line-x price? Answered

I had an idea for a house building process involving the use of line-x, however, i cannot find it's price anywhere, so i would like to know how much does it cost to apply a layer of it on a wall per m2. Also, does it take any special equipment to apply it or just any spray paint gun?

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X-Ray Polaroids

Here's a good use of old radioactive material. Use it to expose Polaroid film to create some ghostly images of old items.Why would anyone do this? The author puts it out there pretty clearly:For some time I've been fascinated with the idea of reproducing these types of images in my home lab without great cost and with relative safety. As a collector of radioactive minerals and other ephemera, I decided that I wanted to use naturally radioactive materials as the source for my 'penetrating rays' rather than an amateur electrical x-ray machine setup.Polaroid film is readily available and it develops itself. However, a workable technique needed to be developed. How to expose the film for hours or days without the need for absolute darkness? How would I develop the film reliably after an exposure was made?The answer came from Kevin Clark of the Yahoo group, "GeigerCounterEnthusiasts". It was here that Clark explained his simple, yet reliable, technique for creating inexpensive Polaradiographs.Items you'll need: 1. A Polaroid SX-70, Type 600, or Spectra camera 2. A package of unexposed Type 600 or Spectra Polaroid film 3. One metal cookie tin at least six inches in diameter 4. A few sheets/roll of aluminum foil 5. Radioactive materialThat radioactive material can include:- Old, unused lantern mantles- Salt substitute or certain rock salts (Potassium Chloride)- Vaseline glass (plates, cups, or marbles)- Fiestaware plates and dishes- Welding rods- Old camera lens or vintage prescription eyeglasses (look for yellowed or browned optical glass)- Uranium ores and minerals- Exempt, unlicensed radioactive calibration sources- Radium containing clocks, watch hands, compasses, dials, and gauges- Tritium gunsights and keychain fobsCheck out the site itself for the full story. It's a good read with plenty of information about the history of x-ray photography.via Neatorama

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X Marks the Spot

Many of you will know about International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Some of you will know that there's a national election in the UK soon. In the UK, Captain Tom has lost a bet, and has to stand for parliament. Why should this interest us as Makers? Because he is going to fix Broken Britain by sending a free roll of duct tape to every home! Excellent - #2 Son is desperate to turn 18 to vote for him. Have a look at his campaign site.  London-based readers can help with his nomination. Vote for Cap'n Tom! He has policies. He has experience. He has a duck on his head.

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Does Germ-x burn? Answered

I found a bottle of germ-x lying in a play ground.Will it burn?I noticed that it says"active ingredient:63% ethyl alcohol. Thanks,bylerfamily

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Fake X-RAY Exhibit

Hello all I wanted to know if anyone has an idea about cameras that have an X-RAY application. I am building a kids hospital for a museum and we want a play X-RAY machine. I thought that there may be a camera with an app that you can take a picture of someones hand, leg, face ect. and then it would alter the photo to look like a bone visible photo. Any ideas? Thanks

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2 x lm386 Speakers? Answered

Is it possible to make speakers that use two lm386 IC's in order to power 2 speakers or is it possible to to just use one lm386 IC. If so for either can somebody please show me a simple circuit or point me in the right direction.

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PS3 or x-box 360

This is my situation: 1. My best friend lives right next to me and owns a 360. I can go an play his all the time. 2. The price is not important (I've saved up) 3. I don't have an HDTV 4. I want the best graphics Which console should I buy? Will the PS3 come out on top in a year or so?

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X-CTU not detecting xBEE?

