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A Dedication to Kiteman and Science teachers everywhere.... Answered

While he is STILL at Head Quarters I'd like to dedicate the following video to Sir Kiteman.


Anyone who can actually do a good job of teaching someone something deserves recognition.
I don't like the video because he can't sing (it properly).


His singing teacher is to blame, not him :-D

Notice how interdisciplinarity is underlined in red because it isn't in the dictionary? Also "dumb-ative" and YOU! is underlined in green.
You might grant a person artistic licence to use non-words and caps etc, but why leave the underlines in, or is that a joke?


I guess those would be valid questions for the creator of the video (who, if you listen carefully, laughs and chuckles a few times during the "filming" of the audio). :-)


5 years ago

Only Tom Lehrer is on par with his Elements Song at Harvard.

Good science teachers have a calling :-)

For math teachers, well, parents of children learning "new" math anyways, he has this:

All those long words...


Hmm, it's good you didn't teach CHEMISTRY then LOL