Your Contest?

I don't have a laser at this time. So how would I enter your contest?

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(wanted) your zippo lighters

If you have any zippo lighters you dont want let me no

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Your Username

How did y'all go about coming up with your username? There are (quite) a few out here that just confuse me. Also, if it isn't too much trouble, could y'all give a rebus or some way so we know how to pronounce your names (zachninme)? I got mine from back in 6th grade - my nickname was "Double Stuffed Oreo" (because I am a bit hefty), but everyone who doesn't know me just calls me "Redneck", so I combined the two. I've been using it ever since. So, how about y'all?

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Changing Your Username

Tired of your username? Do you want to change it? There are two ways of doing this!  But be aware you can only do this ONE TIME! To change it on your own, follow these directions. 1) Go to your "You" page, and scroll all the way to the bottom. 2) The last thing you'll see on the page (before the footer) is a large button saying "Check Availability" 3) Enter your desired username into the text block. 4) Click "Check Availability" only if you want to change your name. 5) This can only be done once by each person, so choose carefully!

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Penny for your thought

For the past several weeks, I have been debating what to do about this penny. It has become a point of hallway conversations and old adages. Find a penny and you will have luck all day. I'm not so sure about that? What are your thoughts about this penny...

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What's your dream?

Hey folks, A quick activity for y'all Share your dream, or a word of encouragement to a fellow dreamer: Thank you! :) Cheers, Alberta

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Your minecraft creations?

What have you built on minecraft? Feel free to share! Here is my own minecart station system - follow the link :) Cheers! The Jamalam

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Post Your art

Just post anything you've drawn of painted or made or whatever. Here is a guitar picture I've been working on. Sorry if you can't see it all. I couldn't get it to work right. I modeled it of of the G-400.

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Post your Presents !!

So what ya' get !!??!!Post any cool presents you got here and add pics if there really cool !Also if you have any cool Christmas pic's post them !P.S. This isnt a competition !Dont degrade other peoples giftsDont LIE !

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Gripping your Bokken

Hey you sword gurus of I'ble. I have a question, is it appropriate to cover your bokken's handle ( gripping it ) with coverings like tape, cloth or something like that? I mean I saw this on an anime called shaman king, where a character named ryu covers his bokken handle in cloth to have a better grip. I tried doing that, and it works. Now, what I am asking is that is this allowed? I mean will you get scolded at by your sensei or something in aikido or kendo practice for doing that? because people very rarely give their bokken a grip job, so would it kill the ' traditional ' wooden sword look? thanks in advance. P.S: I just finished making a nice, homemade bokken, so expect a bokken I'ble from me anytime soon!

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Your Own ISP? Answered

I live in Yuma, Colorado and the internet here is unbelievably slow.  Now just to entertain my mind a little bit, lets say I wan't to start a ISP buisness.  The towns pop. is about 3000, some of which can't afford internet, quite a few who don't wan't or need it, and then the rest are already tied up in one of the two ISPs in town.  Now I wan't to be a WISP with speeds of around 20 - 100 mbs.  Now how long, big, and expensive of a fiber optic cable would I have to run to be able to provide these speeds, where would I run it to, what kind of switches would I need, what antennas, radios, amps, towers, ect.   This isn't a super serious question, but I would like to know this stuff, just because, and I like large community pools so you don't have to be an expert on everything, but if you know everything about fiber optics, or wireless communication fill us in.   This information pool could help someone greatly so please share.  You never know when a millionaire will decide to move to the middle of nowhere and wan't fast internet, so please contribute. 

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Will this video pass your guidelines?

I just joined your site and posted a video that is actually a part 2 to another one.  I would like to post both of them but wanted to be sure it will pass the guidelines.  I am not promoting or trying to sell anything.  I offer a site for information only.  I really wanted to show the entire theme but was not sure.  Here is the link:     could you view this and let me know if I would be within your guidelines?  I hope I posted correctly to enter your Valentines day contest 2010.  I know your busy and I appreciate your time and consideration. Thank you,

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What is your motto?

Do you have a motto? Of course you do! Who doesnt! Well, actually, alot of people don't. But anyway... Do you have a motto? Good, then share it here! Im sure everyone would love to know what your motto is. To start off, Ill tell you mine: If its worth doing, its worth overdoing.

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amplify your acoustic for under $10

If there is anyone interested in amplifying their acoustic guitar for under $10....If you already have the parts then for free.   It was a little experiment of mine a while ago and was very effective.  If There is enough interest then I will post the details.   No drilling if you don't want to.