I am trying to communicate between two xBEEs. one xBee is connected via the xBee explorer shield to COM9 in to my laptop and the other is conncected to the arduino uno via the xBee shield ( ) to COM 17. I am using xBEE Series 2. Now the xCTU detects the xBee connected via the explorer; however it doesnt not detect the one connected via the shield to arduino. It just says Arduino Uni (COM17) in xCTU. and whn I try to rest it it says 'Unable to open com port'. I have moved both the jumpers on the other pins on he USB side, but still no luck. I have tried all the combinations but it doesnt work. Can someone help me with this problem please? :(

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Home-X does Mouse Taxidermy

James Powderley's Home-X class had a mouse taxidermy session using my taxidermy Instructables. They made some great mice! Pictures here and here and here. They also learned to knit, solder, and do some chemistry; textbooks include the Cartoon Guides to Chemistry and Physics. Doesn't this sound like awesome fun? Check out the course description:Welcome to the Disruptive Home Economics class at Parsons New School for Design. To the initiated, the class is called Home X. The goal of this class is to expand our ability to make things at home, whether for entertainment, expression or survival. Home X will take us all through the center and to the fringe of what it means to make-it and do-it-yourself. We will start by making or modifying existing DIY and How-to projects and studying the way other makers solve problems and create documentation. Over the course of the semester, we will get hands-on experience researching, designing, documenting and sharing our own DIY projects. We will take a generalist's approach and gain experience with a wide range of mechanical, electrical, computational and chemical processes. We will combine novel tools and materials with common ones and build projects for ourselves as well as tools for others. Along the way, we will also look at the way cultural and historical contexts influence the technologies we make and use, as well as the implications of open source production by the masses. Students will be encouraged to release their work as openly and widely as possible and to experiment with traditional and contagious distribution of their projects.More info hereAs they say in Home-X: D.I.Y till you R.I.P.

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You might have seen Adrian Monk's Superheroes are real thread, which was about people who don half of a superheroes arsenal- "The costumes", and go off to take crime in with their own mortal hands.Now, that's nice and all, normal people doing extraordinary things. But, wouldn't you rather see Extraordinary people doing extraordinary things? I mean, they are really better suited for such things.....Well then, here are 7 People From Around the World With Real Mutant Superpowers .Some language might be NSFW, so be cautious. This is an extremely funny article.Also, I found out that #3, Yves Rossi a.k.a. Jet-man, (Who you just might have heard of.... ) has his own website:!!

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Will a 700 x 28c-32c bike tube fit my 700 x 35c tire? Answered

I bought a spare tube with my new bike, and just noticed that it's not quite the right size, but I don't know a lot about bike tires. My tire says 700 x 35x My spare tube says 700 x 28x-32c Thanks

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how to build a x-ray view box?

I would like to build a x-ray view box. I think it is similar to a light box for photography.

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Help developing a Kodacolor-X roll of film?

I have a roll of Kodacolor-X Color Negative film, and I know that they won't develop this in a normal lab with the rest of the C-41 rolls, so I need some help. All the information on the roll is read as: Process C-22 Kodacolor - X DAYLIGHT OR BLUE FLASH CX 135-20 ASA 80 - 20 DIN 20 EXPOSURES 24 x 36mm Does anyone know a way or a place I can get this process C-22 developed? Please let me know. Thanks!

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How to connect a landline to Mac on OS X?

---The Problem---- I've searched high and low for something that will allow me to connect my normal landline (see links at bottom of post) to my MacBook Pro (2.16GHz core 2 duo, on OS X Snow Leopard).  The landline is my work landline, so I can't change it. I really just want to connect it to my Mac through its "To TEL" port, which according to the manual is for connecting phones in parallel. The minimum I want to be able to do is get audio from the landline to my computer's speakers and audio to it from my computer's speakers. My goal is to be able to work handsfree on my computer while I type. I'm not keen on a headset for the landline because I hate cables and get tangled up while I type. If I get my voice routed through to the phone through the Mac's microphone and sound to come out through my speakers from the caller's voice I'd be jumping for joy. I'd be rocketing for joy if through some way I managed to use an AppleScript I found (see links at bottom of post) to dial out of AddressBook to the landline. That would be tres cool, but that'd be me getting greedy. ----What I've been able to find out (I'm pretty clueless)------ PCs can do this with an RJ11 to USB adapter. There are rumors that the DLink DPH-50U works with OS X with a driver no one can seem to find. Apple stopped making their USB external modems, which didn't cater for voice anyway. I'm willing to buy stuff to make something if I need, although if it comes to writing drivers I'd need a lot of direction. ----The question----- Does anyone have any clever ideas on how to solve the problem? ----Links------ My landline manual: AppleScript to dial from AddressBook:;=10 Most thankful in advance for any ideas!

