Can an xbee send live video streaming? Answered

Well, the header says it all. SKC

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How can I use xbee to transmit the data from a cat 5 cable? Answered

I want to wirelessly system link me and my friends Xbox.  I believe since it is Xbox I would only need four wires from the cable, the data1 - and +, and data2 - and +.  Is this true?  If so how many xbees would I need?  If not, how could I do this?

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Arduino xbee coding using 2 button as transmitter and 10 led as receiver?

 For the turn signal code, there is a receiver and transmitter  For the transmitter code, I want to set 2 button  When I trigger left signal , Left LEDs will turn on and press again will turn off  When I trigger right signal , right LEDs will turn on and press again will turn off  When press both button both signal of LEDs will turn on and press again will turn off  For the receiver, I would put 5 LEDs on the left and 5 LEDs on the right  The light would turn on when the buttons are trigger, to have left, right and stop signal I want to code to be quite similar like but not using arduino lilypad but arudino uno and xbee Does any one know how to do this coding and schematic, please help thanks!!

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how xbee serial work?

Hello i read ultrasonic sensor serial connected to arduino but when i connect xbee between sensor and arduino and i configur my and dl matching and same id what i need to config else i work on 3,3v what i need to do to make it same as i read direct from sonar . this is my code reading from sonar and convert to distance ,i need same work on 2 xbee between sonar and arduino. #include SoftwareSerial mySerial(8, 9,true); // RX, TX int BW=4; char *buffer; byte x; char array[3]; int counter=0; void setup() {   // put your setup code here, to run once:   // set the data rate for the SoftwareSerial port   Serial.begin(9600);   mySerial.begin(9600);   pinMode(BW,OUTPUT);   digitalWrite(BW,LOW);   delay(250);   Serial.println("Calibrartion Cycle ");   delay(150); } void reading(){   mySerial.println(1); while (mySerial.available()) {    x= mySerial.readBytes(buffer,1);    if(*buffer==0x52){    x= mySerial.readBytes(buffer,1);    array[0]=*buffer;    x= mySerial.readBytes(buffer,1);    array[1]=*buffer;    x= mySerial.readBytes(buffer,1);    array[2]=*buffer;    } } delayMicroseconds(220); } void loop() {   // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:   reading();   int Final_inch=(array[0]-48)*100 + (array[1]-48)*10 +(array[2]-48) ;   float Final_cm=Final_inch*2.54;   Serial.print(Final_inch);   Serial.println(" Inch ");   Serial.print(Final_cm);   Serial.println(" cm ");   delay(200); }

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Arduino Xbee's only communicate with another Xbee connected to your computer? Answered

I guess I just haven't looked into this very far, but I thought Xbee's could communicate with a wireless router.  So basically, for an xbee to communicate with the cloud my computer needs to be on with another xbee plugged into it?  And if I want constant communication, my computer needs to be on 24/7?

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How can I make an app to control a Xbee? Answered

I want to know if there is a method for me to make an android app that can control a Xbee, Or is there any Xbee app maker. I basically want my smartphone to control the Xbee.

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Xbee/ Arduino help?

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is there potentiemeter i can control its value by arduino?

Hello i need to have potentiometer to control its value between 1k - 4k  using arduino ,is there decive that make this

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Does Xbee work under water? Answered

Does anyone know of the range of Series 1, 1mW Xbee modules under water or if that even works? If not would a 60mW one work? And we are assuming that the Xbee does not get wet or anything like that and is in full working condition.

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X-CTU not detecting xBEE?

I am trying to communicate between two xBEEs. one xBee is connected via the xBee explorer shield to COM9 in to my laptop and the other is conncected to the arduino uno via the xBee shield ( ) to COM 17. I am using xBEE Series 2. Now the xCTU detects the xBee connected via the explorer; however it doesnt not detect the one connected via the shield to arduino. It just says Arduino Uni (COM17) in xCTU. and whn I try to rest it it says 'Unable to open com port'. I have moved both the jumpers on the other pins on he USB side, but still no luck. I have tried all the combinations but it doesnt work. Can someone help me with this problem please? :(

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i m trying to make a hexacopter with arduino interfacing question can that xbee copter be controlled by android?

