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A Dog's Dogbot Answered

Dogs are great pets, I love them, but some people don't have the time to take care of a real dog so they buy a robotic one. There's a little bit of a disconnect between owning a living creature and a rechargable machine - but the desire is there.

The sad thing is that we all have to go to school/work sometimes and so occasionally our dogs must fend for and entertain themselves, but what if there was a robotic YOU that could keep the dog company while you fulfill your obligations to society?

A robotic dog companion could play chase, hide and seek, maybe feed the dog if you forget, train the dog using your own voice, throw a ball and if it was a Roomba it could even vacuum up the dog hair as it goes.

You could even make a custom dog suit to outfit your iCreate with... and it be could pink - which is something you probably shouldn't do to your real dog.

I'm having visions of coming home to an iCreate firmly entrenched in a happy set of canine teeth... haha... but then you could just have the iCreate say "Bad dog! Bad dog!"

As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm getting really excited by all the ideas floating around in this contest and I want to thank iRobot for providing us the opportunity to build upon the amazing work they've done bringing robots to the masses. :)



11 years ago

. This is a great idea, but I don't think it's very practical for the contest. Dogs are relatively simple creatures (although I have to admit my two dogs can outsmart me every now and then), but it will take quite a bit of computer power to interact with one. Eg, can your computer decide fast enough whether a command was properly followed for the reinforcement to do any good? The amount of mechanical power required to train a 40 pound dog is rather large - my Pit-mix can be a handful for me and I weigh ~135 pounds. . How about something that will "just" throw a ball and dispense a treat when the dog returns the ball? . . I envisioned Rosie from The Jetsons when I read your post. I can see Astro hanging on to her metal butt. LOL