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24 x 24 LED Matrix Project

I would like to share with you all an awesome project and some doubts and questions related to the same. This is a 24 x 24 LED Matrix project taken from here. All the data is taken from the same link. 24×24 LED dot matrix -->   This is pretty old circuit but I found it interesting to describe here. 24×24 LED display is formed by using 9 8×8 Dot LED matrix displays, that are connected to AT90S2313 MCU. MCU scans an indicator lines in series. Special PC program is written which allows drawing images on screen and transfer them via COM port to device. You can send images in series what gives an animation effect.   Circuit is was built using obsolete AT90S2313 MCU which can be replaced by Attiny2313 MCU with minor modifications of firmware. To make program work you event don’t need to connect device to computer COM port. You can store images in other master MCU EEPROM memory Each received byte from UART is immediately sent to 8 LEDs, second byte to next 8 LEDs and so on. Bytes has to be sent one by one without delay. USART is working at 115200 baud, 8bits, no parity. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE PROBLEMS >1>I really dont know if the circuit is good or not tell me if it is going to work. >2>I cant get 8x8 dot matrix displays so i am going to normal leds to a 24x24 one. >3>I have never worked with bus before (the bold red lines in the circuit) so i dont know how to connect it. >4>The schems are segmented i am finding it hard to figure out how to connect some of the segments. >5>Also i need to know how to hook it up to my pc. >6>I have never done programming so i need to know how to program the ic. THANK YOU I couldnt get the images uploaded nicely so i linked them. 1 2  

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How to make a MDF cube (6 sided, fully enclosed)? 600mm x 600mm x 600mm

Hi im wanting to make a cube out of MDF, i plan on making the cube and then taking it to a glaciers to cover it in mirrors (all 6 sides). i seen one in a home decor shop and it cost £650!! im sure to make it myself wouldnt be too hard and a lot going to be using it as a side table with a lamp on so it doesn't need to open or anything, just literally a cube fully enclosed.i have included a picture of how i want the cube to look. the measurements i want is 600mm x 600mm x 600mmcan someone tell me how i would do this please?i was thinking of taking the MDF and having it cut professionally, each side 600mm but ive now read that wouldnt work as some sides will need to be shorter..any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Is it legal to run Mac OS X in Windows on Virtualbox?

Just wondering cuz i was thinking a bout doing this.

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What's the difference between Christmas and X-mas? Or is there none? Answered

What I said above.  Also, if there is no difference, then why do they come up with "X-mas" as a name anyways?

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2 x Sports bike Motocycles & v4 engine

Here is 2  Sports bikes and a v4 engine i made.

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Hammerhead Urban X-699 coming out in December

The Hammerhead Urban X-699 is a paper airplane that are toughter than the Hammerhead Urban S-493. It's also a 2nd generation Hammerhead paper airplane and the changes bettwen the 1st generation, is the front is now wind and wall bounce tip and the back has a bit of change as well and that is the more tips! [If you don't know what it mean, wait till December.]

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Ideas for school X-mas holiday shop items? Answered

Out elementary school has a holiday shop ever year, when the kids get to buy items for their families. (.25-$1) I want to make some items to donate, but I am overwhelmed with ideas. They should be simple, cheap, and should only take 10 minutes (or less)  or so to make each. I can sew, crochet, paper crafts, etc.    Ornaments? Bags? Toys?  Thoughts?????

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Difference between all the X,Y and Z axes?