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Donate Your RV

Hello Guys, Donating a recreational vehicle to charity helps an organization and can result in a tax benefit for you, the donor. The Internal Revenue Service allows taxpayers a deduction for donating vehicles, including RVs, to certain charities. Special rules, however, apply to these donations and can affect the amount of your deduction. Find a charity that is qualified to receive tax-deductible donations and that accepts RV donations. Many charities, including churches, youth clubs and homeless shelters, seek vehicle donations, either for their own use or for resale. Thanks a lot! Tim Boon

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What carrer do you want??????How would you fulfil that??????

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Javier Fernandez-Han Wins 2009 Invent Your World Challenge

Invent Your World WinnersView more Microsoft Word documents from Youth Venture. acted as a judge for this competition, and the winning Versatile system was of my favorites from among many interesting and thoughtful entries. Congratulations to Javier!At the tender age of 9, Javier Fernandez-Han found his calling: design for the other 90 percent - help the world's poor meet their basic needs sustainably.Several years of research and design have led to an innovative solution: The VERSATILE System - a mashup of new and adapted technology that treats waste, produces methane and bio-oil as fuel, produces food for humans and livestock, sequesters greenhouse gases, and produces oxygen.What drives this complete energy resource system? Algae - the little organism that could.For his work, Javier, 15, won the top prize in this year's Invent Your World Challenge, sponsored by Ashoka's Youth Venture and the Lemelson Foundation.We spoke to Javier about the VERSATILE System and the need for holistic thinking in the invention sector.

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How to amplify your acoustic guitar for under $10

Amplifying an acoustic guitar method 1 If you have a musical birthday card or whatever at home, remove the audio unit its the 1" or so round disc usually white with a small brass ring around the edge, handle carefully as they are not to strong., keep the wires on it by snipping at the opposite end, it will make things easier later, If you don't have one, buy a $1 musical card of any discription and proceed as above. Next wherever you are comfortable with it, drill a 1/4" hole to accommodate a 1/4 Mono jack socket Next solder two wires to the jack socket one to live tag and one to shield use two different colour wires and id the earth one, say if its black make a note of that(earth tag) make them about 6" long, fit socket into hole by putting your hand with socket into the sound hole and into the hole made to take the jack socket, screw the nut on socket end to make firm bring the wires out of the sound hole, fix the earth wire to the wire that goes to the outer ring on the disc (Solder (Best) or twist and tape connect the other wire to the remaining wire from jack socket.put some blue tak on the outside of the disc the opposite side to where the wires are attached put your hand in the sound hole and press the disc to the underbody a position about central under the bridge, you can experiment for best position for you. PS attach the disc with the small hole in center and white plastic area facing upwards under bridge, or wherever you like it best.....Plug into your amp adjust according to your liking and away you go. Method 2 As above except dont drill a hole rather place the jack socket via blue tak or velcro to the top of the guitar by the edge towards the rear of guitar, where the wires exit the sound hole blue tak them the the underbody to keep neat and out of the way.

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Improve Your Room Challenge upper age limit

Hi, I was just wondering if the upper age limit for the Improve Your Room Challenge really is 18, like it says in the description? Thank you.

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Whats your favorite Star wars Quote

Now some famous qotes that hundreds of people know are from the Star Wars Saga, like "You underestimate the power of the Dark Side" and "Size matters not" and more. My Favorite is probably the most famous Star Wars quote of them all, "No Luke, I am your father", its also a famous plot twist, so whats your favorite Star Wars quote?

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(game) You're banned!

So the object of this game is to ban the person above you for a random reason. I saw this on another forum I was on and thought it would be fun!

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how fast are your reflexes?

Go to: fastest average was 0.156 secondsI usually get around 0.21 secondshow about you?BTW the average person's reflexes is 0.25 seconds for those people wandering if their reflexes are faster or slower than an average person.

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Show Your Space: Third Week's Winner

The third week's winner for the Workshop of the Future Contest: Show Your Space has been decided by luck and fate. The winner is user belsey for the A table can be a workshop too entry.belsey will receive a C3 Caulk Gun + Lithium battery.If you didn't win a prize, don't worry. There is one more prize to be given away and all of the remaining entries are eligible for those.If you haven't submitted an entry, what are you waiting for? Take some pictures of your space and submit it as a slideshow! There's one more prize to be given away!Next week's prize: C3 Remote Control Car + Lithium batteryOther winners: Week 1, Week 2, Week 4

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Show Your Space: Second Week's Winner

The second week's winner for the Workshop of the Future Contest: Show Your Space has been decided by luck and fate. The winner is user seamster for the Garage workshop and sewing/craft area entry.seamster will receive a Craftsman Auto Hammer.If you didn't win a prize, don't worry. There are two more prizes to be given away and all of the remaining entries are eligible for those.If you haven't submitted an entry, what are you waiting for? Take some pictures of your space and submit it as a slideshow! There are two more prizes to be given away!Next week's prize: C3 Caulk Gun + Lithium batteryOther winners: Week 1, Week 3, Week 4

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what is the connection for ac adaptor in laser ?

