,  Pro membership automatic payment went through my paypal.  Still received "Pro Membership expiring" emails. And then, Pro membership cancelled. Three un-answered emails to service@instructables.com and info@instructables.com over the last month.  Not even a "hey we got your emails and are looking into this".  Nothing.  WTF?  Is there customer support or just mindless robots?

Posted by djbaby 6 years ago

Help (could'nt think of a way to easily describe what I need)

Does anyone know how you could write a program (or If there is one) that would record exactly what you click on your computer then be able to reapeat it over and over again?? the pic has nothing to do with any of this other than its a rad album and you should go buy it oh and wtf w/ this weather its easter and I had to shovel??

Posted by TheCheese9921 11 years ago

Can't Post A New Instructable!

Arghhhhhh......Cannot enter new instructable.  There appears a message on the line down at the bottom of the screen that there is an "error on page".  Any help will be appreciated....I log on, go to SUBMIT, start the instructable by putting title in first text box (and lettering is orange, not black), then move to the introduction which it accepts, but then I cannot move pass this point, and the message noted above appears....so WTF?  More and more bugs, it seems.....come on man!

Posted by Creativeman 7 years ago

War of the Worlds of the World

Yes, the title is correct. This site has collected cover art for printings of War of the Worlds from the past 110 years from around the world. It's a fascinating collection of artistic interpretations of H. G. Wells' classic book. Some of the aliens are menacing while others are cute and cuddly or look like a Disney character on acid. One lazy artist even put the USS Enterprise on the cover. WTF? War of the Worlds of the Worldvia Core77

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

Log in problems

Ok here's the problem, I received my subscription updates and when I click on the link, I am logged out. so I log in at the top of the website, click log in and nothing happens. so I click at the image, it asks me to log in yet again so I do it and it brings me to another screen and I loose the page I was on... if I hit the Back button, it's as though I never logged. WTF is going on? this is very frustrating.

Posted by acexkeikai 8 years ago


I wanted to watch the video on this page, but I have dial-up (it would take forever to load, and I would have to be able to resume it because I wouldn't be able to download the whole thing in one sitting), so I got the link for the file in the HTML and downloaded it separately so I could resume it. I reinserted the local file link to the downloaded file into the HTML of the original page to see if I could get it to play in the "blip" video player.Well, it didn't quite work. And the results that I got almost made me shart my self (s**t and fart at the same time). A low-res 8 second video that displayed the words "are you afraid of the dark" while a camera went through tall grass (typical horror movie setting), with the sound of a heart beat in the background. Yes, it scared the hell out of me, although, after watching the movie in a very small screen so nothing in it would actually make me shart myself this time, I couldn't discern any objects or otherwise likely scary things.Yes, holy shat. What the blam just happened? Mind you this was a week ago.

Posted by Aeshir 11 years ago

WTF is going on here??

(Gave up yesterday, so the news are a few hours old...) For a few hours now I really struggle to leave a reply, create a new topic or simply navigate the site. The robot invites me to a game, which might be fun at other times but not when you think you might want to leave a reply to a topic. I understand that updates and changes need servers to be offline for a while and also that some tasks might cause a bad response at those times. What I don't understand however is why noone bothers to consider to make an announcement about works to affect the site for more than let's say 30 minutes. Even if it is night time or some other time where everyone in the states is asleep: Instructables is well used and visited from other timezones around the globe.... If I update the forum sections, or recent answers (or any part of Instructables for that matter) I should see a popup that notifies about server works or other disruptions so I won't bother trying to post something in that time which in many cases will mean I loose what I just typed. Or better still: Send an Email to all members and inform them about planned or sheduled works. Can't be too hard to do can it? As said, the robot is nice but will only show once it is too late ;)

Posted by Downunder35m 11 months ago

A fun music game (explaination of the title is on the bottom)

Title: Deeez Nuuuts The premise of the game: 1. Turn your MP3 Player or Music Program to random. 2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer. 3. You HAVE to use the title of the song that shows up. 4. Put any comments in brackets *[ ]* after the song name. 5. Send this at least 10 friends. 6. Anyone receiving this message has to do the same, and if they don't, then they're obviously Communists. 1. If someone says, “Is this okay?” you say Intro- Soulja Boy 2. How would you describe yourself? Do the right thang- Ludacris 3. What do you like in a guy/girl? Ain't I- Young LA 4. How do you feel today? Can't believe it- Tpain 5. What is your life’s purpose? Don't get mad- Soulja Boy 6. What is your motto? Crack a bottle- Eminem [nice motto lol] 7. What do your friends think of you? Can't tell me nothing- Kanye West [am I really that bossy?????] 8. What do you think of your parents? Big Poppa- Notorious BIG ([awl] 9. What do you think about often? Undisputed- Ludacris [wtf] 10: What do you think of your best friend? Kiss Kiss- Chris Brown [WTF??????????] 11. What is 2 + 2? Last of a dying breed-Ludacris ft. lil wayne 12. What do you think of the person you like? Mrs. Officer- Lil wayne [nah] 13. What do you want to be when you grow up? Holiday- Green day 14. What will you dance to at your wedding? Go DJ- Lil wayne [ok then, the song's great lol] 15. What will they play at your funeral? Party like a rockstar- Shop boyz [wtf????] 16. What is your hobby/interest? My name is- Eminem 17. What is your biggest fear? Bapes- Soulja boy [roflololol] 18. What is your biggest secret? Pass it to Arab- Soulja boy 19. What do you think of your friends? Crank dat batman- pop it off boyz 20. What will you Title This Note? Deeez Nuuuts- Dr. Dre (ROFLOLOL) #20 is why the title is like that.