Hello, I am new here and only registered to get access to a CNC build which I really like. Now m questions is, as I look at so many of the builds, what defines the axis? Some use Z to go up and down, others mentioned it being the Y-axis, even saw a few saying X. Is it up to the builder or up to the software? Kind regards, Red

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2 x Pro Year Membership Giveaway! (CLOSED)

WINNERS: 1. Dr. Richtofen - Reason: I think his reasons for wanting the Pro membership were very thoughtful and kind. I agree with his reasons why he deserves it and I think I do myself. SO yeah, congrats Dr. Richtofen, I'll be PMing you with the membership code. 2. ~KGB~ - Reason: I believe the fact he is willing to post more Ibles as it would get him kickstarted, his previous instructables were of a high quality and it would be nice to have more of them on the site. I also think he deserves it as he has been a big community member and will continue to be one. I'll be PMing you with the membership code. Hey guys, Hiyadudez here! You may (or may not) be thinking, jeez, this guy hasnt been active in a long time! Well thats cause I havent. A while ago I sold my Knex and I slowly ran out of ideas for instructables and innovation. I am sad to say I still wont be very active, HOWEVER, I will try and post some Instructables when I feel like sharing something Ive made with you guys :3 So anyway, onto the reason why you all actually came to read this topic. Basically, I have 3 pro memberships and I want to give 2 away, and I want to give something to the community, I feel I want to give something back to you all when you were all so nice and supportive when I was active, also it would make me feel good inside by giving it away, and Im sure it would make someone else feel good inside too (: So basically to be eligible to get one of the memberships, just comment below, telling me; A. Why you would like a membership? B. Why you deserve a membership? C. How would you feel if you got a membership? I will choose the top 2 reasons for wanting the memberships on April 15th so be sure to answer by then! Also please note, if you already have an existing pro membership, you will not be eligible as I would like to give other people the chance to get one! Thanks guys. And good luck.

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Arduino Compatible Component Basic Element Starter Kit

- Great Arduino kit for  beginners. Makes a great basis for a robotics or electronics Instructable. Perfect for kids who want to catch the electronics bug.  - Package includes: 1 x Arduino duamilanove - 1 x Development expansion board - 1 x Mini breadboard - 1 x Breadboard - 1 x Acrylic plate - 1 x LED emitter kit (red / green / yellow; each 5pcs) - 2 x Buzzer - 4 x Push button switch - 2 x Seven segments display - 2 x Mercury switch - 3 x Light dependent resistor - 1 x Adjustable resistor - 1 x Flame sensor - 1 x Infrared receiver - 1 x Resistor kit (200ohm / 1K ohm / 10K ohm; each 10pcs) - 1 x LM35 temperature sensor - 1 x USB cable (48cm) - 65 x Breadboard cable (8~22cm) - 1 x 9V battery - 1 x Battery slot - 1 x Remote control (1 x LR1130 / included) - 2 x Storage case (1-large / 1-small) - 1 x Software CD

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Problem #3

3: Find xSolution: x = 5a2 + b2 = c2a=3b=4c=x32 + 42 = x29+16 = x225 = x2sqrt(25) = x5 = xx = 5:-)

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Is it possible to get hard maple as a 4" x 4" or 2" x 4"? Answered

I'd doing a project which requires a 4" x 4" x 24" piece of hard maple. If 4" x 4" doesn't exist or is very hard to get, a 2" x 4" would be ideal as well so I don't have to layer 4 1" x 4" pieces, i am just not sure of its availability

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Math Problem Answered

What will be the equation for y for the following graph? y=5, x=0 y=4, x=1 y=3, x=2 y=2, x=3 y=1, x=4 y=0, x=5

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active x will not down load.

Active x will not down load I need this to use the updates for xp ie7.

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How can i make my wireless x-box 360 controllers work for x box arcade?

I bought x box controllers online for my kids. Now they tell me I bought controllers for X box 360 while what we have is X box Arcade.....(as if I know the difference),

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How do u make an x-box 360?

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How to make a own 5 X AA battery holder?

Hi guys, I have tried looking around to buy a 5 x AA battery holder but unable to find one. As such, how can I make my own 5 X AA battery holder? I have a 4 x AA holder and a 2 x AA holder.. Is there any way to combine this two and make it a 5 x AA holder? Or can I use a 6 x AA holder and modify it to a 5 x AA holder? Thanks for your inputs.