I have a arduino,2 xbee,xbee shield,xbee adapter to connect it to pc or android

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Xbee direct input - without arduino

Hello! I recently purchased two XBee Series 2 modules for a personal project. I did everything I wanted with the arduino connected directly to the sensor but I want to try remote signal processing. I want to connect an analog sensor (or digital) to one of the XBee's pins and with the other Xbee connected to an Arduino , where I want to process data from the sensor. All the examples found on the net are made with XBee Series 1 but I hope someone still managed and XBee Series 2. I would be interested configuration made ​​with x-ctu or terminal. Thank you!

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video over xbee

HELP I am constructing a airplane drone with rc capibilitys. I am wondering if there is a way to send video long range with high power xbees. if possible could someone post an instructable on it? Im shure it would help many people. also cost is a factor over the price of the xbees there shouldent be much more cost.

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how to control a car with arduino and a wifi shield

Hi,,  i'm trying to make a project and i wanna know what things i need... i want to control a car from my pc with an arduino using wifi,, i've been looking for a while a there are some options about the wifi, i have an arduino uno smd edition i don't know if it is compatible whit those wifi modules i saw,  one of them was the  wifly and other the xbee.. i saw the xbee was cheper, so i'm interested in that one, but i'm not sure if that is all i need, i mean the wifi module and a shield to put over the arduino to comunicate themselves...   sorry for my way to express i'm a rookie in this and i really wanna learn some of this stuffs so, if someone could help me a little a really apreciate it, thanks for reading....

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is there a way to communicate with the quadcopter using a xBee module that is operated by an iPhone?

I am trying to make a quadcopter. I want it to be controlled by an iPhone rather than an RC radio transmitter. One way I found was to use a xBee module that can take the wireless signal and then you can control it. However, I cant figure out how would I be sending the signals to the xBee. Like do I need 2 xBees? one to transmit and one to receive? I shall be very thankful for any help :)

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Computer to Arduino XBee using C? Answered

Greetings all!  I've been searching everywhere and I'm just needing that push in the right direction. I have two series 1 XBee's and I would like to plug one XBee in to my computer via USB and the other will sit on an Arduino board on the wireless shield.  My computer is running Slackware Linux and I would like to use C to send and receive data with the arduino.  Does anyone have any insight to this type of problem? Thanks!

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connect xbee to webcam? Answered

Hi im dng a project on traffic control system on emergency lane using image processing.Im done with the image processing i don't know on how to connect xbee transmitter to webcam..can any1 help me

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is it possible to connect an xBee to 4 servos and a tank chassis and control it on a computer? Answered

Im building an RC tank whit an 4 dof robot arm on it, can I control the whole thing on my computer using an xbee on my tank and one on my computer? and if so what do I have to download on my computer to control it?

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Wireless Weather Meters

I recently completed my wireless weather meters project and thought you guys might be interested in it. It uses and Arduino, analog panel meters and XBee to be able to wirelessly display weather forecast information in any room in the house. Check it out at . Schematics and source included.

