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A "Drawing Board" Answered

I came up with an idea! There should be a place on the site called the "drawing board" in which you could sketch out ideas using your mouse and save them as a JPG. You could incorporate this into drawing plans and designs for your instructable! It could be a cool feature for everyone, but for pro membership you could have extra things (e.g. rainbow colors, a ruler, paint brush mode). I think this would be a cool addition to the website.


Given the number of websites, apps and programmes available that will do that for free, I don't think there's much need to add that functionality to the site.

If they could add anything to the ibles editor, it would probably be pretty basic in functionality unless they can merge an online Autodesk Sketchbook Pro module. I think most people have mspaint, inkscape, gimp, photoshop, etc available already on their system and would make better use of it than being confined in the ibles editor. You have to upload you image after you are done with it but even sometimes that is buggy.