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Whoever can figure out why this doesn't work gets virtual 1337. Answered

A=x a+a = a+x 2a=a+x 2a-2x=a+x-2x 2(a-x) = (a-x) 2=1 No clues, it's very simple, and anyone familiar with their internets should find a humorous surprise within the solution.

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How can I make Germ-X that looks and smells the same?

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How do I construct a megaman x zero costume?

How can I construct a Megaman X Zero costume for cosplay?

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Want to Learn to Make a Wooden X for the ends of a Coffee Table?

I want to make a Coffee Table that has an "X" at both ends, between the Top and Bottom Shelf, please provide some guiden how I can accomplish that  :-)  and thank you in advance for all your assistance and instructions

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CNC stepper motor controller for USB-with a MAC OS X? Answered

Does anyone know how to make a CNC stepper motor controller for USB-with a MAC OS X?thank you!?

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What Can I Build With One "2 x 4"

Ok so i'm taking a woodshop course, and our next project is to make something out of "one 8ft 2x4" pretty much the only thing that can be used is the "2x4". Does anyone have any ideas?

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Star wars X-wing vs. Tie fighter help

Hi, I'm trying to run the game on windows vista 32 bit and It wont load and I need help!!!!!!!!!!

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Connecting to x box live - Cant connect?

Ive managed to set up my eldest sons x box to x box live with no problems at all but cannot get my youngest sons x box to connect. Ive put in the code for the router. Ive got a netgear router which is password protected. Has anyone got any ideas what I should do?

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Cutting and re-wiring X-mas LED garlands (not strips) Answered

Hi, Has anyone had to deal with cutting LED Christmas garlands into shorter pieces and then rewiring-powering them? What should I keep in mind when doing so? As far as my electrical knowledge goes I should first inspect the voltage which is provided by a standard converter already on a garland and then measure the voltage with the load (garland) on in several spots to determine a single LED voltage drop. Then cut the garland to desired lengths and power it with appropriate converters. Is this right? What I don't understand completely however is the voltage drop. Given that this is a series circuit and the voltage(resistance) sums up - should I add all the single LED drops to find out the total drop and therefore subtract that from my supply voltage to find out the LED working voltage? Oh, and maybe I am simply wrong about the circuit being in series? Thanks! Raitis

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Need help with Xcode Answered

Okay so I'm new to Xcode and programming so this question may seem very stupid. Here's my code. Basically the problem is that I can't get decimal numbers to print out... I know it' s really stupid. If you go to the bottom you will see "x = x - 0.1;" and instead of printing out that number - 0.1 it prints it out the number  - 1. It's not even close to done but I would really appreciate some help! Here's my code int main(int argc, char * argv[]) {     @autoreleasepool     {         int number;         int x;                         NSLog(@"squareroot program!");         scanf("%i" , &number;);                         x = number/2;                 if(x * 2 == number)         {         NSLog(@"%i", x);                 }         if( x != number)         {             x = x - 0.1;                     }         NSLog(@"%i", x);     }     return 0; }

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7/4 x 16/14?

Using cancelling

Asked by kcardenas 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

can i build a 4' x 8' x 5'' expanded polystyrene coated with stucco?

It needs to be able to withstand 90 mph. it will be fastened between two posts

Asked by narelmr 8 years ago

Why does X stand for kisses ? Answered

Each time I receive a letter, there's in X on it. I now it means kisses but why ?

Asked by Quest for Questions 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

can any one make a working k'nex x-wing?

Asked by darlarshannon 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Can Automator run on Mac OS X Jaguar?

I have an old iMac DV (2000) which has Mac OS X Jaguar on it. Can I copy the Automator program from another Macintosh running Mac OS X Tiger onto my iMac and run it?

Asked by erikals 8 years ago

can i build a 4' x 8' x 5'' sign from expanded polystyrene covered with a stucco coating?

It will be fastened between two posts. it needs to be able to withstand 90 mph wind load?

Asked by narelmr 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago