How can I slow down an 230v electrical fan motor???

Hi.I have this fan but the lowest speed is too LOUD!!!Would it be possible to solder on a resistor or something like that?The label says: Induction motor Class E 230v 50Hz 40w model DT30B There is also a speed controller 0,1,2,3.Let me know if I should capture the fan/label.I am very grateful for all responses.Thanks.

Asked by ddmeltzer8 20 hours ago

App update for IOS 11? When?

When is there going to be a new app update. This is how I logon to view projects?Alvench

Asked by Alvenchipmunk 23 hours ago

How to Adjust the CO2 laser Speed/Power and Distance in VS. material and thickness

Good day everybody,You guys have any instructions/ Charts/ Tables to adjust my CO2 laser power, speed and distance away from the work-piece in accordance of every different material (i.e. Acrylic, Wood) and the thickness of each material (i.e. 3mm thickness of wood, 5mm thickness of wood)? Also, if you could write an example on how to use the instructions, charts or tables, I would really appreciate it,Thank you everybody in advance,Regards,Yousef,

Asked by HY.designH 1 day ago