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A Boat autopilot with 2 dc motors for selected navigation patterns? Answered

Hi i have a boat with trim tabs, they can be used to steer the boat,yhe engine that move the pump is an dc 12 v with the left,righ and both function controled by 2 6 pin  switches, i need control this engine by a circuit for timed functions like circle,s and others based on time and movement of the trim tabs, or add 2 separate dc motors to controll individualli each tab
similar to an rc remote with flight paterns preprogramed but instead of servos,this will control the left and right functions on the switch



8 years ago

Also you have to consider wind and current, so a GPS interface may be needed

Relays hooked to the switched lines to control the motors.

A laptop running software that would control the relays.  An interface to connect the relays to the laptop.

Software that would allow you to enter the variables to control your boat.  You might be able to use off the shelf CNC software to do this.

You might need to set up a control for the speed of the boat and an emergency kill switch.

Were you planning on also working on a location feedback feature?