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Best Laptop? Your Vote!

POLLSo as the title says.....What do you reckon is the "Best laptop" ?You can post the exact model of which you think is the best. Also do this :Best laptop in:Budget : ( answer)High spec : (answer)And what do you guys think is the best laptop brand?( can only choose from options listed ! )- Dell- Apple (macbook)- Sony VAIO- HP- Acer- Toshiba- Vadim- IBM- Gateway- Asus

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So, some people like wearing and/or collecting hats. Show us your headgear! Here are my favorite hats. The first is an Indiana Jones fedora, the second a NZ made oilskin, and the last is a circa 1989 Soviet Air Force officer's hat. I'm in the market for a leather pilot cap...

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How to determine the scale of your gitar

Hi Folks,   Measure from the fret side of the nut to the middle of the top of the 12th fret whatever distance that is, double it and thats the scale, for instance my tele is 12 3/4" so double it and my scale is 25.5 Also use this to set intonation from the middle of the  top of the 12th fret in my case with the tele I would measure 12 3/4" to the top middle of the bridge....This is where you start you intonation from. Picture me playing lead with apache' 1979 Hendra 2000 in attendance

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Open Discussion of Chatroom Moderation Techniques

As chatroom mods, we try to keep the chatroom up to snuff. Sifting out the bad, making the room presentable to new members. So, speaking for all of the moderators in the Instructables Chatroom, how well/bad/mediocre are we doing our jobs? Is there anything we can improve on, would you like to join us, and be a mod? Make your voice heard!

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Cannot edit new video instructable: "There's been a problem ..."

When trying to edit my new instructable (unpublished, and only has a description), I receive "There's been a problem updating your instructable. Please refresh this page". I have refreshed a dozen times using Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer to no avail. Any help or thoughts? I can't see what I'd be doing wrong - I'm just clicking on the edit button ... Here is the url to the instructable: Thanks.   - Sean

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How do I snap? I, like many people, can't snap. And I don't know why.?

How do I snap? I, like many people, can't snap. And I don't know why.?

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i have a half circle under my eye that is dark i am 11 but it might be herititary?

I have a black have circle under my eyes i cant get to go away i am am eleven years old

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New communtity gaming channel

I just created a new youtube channel mts gaming and its a gaming communtiy channel for all types of games and consoles,mainly minecraft and COD If you would like to make a video for me or if you have any tutorials spare then please email them to me at or contact me through my youtube channel: Many thanks

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How do I fix my Playstation 2 Slimline model to get on the internet wirelessly?

I am wondering, is it remotely, even possible to use a PS2-slim (SCPH-75001) model# shown; but -- can I use it with 802.11 bandwidth signals just like a computer?  I figure that.*  ...But, I don't know how to do it, the right way --- even though I've heard of several different methods to do so.  Is this possible.

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Is working with your hands better than just with your head?