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arduino Blimp

Hey guys. I'm building an RC Blimp right now and i want to add an autonom landing feature which means the blimb has to realise when there is no more serial communication through the xbee. right now the aircraft gets 3 char-type objects. ech of these 3, for example "1=#" represents the speed for one motor. the 3 ASCII symbols get send every 0.1 seconds. any ideas how the arduino can realise that the connection is interrupted?  heres my code, thanks for helping me out:) #include #include "Wire.h" #include "SRF02.h" /*Testprogramm zur Treiberprogrammierung Team Grün*/ SRF02 srf02[2] = {   SRF02(0x70, SRF02_CENTIMETERS), //Initialisierung der beiden Ultraschallsensoren   SRF02(0x71, SRF02_CENTIMETERS), }; unsigned long nextPrint = 0; //------------------------------------------+ Servo servoLeft; // create servo object     | Servo servoRight;//                         | Servo servoYaxis;//                         | //------------------------------------------+ int motorSpeed; int verticalSpeed; int pinGreen = 8; //rgb colors int pinRed = 4; int pinBlue = 7; int ledPin = 2; int signal = 0; void setup() {   //--------------------------+   Serial.begin(9600);//     | Serial   Wire.begin();//           | Ultraschallsensor   SRF02::setInterval(100);//| Pulsintervall   //-------------------------+   //Servo Liste   servoLeft.attach(6);   servoRight.attach(5);   servoYaxis.attach(9);   char str[4] = {     '\0'  };   char command[3];   int a;   pinMode(pinGreen, OUTPUT);   pinMode(pinRed, OUTPUT);   pinMode(pinBlue, OUTPUT);   pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT); } void loop() {   char str[4] = {     '\0'  };   int a;   int j = 0;   int mL, mR, mY;   if (Serial.available()>=3){     for (byte i=0; i<3; i++){       a =;       if (j == 0){         mL = a;       }       if (j == 1){         mR = a;       }       if (j == 2){         mY = a;       }       j++;     }     if(mL == 181){       Serial.println("Recived Command:");     }     else{       Serial.println();       Serial.println("MotorValues:");       Serial.println(mL);       Serial.println(mR);       Serial.println(mY);       Serial.println("------------");       servoLeft.write(mL);       servoRight.write(mR);       servoYaxis.write(mY);       //---------------------------------_-:+*COLOR*+:-_-------------------------------       if(mL==90&&mR;==90&&mY;==90){         //show zeropoint         digitalWrite(pinBlue, LOW);         digitalWrite(pinRed, LOW);         digitalWrite(pinGreen, LOW);       }       if(mL         digitalWrite(pinBlue, LOW);         digitalWrite(pinRed, HIGH);         digitalWrite(pinGreen, HIGH);         }       if(mL>mR){         digitalWrite(pinGreen, LOW);         digitalWrite(pinRed, HIGH);         digitalWrite(pinBlue, HIGH);         }       if(mL==mR&&mL;!=90){         digitalWrite(pinBlue, HIGH);         digitalWrite(pinRed, LOW);         digitalWrite(pinGreen, LOW);       }       if(mY!=90){         digitalWrite(pinBlue, LOW);         digitalWrite(pinRed, LOW);         digitalWrite(pinGreen, HIGH);       }                 }   } }

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Is it possible to connect a XBee to a Colourduino?

I would like to wirelessly control a colourduino or arduino from my laptop. It would be powering 4 strings of 16 of LEDs. I would like to individually control each LED, its colour, whether the LED is on or off. I know using an XBee i con control an Arduino, but i thought maybe a colourduino may have been easier for the project i was looking at doing. If not, i will switch to an Arduino. Thanks :D

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How can i send 2 potentiometer values over xbee using arduino?( I mean in code)

Hi guys! I need help in sending 2 potentiometer values over xbee via 2 arduinos... I want to print those 2 pot values over serial monitor :) Do anyone had an idea about this? Would you mind sharing your ideas to me? :) Thanks, Michael

Asked by GraffikeL 6 years ago | last reply 6 years ago

Open lid of metal box with an Arduino and xbee?

Hello, I've been searching and searching the web for an example video or write up off how to make a metal box's lid open and close with a web app/phone app from a distance using xbee. Does anyone know how to do it or know where I can find a good write up/example? (or any other more valid ideas on how to do it?) Thanks! 

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EL wire, Xbee, Midi help?

We are trying to make EL wire dance suits for a project. Does anybody know how to make a midi file, run it through an arduino, transmit it through xbee and have it sequence on a El sequencer all in time with music? We are trying to make 1 suits like the dance team I Luminate. 

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Analog and Digital inputs over serial?

Good day, question i am building a controller for my robot and i need to send the inputs(analog/digital) by xbee to my robot. now i am not good with programming i get stuck with the first line.... i want to know how i can program it to send it values over serial from xbee tot xbee on robot i didn't get anything work so far, maybe you guys cant help me with a start? Inputs -> arduino -> serial -> Xbee -> Xbee(receiver) -> arduino -> outputs(servo, lights, motors, steppenmotors) the inputs on the controller are 8 switches(digital) and 6 analoge joysticks! Prototype robot is pictured on the picture it had for now a arduino relay shield to control the motors but it will be change to a motor controller(I don't have one yet) any type is possible!

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Xbee radio control?

I've been thinking about making a FPV RC (first person view) plane and I was wondering about using Xbee and Ardunio. I was thinking have an Arduino on the ground and another one in the plane each one with an Xbee. I want to have joysticks, buttons and switches on the ground to control at least 4 servos, one or two ESC's and possibly other things (like LED's and retractable landing gear) in the plane and also have a camera and some sensors (altitude, battery level, ECT) in the plane sending video and data back to earth where it can be displayed. I am quite new to electronics and I just want to know if what I said is possible, if there is an easier/cheaper way, how one might go about doing it and if that's even how you use an Xbee. Thanks for any help, it will be greatly appreciated 

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can anyone tell me how to program xbee using ardunio uno ?

I am making an "Arduino Wireless Animatronic Hand" by "njkl44" in which he told to program xbee using ardunio in which he has given program for ardunio software can anyone please tell me how to program xbee using ardunio (ardunio software) here is link for that project thank you.....and sorry for my bad English

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Need help with Arduino. Xbees won't connect when I upload my code?

I am working on a RC Gripper lifter that works with 2 Servos and 2 DC motors. For wireless control I am using a Series 1 configured Xbee. Now the problem is that the Xbees don't connect when I upload the code. They do connect if I upload some other small code. Here's the Sender Code int potGripper = 1;   int potLifter = 2;   //int oldGripper = 0;   int newGripper = 0;   //int oldLifter = 0;   int newLifter = 0;   int midPin = 2;   int leftPin = 3;   int newGear =0;   int oldGear=1; void setup() {   Serial.begin(9600); pinMode(midPin, INPUT); pinMode(leftPin, INPUT); pinMode(potGripper, INPUT); pinMode(potLifter, INPUT); } void loop() {   if ( digitalRead(midPin) == LOW)   {      oldGear = 1;   }   else if ( digitalRead(leftPin) == LOW)   {       oldGear = 2;   }     int oldGripper = analogRead(potGripper);   int oldLifter = analogRead(potLifter);   int Grippervalue = map(oldGripper,0,1023,0,9);   int Liftervalue = map(oldLifter,0,1023,0,9);   if(newGripper != Grippervalue)   {     Serial.println('!');     Serial.println(Grippervalue);     Serial.println('#');     newGripper = Grippervalue;   }   else if(newLifter != Liftervalue)   {     Serial.println('@');     Serial.println(Liftervalue);     Serial.println('#');     newLifter = Liftervalue;   }   else if( newGear != oldGear)   {     Serial.println(';');     Serial.println(oldGear);     Serial.println('#');     newGear = oldGear;   }   delay(500); } And here's the receiver code- #include //If serial dsn't work as expected, add  while(Serial.available()>0); at end of each loop! int gripperPin = 9; int lifterPin = 10; int rpmData = 0; int motorLeft, motorRight, gripperData, lifterData, angle, flag; Servo myGripper; Servo myLifter; void setup() {   Serial.begin(9600);   myGripper.attach(gripperPin);   myLifter.attach(lifterPin);   delay(500); } void loop() {   while( Serial.available() == 0);   int data = - '0'; if (data >=0)   {     if(data == ';') // For setting the motor RPM     {       rpmData= - '0';       if (rpmData == 0)       {        motorLeft= 300;        motorRight= 250;       }       else if (rpmData == 1)       {         motorLeft= 200;         motorRight= 150;       }     }     if (data == '!') // For the Gripper     {       gripperData = - '0';       angle= map(gripperData, 0, 9, 0, 80);       myGripper.write(angle);      }     if (data == '@') // For the Lifter     {       lifterData = - '0';       angle= map(lifterData, 0, 9, 0, 160);       myLifter.write(angle);     }     //if (data == '%') // For the Buttons      if (data == '#') // For marking end of Serial Data      {       flag = 0;      }      }     } My main aim is to send a value between 0-9 from one arduino to another so that I can map it on the other arduino from 0-160 and 0-80 (I am using 2 servos). I have used a symbol to differentiate the values from each other so that the correct value reaches the desired servo/motor. Please help me figure out my mistake..

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50mW Xbee Pro Kit for Sale

The Xbee Pro 50mW modules that have been featured in my previous instructables are now up for sale! See the projects they were used: Wireless Altoids Display Wireless Altoids Cycle Computer UK buyers only please (although I realise this is mainly a U.S based site) See the eBay listing here:;=120765596073&ssPageName;=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649#ht_500wt_1125 Thanks!