Posted by DJ Radio 8 years ago

Homemade un-breakable glass???

Ok, so there's a hurricane coming, and my friend said he's taping his windows. so i'm like: wtf is taping your windows? and he says covering your windows in tape makes them more durable to shattering, if you use masking tape. Masking tape? he said it was some trick that was very well known... he called me an idiot... i got all confused why he expected me to know... i argued why i should know, then he hung up, and got all pissed at me for some wierd reason...so i just need to know: what's the deal with this trick i've never heard of?

Posted by AnarchistAsian 10 years ago

Help needed for english in a lab

I need some help with english in connection with scientific work in a lab and things like that. I am able to speak english nearly fluent in normal conversation but on special subjects i am lost. I am studying chemistry and a few days ago, when i had to talk to a lab assistant, who didn't speak german(my native language), I thought something like 'WTF is that thing called where you store volatile compounds and where you do the experiments etc.'. It would be nice, if you could tell me some words for common lab equipment and phrases that are essential in a chemistry lab, especialy for the case that something goes wrong. (well of course i also need a short explanation if the meaning isn't obvious) Thanks in advance.

Posted by Arano 7 years ago

Noobie Computer Building Resources/Info?

I was shoppin around for a computer when it hit me (following is a transcript of my brain activity pertaining to thought that hit me ) "Hly crp dees comps pricy me broke : ,( ... WTF wats i need buy4? il just build me an awesome comp,butw8, how u build 1? me no remebr!! me knows! Ibles!!!! yes ask ibles, ibles knows ask ibles mm growlie hungry need food yum food oh look girl no no look girl they slapy ouchie food must hav food computr mm good ..." (yes thats really how my brain works) Assuming you probably didn't understand that, I decided I'll just build a computer instead of buying one. Anyone know of good books/resources for a noobie computer builder?

Posted by KentsOkay 11 years ago

Ugh I need help with buying stuff... No it's not about getting the money.

So I worked some odd jobs and saved up enough cash to buy a T-shirt that I've really wanted to buy.  However, it's only available online, and I only have dollar bills.   The problem is that I need a credit card of sorts to buy stuff online, and I can't get a card at the bank due to the fact that I'm a minor according to my bank. Mom says she won't let me use her card unless I do some more work for her (WTF?), just using it and then giving the cash to her to reimburse isn't good enough.  The site I wish to buy from does not have any giftcards or any store cards or anything like that. Any ideas?  

Posted by DJ Radio 8 years ago

operational amplifier

I need someone that can tell me what an operational amplifier is. ive been googling these shenanigans for the better part of a day and cant seem to find anything other than technical diagrams. i just want to know, generally, what they do, what theyre used for, and where i would find one inside something in my house. im actually really pissed off right now, every page ive read tells me how important they are, and exactly how they work, and that they are used "in a wide variety of electronics", and that they have "nearly infinite uses" but no one seems to say "hey, here's where you might be able to find one, and here's what it will be doing" anyone got any answers to this. and so help me god, if i see any schematics posted with that little triangle that ive been staring at all day, i might set someones house on fire. (not mine, of course....but someones.....)

Posted by justin.jackson 10 years ago

I, Skunkbait, am a Moron!

Ok, I'm not really a big "chat guy". Occasionally I have to look up acronyms to know what you kids are saying. I know LOL, WTF, STFU, and IMHO, but a few others just go over my head. So today I looked up FTW. You have to understand, that even though I am a pretty conservative Christian, I'm hardly "sheltered". Basically, I come from a biker background, and amoung us folks FTW means.... Well, you know. ANyway, When I saw Adrian Monk (usually such a good girl) use the acronym FTW the other day, I was dissapointed with her. I thought she needed her mouth....uh keyboard washed out with soap! ANyway, I looked it up and now I know better. Sorry I ever doubted your squeaky clean image Adrian!

Posted by skunkbait 10 years ago

I've disabled adblock plus on instructables.com and I still dont get my favorite button back. WTF

Ok I've added Instructables.com to my adblock plus whitelist and still zero favorite button.  This new bullcrap where you disable this functionality is irritating.  I have to copy and paste every single link that I want to favorite into another web browser just so that I can favorite things.  Please just stop being jerks about this because I really like your site and I like to promote it to people I know when I see some good things.  But this is down right frustrating.  Alot of people never ever even install adblock most of the people who i know dont even understand that ads can even be blocked to begin with.  So you're punishing your more savvy viewers that likely wouldnt be clicking the ads in the first place?  Wow thats jerkish.

Posted by chamunks 6 years ago

No Help System

Does a REAL online help system exist on this website?  I mean as on any real application program you may be familiar with.  Does it exist and if not why not?  This site is mature enough that it should have a resource which anybody can go to to answer the question " How should work?" or "Does exist?" Up until now the only semblance to "HELP" I have seen is a forum where we all talk amongst ourselves and maybe somebody may throw in a nugget of real fact or wisdom.  But nothing where I can go to get any authoritative information. Why should I have to wait (days/weeks) for a reply from the general hoipaloi instead of getting a (relatively) immediate answer to a simple question? In fact I have been a member for 14 months now and just today is the first mention of the word "staff" have I found.  Staff??  No one in the forum is identified as "staff"! It seems as though no one is running the place. WTF?  Why no real HELP!

Posted by BasinStreetDesign 7 years ago