I saw this on the BBC, and was so impressed I've reproduced the whole thing here: By Tom de Castella Journalist If the new year and inevitable return to work leaves you yearning for change, is working with your hands the answer? The time for reflection is nigh - a new year, a new you. But is that workstation you've slotted back into looking depressingly familiar? As millions of workers drag themselves back into the office to contemplate another 12 months of drudgery, many will be wondering if they are in the right job. Writer and mechanic Matthew Crawford thinks a lot of us would be better off trading in our mouse for a screwdriver. His recent book, The Case for Working With Your Hands, has been a huge hit in his native United States, praised by critics and politicians alike. Mr Crawford, who used to run a Washington think tank but now mends motorbikes, says it is no wonder people are miserable at work. Jobs have become so specialised and process driven that it is hard to see what difference you are making. And in those rare cases where one's impact is obvious, the result may seem pointless. Jealousy "A lot of us are plagued with a sense of uselessness," he says. "I've created a brand - what good is that? So I've persuaded people to buy something they didn't need." When running a think tank, he says he honestly could not see the rationale for being paid at all, and wondered what tangible goods or services he was providing to anyone. Then he opened a motorbike repair shop and was surprised to find he was not just happier, but more intellectually stimulated. The life of a tradesman is a varied existence, mixing practicality with logic and problem solving, he says. "Imagine you're an electrician, you're installing a conduit pipe and have to bend around the corners to make everything line up. It's the kind of work that requires improvisation and adaptation. It can never be reduced to following set procedures." Not only that, the earning potential for a tradesman is greater than in many office jobs. For instance, a skilled mechanic is likely to earn more than a sociology graduate working in publishing, he argues. Not everything about manual work is rosy. He warns that furniture making is not a good career move - Ikea can undercut you by employing workers in China for a fraction of the price. But a range of trades that need to be done on site cannot be outsourced to low wage economies. After new year introspection, January and February are traditionally one of the busiest periods for moving jobs. Mr Crawford believes doing a trade can make you happier. 'Middle-class paradox' "It offers small moments of confirmation, like when the bike you're mending starts up and runs. Small satisfactions like that can be elusive at a huge organisation with vast layers of management, where the criteria by which you're measured are ambiguous." The Times columnist Giles Coren recently tried working with his hands for the BBC Two show Giles and Sue Live the Good Life. Despite his on-screen schtick of appearing to hate everything the duo are asked to do, he fell in love with it. "I found chasing the chickens and weeding the allotment immensely satisfying," he says. "The pain... was making the television show." He agrees with Mr Crawford that modern life has been blighted by a series of alienating processes, often carried out on mobile phone, laptop and e-mail. In this way, his chosen career - journalism - has been stripped of its sense of adventure and human contact. "Even 15 years ago when I started as a reporter, you left the office to do a story. You went to investigate, visited people and used the cuttings library. Now I just sit... and Google. It's terrible, I wish I was a fireman." Despite his columnist's salary, he is jealous of those whose jobs have a clear purpose like the gardener and cleaner. "My gardener Brian comes in to do the garden every two weeks. He takes his shirt off in the summer and smokes a rollie. I can see him through the window, but I'm sitting indoors, staring at the screen to pay for this guy - it's the classic middle-class paradox." Rory Sutherland, vice-chairman of advertising firm Ogilvy UK, agrees that working with your hands does offer greater satisfaction in the short term. But manual workers lack something many of us crave - influence. Jobs like advertising where you "work with your head" may seem futile, but the ideas they come up with really do change the world, he says. "Five years ago someone worked out that you could have one size lid for the three different sizes of coffee cup that cafes have. Ok, it's emphatically not the cure for cancer, but it's through millions of little ideas like this that we get richer as a society." Perception of value Television dramas like Mad Men depict the office to be a place of invigorating competition, sexual tension and creativity. However stylised the portrayal, Mr Sutherland says there is a definite buzz to working around like-minded people - one that tradesmen miss out on. "People partly enjoy work because it's social, but working with your hands can be lonely." And he believes that experienced trades people are often economically undervalued due to the perverse way that consumers ascribe worth. He cites the behavioural economist Dan Ariely's story about a locksmith. As a young apprentice, the tradesman used to take half an hour to mend a lock, at which point he'd be thanked wholeheartedly and given a tip. When he became more experienced, the locksmith could fix a similar problem in a minute. He charged the same rate and completed the job much faster. But instead of being pleased at his speed, customers complained about his rates and refused to tip him. "It's about our perception of value." And in this respect the skilled tradesman will often struggle, he says. In the course of researching his book The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work, Alain de Botton concludes that we all want to make a difference in our job, however banal that change may be. "At the end of the working day we want to feel we've left the planet slightly healthier, tidier, saner than it was at the beginning," he says. "I'm not necessarily talking of huge changes - the difference might merely involve sanding a stair banister, removing the squeak on a door or reuniting someone with their lost luggage." And yet, it is a mistake to romanticise working with your hands, he warns. "At heart, what you're talking about is the charm of craft work. And it's my sense this can happen in places far removed from the workshop. If you're writing computer code you are in a sense displaying many of the same skills as a craftsperson, even if the finished product can't be held or touched." But following the financial crisis, Mr de Botton says attitudes to all types of work may be changing. He detects a move away from the middle-class idea that work lies "at the heart of our self-fulfillment", to the working-class view of employment as a means of feeding yourself and your family. So maybe job satisfaction is slipping down the list of what is important when it comes to work.