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Xbee interfacing -Need to send PIR sensor value and Gas sensor value from Tx end to Rx end.Read details for further info

Hi all, I am building a robot for my project and currently i am facing some issues with it.. Hope someone could help me resolve it. ! Thanks in advance for your help and support !! :-) Detailed specs : First of all i use 3 arduino - 1 at TX (user end) and 2 at RX (Bot side). Now , I am using a PIR (Human motion detection ) Sensor and Gas sensor at  Rx(Bot side).  The issue i am facing is , I am not able to send the Values read by both the sensors to the User end though xbee.. However the sensor is reading the values properly in Bot side , but iwhen sent to the User end i am getting the values as '-1' or the ASCII value of the Corresponding sent sensor value. Now the help i need is.. I need someone (If possible) to send the code where  1.A transmitter Code where you read the PIR,Gas sensor value and transmit the value through xbee. 2. A receiver code  where in you read the values that are sent through a xbee. Kindly Help.. Thanks in advance ! :-) Regards, Gireesh.S

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Small wireless module, would you buy it? Answered

Hello fellow instructablees! I recently found a cheap product carrying a sender - receiver pair of an Xbee-like module. They transmit on the 2.4gHz range and have a range of 10m.  Would it be smart for me to buy the whole stock of these devices and sell them? would you buy it from me and for how much? Thanks EDIT: Just found some extra info on the back of the board. the wireless module has the following pins: -GND -IRQ -MISO -MOSI -SCLK -CS -CE -VCC -OSCO -OSCI perhaps that could make it more usable? The module is from a wii-nunchuck transmitter - receiver pair

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Wireless Interface? Answered

Hello, Instructables.      I know it seems like I ask too many questions and post too little ibles, But trust me. I'm working on one right now. And thats why I am here. I am working on a wireless snes controller for PC, and am having problems finding a wireless interface for it. I know theres the XBee, which, being on a limited budget, is off the table. theres Bluetooth, which i have VERY little expirience in, but considering that just makes it sound like it would be fun, and, last but not least, there is InfaRed, which, having recently recieved a IR LED assortment from Electronic Goldmine, might be an option. i will look more into BT, since i do have a bluetooth enable pc anyway.

Asked by Krayzi99 5 years ago | last reply 5 years ago

How can i cheaply transmit RS232 data Wirelessly?

I have a device in a go kart that uses a Serial RS232 cable to connect to a computer to relay information about how well it is performing, however now that we know that it works we would like to have the data wirelessly transmitted back to the pit. I am looking for a cheap (less than around $250) way to transmit the data over a range of at least 300 meters. The device says the serial transmits data at 9600bps, with 8 data bits, no parity, and 1 stop bit, little-endian format (I dont know what most of that means). I was thinking about using X-Bees but i didnt know if they could just act as a serial cord. Thanks for any help -Dillon

Asked by flybye22 6 years ago | last reply 6 years ago

I have a RC Rock Crawler Truck that I want to replace the "rc radio" with a "wifi radio"

This will be my first project with a arduino microcontroller, the RC radio on this truck is connected to the main board by 3 connections labeled,  GND, ENB and VDD, I have a ARDUINO UNO with a seeed studio XBEE SHIELD and a XBee Wi-Fi module,  can I use this to replace the rc radio and if so how? Thanks 

Asked by hardinfarms 5 years ago | last reply 5 years ago

What is an Arduino Ethernet Shield used for?

I am wondering what an Arduino Ethernet Shield is used for.  I understand that it helps to connect the Arduino board to the internet, but could someone provide a specific example that it is used for?  What is the difference between an Ethernet Shield and the XBEE?

Asked by Brennn10 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

CPVRC Episode 1 (my new show!!!) PLEASE COMMENT!

    Hello everyone! Todays a great day for me - I just uploaded the first episode of my show - Crash Person View R/C! While its not my best production, and things can be better, I just felt like sharing this so that you guys can spread the word! Crash Person View R/C is my new blog documenting my obsession with things that fly! Watch the video and I am sure you will like it. Subscribe to me on Youtube to show your appreciation! If you really want to make me happy , just drop me a PM! Encouragement is always welcome as I am only 14 :) Kabir PS - Sorry Germans, I know that the video is blocked in your country, any way to circumvent this without changing the soundtrack? Vimeo perhaps???

Posted by mhkabir 6 years ago

squidbee help (temperature sensor)

Hi I have a squidbee which i bought online, i soldered it and everything as i have the arduino board (uno) and xbee shield board, i fixed it as the instruction says but i realized i need to buy a gateway, therefore i want to change it back to using it through usb as i do not mind if its wireless or usb, but prefer usb as it sounds much easier. I am stuck now of what to do? do i remove the xbee shielf and just do everything on the arduino board? or do i remove the chip? i have no clue. the website is i am kind of stuck i have some idea but do not want to damage it as its part of my project thanks please help as soon as possible much appreciated dan

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How can I sense the movement of my two cats throughout my house, easily and cheaply? Answered