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How to use whatsapp in your pc

Its do now very easy you open this 

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how long does it take before your instructable is visible after publishing? Answered

How long does it take before your instructable is visible after publishing?

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Control your computer with a laser!

I'm sorry if I'm not allowed to do this here, but please check out my new instructable.

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I have reached 100!

I have finally reached 100 tips on how to reduce your impact!100 Ways to Reduce Your ImpactAfter many long hours of research...I have made it out. I have reached my original seemingly unsumountable goal of 100 steps. Whooosh. Time to take a breather.Share it with your friends to help them become environmentally savvy.

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pdfs for your ibles!

Hey there and since the pdfs dont work at all now im going to offer people pdf styles in microsoft word just tell me witch one you ant and i will make it ones im makeing: Z35 assualt rifle iacs circle ball machine iacs spiff pistol iacs striker pistol

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Show Your Space: Fourth Week's Winner

The fourth week's winner for the Workshop of the Future Contest: Show Your Space has been decided by luck and fate. The winner is user Stryker for the My workshop entry.Stryker will receive a C3 Remote Control Car + Lithium batteryThis is the final prize for the Workshop of the Future: Show Your Space Contest! Thanks to everyone who submitted photos of their workshops. It's wonderful to get a glimpse into the worlds where others spend their time making cool new stuff.Have a happy new year, everyone, and don't forget that the Craftsman Workshop of the Future Contest ends this Sunday!Previous winners: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3

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My Dishnet just got blown over by wind/rain. It will take possibly weeks for them to come out and re-point the dish again. Is there a way to make your own Satelite finder? We live in a rural location.

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Show Your Space: First Week's Winner

The first week's winner for the Workshop of the Future Contest: Show Your Space has been decided. The winner is user rojo for his entry called The Basement Workshop/Relaxation Room.rojo will receive a Craftsman NEXTEC Drill for his entry.If you didn't win a prize, don't worry. There are three more prizes to be given away and all of the remaining entries are eligible for those.If you haven't submitted an entry, what are you waiting for? Take some pictures of your space and submit it as a slideshow! There are three more prizes to be given away!Other winners: Week 2, Week 3, Week 4

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Use your god given brain

Here is an interesting brain game. God gives it to people twice absolutely free, but if they want to have it for the third time, they have to pay money. What is it? Please, if you want to solve yourself, be careful and do not look at the comments of this post, because someone could have already written the solution there. Good luck!I found that somewhere, and i thought ill add it here, ill see how fast people will figure out what is is ;)The answer is teeth, you have teeth, they fall of and regrow Don't read it or else it will spoil the fun ;)

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What Would Go on Your Robot?

Hello! Over the last week or so, I have been creating a mental image of a robot I will be building using Arduino micro-controllers (I will most likely be using four to five+ of them). The robot, as I will design it, will have much more functionality then any one person could use. Let's just say that I'm American and like to overdo things ;) Now, let's just say that money is virtually no object. I will be able to get steady funding for it, and I plan on spending a span of four years to build it. So far, however, I only have 27 features (which will go unnamed), but I want many many more. In total, I'd like at least 200 unique features. So that brings me to this topic. If you could buy or make your own robot(s), what would you make it/them do? Any suggestions of features will be credited in the completion of the robot. Any and all contributions of ideas are to be of great gratitude from me. Thanks a ton :)

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is it important to format hard disc while installing an operating system using VIRTUAL BOX ? Answered

Like installing Ubuntu on XP

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I'm building a kickbike out of two mountain bikes. The goal is to do it without a welding kit. I'll have pics up soon. cheers, Dick Lawless

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What was your biggest project ever?

What's your proudest, best, biggest, project you ever made or in the middle of making. Do not post of what you're planning to make because every can plan, but few can make ;). My proudest, biggest, most expensive thing that I'm making right now is a CNC machine, I'm about 50% done with the power supply (~37 volts at 8 amps, and 12 volts at 2 amps, for driving stuff like fans, total cost? about 60-70 dollars), about 75% done with the electronics (I've made 3 PicStep boards, all that's left on them is to solder on the pic microcontroller, which is comming in the mail, for 3 controller boards was about 30-40 dollars. The 4-axis breakout board, for future improvement, cost about 10 dollars to make). The stepper motors are 297oz/in so it's going to be beastly :). I've soldered well over 600 joints. I've etched 5 boards, some didn't come out well, drilled over 600 holes. Total time spent so far? about 10-15 hours. Can't imagine all of the work of actually building the main frame of the cnc router, but it'll all pay off. Not bad for the age of 13.

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