I want to be able to detect where my two cats are within my house using an Arduino and some sensors. Accuracy doesn't need to be 100%, as long as I know which room they are in or which side of a room, that will do. I thought of using RFID tags and readers, but I would need one reader per room or area and they are very expensive. XBEE triangulation is a possibility, but this also sounds expensive and not sure of teh size of the devices the cats need to carry, I then thought maybe an IR lamp on the collar and a sensor in the room, but this requires a lot of power meaning a bulky pack on the collar, which I don't want. Final idea is maybe one cat has an IR reflective patch on the collar and the other a UV reflective patch and an IR and UV sensor in each room that sends out a flash of IR and UV every 10 seconds or so. But not sure if this is safe and if it can be done. So..... I'm looking for ideas from the community. It must not cost a lot. The cats mustn't need to carry anything bulky. The devices need to be wireless. Any ideas please? Thanks, Mike

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Schematics for a one way RF Relay/Switch?

So my plan is to have a small remote with a single pushbutton that when pressed will close a relay on the reciver, I would like it to have a pretty good range of at least 1000 Meters. I thought of using XBees and Arduinos but i only need the signal one way and only a single channel. Any ideas?

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how to read serial arduino?

I have sonar sensor ez0 and i want to read from arduino  and this is his datasheet link i saw this tutorial how to connect to pc: but i need to connect it to arduino any one can help with that , i need to read serial reading of sonar i need it for

Asked by britich 5 years ago

how to connect arduino to a webcam?

I made a robot that moves using arduino controlled using Xbee(zigbee) connected to my PC and i put on the car a robotic arm to grape any object i like , but after that i wanted to make it much more harder to make the robot find that object using a webcam but i dont know which program to use and how to make an interface between arduino and the used program

Asked by mohamed.elseify 6 years ago | last reply 5 years ago

Wireless LED light?

I would like to make an LED light that can be controlled by some form of wireless on/off switch. I cannot use IR as the switch will be in a different room to the light. I think I could use the Imp board I have seen on here but that seems expensive as I think I would need 2 Arduinos, 2 Imp shields and 2 Imps. Maybe I could use Bluetooth, Xbee or RF? Any thoughts? Cheers. Phil

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10% off featured Adafruit kits for pro members only! Extended to AUGUST!

UPDATE: 10% off featured Adafruit kits for pro members only! Extended to AUGUST! We (Adafruit industries) are tying an experiment with Instructables. If you're a pro member (you are if you're reading this) we are offering 10% off our 6 kits/projects that are featured here on Instructables. Here are the kits and below, how to get 10% off (just enter INST10 on checkout at Data logger: Tweet-a-watt - How to make a twittering power meter... TV-B-Gone Kit Proto Shield XBee adapter Drawdio! All you need to do is enter the code (INST10) on checkout at Adafruit - this code can be used once per pro member. If this works out well for pro members and for Adafruit we'll do more with more kits! if you have any questions post them up here and/or email

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I have ESCs with mode Linear; can I use them for my motors?

I recently bought 4 ESCs for my 4 brushless motors. THe ESCs are 20Amps. However, I found out that they have BEC mode linear and I might need an external BEC to power my receiver. Now my question is; lets say I am not using a receiver, I am using xBee mdules, which are going to be powered by arduino. Do I still need the BEC? Also, how would I power the arduino which needs 5Volts. Do I put a seperate battery for it?

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Proximity Shirt

Is there a project on the site that duplicates what the two proximity shirts do that were sold on thinkgeek? Locked-on proximity shirt: Zelda hearts proximity shirt: I am not trying to make my own shirts but I am interested in the tech that makes those two shirts work. If the same results can be duplicated with an ardurino and/or xbee, then that would be great!! Please let me know if that can be done and if yes, could you point me in the right direction. Thanks!

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Nama: a project on design/art/technology.

Hello all! Some time ago I visited this forum and took lots of doubts regarding an ongoing experimental project. I would like to post the results of this work bellow: Nama, my graduation project on design/art/technology. A study about contemporary aspects of language and the sensitization of movement in search of a personal unique creative pulse. Videos: Interactive Installation: Experimental interface for movement: There's also a recently Instructable of the interface that I made: The full concept and development documentation is available at the website, together with a DIY tutorial of the interface, and the open source files of the generative audiovisual installation. Feel free to send me feedback, critics and opinions. Thank you all for your help!

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